Thursday, 6 December 2007

Tired, but determined.

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It's late (well, early actually! ) and I'm really tired...but so much has happened these past few days.  I really feel I ought to try to update you all at least.  I have got the proper Windows Live Messenger downloaded now though, so most of you have probably spoken to me these past few days...still, there may be some snippet of info I forgot to tell you...
Sunday was the annual anti-animal cruelty fair at Kensington Town Hall.  We've been going there as long as I can remember.  I recall signing anti-vivisection petitions in my best handwriting as an eight-year-old actually.  We always buy all of our Christmas cards there too...we'd rather the money went to charity than to the bosses of high street shops.
It was also the last Chiswick School Car Boot Sale of the year, and Mum actually wanted to go to this one.  She was hoping to find some little zoo animals and toy cars to help fill some gaps in Emma's kids' stockings.
Anyhow, I overslept (it was about 9am when I got up!) and came downstairs to find David wasn't in yet. (He was sleeping at the other house).  Mum and I were pretty upset because this meant we would not be going to the boot sale as planned.  So I just sat and recorded the TV commercials (Got two copies of the Ponyville Teapot Palace one - yay!) and then David trundled in at about 10.30.
"Hello!" he called cheerfully, putting his bag of blankets and alarm clocks down.  "You all right?" 
"No, we're bl**dy well not all right!"  Mum swore at him.  "What happened to Chiswick boot sale and the Animal Fair?"
"We can still get to the Animal Fair." David said.  "Just let me go in the bathroom and then we'll go straight away."
He was an hour in the bathroom.  Mum was still upset about Chiswick, and was basically not in the mood to do anything but sit on the sofa, depressed.  She said she wasn't going to the fair, and that people could go without cards this year, since "No-one ever bothers with us anyway" She "didn't want to let me down though".  I told her not to worry, since it's always too hot and crowded there later in the day anyway, all the good stuff would have gone, and I hate talking to people and having to open my mouth while my teeth look like this.  The TV commercials had finished by this time, and I was rewinding back through my video, casually looking for the "Tyco RC" adverts I know I recorded some time ago, since Tony Sampson is supposed to do the voice over on them.
"What are you looking for?" Mum asked me, wandering back into the room.  "'Tyco RC' adverts."  I replied.  "'Tyco RC'?  What does the 'RC' stand for exactly?"  Mum asked.  "I don't know."  I said, "Maybe 'remote controlled'?  I think they're remote controlled cars."  "What are you looking for the advert for anyway?"  Mum asked.  "Is there a pony in the background?"  (I have her well-trained! )  I laughed.  "No." I said.  I was just about to tell her the reason, but before I could, she sighed dramatically.  "It's a voice, isn't it?  Is it Shaaane?"  (No way I can write the long drawn-out way she's said that name ever since my sister went and told her a load of nonsense).  In annoyance, I told her that it wasn't "Shaaane".  But she kept on and on, like some annoying teenager rather than a 50-year-old woman.  "Give us a break."  I said.  "What's your problem with 'my voices' anyway?"  She laughed.  "It wouldn't occur to me to listen to an advertisement and think 'who does that voice?'  It's just such a mad obsession."  I guess I shouldn't have done it, but I couldn't help but stand up for myself.  "And family history isn't a 'mad obsession', I suppose."  I said.  That was all I said, but Mum started to cry, saying I "made fun of her all the time" and she "wants a daughter who'll take an interest.  They're our 'direct line' after all."  Just then, David came downstairs.  An argument ensued, which resulted in me being told I was "selfish" (again!), since I "moan about how awful my life is all the time".  I asked if that was really surprising.  I am desperate to start wearing some of the MLP capsleeved t-shirts I've been buying lately, but since I'm not allowed out on my own and so can't even buy a few essentials, it's impossible to show too much of my arms...if you can understand what I mean, girls?!  "No-one's stopping you wearing capsleeved t-shirts, but I thought you hated the sleeves.  You'd have to keep your arms down all the time!"  "I won't once I'm free!" I said.  Mum  looked at me, puzzled.  Then she laughed.  "OK, you go around wearing whatever you like waving your arms in the air!" she snorted.  For goodness sake, mother.  You don't think I wouldn't shave if I were allowed out to buy a shaver, do you?!  They're sriving me insane!
OK, so that was one of the weirdest lines to come from either of my parents yet.  But the next ammunition was even weirder.  "Look at you!  You have no hobbies aside collecting plastic ponies."  "I do.  It's just that you two have stopped me from carrying out said hobbies."  "Pah!  You don't have a hobby.  You just have a dream of a hobby that you think makes you look more outgoing.  Call yourself outgoing?  Sitting their crying your eyes out day after day?!"  (By this point, the pair of them had reduced me to tears again).
I didn't bother to reply.  We didn't go to the Animal Fair because I'd "said that I wouldn't speak to Mum's friends if we saw them." (?!) so it was "my fault that nobody would be getting any Christmas cards".  So David went to work, and I spent my day trying to clear the house up again, and failing dismally.  It's pretty hard to clear a house so cluttered as this (see my new photo gallery) when you're too young to drive so can't recycle anything or get anything to a landfill site.
