Sunday, 30 March 2008

My Pony Wish List

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I'm so tired right now, so instead of doing all my actual jobs (like e-mailing people), I'm just messing about on here.  I needed to get my pony wish list sorted out anyway - just to keep track of my collection now that I have so many ponies around here!

(I'm actively seeking all of the US ponies - my next goal is to complete my American MLP collection.  I'm not rich though, so please don't drown me in "Buy my $1000 pony" messages! )

Oh, if a name is listed in red, it just means I'm not sure the pony's details are quite correct.  But I'm sure any sellers will know what I'm talking about!


Lancer's Wish List


General Release Ponies

Pink/Yellow My Pretty Pony

Baby Bows
Baby Leaper
Baby Nectar
Baby Racer
Baby Splashes (Purple hair)
Baby Starbow (Blue Streak in mane)
Cha Cha (Llama)
High Tide
Medley (Curly haired)
Peachy (FF)
Pretty Beat (Blue Hair)
Rattles (Teeny Tiny Twin)
Sea Breeze (Sea Sparkle Baby Sea Pony)
Sea Breeze (Year 3 Sea Pony)
Sea Mist
Sea Shimmer (Pretty 'n' Pearly)
Sea Spray (Sea Sparkle Baby Sea Pony)
Seawinkle (Watercolor Baby Sea Pony)
Surf Rider (Pretty 'n' Pearly)
Sweet Dreams
Tattles (Teeny Tiny Twin)
Wave Jumper

Mail Order/Special Offer Ponies
Baby Blossom (Pearlised)
Baby Blue Ribbon
Baby Cotton Candy (Pearlised)
Baby Firefly (Pearlised)
Baby Gametime
Baby Glory (Pearlised)
Baby Love Melody
Baby Milky Way
Baby Moondreamer (Pearlised)
Baby Sugarberry
Baby Sugarcake
Baby Surprise (Pearlised)
Li'l Cupcake
Li'l Sweetcake
Li'l Tot
Mommy and Baby Pony
Satin 'n' Lace (Magenta)
Satin 'n' Lace (So Soft)
Star Hopper (Symbol on cheek)
Sweet Scoops
Twinkler (Symbol on cheek)

Dream Beauties

Circle Dancer
May Fair

International Ponies

Billie (Baby) (Alternate Pose)
Bouncy (Surprise Newborn) (Bear Symbol)
Bouncy (Surprise Newborn) (Giraffe Symbol)
Candy (Baby) (Extra White Mane Streak)
Chatterbox (German)
Chatterbox (Spanish)
Cuddles (Surprise Newborn) (Cat symbol)
Diamond (Baby)
Snoozy (Surprise Newborn (Duck Symbol)
Surprise Twins Baby (Blue)
Surprise Twins Baby (Pink)
Susie (Baby) (Alternate Pose)
Sweet Clover (Peach)
Talk-a-Lot (Spanish)

Strange Variants/Unknown Origin
Blue Belle (White with pink hair and pink symbol)
Cotton Candy
Medley (Red with white hair) (Colombian?)
Medley (White with pink hair) (Colombian?)
Rainribbon (Baby Cotton Candy's pose)
"Star Baby" (Baby North Star's Pose) (Yellow with cream/blue hair) (Three red stars symbol)
Starshine (Yellow with coral hair and blue symbol) (Colombian?)

Princess/Happy Tails Variants

Princess Amber (Clear symbol)
Princess Amethyst (Princess Sunbeam's symbol) (Pink hair)
Princess Amethyst (White Symbol) (Pink Mane)
Princess Aquamarine (No tinsel in mane)
Princess Dawn (Deep pink tail)
Princess Dawn (White Symbol) (Deep pink tail)
Princess Misty (Red jewel) (Lilac tail)
Princess Moondust (Tall Tales Head) (Pink Hair)
Princess Ruby (Clear symbol) (No tinsel in tail)
Princess Ruby (Clear symbol) (Teal Tail)
Princess Ruby (Princess Dawn's head) (Deep pink tail)
Princess Sapphire (Coral Tail)
Princess Sapphire (White symbol) (pink mane/teal tail)
Princess Sunbeam (Clear symbol) (Silver tinsel)
Princess Sunbeam (Red Jewel) (Pink Tail)
Romper (No tail mechanism) (Yellow tail)
Squeezer (White Mane/Blue Tail)
Squeezer (No symbol) (White Mane/Blue Tail)
Tabby (Princess Ruby's head) (No symbol) (White Hair)
Tall Tales (No mechanism)
Tall Tales (No mechanism) (Pink Symbol) (Pink hair)
Tall Tales (No symbol or mechanism) (Pink mane/yellow tail)
Woosie (Lavender with blue hair) (Pink symbol) (No mechanism)
Woosie (Lavender with yellow hair) (Pink Symbol)
Woosie (Princess Amethyst's head) (Lavender with glow-In-The-Dark Mane/Teal Tail) (Pink symbol) (No mechanism)
Woosie (Princess Amethyst's head) (Lavender with pink hair) (Pink Symbol) (No mechanism)


