Saturday, 22 December 2007

More stress... why does everything happen at Christmas?

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How much more can possibly go wrong?  I'm really struggling to get the place cleared up this year.  I know we can only have a semi-clear living room and that the rest of the house will be a tip this year...but even that seems to be impossible!  The floor IS clearing now...but I don't see us getting a tree until Sunday at the earliest.
Anyhow, that's not what this blog is about.  I have far more important things to stress myself over...
Yesterday was pretty boring really.  However, in the evening we went to Mum's Christmas family history meeting, which is the most festive event I'll attend this year.  Basically, we all sat around tables and listened to a lecture on unusual names and various famous people on the old censuses.  It was interesting...although I'm not really sure why it's considered a good talk for a Christmas meeting!   Everyone took some food along for a buffet after the lecture, and I made myself feel sick by eating too many chocolate fairy cakes and slices of fruit cake to count.  *Giggles*  A man sitting at our table gave us free chocolates and we were also given free raffle tickets...although we didn't win any prizes.   Can't complain though - we won a book last year!
Today we were supposed to be going to Wembley...and also to post a gift to Mum's family history e-pal in Ontario (Huh!  Really going to get to him now, eh?)  However, David didn't come in.  The boss has dumped further work on him and the stupid fool is staying at the office even when he has official time off. I don't believe that he's working all of the time.   On the other hand, I am angry with his bosses too - he hasn't been paid for two months again, and we're almost bankrupt.  You just don't go along not paying someone for that length of time, and especially not during the holidays! And guess what?  His boss has gone to Germany for Christmas now, so David won't be getting paid until well into 2008.   I don't know what we're going to do actually...
Anyhow, Mum's family history e-pal in Ontario still hasn't had his gift sent to him since it includes a copy of a birth certificate for one of their relatives, which David copied at work today and didn't bring in until 5.30pm.  It was also too late to go Christmas shopping in Wembley, of course.
David shocked me by actually doing a job for us today...he finally faxed the orthodontist!!!  And guess what?  It's not David, but my dentist who has to contact them after all.  Now if only David had found that out before.  Mitra Muckerji is on her holidays now too.  So the orthodontic treatment is delayed further...
Then this morning we receive a bill from Ealing council, saying they want us to pay £400 so that the planning permission for the loft David wants in the new house can go ahead.  But the architect has already charged us £4000!  We thought this included the actual planning permission, but now it seems it's his fee for simply putting in for the permission!  How much effort did it actually take to write a letter and send it?  £4000's worth?  I don't think so.
And now tonight, the worst bit of bad news comes along, to strike us all down.  Probably going to make you all feel sick now, but David has noticed blood in his urine.  Of course, this could just be some kind of infection.  However, David's dad died of cancer of the kidney, so we're all praying it's not that.  What makes things ten times worse is that David hasn't sorted out insurance for himself, and so if he has to give up work, we have no source of income at all.  Social security won't support us because of the money Mum has been left.  We certainly wouldn't be able to move house.   And now that David's self-employed, he wouldn't even get a good pension.
He even said that it was Mum being left money that "gave him the freedom to leave the job he hated and start this one".  Well, whoopy-doo for him.  What about us?  He's going to go and get an emergency doctor's appointment on Christmas Eve, but I doubt they'll do tests then and there.  Mum's gone into hysterics, and I must admit I'm feeling quite uneasy now.
Right, enough of my moaning.  I'm going to go and do some more clearing up now.  I want a pretty Christmas tree to take my mind off things!
See you tomorrow!
Desiree Skylark   xxx

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