Thursday, 1 November 2007

The Quickest Update I Can Manage

Well, I've very little time left at the internet cafe, but this is the easiest way to keep in touch with all of you, I guess.  So let's see how quickly I can type out my news.
Right, so where did I leave off?
Let's skip last week, and jump to Ponycon last Saturday.  Well, I did go (I didn't think I'd get that far), but I didn't really like being in the same room as the Destroy a Fakie competition, so we left after just two hours - just before the Weakest Link.  I never got to meet Laura, or show BP_Serene or Mew the stuff they had wanted to buy from me.  And with no internet access, I still haven't even told BP_Serene what's going on...oh dear, I forgot that!  Why am I so addled all the time?
I did get eighteen new ponies though, which was very good, I thought!   And loads of merchandise etc.  And it was great to see some of my pony pals again.  I picked up the DVD that Sharicat has recorded "Intelligence" on for me, but our DVD player is playing up now!  And I don't have a computer, much less a disk drive, so I now have to wait goodness knows how long to see that!!! 
Having left the place early, we didn't go anywhere else.  Just sat in a car park outside a service station while I cried, and then drove through a little bit of Wales so that I could say I've 'been out of the country'.  God help me, is that as good as it gets?  I want to LEAVE the country permanently, not drive along the border between England and Wales!!!
On Tuesday I went to see the dentist for my check up (Two months later than it should have been - I need independance or a non-lazy father), and got told off again for not going back to the orthodontist!  As if it was my CHOICE not to go back!  I hate my teeth, why would I have willingly not gone back?!   Anyway, I ended up having a row with my father there and then in front of Ms. Muckerji (my dentist)
(Ugh, complete sideline, but i just put my knee in 'something' under the table, reached up to see what it was, and found a piece of chewing gum.  YUCK!!!  I hate the internet cafe!!!)
Needless to say, Dad was not pleased with me...but I wasn't pleased with him for not taking me back to the orthodontist either.  It turns out that until a fortnight ago, I could still have had free treatment on the NHS, but now it's going to cost thousands, and David doesn't want to pay it...evn though it's his fault it's taken this amount of time.  And he HAS got the money...and it will definitely be surgery as the only option now, and I think 1 in every 500 patients are left paralysed after that...oh god!
Anyway, I didn't need any fillings, so that's one good things.  She says I'm keeping my teeth much cleaner now...even though my toothbrush seems to have mysteriously been chewed one night last week... o_0
Right, then yesterday we went to Bury St. Edmunds for more family history research for my mum.  However, I came home with some more ponies!!!  Only got in one of the charity shops, but struck lucky and picked up Stardancer, Princess Crystal (x2), Princess Twinkle Star and Lady Light Heart (And a couple of McDonalds Ponies too, but I didn't really buy them by choice...).  Anyway, they were pretty expensive, but I was just excited to find ponies in a charity shop again.  It's been a long time...
And then I found that all ponies are 25% off in Woolworths, so I bought Pretty Pop, Butter Drop and Strawberry Surprise.  I'm now broke.
The architect sent his plans and they're total rubbish, as we feared.  So now we have to wait for Dad to draw some of his own...yeah, watch me lose another few years of my life...  And all the time the area is getting worse and worse...
Today we started walking down to the internet cafe and I spotted something suspicious in our front garden, in amongst the weeds nobody will deal with.
Oh. My. Goodness.
It was a VERY BIG KNIFE!!!  Someone has dumped a huge bread knife in our flowerbed, wrapped in a black cloth.  What the heck is it there for?  The police aren't interested, we don't want to touch it, and we're worried someone's going to come back for it...maybe one of those weirdos who keeps ringing our doorbell.  I'm going to be murdered before I get out of here.  The trouble is coming nearer by the day  Please someone come and get me out of here!!!  Please!  Anyone?  *Fades away as mad knifeman grabs her...*
Desiree (in dreadful danger and distr...*BLOODCURDLING SCREAM*)

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