Nirvana Ponies


Applejack (Baby) (Baby Cotton Candy's pose)
Applejack (Collector Pose)
Blue Belle (Baby Pony) (Baby Cotton Candy's Pose)
Bow Tie (Collector Pose)
Butterscotch (Orange)
Butterscotch (Baby - Baby Cotton Candy's Pose. Gold with Blue Hair)
Butterscotch (First Tooth Baby)
Buttons (Glory's Pose - Yellow with red, white and blue hair)

Cherries Jubilee (Collector Pose) (Peach)
Cherries Jubilee (Collector Pose - Upside down symbol) (Peach)
Cherries Jubilee (Collector Pose - Upside down symbol) (Pink/White hair)
Christmas Pony
Con Panales Baby (Cream with green hair) (Green leaves)
Con Panales Baby (Green with purple hair) (Yellow and red ribbons)
Con Panales Baby (Orange with blue hair) (Peach flowers)
Con Panales Baby (Orange with purple hair) (Pink hearts)
Con Panales Baby (Peach with purple hair) (Blue stars)
Con Panales Baby (Pink with blue hair) (Purple stars)

Confetti (Baby - Baby Cotton Candy's Pose/Green/Blue Hair)
Confetti (Collector Pose) (Green with blue hair)
Confetti (Collector Pose) (Orange with blue hair)
Confetti (Collector Pose) (White with blue Hair)
Confetti (First Tooth Baby) (Green with pink and white hair)
Confetti (Trotting Pose - Pink/Green hair)
Cool Breeze (Turquoise Hair)
Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy (Purple hair)
Cotton Candy (First Tooth Baby - Pink/Green and white hair/Green spots)
Flutterbye (Firefly's Pose) (Yellow with green hair)
Flutterbye (Glory's Pose) (Translucent orange with pink hair)
Flutterbye (Shy Pose) (Translucent orange with pink hair)Flutterbye (Trotting Pose) (Green with blue hair)

Gingerbread (Unicorn) (Glory's Pose - Rainbow Hair)
Glory (Pink with blue hair)
Glory (Pink with purple hair)
Glory (Pink with red hair)
Graffiti (Baby)
Gusty (Glory's Pose - Green hair)
Half Note (Shy Pose)
Heart Throb (Earth Pony) (Posey's Pose - Dark Pink/White hair)
Lickety Split (Collector Pose)
Lickety Split (Helados) (Green with orange hair)
Lickety Split (Helados) (Orange with purple hair)
Lickety Split (Helados) (White with red hair)
Lofty (Green with orange hair) (Collector Pose)
Lofty (Pink with white hair) (Collector Pose)
Love Melody (Yellow with green hair) (Shy pose)
Masquerade (Pink with rainbow hair) (Starshine's Pose)
Medley (Yellow with red hair) (Posey's Pose)
Medley (Blue with purple hair)
Medley (Green with red hair)
Medley (Blue with purple hair)
Melody (Collector Pose) (Blue with purple hair)
Melody (Collector Pose) (Grey with pink hair)
Melody (Collector Pose) (Turquoise with white hair)
Minty (7 Clovers)
Minty (8 Clovers)
Minty (Green hair)
Moon Jumper (Buzzer's Pose)
Moondancer (Baby) (Baby Tic Tac Toe's Pose) (Blue with yellow hair/green forelock)
Moondancer (Baby) (Baby Cotton Candy's Pose) (Green hair)
Moondancer (Baby) (Baby Cotton Candy's Pose) (Rainbow hair)
Moondancer (Blue Hair)
Moondancer (Green Hair)

