Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Sincerest Apologies

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To all of my friends,
I know that I've been terrible lately.  I begged all of you to read my last blog, and to comment, and then never replied to anyone.  I have people waiting for me to make avatars for them at the Trading Post, people waiting to receive cards/presents that haven't even been bought, people I keep promising to speak to, and yet keep hiding from on MSN.  Note that I'm so embarrassed I've even turned my head away so that I can't be recognised in my profile picture.
My reason?  Mum is spending HOURS online, looking through e-Bay for gifts for everybody.  She thought this would be "easier" than "dragging around crowded shops".  Dream on, mother.  She can't find anything "cheap enough" for anyone apparently.  However, my main reason for mentioning this is the fact I'm hardly getting to use my new computer at all, hence why some of my messages to all of you have been delayed.  But never fear when Desiree's near!  I'm trying to stay up all night the days that Mum sleeps on the sofa and David sleeps at the other house.  (Stayed up until 6am this morning, then was yelled at when I wasn't up to switch the computer on again for 'e-Bay duties' at 10am! )  I promise I'll catch up in the next few days.   Thanks for having so much patience with me, people!
Right, so what else has happened these past few days, besides me waiting for a turn on the computer?  Well, I sent some more cards out today (Nine to the UK, one to the US and three to Canada...wonder who those could be for?! ).  Oh, and while I'm on the subject of mailing things out, "Silver Wolf" is finally on its way back to you, Bonnie, should you see this before I message you personally.
We have a relatively busy week ahead of us for our standards - tomorrow morning we're going to a lecture at a local library on the way the English language has changed over the last few years.  I'm interested in all that kind of nonsense!  Then Mum and I are walking back through West Ealing and Ealing Broadway so that we only have to catch one bus back to Grotsville.  Hopefully, we'll be able to find the perfect gifts for Mum has been searching for on e-Bay, plus get something for Elisabeth.  I'm really starting to panic about getting things done on time now!
Of course, tomorrow night "Needful Things" is being shown on BBC1.  I can't believe how quickly the time has flown.  Seems like two seconds ago I said there were ten days until it was to be shown.  I must remember to set the video off recording.  I already missed "The Quest" and "Unforgiven" through my forgetfulness!  
I'm not sure how I'm going to get away with recording it anyway.   Even though tomorrow night is officially David's night to sleep at the other house, he will be staying here so that we can get to Allan's school in time to see him acting as a reindeer in his play.  Not sure what we're going to do for the rest of the day.  We're supposed to see the play at 10am, then wait to pick Allan up at 3pm, and then keep hold of him until about 7pm when we can drop him back with my sister, who'll be home from her training course.  Where on Earth can we take a mischievous 6-year-old for all that time, and what can we do between 10.30-11am (whenever the play ends) and 3pm???
Then on Friday we're going to Rushbrooke and  Bury St. Edmunds to do more family history research for Mum.  She's already moaning that I'll "want to look around the shops in Bury St. Edmunds".  David asked why I couldn't walk around the shops alone while they went in the Records Office  (Yes, David actually said that! ) and Mum accused him of "sh*t-stirring".  Will I ever escape?
Not sure what's happening at the weekend yet, but I guess we'll be busy doing Christmas shopping.
Anyway, I'm off.  I probably could have got a couple of letters written in the time it took me to write this blog, but I thought more of you would see this than if I had written a couple of apologetic letters to individuals.
Speak to you all very soon, I promise!
Desiree Skylark  xxx
PS. Do you like my new profile layout?  I thought it was quite cute.  Still stuck with a Youtube video instead of a Myspace song though.  Hope that most of you have Broadband (unlike me) or patience (as I have to have!) to let the video load and play the song.  Tabitha St.Germain + a merry MLP Christmas s.. a beautiful background sound for my page that's worth waiting simply HOURS to load, I'm sure you'll all agree!

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