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What else can I call this blog but "Today"?  After all, it's about today, and all that happened today.  Yeah, OK, stupid excuse.  I'm just too tired to think up a better title.   I'm not going to bed yet though, since I'm waiting for a movie to end on TV...more about that later.
Well, today I was woken up at 9.20am.  Everybody was in a blind panic since we were supposed to be going to a talk on "Plain English" at Hanwell Library this morning, and everyone (my parents, that is) thought that it was on at 10am.  I reminded them that it was 10.30, but they still said I had no time to eat my usual breakfast so I just gulped down half a bowl of cornflakes.  We arrived with plenty of time to spare, and luckily David was able to get a ticket even though he hadn't booked in advance, since he'd thought he'd have to go to work and just drop us there.
It was a really good talk, although it terrified me since I know I don't write all that well, and annoyed me a little when the speaker kept slagging off the Americans for not using the language properly.  Um...what's proper about language?  It's spoken differently in each country, isn't it?!  That was the whole point of the talk!
After the lecture was finished, David drove to work, while Mum and I walked through West Ealing, and Ealing Broadway to catch a bus to Grottsville.  We managed to get some stockings for Allan and Abigale in West Ealing, and a few little stocking-fillers (some chocolate for all three of the kids, some rubber ducks for Kizzy...) plus I got part of my Christmas gift to Elisabeth.  I wanted to get all of her present there and then, but Mum was getting annoyed that I was "wasting my money on people I hardly know", so I'll have to try buying the other half when I next go out with David. In fact, all the time I was choosing Liz's gift, Mum was pretending to dance around the shop to the festive music they were playing, singing "Oh, I wish it wasn't Christmas any day!  In fact I wish the whole thing would go away!  Oh, thank God it isn't Christmas every day!  Let a death toll ring out for Christmas!" at the top of her voice.  Nothing in the charity shops there.  On the way between the two shopping centres, we saw a man urinating in an alley.  In broad daylight.  This country is going down and down and down, and the government just won't do a thing to save it.   In Ealing Broadway, we found nothing at all that we wanted, as usual.  All that's really noteworthy is that Glenkerrin, the Irish company who want to build this disgusting block of flats in the middle of the green area I want to move to, had a stand advertising "The Leaf" development in the Arcadia Shopping Centre.   We tried to have an argument with the woman who was standing there, and tell her what we thought...only to find she didn't live in Ealing, but she openly admitted she'd hate to have the building near her.  Glenkerrin's only argument is that the shops need redeveloping. I think anyone in Ealing would agree those shops need redeveloping.  What we don't approve of is the fact they're only intending on adding about 40 shops...but enough flats for several thousand people.  We just found out today that a load of high-rise buildings are being added behind the Town Hall whether "The Leaf" development goes ahead or not.   Again, mainly overcrowding Ealing with more apartments full of people and hardly any extra shops. Please support us.  There's only 22 hours to go to show you don't want "The Leaf" in Ealing...but if you could only vote in the poll on the website, and say you DON'T want this ugly development, maybe you'll have an impact...  Every little vote counts.  Thank you.
Aside from that, Mum and I had another argument about capsleeved t-shirts in TKMaxx, with her saying I must wear long sleeves for the rest of my life.  Do I really want to "be thinking about lifting my arms up up all the time, or do I want to walk around not caring about lifting my arms up and have people laughing at me?"  Um...neither since you must ask.  Why aren't I allowed to be normal?  Another weird clothing thing Mum said today.  I can honestly say I've never owned a bra in my life, (Yeah, I know this is getting embarrassing for myself and those reading, but it's annoying me so I want to rant somewhere! ) and instead have to wear white 'crop-tops' as underwear all the time.  Mum wanted to go in BHS and buy more of these crop tops, because all (a whole four which have to last me about ten days... ) of mine are getting pretty worn out now.   I told her I wasn't wearing them any more, because I hate them.  (They're awful things which 'roll up' whenever you try to exercise, plus the fact they don't let you feel very 'feminine'. "Well, what are you going to do then?  If you won't wear a 'hammock' (Mum's Grandfather's word for bra, which she picked up) , crop tops are the only thing!"  Who the heck said I didn't want to wear normal underwear?  And what other teenager has all of their underwear picked out by a parent anyway?!
I took my purse with me again, but was not allowed to split off from Mum and buy any of the stuff for myself that I really want.  I am starting to win the battle though - today I finally got her to allow me to carry my own bus pass in my own purse.  Before now, she's always kept hold of it.  Maybe I'm getting there slowly...
Upon arriving home, I was feeling really weak and tired. I also had a dreadful headache, probably caused by dehydration.  However, on a happier note, we discovered a load of Christmas cards, including a sweet little card and badge from Barbara, a MLP collector from the Ponycon message board, and a card (Shock-horror!) from Chris Picton, the architect!
But this is no ordinary card, oh no!  This is a super-duper handmade card, obviously made to look like the modern artwork he loves so much.  It's a black card folded at an angle (it just looks badly cut...then you realise it's meant to be like that!) with a large silver star coated in super-duper fingerprints on the front, and a small patch of glue on the piece of 'sticking-out' card on the back half of the card (where it's folded 'unevenly) where another shiny sequin thing was probably stuck...but it must have got tossed out with the envelope!  Oh dear.   I loved the way Mum picked it up (ever so delicately) only to have the star fall off the front too!   The way she said in a silly childish voice, "It just came off in my hand, Mum..." was even better.
And then tonight "Needful Things" was on BBC1.  I've waited two and a half years for that movie to be shown on UK television, so I was pretty happy to be able to record it at last, as you can imagine.  Mum was awake at the start of it, but happened to be out of the room when I set the video recording, so I saw the very start of it.  And that's when I realised the very first picture I ever saw of Shane Meier must have been from when they filmed this movie.  I still remember looking up his name on the free internet resource from Ealing Library, when I was trying to research my favourite MLP voice actors.  David was reading a German dictionary (Yup, reading it, cover to cover...even though he doesn't speak a word of German! ) and since I didn't want him to see what I was looking at, I could only flick pages up on screen for a few seconds before flicking back to something else.  I've no idea what website that was.  But I'm pretty sure the photo showed the entire cast and crew standing/sitting in front of one of the main buildings in the movie.  Not sure if it's the actual "Needful Things" shop or not, because I haven't seen much of the movie yet...
Great to see/hear Shane in something from that kind of time again though.  I swear that voice can cheer me up even when I'm down as down can be.  I guess I used to watch/listen to so much of Shane when I was little, without even knowing who he was and so he brings back some kind of happy memories for me.  I've been warned the movie may not be exactly what I'd like to watch.  Well, we'll see how I go.  I'll watch through it tomorrow, if I get a chance.    I wish I could stay up tonight to watch it, but it's already almost 3am, and we need to go and see Allan in his nativity play tomorrow (we need to be there in seven hours actually).  Oh goodness, I hadn't thought of it like that!  Right, better run.  Still need to get Splodge back in his hutch and fed, advent calendars opened and no doubt at least the first scene of "Needful Things" watched if Mum doesn't wake up...  I see another short night ahead, and right after having that awful headache all evening.  In fact, I fell asleep for an hour or so at about 7pm.  I didn't even know that I'd been asleep.  But one minute I was reading a book, sitting bolt upright on the communal bed, next thing I knew I was in the same position, David was slamming the front door as he came in, and it was 8.30pm!  Crazy or what?
See you tomorrow, friends!  If I haven't passed out from lack of sleep, that is!
Desiree Skylar....Zzzzzzzz

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