Friday, 16 November 2007

Half Gone, But Not Yet Begun

Current mood:  restless

Well, yesterday signalled the date when exactly half of my years as a teenager have passed me by.  And there is still no sign of me being able to be who I want to be, or do what I want to do.   I'm not going to dwell on it though.  At least now there's a chance of moving in a year or so.  Left down to David I would have had no prospect of ever getting out at all.
The weather is getting much colder now.  Today was the first day I've really noticed frost everwhere, and all of the puddles have iced over.  I was actually really nervous about slipping on the way to the internet cafe!
I've really been trying to clear the house out this week, but I don't know how much I'm going to be able to do today.  Yesterday, I strained my back lifting heavy crates of videos and books, and today I appear to have pulled a muscle in my right arm.  I'm determined to keep going with clearing up though.
The bags of old clothes that didn't get put out at the other house have been hanging around in our ironing board cupboard, so when I found another 'rag collection for the poor' bag in our porch yesterday, I stuck three of the bags out for them this morning.  Only two more to go from the house in "Grottsville" now. 
We still haven't figured out how to get the new computer working yet.  And now for the best bit:  the telephone has packed up too!  I think there must be somthing wrong with our phoneline, but of course we can't get anyone in to look at it because of the mess (which I'm being continually shouted at for trying to clear up, by the way.  David "Hopes I'm not treading on his books to get into the bedroom that should have been mine anyway".  Um, well, if you stack your books in the doorway, how else am I supposed to clear the room out?  "It's not gonna get you out of this 'ouse and into the new 'ouse any faster anyway.  So whoy bovver?!")  Oh dear...
Anyway, back to the phone.  Our last phone (known as the "ginger phone" because of its colour) packed up a few months back.  Basically, whenever people rang, we couldn't answer the call.  We'd pick up the receiver, but the ringing would continue anyway.  We fixed the problem by replacing the ginger phone with a white one.  But now exactly the same thing has happened to the white one!  So we're now left with a red phone from the 1960s which Uncle Ron and Auntie Eva used to use in the launderette they ran.  They must have taken it back to the house when the shop closed down, and we found it when we were clearing out in order for the architect to go and look at the house for the first time.
Mum loves the retro phone, but it keeps crackling, and if this one packs up, we'll have no way of communicating with the outside world at all...
In slightly more interesting news, I dreamed that I rang Elisabeth up last night, and told her that Dad was going on a business trip to Sweden for three days, and we'd be coming with him (Next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday).  Then I realised we still had no passports so we couldn't go.  I don't know why I dreamed that.
Did I tell you how Dad's friend messed up our passport applications by not signing the back of our photographs, so now they're supposed to be going back to him again in order to be signed.  I hope he does it right this time.  That's my way out of the country temporarily at least.
I've decorated a whole page in my diary for the "dream future".  It's covered in microphones and headphones and pictures of I crazy or what?   There's even a little poem which I made up on the spot last night, so it sounds really silly.  I can't even remember the words now, but I shall write them up here on Monday to give you all a giggle.
I'm feeling pretty happy right now.  One of my absolute idols just wrote to me and said they loved my picture.  Not sure why that came out of the blue, but it made me smile.  I really must think of something to write back.
David said he might be able to take us to Hayes this afternoon where he's supposed to be picking up a new extension lead for his own computer, and we were supposed to be going with him, but he didn't ring up before we came down to the internet cafe and I bet we've missed our chance now.  Oh well.  There's nothing much in Hayes anyway.  It's an Argos I really want to get to, while Singing and Dancing Pinkie Pie is still on the offer, meaning I still have the money to buy her.  Anyhow, there just might have been an Argos in Hayes.  I ahven't been there for a long time.  So I'm going to dash home now, and see if there's still any hitching a ride in David's hire car.
 Love you all!
xxx Desiree Skylark xxx

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