Monday, 31 December 2007

S.I.C.K. - In more ways than one

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Ugh.  I still have this awful cold.  How surprising - it's not going to go anywhere quite yet, is it?!
Mum has an even worse cold, and because of this, I couldn't get out of the house at all today (It's freezing cold and foggy around here).  So really there's not much to say.
Woke up at 9.30am to find that David was already in the bathroom.  So I had to sit in bed for a further two hours before I could get in there to get dressed.  By this point, Mum was feeling really ill and sleeping on the sofa. 
I spent the best part of the day messing about with my Myspace profile and cutting some of the ribbons that I got for Christmas to the right length so that I could tie them in some MLP manes and tails.  I also recorded some G3 MLP tunes on to my digital camera, so now I have almost all of the pony songs uploaded to my computer.
David went to "work" again, even though he isn't being paid.  Strange or what?  He says he's going to hand in his notice tomorrow, even if they don't sack him, which is pretty worrying, since he has no new job to go to, we're already overdrawn, and we need the money in order to take out a loan to enable us to move to the new house.
As David went to "work", he didn't get a chance to go to the launderette.  This means that I STILL can't change out of these awful trousers, and they are my absolute worst pair of the three or four I own.  With each movement I make they're getting thinner, and I just know I'm going to put my knee through them any second now.  Hence I'm terrified to move.  Plus, the more worn out they get, the fatter they seem to make me the point I actually feel disgusted to move.
I tried to discuss my problems with Mum today, but I guess I picked a bad time.  I'm so "selfish" to be thinking about my problems "when she's so ill".  I told her I was just depressed because she didn't seem to be on my wavelength (Or even a normal wavelength for that matter!) and seemed to think women would actually want to wear scruffy clothes and not do anything to aid their appearances at all...  However, she "wouldn't want to be on my wavelength anyway, since I'm not a very nice person at all" .  She was obviously very proud of herself for coming up with this line, and kept quoting it again and again, even long after our short argument had concluded. 
*Sighs*  I hope 2008 is a better year.  Only 24 more hours of this awful 365-day cycle still to go now, I guess.  Have a Happy New Year everyone!  I expect it'll officially be next year by the time I post again.
Talk to you later,

Desiree Skylark  xxx

Sunday, 30 December 2007

A Special Anniversary... Not Such a Special Day

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"The blog begins...
I tried to post last night, but it didn't work, so I'm trying again now!  *Fingers crossed it works this time around*
Hello, and welcome to the mad world of the Desiree Skylark's My Little Pony Rescue Home Blog!  To find out more about us, please visit our forum at We will soon have a proper website too, but I just don't have time to sort it out at the moment!
Nothing much has happened today.  Mum and Dad have been using Dad's computer all day to sort out Mum's family tree, and I've not been doing much at all.  I did count up my ponies and found that I now have 1631 G1's (614 different), 218 G2's (118 different) and 395 G3's (324 different) making a total of 2244 ponies (1056 different)!!!
We're going to go to Asda tonight...all very exciting to the readers of this blog, I'm sure.  But, who knows what I'll find there, my pony friends?  Maybe I'll be able to announce Lily Lightly's arrival in the UK when I get home!
Best wishes,
Desiree (Lancer)"
Do you know what that was?  That, my friends, was my very first ever Myspace blog.  
Do you know when it was posted?  Precisely one year ago today!  I have officially been blogging for 365 days.
It's interesting to see what I wrote in that blog actually.  "Desiree Skylark's My Little Pony Rescue Home Blog"?  It seems I wasn't intending on keeping this as a diary of everything that happened in my life, but more of a "pony blog" detailing what ponies I got when and where, and trying to help pony collectors in the UK track down items for their collection.  Maybe I was trying to promote my MLP forum a bit too.  I have MANY more ponies now (mainly G3s) and ended up buying Lily Lightly from the US as it happened.   With 2007 drawing to a close, it does seem a good time to reflect on what has happened this past year, and indeed in the years preceeding it.  Hence, I'm designing a brand new profile - detailing all the boring facts about my life so far.  Don't worry - it's not obligatory to read it all!