Moondancer (Glory's Pose) (Pink Hair)
Moondancer (Glory's Pose) (Rainbow Hair)
Moonstone (Shy Pose)
Noddins (Baby Pegasus) (Orange Hair)
Noddins (Baby Pegasus) (Pink Hair)
Noddins (Baby Pegasus) (Yellow Hair)
North Star (Shy Pose) (Yellow with rainbow hair)
Paradise (Firefly's Pose) (Blue with rainbow hair)
Peachy (Yellow with red hair)
Pinwheel (Collector Pose) (Pink with pink hair)
Pinwheel (Glory's Pose) (Blue Hair)
Pinwheel (Yellow Hair)
Posey (Baby) (Baby Cotton Candy's Pose) (Purple hair)
Posey (Collector Pose)
Powder (Glory's Pose) (Pink with white hair)
Rainbow Baby (Blue)
Rainbow Baby (Pink)
Rainbow Baby (White)
Rainflower (Baby) (Green with yellow hair)
Rainflower (Baby) (Orange with blue hair)
Ribbon (Shy Pose) (Orange with rainbow hair)
Ribbs (Baby Pegasus) (Blue with coral hair)
Shady (Collector Pose)
Skyflier (Glory's Pose) (Green with rainbow hair)
Snippy (Baby Pegasus) (Orange with blue hair)
Snuzzle (White with blue hair)
Sparkler (Glory's Pose) (Blue with green hair)
Sparkler (Pink Hair)
Sparkler (Glory's Pose) (Blue with purple hair)
Sparkler (Glory's Pose) (Blue with red hair)
Sparkler (Glory's Pose) (White with pink hair)
Sparkler (Baby) (Baby Cotton Candy's Pose) (Blue with blue hair)
Sparkler (Baby) (Baby Cotton Candy's Pose) (Blue with pink hair)
Sparkler (Baby) (Baby Cotton Candy's Pose) (Blue with purple hair)
Sprinkles (Glory's Pose) (Translucent yellow with pink hair)
Strawberry Fair (Shy Pose) (Blue hair)
Sun Glider (Purple hair)
Surprise (Firefly's Pose)
Surprise (Firefly's Pose) (Green hair)
Sweet Tooth (Blue with red hair) (Shy Pose)
Sweet Stuff (Collector Pose) (Orange with aqua hair)
Tickle (Firefly's Pose) (Pink with pink hair)
Tickle (Firefly's Pose) (Pink with red hair)
Truly (Shy Pose) (Green with rainbow hair)
Tunefull (Glory's Pose) (Green with red and yellow hair)
Twilight (Posey's Pose)
Twilight (Shy Pose) (White with rainbow hair)
Up, Up and Away (Shy Pose)
Up, Up and Away (Shy Pose) (Green)
Whirly (Buzzer's Pose) (Yellow with green hair)
Whizzer (Firefly's Pose) (Orange with rainbow hair)
Wind Whistler (Shy Pose) (Dark pink with rainbow hair)
Windy (Earth Pony) (Shy Pose - Orange/Green, Red and White hair)


Applejack (Shy Pose)
Blue Belle
Bow Tie (Shy Pose)
Bow Tie (Sitting Pose - Green/Rainbow Hair)
Bow Tie (Sitting Pose - Green/Red Hair)
Bubbles (Shy Pose - Parade Pony/No symbols)
Bubbles (Sitting Pose)
Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy (Baby)
Cuddles (Baby - Baby Cotton Candy's Pose)
Dancing Butterflies (Heart Throb's Pose)
Gusty (Baby Earth Pony) (Ember's Pose)
Gusty (Collector Pose)
Gusty (Shy Pose) (Parade Pony - No symbols)
Heart Throb (Yellow/Rainbow hair)
Lofty (NBBE Baby) (Baby Firefly's Pose)
Love Melody (Trotting pose)
Magic Star
Milky Way (Rearing Pose)
Moonstone (Starshine's Pose)
North Star (Starshine's Pose)
Parasol (Collector Pose)
Parasol (Parade Pony - No symbols)
Ribbon (Trotting Pose)
Strawberry Fair (Trotting Pose)
Tiddly-Winks (Baby) (Ember's Pose)
Truly (Firefly's Pose) (Blue streak in mane)
Twist (Shady's Pose)
Up, Up and Away (Shady's Pose)
Wind Whistler (Heart Throb's Pose)





