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A lot has happened around here these past few days, while I've been away from Myspace.  Well, for our standards anyway.  I've tried to post a blog about it all the last few nights, but Myspace ate every single one!  So I'm not going to bother trying again.  Who really wants to read about my nephew's school nativity play, and the shopping trip we took with him afterwards (or the shopping trip we went on alone before we picked him up from the school, for that matter...)?  How about another trip to Bury St.Edmunds and Rushbrook researching Mum's family history again?  A trip to some pet shops to buy guinea pig dry food?  A failed hunt for MLP t-shirts in Hounslow?  Nah, didn't think so.  So instead I'll start with Monday, and just go over the last couple of days very briefly.
Well, I was told last week that, as a Christmas surprise, David had bought us three cheap tickets to the London International Horse Show in Olympia!   He's also bought us cheap tickets through "Get Into London Theatre" to not one, not two, but THREE West End theatre shows in the new year:
Fiddler On The Roof,
Billy Elliot...and...
(You're not going to believe this, Elisabeth!)...
Yup, we're going to see POTO at long last.  They're not very good seats (hence, why the tickets are cheap), but I'm still excited.   Anyhow, got a little off-topic there.  Back to the London International Horse Show.
I was really looking forward to going there, especially since I haven't been for five years now, when we won some tickets.  It's so expensive to go in, and yet it's about the closest to horses I can even dream of getting.  So all three of us were supposed to be going.  David was coming in from work at 2pm, and we were going straight there on the Underground so that we'd have plenty of time in the shopping village before the show began at 6.45pm...
I turned the computer off, but must have failed to plug the telephone back in properly.  It reached 3pm, and David hadn't come in.   Luckily, I checked the phone connection, and we were able to ring him and ask what was going on.
"Oh, God!"  He cried.  "Didn't you get my e-mail?"  It turned out that even though David was supposed to have booked the time off of work, his boss had dumped an extra job on him.  So Mum and I had to tear one ticket off of the strip and leave it in the kitchen for David to collect later, and go to Olympia on our own, with the promise of David joining us later.
Everything was SO very expensive, and we couldn't afford anything at all.  Plus we had to spend all our time darting back and forth to the entrance where we's agreed to meet David.  My father finally showed up at 6.05pm, givng us preceisely 40 minutes to walk around the booths, AND get something to eat.  No prizes for guessing what happened.  Mum and I didn't get to see even half of the stands we wanted to look at, and didn't get anything to eat either.  Mind you, that wasn't entirely due to David's late arrival. There was honestly no vegetarian food there, unless you wanted a baked potato with baked beans and cheese for £8 ($17)!
As it was, we missed the start of the show.  Just as well really though.  Everyone had to listen to a fanfare to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.  A lot of you already know my feelings towards her.  This family are still avid Princess Diana-supporters.  I doubt we'd have even gone had we realised she was going to be there.  I really enjoyed the show...although there were a few glitches.  One Dutch rider fell off his horse during the showjumping (poor man), one of the horses from the Ukrainian Cossacks act ran off and had to be chased by his man, and then a horse from the Household Cavalry knocked a fence down during the grand finale!  Oh well, made for great entertainment, I guess.
After the show, Mum had a row with David over all the stuff she'd wanted to buy for me for Christmas in the shopping village.  David couldn't understand what the difference was between walking around with plenty of time to spare buying surprises, and walking around in about two seconds before the place shut up completely, buying gifts in front of each other.  I just don't understand why Mum and I couldn't have split up before David even got there...   Anyhow, he ended up buying me the picture I'd fallen in love with there and then, as an apology for not showing up earlier...even though I begged him not to. 
It's a gorgeous painting (looks like a photo!) of a wolf in water...  It's a limited edition print (there are only 25 worldwide!).  I'll try to get a photo for you all tomorrow. I'm going to have it above my bed when we move house.
It was so cold when we went back to the station...and my trousers are so thin and worn out now, I must have caught a chill.  I've had an AWFUL cough ever since and so much muck in my nose and throat.  I think I already had a cold anyway, but that outing just made it ten times worse.  Plus we found that we hadn't used our Oyster cards to check out when we left the station (didn't see the machines when we left the station, and assumed you didn't have to check out at Olympia. ) so Mum and I are expecting hefty fines in the near future...  Oh well, David had parked the car just around the corner from Acton Town Station, so we didn't have to travel quite so far at least...
Then yesterday a parcel came for me from the US.  It was the G2 Slide Twins, Rose and Lily, who I ordered from Aerosmith_Gal.  They came with all of their original accessories and box, so I think they were worth the $30 I paid.  They are one of the rarer sets, aren't they?  I'm not really up to date with prices on G2 ponies...  I also got Floral and Baby Petal in the same condition, but they're being saved for me for Christmas, so I haven't got to see them yet.  I'm so looking forward to next Tuesday now!!!