Apart from desiging a new profile, what has happened on this glorious anniversary.  Well, several brilliant things actually.
David went to the other house last night...and overslept, meaning he left the car parked out in the street for too long, meaning he now has a £40 parking ticket to pay...and his bosses still haven't paid him or contacted him to let him know what's going on.
Although David slept at the other house last night, he did sleep on the communal bed the two nights before that, while sneezing and sniffling everywhere with a dreadful cold.  I begged him not to, but he still went up there for hours on guess what?  Both Mum and I, who had to sleep in that bed almost immediately after he'd left it, have come down with AWFUL colds!  And when I say awful, I'm not exaggerating at all.  I still have a cough left over from my last virus, and now I really can't breathe at all.  Every so often my whole nose seems to explode with a sneeze, and I have to dash off to get a tissue in a real hurry.  I'm actually scared to be too far from that tissue box now...
Mum has got it worse than me.  Although her nose isn't running at all, she has a dreadfully sore throat, and has been fast asleep practically all day.  As her symptoms are different, I do hope hers isn't a third virus - I have to go and lie next to her in a bed in a minute, so I don't stand a chance of not catching it if it is.
Despite her awful illness, Mum decided to battle out to the sales in Uxbridge with David and I (she was worried we'd "get seperated in the crowds").  So I couldn't buy any of the stuff I need to buy.  Not with them sitting on my shoulders the entire time.  Mum almost had a heart attack when I walked behind a pillar in New Look and "disappeared from view".  She went into some kind of hysterical laughter...  David stood outside in a fowl mood the entire time, so I couldn't even look for trousers.  I simply can't wear these grey ones any more.  Forget the fact that they're disgusting things anyway, I can actually see my skin through them, now that they're so thin.   There was no sign of that Lofty t-shirt in New Look either.
Nothing else really happened.  I'm going to have to go now.  I honestly can't breathe any longer without going and blowing my nose first.  I feel so sick.   Thanks to those of you who've been my friends all along for hanging in there, and reading my b-ore-logs.  I look forward to many more years to come.
*Coughs and sniffles to you all...well, not literally!  I meant hugs and kisses. *
The Sore-nosed Sneezing Skylark  xxx

Saturday, 29 December 2007

My Christmas Story ~ Part Two

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We overslept again on Boxing Day, so we didn't get to go to any sales before going to Emma's house in the afternoon.  Nick was on his way out to work, so we ate dinner almost as soon as we got there.  So, so, SO delicious!  I feel bad that Emma did so much for us though, since she obviously wasn't feeling well.  I wish she would have let me do more to help.
Allan was very impatient to open his gifts, and kept jumping around all through dinner.  I was informed by Abigale that my chair was "the broken one", and I realised the entire leg had almost come out from underneath me...just one inch further and I'd have been on the floor!   Following dinner, Allan went around pulling all of our crackers with us...and cheating so that he got the wonderful gifts inside - a sewing kit, a torch that hardly worked, and best of all, a pink yo-yo which he started using to taunt me that I "like Pi-ink!  You're a gi-irl!" when I tried to show Abigale how to use it.  Um...yeah, I am actually, Allan.  I may not be allowed to buy particularly feminine clothes or wear make-up, but there is a female human being underneath!
After dinner, we all opened our presents...and everything disappeared in a flurry of pretty wrapping papers!  Allan seemed very pleased with his expensive fire engine, until we discovered that one of the lights didn't even work.   We said we'd take it back to the shop and get it replaced, but Allan started to cry and said he'd rather keep this one even if it didn't work.  He says that if Mum buys him another one as well as this one, she can have the broken one in exchange!  Wow, what an offer!
Abigale loved the little dolls with snap-on plastic clothes that I bought for her.  I thought she would.  However, while David sat on the floor half-heartedly playing dressing up with her, with one eye on the TV, he snapped the arm off of one of the dolls.   Abigale still likes them, but I'm still annoyed with David.
