Tuesday, 27 November 2007

A Little Bit Of Good News For Once...

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No, I mean it.  I'm back!  Is this the time that I'm normally at the internet cafe?  No, of course it isn't!  I'm back online from my own house!
I decided to have another look at the computer and see if I could figure out what was wrong myself.  I knew David would blame anything that had gone wrong with the computer on me if he knew I'd been trying to get it working, so I tried it while he was at work...and soon worked out what he'd been doing wrong...
HE'D PUT THE PLUG IN THE WRONG SOCKET!  The correct socket was the one I'd told him to use in the first place.  How crazy is that?  It took me about an hour to figure out how to connect to AOL, since David had deleted a load of stuff during his failed attempts  to get online, but I'm officially back on my slow home dial-up now. 
Well, come on then!  At least pretend to be pleased!  I know you've all missed me terribly!
And the funniest bit of all?  David's been home from work for almost half an hour, and hasn't even noticed I'm sitting on the floor typing this blog yet...  Um, yeah...  That's the weird people I live with for you!
Anyway, got to dash!  The only reason David is in early is that we're supposed to be going to a lecture at a nearby library...
See you later, pals!

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