Applejack (Shy Pose)
Bow Tie (Shy Pose - Blue with white hair)
Bow Tie (Shy Pose - Pink with blue hair)
Cotton Candy (Fading Pink Hair)
Cotton Candy (Shy Pose - Blue Hair)
Glory (Blue Tail)
Sea Shell
Sky Dancer


Butter Kiss (Green hair)
Buttons (Baby)
Chocolate Chip (Purple Hair)
Firefly (Baby) (Painted Symbol)
Flutterbye (Painted Symbols)
Heart Throb (Painted Symbols)
Heart Throb (NBBE Baby) (Blue winged hearts)
Heart Throb (NBBE Baby) (Silver winged hearts)
Lemon Drop (Baby) (Baby Cotton Candy's Pose)
Moondancer (Painted symbols)
Moonstone (Painted symbols)
Nightlight (Large Symbol)
Nightlight (Small Symbol)
Princess Amber (No Pat Pend)
Princess Amber (Pink hair)
Princess Amethyst (Coral hair)
Princess Amethyst (No Pat Pend)
Princess Aquamarine (Bubblegum pink hair)
Princess Aquamarine (No Pat Pend)
Princess Aquamarine (Pink/lilac hair)
Princess Pearl (No Pat Pend)
Princess Pearl (Yellow hair)
Princess Ruby (No Pat Pend)
Princess Ruby (Yellow hair)
Princess Sapphire (Coral hair)
Princess Sapphire (No Pat Pend)
Raindrop (Large symbol)
Raindrop (Small symbol)
Ribbon (Baby)
Sky Dancer (Trotting Pose) (Painted Symbols)
Speedy (Pale orange)
Starshine (Heart Throb's Pose) (Yellow Painted Symbol)
Surprise (Painted symbols)
Surprise (Baby) (Painted symbols)




Diary Pony
Dolphin Pony
Flower Pony
Heart Pony
Kitten Pony
Star Pony




Applejack (Shy Pose) (Straight Haired)
Blossom (Blue)
Blossom (Pink)
Blue Belle (White symbols)
Blue Belle (Orange with yellow hair)
Bubbles (With CP Head)
Butterscotch (Brown with white hair)
Butterscotch (Gold with white hair)
Butterscotch (Orange with yellow hair)
Cotton Candy (Magenta hair)
Cotton Candy (White hair)
Cotton Candy (Peach with white hair)
Firefly (Straight Haired)
Lemon Drop (Printed Eyes ~ Not airbrushed)
Lemon Drop (Grey with pink hair)
Lemon Drop (White with blue hair)
Lemon Drop (White with purple hair)
Lickety Split (Blue)
Majesty (Re Unicorno) (Walking Pose)
Majesty (Re Unicorno) (Walking Body/Proud Head)
Minty (8 Clovers)
Minty (11 Clovers) (Airbrushed eyes)
Minty (Gold with white hair)
Minty (Yellow with green hair)
Minty (Yellow with magenta hair)
Minty (Yellow with purple hair)
Minty (Yellow with red hair)
Moondancer (Glory's pose head)
Moondancer (Yellow)
Moonstone (Blue hair)
North Star (Baby)
Peachy (Brown with white hair)
Posey (Blue)
Powder (No streak in mane)
Sea Spray
Skyflier (No Streak In Mane)
Snuzzle (Airbrushed eyes)
Snuzzle (White)
Sparkler (Collector Pose)
Starshine (Year 3 Rainbow Pony hair colours)
Sunbeam (Rainbow hair)
Sunlight (With freckles)
Tickle (Coral hair)
Tootsie (White with purple hair)
Windy (Moondancer's Pose)


Cotton Candy (Peach/White Hair)
Cotton Candy (Pink/Pink Hair)
Lemon Drop
Lemon Drop (Grey with pink hair)
Snuzzle (Pink symbols)
Snuzzle (Brown with white hair)