Kizzy was pretty poorly, and kept coughing.  She ate too much chocolate and made herself sick too.  Poor girl. 
As for us, Emma got me the PONYVILLE TEAPOT PALACE!!!  Better still, in the US box.  I don't know where she got it, but I'm even happier to have it in the 'proper; box without the 10,000 European languages added on to it!   I have wanted that set for so long, and knew I'd never save up enough money to buy it myself.  I was so pleased when I saw that she'd got it for me.  She didn't just get me the Teapot either - I also got Balloon Flying Cherry Blossom (the rarer version with flower accessories instead of Tiddly-Wink), an issue of the MLP comic and two MLP sticker books and a MLP plate I'd never even seen before! However, I don't think I showed her just how grateful I was.  In fact, David says "every time I opened a gift, I turned my nose up" .  Why would I turn my nose up when I loved the gifts?  I think he just says these things to shatter my confidence when I'm around other people.  Speaking of people being rude and not showing enough appreciation when they receive gifts, David didn't even OPEN his gifts.  Emma tried to give them to him three times, but he just kept staring at the TV.  He finally opened them today, got a packet of Mingles half out of the paper, and started stuffing them into his mouth.  Impolite idiot.
Evening came too soon for my liking.  Kizzy had to go to bed early, because she wasn't feeling well, and then Allan and Abigale went to bed soon after, begging "Grandma Jackma" to read them a story.  Once we all got up there, the two kids got me running more and more errands for them.  First of all, it turned out that Abigale had left her toy dog downstairs...then her juice bottle.  All the running up and down the stairs seemed to get Allan thinking about what he could send me down for.  Eventually, he came up with the enormous plush dog that he'd got for Christmas.  I was tired by this point, especially since I seemed to be coming down with yet another cold, and had a dreadful headache.  So as I was walking down the stairs (which were half filled with all our coats/gifts we had to take home with us), I slipped and went crashing down the last five stairs, hitting my back hard.   But worse than that, I disturbed Kizzy in the process.  Why is it that I always embarass myself at Emma's house?
David came running from the living room (where he was STILL watching the television!), obviously thinking that I'd knocked something over and that he could yell at me for that.  Meanwhile, both Mum and Emma ran out onto the landing and looked down at me.  I staggered to my feet, ignoring the pain, trying not to let any of them see the huge holes in the trousers I have to live with.  I then got into a huge argument with David...but was abruptly stopped when I remembered I had to take Allan's dog, "Fluffy", back upstairs.
Eventually, with the last story read, we kissed the kids goodnight and came downstairs.  Emma then went upstairs to see to them all, while the three of us had a full blown row...trying to keep our voices down.  I can't even remember what we were arguing about, but I know David kept ranting at me for no real reason.  I'd forgotten to take a drink with me, and was too embarrassed to ask Emma for one, so I was dehydrated, and that wasn't helping me to defend myself.   Eventually, Emma came downstairs and rescued me, starting to chat to us all.  Well, trying to anyway.  David went out into the hall and put his coat on and started pacing up and down, carrying my MLP boxes with him.  Still, he stared at the TV, loudly cheering when the football results came on the news.  Emma, Mum and I just shook our heads, not understanding what David was on about.
Then Emma came out and told Mum that she'd spent even more money on us.  Oh gosh, how awful!  She's bought Mum two tickets to (meaning the pair of them are going to see) a West End theatre performance on February 1st...guess which show they're going to see, people?
Agh, may I join you in being smuggled into the theatre, Elisabeth?  No?  Aww...Can't you come to England for a couple of weeks and us go together then?  No?  Oh well.  I'll get there someday, I'm sure.  Just not quite yet. 
Just then, I noticed that David was getting more and more annoyed about something and crushing my precious before-mentioned US boxed Teapot Palace's packaging under his arm!  Agh!  I snapped at him and he asked why I "didn't carry it myself" . about because I was sitting on the sofa chatting to Emma and wasn't prepared to leave yet?   Anyway, we could all see that David was getting angrier, so we were forced to leave.  I wish I spent more time with my sister.  I don't even speak to her on the I won't have any contact with her until about March (When the new baby is due) now probably.
