Thursday, 7 February 2008

Trip to the vet

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Splodge was weaker this morning, although I think that might have been because I stopped him from eating last night, hoping to decrease his chances of choking.  But he was also dribbling, and having difficulty eating.  I've actually ended up having to break his food into pieces about half the size of a drawing pinhead, and push them into his mouth all day in order to keep him going.
David reluctantly took him to the vet tonight, and we saw Nathan (the one who usually trims Splodge's teeth at weekends).  He gave Splodge a check-over, and reckons there's something wrong with a tooth towards the back on the right, which is what I thought.  This could be something as simple as an overgrown tooth (like Splodge has had trouble with at the front for so long), or it could be as difficult as the fact that a tooth has actually pierced his tongue apparently.   The only way to find out for sure though is to take Splodge in again tomorrow in order for them to sedate him, and open his mouth up wide.  This is pricey, of course, but that's not my main worry.  Splodge is worth it, believe me.  But sedation is dangerous for small animals anyway, and since he isn't in the best of health and is already quite old for a guinea pig (five and a half), the chances are he probably won't come through.
I refused to leave him there tonight, because he thought he would rather stay with us and have his party and everything.  We have to take him in at 11am tomorrow.
So I'll spend the morning with Splodge, and the afternoon waiting for a phonecall.  Hence, the computer won't be switched on tomorrow, until we know what's happened.  Either way, I will try to catch up with my letters tomorrow evening.  Please wish us luck!
Desiree   xxx

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