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My Christmas Story ~ Part Two

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We overslept again on Boxing Day, so we didn't get to go to any sales before going to Emma's house in the afternoon.  Nick was on his way out to work, so we ate dinner almost as soon as we got there.  So, so, SO delicious!  I feel bad that Emma did so much for us though, since she obviously wasn't feeling well.  I wish she would have let me do more to help.
Allan was very impatient to open his gifts, and kept jumping around all through dinner.  I was informed by Abigale that my chair was "the broken one", and I realised the entire leg had almost come out from underneath me...just one inch further and I'd have been on the floor!   Following dinner, Allan went around pulling all of our crackers with us...and cheating so that he got the wonderful gifts inside - a sewing kit, a torch that hardly worked, and best of all, a pink yo-yo which he started using to taunt me that I "like Pi-ink!  You're a gi-irl!" when I tried to show Abigale how to use it.  Um...yeah, I am actually, Allan.  I may not be allowed to buy particularly feminine clothes or wear make-up, but there is a female human being underneath!
After dinner, we all opened our presents...and everything disappeared in a flurry of pretty wrapping papers!  Allan seemed very pleased with his expensive fire engine, until we discovered that one of the lights didn't even work.   We said we'd take it back to the shop and get it replaced, but Allan started to cry and said he'd rather keep this one even if it didn't work.  He says that if Mum buys him another one as well as this one, she can have the broken one in exchange!  Wow, what an offer!
Abigale loved the little dolls with snap-on plastic clothes that I bought for her.  I thought she would.  However, while David sat on the floor half-heartedly playing dressing up with her, with one eye on the TV, he snapped the arm off of one of the dolls.   Abigale still likes them, but I'm still annoyed with David.
Kizzy was pretty poorly, and kept coughing.  She ate too much chocolate and made herself sick too.  Poor girl. 
As for us, Emma got me the PONYVILLE TEAPOT PALACE!!!  Better still, in the US box.  I don't know where she got it, but I'm even happier to have it in the 'proper; box without the 10,000 European languages added on to it!   I have wanted that set for so long, and knew I'd never save up enough money to buy it myself.  I was so pleased when I saw that she'd got it for me.  She didn't just get me the Teapot either - I also got Balloon Flying Cherry Blossom (the rarer version with flower accessories instead of Tiddly-Wink), an issue of the MLP comic and two MLP sticker books and a MLP plate I'd never even seen before! However, I don't think I showed her just how grateful I was.  In fact, David says "every time I opened a gift, I turned my nose up" .  Why would I turn my nose up when I loved the gifts?  I think he just says these things to shatter my confidence when I'm around other people.  Speaking of people being rude and not showing enough appreciation when they receive gifts, David didn't even OPEN his gifts.  Emma tried to give them to him three times, but he just kept staring at the TV.  He finally opened them today, got a packet of Mingles half out of the paper, and started stuffing them into his mouth.  Impolite idiot.
Evening came too soon for my liking.  Kizzy had to go to bed early, because she wasn't feeling well, and then Allan and Abigale went to bed soon after, begging "Grandma Jackma" to read them a story.  Once we all got up there, the two kids got me running more and more errands for them.  First of all, it turned out that Abigale had left her toy dog downstairs...then her juice bottle.  All the running up and down the stairs seemed to get Allan thinking about what he could send me down for.  Eventually, he came up with the enormous plush dog that he'd got for Christmas.  I was tired by this point, especially since I seemed to be coming down with yet another cold, and had a dreadful headache.  So as I was walking down the stairs (which were half filled with all our coats/gifts we had to take home with us), I slipped and went crashing down the last five stairs, hitting my back hard.   But worse than that, I disturbed Kizzy in the process.  Why is it that I always embarass myself at Emma's house?
David came running from the living room (where he was STILL watching the television!), obviously thinking that I'd knocked something over and that he could yell at me for that.  Meanwhile, both Mum and Emma ran out onto the landing and looked down at me.  I staggered to my feet, ignoring the pain, trying not to let any of them see the huge holes in the trousers I have to live with.  I then got into a huge argument with David...but was abruptly stopped when I remembered I had to take Allan's dog, "Fluffy", back upstairs.
Eventually, with the last story read, we kissed the kids goodnight and came downstairs.  Emma then went upstairs to see to them all, while the three of us had a full blown row...trying to keep our voices down.  I can't even remember what we were arguing about, but I know David kept ranting at me for no real reason.  I'd forgotten to take a drink with me, and was too embarrassed to ask Emma for one, so I was dehydrated, and that wasn't helping me to defend myself.   Eventually, Emma came downstairs and rescued me, starting to chat to us all.  Well, trying to anyway.  David went out into the hall and put his coat on and started pacing up and down, carrying my MLP boxes with him.  Still, he stared at the TV, loudly cheering when the football results came on the news.  Emma, Mum and I just shook our heads, not understanding what David was on about.
Then Emma came out and told Mum that she'd spent even more money on us.  Oh gosh, how awful!  She's bought Mum two tickets to (meaning the pair of them are going to see) a West End theatre performance on February 1st...guess which show they're going to see, people?
Agh, may I join you in being smuggled into the theatre, Elisabeth?  No?  Aww...Can't you come to England for a couple of weeks and us go together then?  No?  Oh well.  I'll get there someday, I'm sure.  Just not quite yet. 
