Thursday, 14 February 2008

More about Splodge...

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Very quick blog because I really need to get to bed.  Just wanted to make a quick update and let people know that I'm not ignoring them for the sake of it.
We rang the vet this morning, and they said that Splodge could come home.  Apparently, he ate ALL of the food we took in to him last night!  Plus all of the parsley that his nurse/fan, Karen, gave him.  So we went and picked him up immediately.  It seemed as though all of my prayers had been answered when Stacey (another of "Splodgey's" nurse fans! ) brought him out to me, wrapped in his towel.  He actually reached out to me for a cuddle, and ate some cucumber that I'd taken along with me.
However, upon returning home, things have just got worse again.  Although he's survived the actual anaesthetic, it really seems to have done something to his nerves, and he keeps trembling every time I touch him, although he wants to be cuddled desperately.  More importantly though, he can't eat or drink a thing, due to what now appears to be an inability to swallow.  He's trying so hard, but he can't even hold his head up properly now, and his sides are heaving with the effort of just trying to stay upright.   And now, on top of all of that, he has DREADFUL diarrhoea.  I think it must be another side effect of the anaesthetic, but with him not taking in any fluids, I don't know how long he can survive like this.
I really wish that Nathan hadn't talked me out of getting him put down yesterday morning now.  I just can't see where this is possibly headed.  And at least he wouldn't be suffering now.  We've just had to pay a £100 bill today for the treatment...the very treatment that I reckon is going to be the death of poor little Splodge in the long run. 
Of course, Mum has now siezed on this opportunity to tell me how dangerous anaesthetics are, and how I shouldn't get my teeth straightened.  Well, I don't really think I'm a guinea pig.  A human being has a lot more chance of coming through an operation than a small rodent, surely.  I wish that weren't the case though - I hate seeing Splodge like this.   We even bought some parsley for him tonight, but although he's interested, he just can't seem to eat.
The architect wrote again today, with plans for bathrooms.  Chris says the boiler has to go in one of the three huge rooms in the loft, and David is annoyed since he wants all of those rooms to himself.  He won't even discuss the house with us, or ring the architect.  Although, the architect supposedly rang David today, but my father "can't remember what he said".  Oh yeah, of course not.    Id he delays it much longer, another person will get on the waiting list ahead of us and we'll be stuck here a further six months.  And it's quite clear that I'm not going to get any freedom until we move house.
The architect wants to move his builders in next month...but David won't take us to the house to empty it, and is instead filling it up with his Mills & Boon collection.  What on Earth am I supposed to do?!
Right, I'm off to bed now.  I'm just upsetting myself writing this blog.  At least Splodge knows we're there for him tonight, and I shall keep getting up to check how he is.  Mind you, it's 2.15am now, so I won't have to get up many times before it's time to really wake up anyway!
Bye for now,
Desiree  xxx

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