When we got back to Grottsville, I went to the bathroom.  By the time I got back downstairs, an argument had ensued between my parents.  Apparently, Mum was struggling to put all her stuff away (different pairs of glasses, coat, purse etc.) when David yelled at her,  "See, ya wa-on' stawp tal'in', will ya?"  (You won't stop talking, will you?)  "Pardon?" Mum asked, genuinely confused.  "Foiv mine's woz awwl i' te-ook!" (Five minutes was all it took!)  I don't know what was said after that, but it turns out that David wanted to watch Manchester United on TV, and thought that we should have left Emma's house practically as soon as we'd eaten her dinner and opened her gifts to us.  I can't stand him.  Even Mum apparently got hold of the sweets he had in his hand and put them in the bin.  His triumphant reply to this was, "And Oi dug 'em e-out tha ben!" (And I dug them out of the bin!)  Um...yeah...
I ended up getting mixed up in the argument and throwing a collectable boxed set of Peter Rabbit books at him...  (It just gets better, eh? )  And he didn't speak to us again that night - just took off and went to sleep at Mum's other house in the nice, safe area.  Great.  Lucky old you having somewhere to go, David!
We were supposed to be going to some sales yesterday, but David sulked and went off to the wonderful "work" (with the bosses who aren't even paying him!) all day instead.  Strangely, this time they let him in and didn't mention any of the trouble to him.   Maybe because they wanted to allow him in to finish off a job...but still not pay him.  Is he insane to keep working for them?  I think so, and I'd guess I'm not the only one.
He had to be back by 5.30pm though, when he had an appointment with the doctor to see about his blood-stained urine though.  They asked him to take a urine sample to them today (and have a blood test too), but they're thinking he will have to go to the hospital for tests to check for cancer of some kind.  We're really worried, and especially since he never even got himself insured.
We're well-overdrawn now anyway, and still haven't received that pony the e-Bay seller double-listed.  It should have arrived today.   I don't think we'll ever get to see it now.
Today we finally DID get to some shops (in Hounslow) for the sales, but I wasn't able to buy anything useful (such as trousers) while they were cheap.  Mum had it in her head that we were there to buy millions of advent calendars and nothing she called the whole outing a "failure" when all the advent calendars were still too expensive.  I did get into New Look, but only to look for the Lofty t-shirt...which wasn't there.  Oh well.  It's stupid buying cap-sleeved t-shirts that I'll never be allowed to wear anyway, even if they do have my favourite ponies on the front of them.
We also went to Kew Archives to research yet more family history.  I wouldn't mind the place, except that they make you take your coat off (in case you want to nick something and put it in your pocket!) and I feel so uncomfortable walking around in these nasty clothes.  I'm intending on keeping my coat on all summer this year, unless I'm allowed to get myself done up before then.   Anyway, Mum found out some stuff, so at least she was happy about that, even if I did "ruin it for her" just by being there and not skipping around the room when she found out whatever weird little detail it was.  Do I expect her to skip around when I learn a new accent?  The answer is "no".  Do I expect her to even understand why I'm trying to learn dialects?  Even the answer to that question is "no" now.  Practically every day I'm labelled "as obsessed as that weird bloke (whatdyamecallhim?!) in "My Fair Lady" studying accents all the time..."  Um, yeah, OK.  Whatever.  I'm more likely to want to act as Eliza Doolittle in "My Fair Lady" than to want to be Professor Higgins in real life though.  For goodness sake.  Why can't they understand my dreams?   I honestly think my voice talents have improved a LOT these past couple of years.  I wonder if I could get anywhere with a few classes...
Right, well, that's about it.  It's almost 3am, and you know what I'm doing?  This being the only time I get half a bit of privacy (with Mum asleep on the sofa), I'm trying to audio record the five episodes of My Little Pony Tales in which Lancer appeared on my digital camera, hoping that Bonnie will be able to listen to them.  I don't see how she can get the full benefit from an audio recording though.  It's just going to sound like Shane Meier in any other show or movie.  You need to SEE the animated ponies in order for it to be a different experience.   Still, since the show isn't available on DVD over here (only in Australia), it's the best I can do...  Maybe some day I'll be able to do better for her in return for all she's done for me.  Well, I can dream anyways.
