Saturday, 1 December 2007

Isn't It Strange...

Current mood:  depressed

...How I was able to write a blog every day from the internet cafe, but I never get around to it from home?  I've been pretty depressed lately, and keep crying for no reason, so I blame that entirely. 
On Tuesday, we went to the lecture Mum wanted to go to about the area where her dad grew up.  Then we went on to Ealing Town Hall where all of the Ealing residents were having a meeting about the building work that's supposed to be taking place there.  Apparantly, an Irish company have been quietly buying up all the land, so that they now have the right to plunge a 41-storey building in the middle of the place, casting huge shadows over everything, and making a great target for terrorists.  This construction is to be known as The Leaf, and most people oppose it.  In fact, the Town Hall was packed, meaning we couldn't get in.  Instead, we decided to lean through windows outside in order to listen in.
I don't see the residents winning.  Too much money is involved for the big companies.  Ealing's doomed, and right when we're supposed to be going to live there too.  We bought the local paper today, and there's a paragraph about the "people leaning through the windows in order to hear", so hopefully we made an impact at least.
Not much else really happened this week.  I've been trying to take new photos of my pony collection (on a nice plain white background this time) for my Arena Photo Album, only to find out that David has lost my USB cable, so I can't upload them!!!  It seems that when I asked him to remove it from the computer bag when he took the old computer to his computer expert friend (who still hasn't looked at my hard drive to see if he can save my photos, by the way) he just dumped it down and it must have got lost in the mess in this house somewhere.  (Of course, the mess of this house is the subject of a lot of the photos I wanted to upload to a new album here.  In the meantime, you'll just have to imagine how awful it is, and how unlikely we are to find that wire)  So today we went in search of a new one and found it'll cost us £60 to get a replacement, because the part is no longer made.  
So instead we bought a little gadget which will supposedly work instead of a wire.  (You just upload the information straight from the memory card into the box into the computer or something?)  Anyhow, now I can't figure out how to get the card into the box and...oh dear.  I really am in a mess.  Especially since I joined two seperate MLP card swaps and need to take a photo in order to make my cards!   What am I going to do?
I wish I could go out and get myself sorted out.  I'm trying to get my point across to my parents, but Mum just keeps telling me how "clothes and make-up are a waste of money.  She's rather have death certificates for her ancestors".  But I can't stand living like this for another year, until I'm in an area where I can go out alone and wear what I want.
Oh well.  That's about it.  No point moaning on the same couple of subjects all the time.  I'm going to go and take some more photos now, never to be uploaded. 
Ooh, one last thing!  I got the Radio Times today (the next couple of issues will come out early because of Christmas) and apparanty "Needful Things" is going to be shown on BBC1 on Wednesday 12th at 11.45pm.  I don't know how I'm going to stay up for that, especially with it being the day before Allan's School Play (which we just found out is taking place at 10am, as opposed to 1.30pm as we originally thought).  But I'm going to try at least.  Just thought I'd mention that in case anyone else was interested.   Yep, I'm definitely going to try.  Seeing it listed in the Radio Times having looked out for it for two and a half years was the one thing that made me smile all day.  I'm mad that way...but you all already knew that, eh?!
Best wishes,
xxx Desiree Skylark xxx

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