Friday, 9 November 2007

What On Earth Is Going To Happen?

Current mood:  frustrated
There are so many disasters going on right now.  I only hope things will get better soon.
Did I say about how the solicitors fees are more than expected and David is now saying Mum has got to pay, even though he originally said he'd pay?  Well, he's still saying this is the case, and now he's telling her he's not prepared to pay any money towards any of the holidays she wants either.  Hence, she's saying she won't pay the fees out of the little bit of money she's still got left (I don't blame her for that, especially when David said he'd pay it for her), and so the house may still have to be sold to pay the bills.
And we cannot stay in this area any longer.  Yesterday we came to the internet cafe and a whole gang of Irish thugs came into the shop.  The man who works here pleaded with them, since apparently last time they walked out without paying.  The men just laughed and made their way to computers anyway, which the one who worked here switched on for them, because he was too scared to do otherwise.
But they didn't stop at that.  One sat next to Mum and kept taunting her over her family history research, calling out names of ancestors and making the whole gang laugh.  Then he had the cheek to keep asking her to spell words for him...  Simple words like "Loot" and , believe it or not, "Then"...uh, yeah.
The members of the gang who were not using computers sat up at a table behind us, making loud comments about crimes they'd commited, and some kind of police case they were wrapped up in.   They sang and danced around the shop, splashing coffee everywhere...  I turned around and glared at them and, as soon as they saw me doing that, they kept making pointed, rude remarks.=, and trying to catch my eye by floating bits of paper around me.
"She's a beautiful one, ain't she?" one of the idiots said, as I walked past, trying to get out as fast as possible.  The comments were worse than that too, but I'm not going to go into that.  I felt so uncomfortable, and when I shut the door behind me as I left, they just kept leering at me, and one of them had the cheek to wink at me.  Ugh.  I just don't want to be here anymore.  I wish there was a way out without Mum having to spend so much money.  I hope we can get out of here...but I fear it's not even going to be in a year's time.  "Oh, why's that?", I hear you ask.
Well, asides from the money worries, the architect sent another load of useless plans, as I think I told you, so David finally drew a plan for the architect to look at...THE PLAN FOR THE HOUSE THAT I DESIGNED TWO YEARS AGO!!!
Totally stupid if you ask me.  Anyhow, the architect said the plans looked fine to him, and he put something straight in the post for us.  And then when it came he's put the hot water storage tank in the cupboard under the stairs where he KNOWS the downstairs lavatory is supposed to be going.
So now we're struggling to get David to ring the architect up.  He refused to ring him yesterday until we went to see the house again last night.  I don't get that either.  I think it was just my father's lame excuse.  I think we've seen the house enough times to know what it looks like!
And the architect is going into hospital for an operation on his nose...not sure what's wrong with it, but I'm worried that this will delay things even further.  So we're racing against time, and David won't be bothered to ring him.  Oh dear.
Anyway, enough of my ranting.  I just hope things turn out all right in the end.  Do you like my new profile song?  I thought it was just perfect for a blog full of funny disasters.  And they are supposed to be funny whatever some people may think. (See yesterday's blog)  Yep, I thought it went with the mood of the blog brilliantly.
I'm off now.  We've got to pick up a prescription from the doctor for my father.  I hope I don't get murdered on the way...
Best wishes,
xxx Desiree Skylark  xxx

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