Saturday, 24 November 2007

Logging in when I shouldn't...

Current mood:  naughty

Excuse the shortness of this blog, but I'm being very bad right now.  I'm using a computer at Kew Archives, which is really meant for family history research!  Anyhow, I saw that someone else had used Hotmail earlier, so why shouldn't I, eh?  I just have to remember to click back to "Find-my-Past" every time a security guard walks by!
I just wanted to apologise for the way that blog cut off yesterday.  I was sitting up at the computer at the internet cafe and suddenly the keyboard packed up on me!  I mean, totally packed up on me!  I was too embarrassed to say anything, so just kept on doing things I could do through links.  I even found a crafty way of looking up ponies on e-Bay.  Anyhow, that's why yesterday's blog ut off mid-sentence.  I couldn't even delete the last paragraph and sign off!
So now my apology is done, I'm off.  If I get caught, and get us kicked out, Mum will kill me!
See you Monday, Friends!

A-Very-Naughty-Desiree Skylark  xxx

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