I hear that Grace is having a bad time, concering an awful argument, her mother, and some Chinese food.  Sounds funny, but believe me, it isn't.  My thoughts are with you, and hoping you're not heading for such a bad breakdown as you think.
I've caught an awful cold off of David who was laying all over the communal bed the last two nights (before Mum and I got in, of course).  So I'm feeling really sick and congested right now.  Not looking forward to bed at all.  Oh well.  I must go to bed anyway.  I really must!  On the night of Boxing Day (or should that be the morning of the 27th!) the birds were already singing in the dawn chorus as I was going to bed.  Well, you know what I always say: I exist in GMT, but I live in PST.  Someday, my friends, someday...
See you all tomorrow.  I really MUST get to bed now!
Desiree Skylark  xxx

Friday, 28 December 2007

My Christmas Story

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Sorry I haven't been around much these past few days.  I guess I just got caught up with all the typical Christmas stuff.  Anyhow, I shall try to write a quick catch-up blog for you all now.  
On December 23rd, we went to Hayes Toys 'R' Us and bought the enormous fire engine Allan fell in love with when we took him there after his school nativity play.  I honestly didn't think it was worth the money (£50!!!), and definitely don't think so now (I'll get back to that in a minute), but I suppose anything that makes him happy is a good thing.  We also went in Tesco and bought some brussel sprouts and roast potatos.  Fascinating to all of you, I'm sure.
Come Christmas Eve, David decided he was going out alone "to buy stuff for Mum and I".  Yeah, great.  They won't allow me out alone in order to buy the stuff I know Mum wants...but she'll let him go out and buy her a load of sweets she can't even eat with her bad teeth.   I didn't leave the house all day.  That's the way Christmas always is though.
The living room finally got decorated on the night of Christmas Eve.  All of our other Christmas jobs still needed to be done too - cards to write to each other, gifts to wrap for each other...and David decided to take off and go to "work", leaving Mum and I with all the jobs to do. 
However, he came back sooner than expected.  His first words to me were:
"AGH!  Yo 'avunt ay-ven done the tray!"  (You haven't even done the tree!)  I couldn't help but yell at him.  When was I supposed to have done that between wrapping gifts for Mum and Splodge, dusting the fireplace, placing tinsel around the room, decorating the mantlepiece.  At least the tree was up on its table - it was only the decorations I hadn't finished!  "Why are you home so early anyway?" Mum asked, coming through the door towards the end of our shouting match.
"They won't let me in!" He said.  "The security guard says I'm not permitted in the building any more." 
It seems as though David has been given the sack, following that mistake he made a few weeks ago.  The bosses haven't even had the decency to tell us though, and haven't paid David for the past two months.  We're officially overdrawn now.   But still David is continuing to work for them, "in case they want him to finish the job" .  What?  Free of charge?  What the heck is he playing at?  I guess he's in denial as usual.
And now we have a further worry to add to our list.  Despite all our money troubles, Mum supposedly wanted to get me a special MLP Christmas gift.  I don't know what pony she wanted to buy for me, but I believe it was a Nirvana of some kind that she found on e-Bay.  Apparently, she got David to secretly placed a bid on said pony a couple of weeks back.  She asked him to bid up to £14, but he didn't hear her properly, and bid £40!  Unfortunately, there was a bidding war and he ended up paying something like £39.72 plus postage costs!  Mum was really mad at him for "not listening to her", and "going mad on the bidding".  Anyhow, they waited and waited...but the pony didn't turn up.  Hence, I wasn't going to get my special pony anyway.   On Christmas Eve, Mum logged into e-Bay to see if the seller had messaged them about when she posted the pony...only to get a "Search for similar items" type of page.  There was another IDENTICAL pony on e-Bay with a Buy It Now price of £40!  Mum took a closer look at the auction, and discovered that not only was it the SAME SELLER, but she was using exactly the SAME PHOTOS of the SAME PONY!!!  It looks like they got sucked into a scam, although the seller has 100% positive feedback and has been an e-Bay member for about two years apparently.  I feel so awful about the whole thing, even though I guess it isn't really my fault...
