Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Starting where I left off yesterday...

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Here we go again.  I've very little time left at the cafe, so I hope I can get this up to date.  Well, last night, Dad took the architect's plans and put them through his door when he went to sleep in Mum's house last night.  Having cheated me out of another of my sleep-in-the-communal-bed-alone alternate nights so as to put some bags of old clothes out for a Third World  clothing charity last night, Dad forgot to put them out to be collected, so the bags will just have to be thrown away anyway.
He still hasn't rung up his friend about a new computer either.  When is he going to get around to all of these jobs?  He couldn't even remember the architect's name last night - that's how much all of this means to him.  Mum finally got him to sort out the passport photos last night, and now we think my head is too large in the picture, and Mum's head is too small...oh dear.  We had enough trouble last time.  Mum started giggling madly at how she couldn't "fit her head in the egg on the screen", and all the passing shoppers kept staring at the "Giggling photo booth".   I don't want to have the picture taken again.  We have to wait for Dad's old friend to sign our forms as a witness, then send them off...and I bet they get returned to us.  I've just got to hope.  I REALLY don't want to have another picture taken.  I look awful if I don't tilt my head to one side, and you can't really do that for a passport photo, can you?!
I quickly changed my Myspace layout right now - please let me know what you think.
Nothing else has really happened.  So I'm going to see if I can get anything else done before we leave...
Desiree Skylark  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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