Monday, 12 November 2007

An Eventful Weekend (AKA Grottsville Just Got Grottier)

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We had a rather eventful weekend, but not in the way I would have hoped.  There were a couple of MLP highlights though, and these will also be mentioned in this blog.
Some of you may already know that I collect recordings of MLP commercials.  Well, for the past 18 months, our TV aerial has really been playing up to the point we can't even see what's on TV.  I've still desperately gone on trying to record the adverts though, thinking that at least I would get the soundtrack to the adverts for my cassette tapes.  All the time I had this nagging feeling that if we only changed the aerial (we have two aerials), the TV would be back to normal.  I didn't know how to change the aerial though, and my father "never got around to it" as with so many other things.  Anyhow, David said that the aerial wouldn't change a thing.
Because of this, I have TERRIBLE recordings of the So Soft Sweetsteps, Rainbow Princess Castle, Pinkie Pie's Balloon House, So Soft Newborn Pinkie Pie, So Soft Sky Wishes and Ponyville Teapot Palace adverts.  The last two were only on TV these past couple of weeks though, so I begged David to sort the aerial out on Friday night just so that we could see who was right and who was wrong and whether the aerial would work or not.  And so, I moved some stuff out from in front of the TV, and the aerial was changed in literally TWO MINUTES.  We were all set to change all the channel settings, but when we turned the TV on, all but Channel Five were absolutely perfect.  Channel Five was never good in this area though, so I'm not complaining.  We have a proper TV with four channels for the first time in two years!  Hooray!
Not so good is the fact that I got up really early in order to record every single advert, hoping I'd at least get two of the six commercials David's laziness messed up back.  I didn't.   However, I did get a very good recording of a NEW commercial for Rainbow Swirl's Ice Cream Van.  It's rather sickly, and it's been dubbed for UK audiences so that the voice over is now a really common English woman.  Yuck.  Still, I'm glad to have it.  Interestingly, it features the new Rarity, who is not available in this country yet.
Going into Saturday afternoon, we went out to get guinea pig food and to Ealing Broadway so as to go to the bank, where Mum's money is continuing to fall and fall in the stupid account David convinced her to put it in.  The bank won't even tell us how to close the account and withdraw the money without meeting with her for a three hour discussion about why she should leave it in there.  And now they tell us that we won't be able to choose when we withdraw the money.  We have to send a form in and the account will be closed 1-2 WEEKS later.  Hence, the money could have dropped to a lower amount than what it was when Mum put it in.
On the way back to the car, I popped in TKMaxx and found two MLP t-shirts.  A grey Applejack one with "Juicy" written across the front, and a black one with Sundance on the front.  I think the size we bought was too big, but Mum's convinced they're still too tight for me.  As far as I see it, the bigger the clothes you wear, the bigger you look.  She thinks bigger clothes hide your figure and make you look slim.  The argument continues...and these are the clothes I'm hoping to wear when I move house and change my image!
When we arrived home, we saw armed police gathered outside the garage opposite.  "What's all that about?"  Mum asked.  It was then that I remembered to tell them what I'd seen when going to bed at 2am on Saturday morning, I looked out of the bedroom window to see a man being pushed into a police van wearing handcuffs.  Being such a regular occurence, I failed to even mention it before.  What is this place coming to?
We found that the postman had been when we got in the house...and he had delivered yet more bad news.  First off, our passports must have been signed and sent back by Dad's friend.  But since they require a signature before we can get ahold of them, they've been returned to the post office.  Secondly, and more importantly since we can't go on holidays anyway, the architect had written, and told us he wants FOUR THOUSAND POUNDS just for what he's done so far, before the builders have even moved in.  A load of the money is for the plans he drew that we didn't even use, and TWENTY QUID is in order to buy an ordinary map from WHSmith!   WTH?
David now says Mum must pay for this too, since he "wasn't expecting the architect to want paying so soon" and he "can't possibly afford to pay now, since he hasn't had time to get a loan yet".  Er...but you got her to put her money in an account where it keeps you want her to withdraw it and pay the bills you said you'd pay because you haven't sorted out the loan yet?
On Saturday night there were terrible drunks outside, which David ignored, turning the TV up loud.  There was an almighty fight right outside the house when we went to bed, and two men urinating and practising karate chops up against the butchers shutters.  It was then that I realised a pub has opened four shops down across the road from us!  And it's open all hours!  No wonder we've had more trouble lately!   We didn't even know before now because it's too dangerous to walk around out there these days, even in daylight.
I was awoken again at 2am, to hear eight drunken men outside the tyre shop opposite serenading  a woman with "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!"  They were letting off fireworks (pointing them at our house in the process, so that sparks were showering our garden!) and walking around doing really dangerous things in their drunken state.  One man started walking up and down the road with a sky rocket poking out of his belt...  I know it's a terrible thing to say, but I wish something had gone terribly wrong.  He deserved it.