The seller has now written back to them and told them that she has found "another identical pony in her vast collection".  Oh yeah.  That really explains why she even used the same photographs.   Fortunately, the second BIN auction didn't sell (I assume this secret pony really isn't worth the price), so hopefully the woman will send my MLP to us now that Mum caught her out...
With all the jobs that still had to be done, none of us got to bed until about 3am.  And so it was that we didn't wake up until 10.30am on Christmas day.  I decided I was going to forget all of my depressions and stress for this special day and be happy for once in my life.  2007 will soon come to a close, and I'm already writing a resolution list.  So I may as well enjoy these last few days of my old life, I guess.
I got Splodge out of his hutch first, and let him open his gifts.  He didn't have so much as he usually does, but I think he was still spoiled for guinea pig standards!   He loved tearing the paper, and sniffing the treat-boxes inside. Then I soaked some of his new treats (he can't eat them while they're hard because of his missing teeth) and let him stay out for longer than usual while he ate them.  Once he'd finished, I opened the gift that 'he' had got for me.  (Yup, my guinea pigs always give and receive gifts! ) Inside the pretty paper I found a Fur Real guinea pig, and a MOC Tiny Tin Minty!!! Splodge isn't too keen on the guinea pig (he seems to think it's real!) but I think it's just so funny!
Then I opened my stocking - David really didn't bother with us this year (too busy working for the people who don't bother to pay him) and didn't even remember to get me my annual bag of white chocolate coins.  I'm not really upset about this, since I want to lose weight anyway, but Mum's really disturbed that I "missed out".  David also forgot to get some other stuff she wanted to give me - gel pens are all I can think of right now, but she did say about other stuff.  Anyhow, forget what I didn't get.  More importantly, this is what my stocking WAS stuffed with:
? Hundreds of little tiny note pads.  Mum bought a job lot from a catalogue and split them into millions of parcels.  
? A packet of metallic markers - great for making cards and adding little glittery bits to my terrible paintings.
? A weird cardboard dinosaur that grows fur...again, really bought in a job lot because Mum wanted to give one to my nephew.  Still, she knows it's the kind of weird thing I like messing about with!
? Some pretty little hair accessories.  Fake MLP ones with real tails.  They came from H&M...actually, I picked them out while we were in Watford a few weeks ago.
? A bag of ribbons from the local craft shop - always useful.  Every pony needs a ribbon in her tail, eh?
? A ballpoint pen with a guinea pig picture on it, and the slogan "Guinea pigs are great!"  Perfect for me, right?
? A G1 MLP slide puzzle depicting Sunbeam and Brandy.  I still haven't figured out how to solve the puzzle yet...
? And, best of all, not one, but TWO ponies - German Baby Moondancer and Argentinean Baby Confetti!  I am so pleased to have these two!  They're absolutely adorable!
It was then that Mum pointed out that we had a 'fairy' on top of the tree - MACAU MINTY!!!  I now have five Macau ponies (all the others were found at car boot sales etc.)  Minty didn't seem to be in very good condition, but after having her hair washed and conditioned, she's just about the mintiest Nirvana I own!
I sat and watched "A Very Minty Christmas" and logged into Myspace to send a few Christmas messages to some people, and then it was time for dinner.  We'd somehow forgotten to buy milk the day before, so we couldn't have any bread sauce, and the gravy was horribly thin with bits floating around in it (David mixed it, so I'm not really surprised... ).  Besides that though, I guess it was OK.  Splodge loved his Christmas brussel sprout too!
David went upstairs to the bathroom for hours...then we started the Grand Opening (of the gists underneath the tree) at about 8.30pm.  "The way I drag out opening gifts is hard to believe" apparently.  Mum was asleep by the time we were halfway through the opening ceremony!  Anyhow, a very quick summary of what we all had.  First off, from other people (friends and more distant relatives)  Just to show you how much they all love us!