Applejack (Shy Pose) (White body)
Banana Surprise
Banana Surprise (White body)
Blossom (Auriken - Cream Body)
Blossom (Auriken - Purple Body)
Blossom (Baby)
Blossom (Baby Pegasus - Baby Surprise's Pose)
Blossom (Cherries Jubilee's Pose)
Blossom (Lily Ledy CF)
Blossom (Lily Ledy FF)
Blue Belle (Auriken Yellow Haired)
Blue Belle (Lily Ledy CF)
Blue Belle (Lily Ledy FF)
Butter Kiss
Butter Kiss (White with purple hair)

Butterscotch (Lily Ledy CF)
Butterscotch (Lily Ledy FF)
Cherries Jubilee
Cherry Berry
Cherry Berry (White with purple hair)
Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Chip (White with purple hair)Cotton Candy (Mexican Auriken)
Cotton Candy (Baby)
Cotton Candy (Lily Ledy CF)
Cotton Candy (Lily Ledy FF)
Dibbles (Yellow hair)
Firefly (Rainbow Hair)
Glory (Baby)

Medley (Baby)
Medley (Rainbow Hair)
Minty (Lily Ledy CF)
Minty (Lily Ledy FF)
Moondancer (Glory's Pose)
Moondancer (Red hair) (Glory's Pose)
Moondancer (Baby ~ 2 Star Symbol)
Moondancer (Baby ~ 3 Star Symbol)
North Star (Baby)
Peachy (Auriken)
Peachy (Lily Ledy)
Peppermint Crunch
Peppermint Crunch (White with purple hair)
Pinwheel (Bright Hair)
Pinwheel (Pastel Hair)

Prince Emerald
Prince Ruby
Prince Sapphire
Quackers (Baby)
Sky Dancer
Snuzzle (Auriken)
Snuzzle (Lily Ledy CF)
Snuzzle (Lily Ledy FF)
Surprise (Baby)
Twilight (Red mane streak)


Applejack (Shy Pose)
Blossom (Baby Pegasus - Baby Surprise's Pose/Yellow Hair)
Blossom (Pegasus - Starshine's Pose/Yellow Hair)
Bow Tie (Baby Unicorn - Baby Glory's Pose)
Bow Tie (Shy Pose)
Bow Tie (Unicorn - Sparkler's Pose)
Cherries Jubilee
Confetti (Blue Hair)
Cotton Candy (Pink Hair)
Cotton Candy (Purple Hair)
Cotton Candy (Baby - Symbols look like clouds)
Firefly (Blue Hair)
Firefly (Yellow Hair)
Glory (Gusty's Pose)
Lickety Split
Lickety Spit (Green Hair)
Lickety Split (Purple Hair)
Medley (Baby) (Yellow with blue hair) (Baby Firefly's Pose)
Medley (Dark Green Hair)
Medley (Light Green Hair)
Medley (Yellow with blue hair)
Moondancer (Baby)
Moonstone (Gusty's Pose)
Moonstone (Gusty's Pose) (White with blue hair)
Posey (Purple hair)
Posey (White/Orange/Yellow Hair)
Sky Dancer
Starshine (Curly purple hair)
Tootsie (Yellow with red hair)


April Daisy
August Poppy
Cupcake (Non So Soft)
December Holly
February Violet
Gusty (Non So Soft - Blue eyes)
January Carnation
July Water Lily
June Rose
March Daffodil
May Lily Of The Valley
November Chrysanthemum
October Cosmos
September Morning Glory
Truly (Non So Soft)