We had further trouble yesterday afternoon.  I'm desperately trying to clear the house...more about that later...and was busily sorting through bags of junk when I heard a loud man's voice.  Looking out of the window, I saw someone standing right IN our garden talking on a mobile phone.  He was yelling angrily, and punching the air, walking around and around the garden.  I ran behind the door and tried to hide.  Mum didn't even panic since she's so used to really dangerous people (and knives) being in our garden.  It was only when the entire large Polish family next door came out of their house and began gawping at something happening sown the road that she told me to go upstairs and look out of the window.
Getting up on the "communal bed", I peered shakily out of the window and saw it was yet another police incident...over by the tyre shop across the road!  Something weird is happening over there...   A man was in handcuffs, and four of his friends had run over here.  These included the man who was in our garden, talking on the phone, and three men who were sitting on our neighbour's car bonnet drinking whisky.  No less than four policeman came whizzing over the road, grabbed the man out of our garden, grabbed his three friends and started shouting at them.
"Give me the bottle!"  He took the whisky bottle from one of the men, and poured the remainder of its contents into the gutter.  Then he waved it in their faces.  "This is your last chance!  Your friends been arrested, and unless you get out of here NOW you're going to be arrested too!  Right, you're free to go."  And with that, they sent the men scurrying up the road (past our house).  "Sweet!  Absolutely brilliant.  Anger them, then set them free right next to our house!" I uttered, not even realising I was chattering away to myself in my best Canadian accent again.  Even my mum was too shocked by this incident to comment or complain.  The policeman then went and placed the glass whisky bottle in the rubbish bin.  I think Mum actually said something along the lines of, "Ammunition for the drunks to use later!".  And she wasn't wrong either, as I was to find out.
The man they had arrested was still vomiting in the middle of the pavement outside the tyre shop.  The policemen were all chained to him and having to squat down around him.  Then re-enforcements arrived and forced the drunk into a police van.  There are far too many arrests around here now.   At least it must mean the police are taking more notice of the area since we reported that knife.
David was at work when all of this happened, and even when Mum was talking to him the police were questioning gangs who were walking up and down the road.  They handcuffed another two men, but they decided against arresting them in the end.  I don't know how much longer I can live here.
It was David's night to go over to the other house so that Mum could sleep on the sofa and I could have the bed to myself.  Mum thought he should have stayed with us, but he didn't.  He couldn't "Sit up all night, for god's sake!", so "if it gets too bad, ring me up and I'll come back."  We sat back and waited.  Mum got to sleep and then I went up to bed.  But I could not sleep.  I'm just too disturbed.  I think I got about fifteen minutes sleep, and then had an awful nightmare about Mum's cuddly chimp, "Jacko", in the corner of the room stabbing me with the knife we found in the garden.   Silly, I know, but it woke me up and then I couldn't sleep at all with that thing in the room.  I opened the window, and curtains, even though it was freezing, since it gave me a false sense of security that I could get out of the window should anything happen.   Anyhow, I was so cold, and then the noise began.  Terrible smashing glass.  A whole gang of men were around the phone box smashing out the remaining panes of glass, with (Guess what?!) the whisky bottle the policeman had placed in the dustbin.  I was terrified, and Mum wouldn't even wake up when I was calling and calling her from upstairs.  The noise stopped, and I tried to get back to sleep, but then a new noise started.
 What the heck was that?
It went on and on, until I jumped out of bed and ran down the stairs, shoving my mum to wake her up.  By the time we got back upstairs (It was now 3am) the noise had stopped, but I swear there was somebody in the garden.  It sounded too large to be a fox or cat.  I'm petrified in this place.  In the end, Mum slept upstairs anyway, because it was the only way I could sleep...although this meant being further away from the telephone so neither of us slept very well.
And then this morning Mum wrote a list of jobs for my dad.  He wouldn't pick up the passports so that we could get them sent off, nor would he pick up a pony Mum's pony-finding-family-history-e-pal must have found for me and sent to the other house. (David missed the doorbell this morning by oversleeping, and it's been taken to a different post office).  And when Mum dared to mention Dad speaking to his financial adviser about the loan he went mad.  "I haven't got time for that!  I'll sort it out another time!"  But that's what you've been saying for six months, David!  Please help me, someone!
I might not be able to get out of the house right now, but I'm determined to make my living quarters a bit better while I'm stuck here.  And so I'm doing a ton of clearing out.  I need to get rid of piles of stuff to get that place in a semi-reasonable state.  I can't do anything about David's stuff or the stuff my mum kept from her parents house, but I can sort out my own stuff.  And so I've come up with this idea.
I'm going to start two more photo albums on here.  And I'm going to make a kind of photographic Cinderella story.  I'm going to take some true pictures of myself (without pretend make-up ~ The way I really am all the time) and photos of the messy house the way it is now, and then I'm going to take a further set of pictures each month to see how things change.  I'm going to take the first set when I get home now, but I can't upload them until David gets his friend to get us the new computer - he said it might be tomorrow, but I don't think it will be somehow.  Don't worry though, friends, you're not being forced to look at my photographs...I just thought some of you might like to see how things are (and hopefully, some day, WERE) and celebrate along with me as things change.  Which they will do.  I'll survive to see Vancouver.  You ain't seen nothin' yet, people! 

xxx Determined-Desiree-Skylark of Grottier-than-ever-Grottsville   xxx

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