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Buddy ~ The Buddy Holly Story

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Yep, we went to see another musical through a cheap ticket offer last night.  This time it was "Buddy ~ The Buddy Holly Story".  It wasn't really a musical as you might think of one.  It was really a load of not-so-good acting leading up to a short concert at the end.  I loved it though...but even then, everything almost went wrong!
David rang us at 4.15pm to ask "how late can I leave work".  The show was at 7.30, so reluctantly he agreed to be in JUST AFTER 5PM. (Well, we needed to get into central London, so we needed to leave plenty of time for traffic, especially at rush hour...)  5.15 came - David wasn't home.  Then 5.30...  Mum rang him to see what was going on.  He was about ten minutes drive an ENORMOUS traffic jam.  He wasn't even moving.  Mum looked up the traffic news on the teletext and realised that it was also the night when the Christmas Lights got turned on in Regent Street!  This meant that even if David made it home from work there would be huge traffic jams into London.
At just after 6pm, David rang us (luckily our telephone was working yesterday evening) to say he had got out of the traffic and was about to come over the bridge at the bottom of our road...could we meet him on the corner, so that he didn't have to reverse into our garden?  So the pair of us literally jumped out of the front door, and ran the length of the dark, rat-infested, drunkard-filled street.  David was already waiting on the corner, and had been for some time so goodness knows what time he saved by stopping there and telling us to leave the house so late. 
Anyhow, we raced into London, luckily avoiding most of the traffic, and David said he'd drop us off at the theatre and go and find somewhere to park.  (Apparently, you have to be disabled, or a resident permit holder to park in London these days)  I notice he drove straight past the theatre and pretended not to notice it though.  I pointed it out and so Mum and I got out of the car while David continued looking for the elusive parking space.
We sat in our seats at 7.27pm!  We had literally only just made it!  Halfway through the first scene, there was a huge kafuffle behind us.  I turned to see David pushing through the door with his ticket.  The usher showed him to our row, he misunderstood, walked into the row in front, then went back and started pestering the people next to us to stand up and let him into his seat, then he went back to the row in front...weird or what?
Then in the intermission, he went to buy us the programme, and I tried to get ice creams for Mum and I (she wanted me to get David one too, but I didn't know what to get him...).  By the time she'd let me get up there was only one tub of strawberries and cream, one tub of Baileys and loads of cookies and cream.  And they were £3 each!!!   Just then David came up behind me, and he bought Mum the strawberries one and we both had the cookies and cream.  I'm quite pleased that the chocolate and vanilla ones were sold out because I really loved the cookies and cream and I would have never dreamed of trying it had my favourites being there.  Hmm...I have a new favourite, I think.
The Duchess Theatre is very small compared to what I'm used to.  They have a bar right outside the auditorium, and they let everyone bring their drinks in.  I'm not so sure about that really.  Everyone was semi-drunk, and started dancing in the aisles after the show.  Everyone was singing "That'll Be The Day" rather loudly when we left!   But apart from that  it was really, really good.  Although not particularly good at acting, the star really looked like the real Buddy Holly, and he was a brilliant singer.  Even Mum is raving about it today, and believe me, that's saying something!
Notice my new profile tune.  I think that shows how much I enjoyed the show!
When we left the show, we found that David had been forced to park the car in a very expensive car park (£17!!!)...well, I say he'd been forced to park the car.  The car park attendant actually parked it...and when we went to collect it, the man confirmed which car it was with David by calling it "The silver Peugeot with all the stuff in it?"  and when we got in the car we could see the attendant had been through all David's stuff ("work" stuff he hadn't taken in the house because of the rush).  Great.  God knows what he found in those bags.  How embarassing!  And our packed lunch apple turnover box was crushed!
We went to Asda after that, and I found the grey Sundance t-shirt.  I bought this one in a size 10, and it seems far nearer to my size than the 14 I bought before, but I think I'd still like to have a flatter tummy before I wear anything like that!   Maybe a 12 next time! 
We also bought a cheap Frank Sinatra CD.  David laughed at me, saying he didn't know I liked Frank Sinatra.  He's "off key" apparently.  Not sure what David knows about off-key, but still... Well, what would you prefer, father?  Kylie Minogue?  (For those who don't know, Mum and I hate Kylie Minogue, but David adores her, and is always "spinning around" and "la, la, la'ing" her music when they play it in Woolworths. )
Anyhow, that's enough from me.  I'm going to go back to the house and see if I can clear any more mess up, since David told me this weekend that I "never bother to do anythink".  (Good coming from someone who's totally filled the house with yellowed newspapers!)  I'm also working on loads of handmade Christmas cards for my e-pals.  I don't have a few addresses though, so some of you will only get e-cards.  It's not that I don't want to send you one!  Please don't be offended if you don't get a card!  You probably wouldn't want one anyway...they're not very good.
Best wishes, and thanks for reading,
xxx Singing Skylark  xxx

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