South Africa


Spain/No Country

Applejack (Collector Pose) (No Country)
Banana Surprise (No Country)
Blossom (Green with yellow hair) (No country)
Bow Tie (Baby - Tiddly Winks Pose) (Spain)
Bow Tie (Collector Pose) (No Country)
Butter Kiss (No Country)
Butterscotch (No Country)
Cherries Jubilee (Spain)
Confetti (No Country)
Dancing Butterflies (Heart Throb's Pose) (No Country)
Explorer (Baby) (No Country)
Fizzy (Spain)
Flutterbye (No Country)
Flutterbye (Spain)
Forget-Me-Not (Spain)
Galaxy (Spain)
Gingerbread (Spain)
Gusty (Baby) (Spain)
Heart Throb (Spanish)
Hopscotch (Spain)
Honeysuckle (Spain)
Lemon Drop (Green with yellow hair) (No Country)
Lemon Drop (Green with yellow hair) (Spain)
Lemon Drop (Baby) (Spain)
Lickety Split (Spain)
Masquerade (Spain)
Masquerade (Whizzer's Pose) (Spain)
Medley (Yellow with pink hair) (No Country)
Milky Way (Gusty's Pose) (No Country)
Moondancer (Baby) (Spain)
Moonstone (No Country)
Moonstone (Spain)
Nightsong (Baby) (No Country)
Parasol (No Country)
Parasol (Spain)
Peach Blossom (Spain)
Peachy (Fading pink hair) (No Country)
Peachy (Fading pink hair) (Spain)
Peachy (White with blue hair) (Spain)
Piggy Algodoncete
Piggy Blossom
Piggy Butterscotch (Blue Butterflies)
Piggy Butterscotch (Orange Butterflies)
Piggy Cielete (Blue Belle) (Blue Stars/Purple Hair)
Piggy Cielete (Blue Belle) (Pink Stars/Purple Hair)
Piggy Cielete (Blue Belle) (Purple Stars/Yellow Hair)
Piggy Fresita
Piggy Lolipop (Snuzzle)
Piggy Manzanita
Piggy Menta (Minty)
Piggy Orqidea (Blossom)
Piggy Pinky
Piggy Rayito
Piggy Suspiro (Lemon Drop)
Pinwheel (No Country)
Pinwheel (No Country) (Glittery Symbols)
Posey (Spain)

Skyflier (No Country)
Starflower (No Country)
Starshine (Spain)
Stella (Baby) (No country)
Strawberry Fair (Tootsie's Pose) (Spain)
Sweet Tooth (Trotting Pose) (No Country)
Sweetie (Sweet Stuff) (Spain)
Tex (Steamer's Pose) (Spain)
Tickle (No Country)
Tickle (Spain)
Tiddly-Winks (NBBE Baby) (Spain)
Tootsie (Earth Pony) (Spain)
Tracks (Spain)
Trickles (No Country)
Trucker (Steamer's Pose) (Spain)
Tug (Steamer's Pose) (Spain)
Whizzer (Spain)


Blue Pearl (Fantasy hair pony)
Butterfly (Pony School Pony)
Click (Twin Baby)
Cosy Nest (Baby) (Mansion Playset)
Dainty Dove (Magic Motion)
Dew (Baby) (Light Up Pony)
Diamond Glow (Unicorn with wings)
Dragonfly (Lady) (Royal Lady pony)
Elegant (Lady) (Royal Lady pony)
Fern (Baby) (Light Up Pony)
Festive (Anniversary Playset)
Fire (Royal Twin)
Flame (Royal Twin)
Flash (Secret Surprise)
Glittery Heart (Purse Pony)
Glittery Skater (Purse Pony)
Glittery Study (Purse Pony)
Globe Trotter (Hobby Pony)
Golden Glow II (Unicorn with wings)
Happy (Mummy Pony) (Mansion Playset)
Her Majesty Ballerina (Majesty Pony)
Her Majesty Flower (Majesty Pony)
Her Majesty Great Romance (Majesty Pony)
Her Majesty Pearl (Majesty Pony)
Holiday at the beach
Holiday at the countryside
Ivy (Light Up Pony)
Ivy (Magic Motion 2000)
Magic Butterfly (green pony) (Magician Pony)
Magic Butterfly (yellow pony) (Magician Pony)
Magic Diamond Glow (Magician Pony)
Magic Star Swirl (Magician Pony)
Medicin (Hobby Pony)
Melody (Musical Pony)
Mimosa (Hobby Pony)
Miss Chef (Fantastic Job Pony)
Morning Glory (Light Up Pony)
Muse (Musical Pony) [Upgrade - Must Still Play Music]Night Shine (Fantasy hair pony)
Nosy (Twin Baby)
Play (Twin Baby)
Prince Firefly (Princess Pony)
Rainbow (Lady) (Royal Lady pony)
Rocky (Musical Pony)
Satin Slipper (Secret Surprise)
Silver Swirl (Light Up Pony)
Springdy (Fantasy Hair Pony)
Springly (Fantasy Hair Pony)
Study (Twin Baby)
Sunny (Play Area Twin Pony)
Sunshine (Play Area Twin Pony)
Sweetheart (Royal Twin)
Swirly (Baby) (Light Up Pony)
Trueheart (Royal Twin)
Twinkle Star (Light Up Pony)
Twinkles (Baby) (Light Up Pony)
Wing Song (Secret Surprise 2000)