Uncle John and Auntie Madeline: Gave me the ugliest bag I've ever seen (it really looks like it's had milk spilled all over it - I think I'd have preferred the milk so that we could have made our bread sauce!), some Santa Russian Dolls from John Lewis (well, I'm not turning my nose up because we collect Christmas trinkets...but they're obviously a couple of years old - most likely things John has got bored with!), a little piece of plastic known as a "thumb thing" (apparently, it holds the page open when you read a book...if you wear it on your thumb, that is!  They gave me one last year too - I wonder if they invented these useless things? They must have shares in them, at least!) and some Lindtt chocolate reindeer (Yum!).  They gave Mum a photo frame (looks like it was a free gift from a catalogue) and a flower pressing book (Identical to the one they sent her two years ago, and she's still trying to re-home, because she doesn't press flowers herself! ).  As for David, he got a second-hand mug (with two free teabags for good measure!) and an electronic Sudoku game (I can really see him doing that.  That's more my cup of tea actually!) Jointly, we got a bottle of Bucks Fizz...which everyone knows makes Mum and I feel sick, and even David dislikes.  Hmm...
Grandma's neighbours Vesna and Oswin:  Gave me A slightly nicer bag (Although it really stinks of something nasty...) and my parents got a calendar (cheap one that they probably got in 99p stores on a 3 for 2 offer) and a packet of MY favourite, yeah.  Everyone seems to have forgotten what we like...
Grandma's neighbours Pauline and Bob:  (The two people we gave total rubbish to, because they did the same to us last year)  Gave me two second hand ponies they must have found somewhere (Brights Brightly and Star Flower) and a beautiful photo album!  My parents got a calendar and an address book - again, really nice (and expensive) ones...  Oh dear.
Mum's late cousin's wife, Ruth, and her new partner, Jim: Gave me a "Flushed Away" DVD (Not really sure why, but hey!  Watching any kind of animation is never a bad thing, right?! ) and my parents some really expensive chocolates.  Again, we hardly gave them anything.  Oops.
Our friend, Aubrey:  Gave me a book about dinosaurs (Very much enjoyed, since my last dinosaur book got ruined when a radiator leaked) plus a cheque for £25!  The money is going into a bank account David set up for me though, so I doubt I'll ever get to see it...
Our friend, Marion: Gave me a little box of Celebrations (Always received with much gratitude...except that I hate Bounty and don't want to give them to my weird father any more...anybody want them?  I'll send them out for free!), some perfume and moisturiser (Really nice set - but Mum's already said she wants to re-home them in the "Other People's presents" ) a pretty pink umbrella (Again, Mum says it's "Horrendous" and is trying to think of someone to re-home it with!) and a brand new, MIP, Party Cake!!!  Yippee!  She smells so delicious!
My cousin, Paul:  Gave me a really beautiful dragonfly ornament.  Mum says that this is ugly too, but I've told her it'd going in my new bedroom anyway, whatever she thinks.  She can't re-home everything!
My friend Barbara: Sent me £10 in cash.  All is being saved towards something nice for after we move...
And finally, my friend Elisabeth: Sent me a beautiful pink Gucci bag, a gorgeous beaded hairband, a Fluttershy bubble blower set, and a PONYVILLE PINKIE PIE SET  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I love it all!  Especially Pinkie Pie.
And then for the gifts we gave to each other:
David received:
Lots of sweets, aftershave, deodrant, gloves, underwear, four books...we really did try hard this year.  And what did we get for our efforts?  Loads and loads of nasty comments, "Where did ya get these gloves from?  They're far too small!", "Ya almost damaged this book by wrapping it too tightly!" and "These socks ain't even soft top socks, are they?" among them.  The socks WERE soft top socks too...just not the expensive brand he's used to.   Horrible person.  Talk about ungrateful.
Having said all of this nasty stuff about our gifts to him, take a little look at what he actually got for my poor mum.  I wish I could have got out and got her some of the stuff I know she wants...