Just then, I noticed that David was getting more and more annoyed about something and crushing my precious before-mentioned US boxed Teapot Palace's packaging under his arm!  Agh!  I snapped at him and he asked why I "didn't carry it myself" . about because I was sitting on the sofa chatting to Emma and wasn't prepared to leave yet?   Anyway, we could all see that David was getting angrier, so we were forced to leave.  I wish I spent more time with my sister.  I don't even speak to her on the I won't have any contact with her until about March (When the new baby is due) now probably.
When we got back to Grottsville, I went to the bathroom.  By the time I got back downstairs, an argument had ensued between my parents.  Apparently, Mum was struggling to put all her stuff away (different pairs of glasses, coat, purse etc.) when David yelled at her,  "See, ya wa-on' stawp tal'in', will ya?"  (You won't stop talking, will you?)  "Pardon?" Mum asked, genuinely confused.  "Foiv mine's woz awwl i' te-ook!" (Five minutes was all it took!)  I don't know what was said after that, but it turns out that David wanted to watch Manchester United on TV, and thought that we should have left Emma's house practically as soon as we'd eaten her dinner and opened her gifts to us.  I can't stand him.  Even Mum apparently got hold of the sweets he had in his hand and put them in the bin.  His triumphant reply to this was, "And Oi dug 'em e-out tha ben!" (And I dug them out of the bin!)  Um...yeah...
I ended up getting mixed up in the argument and throwing a collectable boxed set of Peter Rabbit books at him...  (It just gets better, eh? )  And he didn't speak to us again that night - just took off and went to sleep at Mum's other house in the nice, safe area.  Great.  Lucky old you having somewhere to go, David!
We were supposed to be going to some sales yesterday, but David sulked and went off to the wonderful "work" (with the bosses who aren't even paying him!) all day instead.  Strangely, this time they let him in and didn't mention any of the trouble to him.   Maybe because they wanted to allow him in to finish off a job...but still not pay him.  Is he insane to keep working for them?  I think so, and I'd guess I'm not the only one.
He had to be back by 5.30pm though, when he had an appointment with the doctor to see about his blood-stained urine though.  They asked him to take a urine sample to them today (and have a blood test too), but they're thinking he will have to go to the hospital for tests to check for cancer of some kind.  We're really worried, and especially since he never even got himself insured.
We're well-overdrawn now anyway, and still haven't received that pony the e-Bay seller double-listed.  It should have arrived today.   I don't think we'll ever get to see it now.
Today we finally DID get to some shops (in Hounslow) for the sales, but I wasn't able to buy anything useful (such as trousers) while they were cheap.  Mum had it in her head that we were there to buy millions of advent calendars and nothing she called the whole outing a "failure" when all the advent calendars were still too expensive.  I did get into New Look, but only to look for the Lofty t-shirt...which wasn't there.  Oh well.  It's stupid buying cap-sleeved t-shirts that I'll never be allowed to wear anyway, even if they do have my favourite ponies on the front of them.
We also went to Kew Archives to research yet more family history.  I wouldn't mind the place, except that they make you take your coat off (in case you want to nick something and put it in your pocket!) and I feel so uncomfortable walking around in these nasty clothes.  I'm intending on keeping my coat on all summer this year, unless I'm allowed to get myself done up before then.   Anyway, Mum found out some stuff, so at least she was happy about that, even if I did "ruin it for her" just by being there and not skipping around the room when she found out whatever weird little detail it was.  Do I expect her to skip around when I learn a new accent?  The answer is "no".  Do I expect her to even understand why I'm trying to learn dialects?  Even the answer to that question is "no" now.  Practically every day I'm labelled "as obsessed as that weird bloke (whatdyamecallhim?!) in "My Fair Lady" studying accents all the time..."  Um, yeah, OK.  Whatever.  I'm more likely to want to act as Eliza Doolittle in "My Fair Lady" than to want to be Professor Higgins in real life though.  For goodness sake.  Why can't they understand my dreams?   I honestly think my voice talents have improved a LOT these past couple of years.  I wonder if I could get anywhere with a few classes...
Right, well, that's about it.  It's almost 3am, and you know what I'm doing?  This being the only time I get half a bit of privacy (with Mum asleep on the sofa), I'm trying to audio record the five episodes of My Little Pony Tales in which Lancer appeared on my digital camera, hoping that Bonnie will be able to listen to them.  I don't see how she can get the full benefit from an audio recording though.  It's just going to sound like Shane Meier in any other show or movie.  You need to SEE the animated ponies in order for it to be a different experience.   Still, since the show isn't available on DVD over here (only in Australia), it's the best I can do...  Maybe some day I'll be able to do better for her in return for all she's done for me.  Well, I can dream anyways.
I hear that Grace is having a bad time, concering an awful argument, her mother, and some Chinese food.  Sounds funny, but believe me, it isn't.  My thoughts are with you, and hoping you're not heading for such a bad breakdown as you think.
I've caught an awful cold off of David who was laying all over the communal bed the last two nights (before Mum and I got in, of course).  So I'm feeling really sick and congested right now.  Not looking forward to bed at all.  Oh well.  I must go to bed anyway.  I really must!  On the night of Boxing Day (or should that be the morning of the 27th!) the birds were already singing in the dawn chorus as I was going to bed.  Well, you know what I always say: I exist in GMT, but I live in PST.  Someday, my friends, someday...
See you all tomorrow.  I really MUST get to bed now!
Desiree Skylark  xxx

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