Sunday, 9 December 2007

Huh! So much for you lot caring! ¬_¬

Current mood:  depressed

I say that I'm ill, I say that if I don't post a new blog I must have died from my awful allergy/cold...then I don't post for three days.  I'm so pleased to have received of these letters showing your concern.
Only joking!
All right, well, as you can see, I am alive (not sure if that's a good thing or a  bad thing really) but Mum has not let me have much time on the computer at all, so that's my reason for not writing before.
I woke up with a dreadfully stuffy nose on Thursday.  So my 'allergy-type thing' must have been a cold that was taking a long time to get going.  I felt so ill I could hardly move, unable to eat or sleep or even breathe.  Ugh, I hate colds like that.   Anyhow, Mum and I spent the day trying to sort out the other people's presents on the communal bed (with me curled up under a blanket with my MLP pillow-case encased pillow supporting my back to keep me upright).
The day was really quite uneventful, until the telephone rang.  We were still upstairs and the phone is in the hall.  It was also getting dark by this time. Hence, my semi-blind mum had to climb over me, over the cluttered landing, and down the dark stairs to the phone with almost no light to help her.  I was just blowing my nose for about the millionth time when I heard an almighty *CRUNCH!* and Mum swearing and shouting.  "Oh well, that's the bl**dy TV aerial snapped in half!  It's because I CAN'T SEE!!!"  She said, in an exasperated voice.  Apparently, when I struggled to take all of the other people's presents upstairs, I'd knocked something over and created a mini-landslide.  So there was a TV aerial on the bottom idea where it came from.  The telephone had stopped ringing by this point anyway.  Then Mum yelled up the stairs again to tell me that not only had she broken the TV aerial, but her old hedgehog-shaped letter rack, which she bought about twenty years ago, and has kept all these years in the hopes of having it in her nice house when we finally move.  Now, a few short months before moving, the small hedgehog has been snapped in half.   There's no way it can be fixed so that the damage doesn't show, nor can she simply buy another one, since the man who used to hand-craft the things passed away soon after she bought this one.
Nothing could be done about it, so she rang my father (who we discovered was the one trying to ring us) and had a moan at him, but he was more bothered about the television aerial...which isn't even one we use.
Meanwhile, I picked up my Volvic bottle which I mix my diluted apple juice in each find a house-moth caterpillar climbing up the side.  Charming.  If you have ever seen a house-moth caterpillar, you'll know they're very much like bluebottle fly maggots, only much smaller: squirmy white things with red heads.  Ew...  I can NOT live here any more.
The other people's present sorting took longer than we had thought, and we didn't get our dinner until about 6.30pm.  Just as I was sitting down to eat it (after not feeling hungry all day) David came in from work!   He came in, took one look at me eating my dinner, and yelled "For f***'s sake!" at the top of his voice.  Supposedly, he had come in to take us to Hobbycraft to look for blank cards so that I could finish making my Christmas cards for various e-pals.  (Watch this space - will you be 'lucky' and get a badly-made card?!  You never know...  Unlikely if I don't have your address though, and that applies to most of you unfortunately. )  Anyhow, he said he'd been "trying to ring us for two hours" and the phone had just been "ringing and ringing and ringing".  Of course, it was my fault since "the computer must have been on".  Um...when we were upstairs.  "Why don't you ever check your f***ing e-mails?" he asked my mum. about because the computer's NOT switched on, David?  Had you not noticed?  Apparently, he'd tried e-mailing us too.  But when we switched the computer on, Mum had no new messages.  Strange, eh?
Needless to say, Mum yelled at me because I didn't jump straight to it and go to Hobbycraft, so I gulped my ravioli down (and made myself feel really sick) and went and got the cards.  They weren't cheap either, as I knew they wouldn't be from a craft shop.  But I never go anywhere to look for cheaper ones.
Most of yesterday went making and writing the cards...and posting a couple of my Arena Card Swap ones out.  David also rang the architect (finally, since he thought the £4000 cheque hadn't been cashed.  It turned out it had been cashed (David hadn't been reading his bank statement properly) and the architect now says that he might move his builders into the house in March rather than April...but David seems to have had a "there's no hurry!" kind of conversation with the man.  Mum and I want David to say we're having friends to stay in September so that the architect will hurry...but there's no way my father will do that.
And so for today, the great weekend!  David has been working ridiculous hours this week, so is spending most of the time sleeping on the communal bed, saying that we "shouldn't want to go out all the time".  Hardly all the time.  Mum awoke and went to put her reading glasses on...only to find she was "blinder than ever"!  She thought that maybe her glasses were dirty, so she went to clean them...and put her finger straight through the lense!  There WAS no lense!  A little screw must have fallen out and got lost last night, and so the glass had fallen out of her right lense.  David wasted all morning in the bathroom, then he and I walked to the post office in the pouring rain and posted some more Christmas cards.  I'm a little worried since I tore one of the stamps for an Arena Card Swapper...I hope it still gets there OK.
