Thursday, 8 November 2007

Stupid People! Yep, here's another rant for you... Sorry!

I'm sick of it.  I've got tons of stuff to say to all of you, but instead of that I'm going to have a rant about some specific members of my family.  Hence why this blog entry can only be read by my Myspace friends...I don't want interfering idiots reading this.
First off, my great-uncle, John.  I've never liked him.  He's always telling me I'm sick for collecting ponies since he thinks they're ugly etc.  He also keeps telling Mum she's rich because she was left a house we're actually having to PAY ALL OF OUR MONEY INTO in order to renovate.   Right, so earlier this week he rings Mum, gives her another lecture on how rich she is (even she's getting sick of him now), and then he tells her he wants to speak to me.  I avoid him like the plague and I think he's figured that out now.  His reason for wishing to speak to me?  He "has some Victorian photos for me" and I'm "Getting too old to communicate through my mother all the time".  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that.  He thinks I should collect antiques instead of ponies, and he keeps giving me his old junk to look after.  Anyhow, I know that's just a ploy to get me on the phone to him.  Then it'll be endless questions about education, boyfriends, life goals etc.  He thinks I should be studying to be a rocket scientist, I think.  He'd die if I told him I want to be an actress.  That would be a "waste of a life".   So goodness knows how I'm going to keep avoiding him, but I will do, whatever the cost.
And then, my sister, Emma.  Yep, the very one I wanted to read this blog.  Well, she's read it.  Not said a word to me as of yet, but she has spoken to my mum and said she's read it.  And guess what?  She hasn't told Mum anything of my dreams of becoming a voice artiste/musical theatre actress.  Just a whole load of twisted lies that have made Mum even madder at me.  Apparently, I've "said stuff about the two houses that even she didn't know".  She's not told Mum exactly what these things are, but Mum's really mad at me now...and I'm not aware I've said anything that Emma doesn't already know about them.  *Sob*
She tried to hurt Mum by telling her stuff she thought Mum didn't know about me in a "I know your daughter better than you do" kind of way.  That was a bit uncalled for.  Fortunately, she forgot all the important stuff and only mentioned stuff Mum already knew, but with weird twists that have made me sound totally crazy.
She's told her I keep moaning about her and saying she's not "Allowing me out".  I didn't want it to come across quite like that.  I couldn't go out from this area anyway.  That's why I need to move house. 
I'm "going to get David arrested by making it sound like he's abusing me" ...have I said anything like that?  I'm really scared now.
And then she's told her I'm "emigrating to Canada", but she says it's because I have a lot of e-friends over there.  Oh, and she reckons I'm going there because Shane Meier's from there.  Um...he's an actor.  I'm a fan.  Why would I emigrate because my favourite actor comes from a certain country?  That's totally crazy.   Maybe it's because I "have a massive crush on him".  God, what is it with my family?  Can't a girl like an actor for TALENT.  I'm getting sick of defending myself.  And Mum has simply told her that "she's suspected that for a while anyway" in defense of herself saying she still knows more about me than Emma does.  So next time I see Emma I'm going to have hours of taunting about that.
And as the final blow, I "write all this terrible stuff as if it's funny, but it isn't".  Isn't it?  If I'm really that depressing, please tell me and I'll stop writing this.
I'm off now.  The cafe has filled up with awfully loud men who keep wolf whistling me.  I'm scared that I'm not going to get home alive now...
Desiree   xxx

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