Monday, 31 December 2007

S.I.C.K. - In more ways than one

Current mood:  determined
Ugh.  I still have this awful cold.  How surprising - it's not going to go anywhere quite yet, is it?!
Mum has an even worse cold, and because of this, I couldn't get out of the house at all today (It's freezing cold and foggy around here).  So really there's not much to say.
Woke up at 9.30am to find that David was already in the bathroom.  So I had to sit in bed for a further two hours before I could get in there to get dressed.  By this point, Mum was feeling really ill and sleeping on the sofa. 
I spent the best part of the day messing about with my Myspace profile and cutting some of the ribbons that I got for Christmas to the right length so that I could tie them in some MLP manes and tails.  I also recorded some G3 MLP tunes on to my digital camera, so now I have almost all of the pony songs uploaded to my computer.
David went to "work" again, even though he isn't being paid.  Strange or what?  He says he's going to hand in his notice tomorrow, even if they don't sack him, which is pretty worrying, since he has no new job to go to, we're already overdrawn, and we need the money in order to take out a loan to enable us to move to the new house.
As David went to "work", he didn't get a chance to go to the launderette.  This means that I STILL can't change out of these awful trousers, and they are my absolute worst pair of the three or four I own.  With each movement I make they're getting thinner, and I just know I'm going to put my knee through them any second now.  Hence I'm terrified to move.  Plus, the more worn out they get, the fatter they seem to make me the point I actually feel disgusted to move.
I tried to discuss my problems with Mum today, but I guess I picked a bad time.  I'm so "selfish" to be thinking about my problems "when she's so ill".  I told her I was just depressed because she didn't seem to be on my wavelength (Or even a normal wavelength for that matter!) and seemed to think women would actually want to wear scruffy clothes and not do anything to aid their appearances at all...  However, she "wouldn't want to be on my wavelength anyway, since I'm not a very nice person at all" .  She was obviously very proud of herself for coming up with this line, and kept quoting it again and again, even long after our short argument had concluded. 
*Sighs*  I hope 2008 is a better year.  Only 24 more hours of this awful 365-day cycle still to go now, I guess.  Have a Happy New Year everyone!  I expect it'll officially be next year by the time I post again.
Talk to you later,

Desiree Skylark  xxx

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