After we did that, David went back in the bathroom, before finally taking us out at 2pm.  Before we even started our Christmas shopping, we had to go and get Mum's glasses repaired, of course.  Fortunately, Specsavers agreed to do it for free.
The thing that annoyed me was the fact that I told my parents there was a Specsavers in Uxbridge (one of the shopping centres we wanted to go to - the other was Watford) but they said they "weren't sure".  So we went to Ealing Broadway first, meaning there was no way we could get to Watford before the shops shut, and when we got to Uxbridge we discovered there was indeed a branch of Specsavers right where I said it was!
We didn't get much of the stuff we wanted.  I'm seriously concerned about what I'm going to get a couple of my good e-friends now - one being Elisabeth (Might as well say that since she knows we're swapping gifts, and sent out her half of the swap today...AGH!  I'M BEHIND AS USUAL!!!  And I couldn't get what I wanted in Uxbridge.   Then there's another friend who also knows she should be receiving a parcel...but I want to get her something extra as well as the thing she's expecting.  And I haven't got a clue what to get her.   And he package must be sent on Monday in order to reach her in time anyway.  Oh dear...
I took my purse with me again, but wasn't allowed to "get seperated" since I'd obviously "get lost in the Christmas crowds".  Will I ever be allowed to go and get myself the stuff I want with my own money?  I can't live with these legs much longer.   I did get myself another t-shirt in TKMaxx...but I was only allowed to buy that because it had Magic Star on the front.  I don't really like it much because of the colour, but I wish I was able to wear it because it's FAR better than what I'm wearing now - a horrid blue t-shirt that makes me look pregnant...actually, it's the one I'm wearing in my profile picture.
Fashion Tip For Girls:  Never wear baggy t-shirts.  They stick out at the top of your body (for obvious reasons!) and hang down making your belly look enormous.  So if you have a choice in your clothing, never wear them.  Full stop.  The end.
Right, that little moan complete, we had another huge argument on the way back.  I asked David (quite calmly) if he was ever going to contact the orthodontist.  He replied by yelling at me and asking why he "has to do everythink?  Why are we so dependant on him?"  Um...look at the area you put us in, David.  Then ask yourself that question. 
I can't remember how the argument went on, especially since I kept out of it and let my parents argue together.  But I know it was all to do with the fact we have no bus passes.  David won't get me a bus pass since he says I should still have a free one (16-18 year olds in this country get a free bus pass and cheap underground tickets if in full-time education).  Um...but I'm not getting any education, let alone full time.  And if the architect isn't pushed to get into that house faster...and is actually put off by my parents who won't clear the house out (Maybe because they promised next time I went over there I'd be allowed to walk up to the charity shop around the corner on my own.  Perhaps they think I'll be "crushed by a car" since I "don't even know how to cross a road alone"...weird, weird, weird, especially considering I have to cross Mum over roads now that she can't see so well. ) we won't be in by September (start of term) and they'll be no chance of me getting into college until I'm EIGHTEEN.  Help me!  David says he isn't going to be any part of trying to get me into college (now that he's stopped me from getting a secondary school education he's embarrassed and wants me to give up on education all together) and that instead he'll push me to get "on the dole" (on government benefits, for those in countries where you don't use the term).  Oh please, god, no!  Not being an illegal immigrant or criminal, the tax payers wouldn't pay for me.  So I'll be sent off to some horrible job cleaning lavatories or something.   I need to get a proper job, so that I can pay for drama classes, and try to get to Vancouver while I'm still young enough to emigrate.  Pleeeeeeeeeease!  Don't make me clean public toilets in England forever!  Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!  *Sob*
Ever since he said that, I just can't stop snapping at David.  And Mum keeps sticking up for him, saying it's "too late for me to do anything else now", and I "shouldn't be so horrible to the people who brought me into the world".  Brought me into the world for what reason exactly?  I'm sorry, people.  I'm going into one of my deep depressions again.  Do you really blame me?
Dez-uh-roy ~ Yar Res'dent Fe-you-cha Caw-mun In-glash Tor-lut Clane-uh.  (AKA "Tha' Gell Wiv Tha Mawwwp 'oo spa-yends 'er loif woining abou' sum ploice we nay-ver 'erd ov...'sit Van-co-vuh aw sommink?")
Desiree ~ Your Resident Future Cleaner of Nasty English Latrines...  (Also known as "that girl with the mop who spends her life moaning about some place we've never heard of [idiotic English!]...Is it Vancouver or something?")
Although I should hope to be laughing as I read that in the future, saying it something more along the lines of (Please don't take offence, people!  I'm not very good at writing words as they're pronounced!  I do know what I'm talking about though - trust me! )...
Dare-soor-ee ~ Yoor Rare-se-dint fee-you-choor Clee-noor awf naw-stee Eeen-glesh lee-e-treens (Aws-ow Kn-oh-wn ee-es "Thet gur-el weth tha maap hoo spin's hur loif m-oh-neng ab-e-owt som-pleece THEE'VE n-air-voor hurd awf..."  Roi-ight HE-YOOR!!!  Yup, I'm Hoew-m, ee-end I'll ni-voor hee-ev ta sit foot een Een-glund agee-en!
Dream, Dream, Dream...
xxx Desiree Skylark (Not currently cleaning toilets) who can't seem to bring herself to sign off for the final time tonight!  xxx

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