On Monday, one of my fellow MLP collectors requested that I add her as a friend on Bebo.  I forgot that I even had a Bebo account!  It's been so long since I logged in.  Anyhow, I entered my Hotmail address book in and found that quite a few of my e-pals were on there.  I tried to add you all - hope you didn't mind!  Oh well.  Too late to change things now if you did!  You don't have to accept me if you don't want to!   
I don't really like Bebo so much as Myspace anyway, so you won't really see me on there a lot.  Plus I noticed that weirdo who keeps impersonating Shane Meier all over the net has still got an account on there.  It's not easy to find so I'll link you straight over from here.  Buck_Shane's Profile.  Don't add him and give him the pleasure of thinking he's fooled yet another person.  I just can't stand people like that.   Why doesn't he go and find himself another hobby?
Yesterday's little bit of Grottsville news:  We cannot walk up and down this road any more, even though Mum needs to exercise because of her high blood pressure.  We walked to the post office so that she could post some of her ancestor's death certificates to a relative she's found in Ontario.  (We later found out the woman in the post office charged us 50p more than she should have done too! ) then walked on down the road for our exercise. 
They're doing some kind of roadworks outside the doctor's surgery and one of the men was taking a break and standing outside the building.  The man (I'd say he was in his 40s...maybe early 50s) leered at us as we walked past and made me feel really uneasy.  When we walked back up the road, he was still there.  He shot up the road towards us (much to my horror) and made sure he was standing right at the end of the narrow pedestrian path created by the works they were doing, so that he was politely waiting for us to pass.  He stared straight at me.  "HELLO!"  He boomed, in a drunken Irish accent.  "HOW ARE YOU?  YOU ALL RIGHT?"  I smiled, and kind of semi-nodded, wanting to get past as quickly as possible, but trying not to anger him.  Luckily, he let me pass.  But I could feel his eyes burning into my back all the way up the road...and Mum says he said something to her after I'd already gone by but she couldn't understand him. 
I did some more clearing up last night too...and found mouse droppings in the cupboard which David promised to clean up THREE AND A HALF YEARS AGO!!!  Needless to say, I had to put on my plastic gloves and sort it out myself.
Last night, we were taken to the other house in order to take a photograph for the MLP Christmas Card swaps I've joined.  It's not very good, but I hope it'll make a few people smile at least.   Now for the next problem...
WE HAVE NO BLANK CARDS!!!  And the last posting date to Australia (where one of my cards has to go) is Friday.
David took us to Asda tonight (even though it was 11pm when he came in from 'work') which is where we got cards last year...but there were none there.  Of course, my parents both started yelling at me in the shop for "leaving it so late before telling them".  Um...I told them as soon as I joined the swap in early November.   Was I supposed to tell them before I joined?
So I'm in trouble.  I also promised Bonnie I'd get "Silver Wolf" back to her by Christmas, and time is slipping away quickly.  I wish we'd moved house, and I could have the independence to send my own packages and cards to people when I wanted to. *Sighs*  Still, I'm going to survive until we move house and I can be normal.  No point giving up now, eh?!  Things can only get better when they're this bad!  *Giggles*
In other news, there was a sudden downpour of rain today, and water started literally pouring (Not dripping slowly, but pouring!) through the kitchen windows.  So I had to climb up on the kitchen counters, and use whole rolls of kitchen paper to try to mop some of it up, wringing out the rolls every two 90 seconds or so for about an hour.  I really can't live here any more! <IMG src="">
David STILL hasn't contacted the orthodontist.  And with each day that passes there's less chance that they'll take me back for the NHS treatment.  And there's no way we can afford private.  Remember I told you to guess what David's new excuse would be when I found the letter?  And how I couldn't think of a possible one he could come up with?  Well, he's got one.  He's lost the letter...and I never found it in the first place apparrantly.  Even though both Mum and I have seen it in one of his work files when he came back from the office a couple of nights back.  So I've been told to look for the letter again.  But how will I find it when it's in David's bag?
Anyway, I'm off to bed.  It's 3.45am now, and I'm feeling really ill.  I've had this weird allergy-type thing the last few days, and it's got FAR worse today.  My nose is so blocked up, and yet running at the same time, and I can't stop sneezing (Once or twice every few minutes).  That's rare for me.  Even when I get a cold, I hardly ever sneeze.  I think I must have disturbed dust and insects by trying to clear up, but it gets ten times worse when I lay on the communal bed.  I don't know how I'm going to cope tonight.
Wish me luck, and if I'm still here tomorrow, I'll write a new blog. I will keep this blog up to date from now on so long as I live.  So if I don't write a blog one day without prior warning, you know I'm dead, OK?   *Sniff*
Bye for now!
Desiree  xxx

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