Mum received:
A bucket of Maltesers from a BOGOF offer (the other bucket went to one of David's brilliant friends at work...someone who hasn't even spoken to him since he *maybe* got the sack!), two bars of Turkish Delight, a packet of five pairs of socks (including one white pair, which Mum has already given to me!), four CDs (one of which was a John Denver one that didn't even have Mum's favourite tune on it, and two of which were DAVID'S choice of music anyway!) and two IOU notes for stuff Mum knows she'll never get.  The best bit is that the notes are written on Mum's own writing paper and sealed in her own envelopes!
As for me, well, I did somewhat better...
Desiree received:
OK, I got a lot of weird stuff I'm not even going to bother to mention here.  None of you are really interested in the pots of bubbles and kits to make gift boxes Mum still insists on buying me, are you?  Nah, didn't think so.  So I'll just mention a few highlights...and all of the pony stuff, of course!   
Mum found an online shop that just sold guinea pig merchandise (that's where the ballpoint pen came from!), and bought me quite a few items:  A beautiful t-shirt (well, beautiful if it wasn't one of those baggy ones I hate so much.  It has a beautiful picture on the front though!  Mum thinks she should have got me a size medium.  Apparently, she thinks small isn't baggy enough for me!  WTH?!), a mirror with a handpainted guinea pig on the frame, a wall clock, some postcards and a calendar.  As for pony stuff, well, I don't know if I can remember it all (and Mum thought she hadn't done very well for me!), but here goes a list of what I can think of anyway...
G3:  Decorating Star Catcher, Lily Lightly (x2) - with both bonus ponies - Ponyville Sweet Shoppe, Ponyville Delivery Set, Ponyville Toola Roola Shoe-Time Set, Chocolate Chipper, Paradise Island, Soda Float and the big floppy plush Fluttershy we bought in Wembley ages ago!!!   Plus lots of merchandise such as Valentines Cards from the US, a kite, a fleece blanket, and a Wysteria duvet cover for my new bedroom...if I ever get a bedroom, that is...
G2:  Floral and Baby Petal.  OK, I picked them out for myself off of the Arena, but they still got bought and wrapped up for me.  I love them to bits!  They even have all of their original accessories and backcard!
G1: Sea Spray (she's actually a duplicate -albeit an upgrade - but they don't know that - shhh!   She did come with her original shell and comb though, and is in mint condition!), an original WILTON CAKE TIN  (I've wanted one of those FOREVER!  Honestly!  I'm going to bake a cake for every birthday from now on!), the MLP Christmas Treats Coloring Book, a stick-on digital wall clock featuring Wiggles, a TRICKLES PYJAMA CASE  (She needed a lot of TLC - but she looks pretty good after having her hair sorted out and some of the dirt sponged off of her...), ITALIAN MINTY (So now I have more Minty's than I have Cotton Candy's! ) and one of my absolute grails, ITALIAN HEART THROB!!!  She even has some of her original curls...I really must get some photographs of them all tomorrow. 
While we opened our gifts, we kind of half-heartedly watched the TV...did anyone see "My Sister's Top Toys" on BBC2?  Ponies weren't a feature (the only reason I watched - I hate the Top Gear presenters, and try to avoid them where I can...).  However, Butterscotch and Snuzzle did appear on the theme tune and in the background throughout the show.  James May also picked up a So Soft Newborn Pinkie Pie in Hamleys at one point, and had it sing the MLP theme tune so that he could turn his nose up at it in disgust...  I have a recording of it...don't know if I could get it online though.  I'm still a learner when it comes to computers, it's on VHS, so it would only be a camera recording of the TV...
And that really concludes our Christmas.  The day ended at about 4am with Mum dancing around to the one CD I picked out for her (a Neil Sedaka one), and me trying to restore Trickles to her former glory...  *Giggles*
Right, I really must be off.  It's 3.10am here, and my mum is yelling at me to get to bed.  There is far more to say about yesterday and today though, so I shall write up "My Christmas Story ~ Part Two" tomorrow for anyone who is interested.
See you then!   xxx