Last night, David came in relatively early and took us to Kew Archives Gift Shop so that we could buy 'surprise' gifts for each other there.  Giving gifts gets a bit silly when you're picking out your own presents, and trying to make sure they're not worth as much as whatever you're giving the other person.   After Kew Archives, we went into TKMaxx, looking for MLP t-shirts.  There were none to be found.  I wanted to look at the trousers in there, but Mum didn't give me a chance.  
On the way home, we went in Tesco in order to buy all of our Christmas treats...  I haven't been to the supermarket for quite a while, and I think I was hungry when I went.  Well, that's my excuse anyway.  Basically, I went mad buying yule logs, and apple pies, and fruit cake...  More likely it's because I've been going without the past couple of months, due to my 'diet', and so I felt this was my last chance to get any festive food.  As it was, we couldn't get our usual tin of 'cookies and cream' chocolate biscuits.  Either they're all sold out, or Tesco aren't selling them this year.   There's a lovely bisuit in that selection, wrapped in purple foil.  I think it's some kind of truffle type thing.  Not sure of the exact name.  Anyhow, I really look forward to those bisuits each year (No-one else likes them, so I always get both of them/all four of them, depending what size the tin we buy is! )
I also found Rarity the Unicorn in there.  David says she's been there for days, but he "thought I already had her".  He reckons Starcatcher and Minty were probably there too, but they've sold out now.  He tells me I "should have told him they were out and then he'd have bought them for me for Christmas".  Um...but how was I supposed to know they were out when I never go to the shop?
And today?  Mum's had awful toothache since early last week, and I finally convinced her to go to the dentist today.  Apparently, the woman told her she has a small cavity, but it can wait for a few months before being filled.  In the meantime, "just rub some Sensodyne toothpaste on it".  Er...but it's really hurting her.  The dentist was only interested in trying to talk Mum into getting expensive dental treatment for other teeth that don't even hurt her though.  Yeah, right.  Money matters, pain doesn't.  Healthcare is ridiculous these days.   Mum supposedly told her dentist that "Christmas is coming up, and I do like my chocolate..."  "Well, you know the answer to that one:  DON'T EAT ANY!" her dentist laughed.  "Well, I bet you'll have some..."  Mum mused.  "Well, probably one or two...but I don't have your teeth."  Her dentist grinned.  God, I hate that surgery.
I asked if I could go along and walk into Ealing Broadway while Mum was at the dentist, but she "didn't want the stress".  All I wanted was to get Mum a couple of gifts, a dog-shaped glasses case that I know she likes, and a John Denver CD.  But I wasn't even allowed to go and do that.  Her latest reason?  "Whenever I see a man, I turn right around and walk over to my parents."  Well, as I believe I mentioned before, the men in this area have really made me nervous around any male member of the human species.  However, I am not so stupid as to "run under a bus, just because I see a man coming my way"!  She'd better be rich by the time I move to Vancouver.  She'll spend 24 hours a day on my cell phone (assuming I have one by then) to me, and I guess that could get expensive... 
Speaking of my dreams of moving to Vancouver some day, I just got the sweetest e-mail from Bonnie.  She told me she was going to send me a Christmas card, but she never told me why she was so determined.  Apparently, she was intending on including some Canadian loose change she had hanging around the house, with a little note saying for me to "use it when I got over there".  There were tons of fees involved to send cash internationally though, so it wouldn't have worked out.  I just thought it was such a sweet idea though, and I really want to thank you, Bonnie.  You just brought a little tear to my eye when I read your letter then.  *Hugs*
Since I didn't go to Ealing Broadway, I didn't leave the house today at all.  Instead, I stayed at home and started re-recording a cassette tape I'm trying to make of all my favourite actors and singers.  It just occured to me I had a recording of Janyse Jaud's Christmas CD on there, but no Pinkie Pie.  You need to have some Pinkie Pie recordings on a stretch of cassette dedicated to Janyse, right?!
Apart from that, I mainly did clearing up, desperately hoping to get the decorations up tomorrow.  One half of the living room is now nearly sorted out, and I've put my mini-MLP Christmas tree up.  So it's feeling slightly more Christmassy in here at least.  I can't wait for next year.  I can have that little sparkly purple tree in my bedroom then. ..eys/happy.gif">
Just heard from Grace and she says her Christmas card arrived this morning!  Hooray!   She seemed suitably surprised at least.  Took a lot of sleuthing to get her address, but I think it was worth it.  I just wish I could have seen her face when it arrived!   I also know "Silver Wolf" got back to Bonnie today, and that was posted at the same what's happened to the rest of you?!  I've not heard anyone else say they've received a card from me...actually I haven't heard from a lot of you at all...  I do hope you didn't find the cards offensive or something...
I'm going to have to go now.  David was due in about three hours ago, but he hasn't come in yet.   Mum's getting scared now, so she wants to ring him up and check that everything is OK.  Oh well, my nose is dripping like a tap with this awful chill/cold/allergy/whatever-it-is.  And it's almost 3am anyway, so it's probably for the best... 
See you tomorrow, pals!
Desiree Skylark xxx

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