Amberlocks (Family Dollar)
Anchors Away
April Daisy
"Art Pony" (Pop)
"Art Pony" (Underwater)
"Art Pony" (With black and blue swirl designs)
August Gladiolus
Banana Split (Never released)
Bay Breeze
Beach Belle
Blank Pony (x 16! )
Bowtie (TRU 4-Pack)
Boogie Woogie (Poseable Head)
Breezie Dreams (Never released)
Bunches-o-Fun (Dress Up Fashions)
Carribean Delight
Cheerilee I (Styling)
Cheerilee II (Easter 2009)
Cheerilee II (Favourite Friends) (With Bucket and spade)
Cheerilee II (Favourite Friends) (With Hat)
Cheerilee II (Inspirational Word Pony)
Cheerilee II (So Soft Newborn)
Cherry Blossom (Collector's Tin)
Crowning Glory
Daisy Jo ("Daisy Who" [!] Collector's Tin)
Day Lily
Forsythia (Playtime Cottage)
Gardenia Glow (Berry Picking Fun)
Gardenia Glow (TRU 4-Pack)
Grand Finale (Never released)
Hokey Pokey (Poseable Head)
Magic Marigold (TRU 4-Pack)
May Lily Of The Valley
Minty (Ariel)
Minty (Christmas 2008)
Minty (Collector's Tin)
Minty (Sweetberry I's pose)
Minty (World's Biggest Tea Party)
Moonstone (G1)
Northern Lights
Parasol (G1)
Pinkie Pie (Christmas)
Pinkie Pie (Collector's Tin)
Pinkie Pie (Crawling Newborn)
Pinkie Pie (Favourite Friends) (Eyeshadow/Symbols on forehead)
Pinkie Pie (Favourite Friends) (With Tiara)
Pinkie Pie (Inspirational Word Pony)
Pinkie Pie (Licensing Show)
Pinkie Pie (Pinkie Pie's Special Day DVD set)
Pinkie Pie (Valentines Day 2009)
Pinkie Pie (World's Biggest Tea Party)
Pony Project Pony (White)
Pony Project Pony (White with symbols)
Pretty Palace
Rainbow Dash (Christmas)
Rainbow Dash (Collector's Tin)
Rainbow Dash (Easter)
Rainbow Dash (Favourite Friends) (With Handbag)
Rainbow Dash (Inspirational Word Pony)
Rainbow Dash (Ponyville Picnic)
Rainbow Dash (Rainbow Dash's Special Day DVD Set)
Rainbow Dash (Read Along)
Rarity (Licensing Show)
Rarity (Styling)
Rosey Posey
Royal Beauty (Bonus Castle Pony)
Scootaloo (Crawling Newborn)
Scootaloo (Favourite Friends) (With Tennis Racquet)
Scootaloo (Halloween Pony)
Scootaloo (Inspirational Word Pony)
Scootaloo (On the Go!)
Scootaloo (Ride 'n' Go)
September Aster
Serendipity (Easter)
Sky Dancer (G1)
Sneezy Sniffles
Sno Glo (Scooter)
Sparkleworks (Ballet Fun)
Starbeam (Family Dollar)
Starshine (G1)
Starsong (Favourite Friends) (With radio)
Starsong (Halloween Pony)
Starsong (Inspirational Word Pony)
Starsong (Starsong and the Magic Dance Shoes DVD set)
Sunlight (G1)
Sweet Song (Family Dollar)
Sweetie Belle (Easter)
Sweetie Belle (Favourite Friends) (With Lollipop)
Sweetie Belle (Inspirational Word Pony)
Sweetie Belle (So Soft Newborn)
Sweetie Belle (Valentines Day 2009)
Tink-a-Tink-a-Too (Slumber Party set)
Toola Roola II (Favourite Friends) (Eyeshadow/Symbols on forehead)
Toola Roola II (Favourite Friends) (With Paint Pallet)
Toola Roola II (Inspirational Word Pony)
Tropical Delight (TRU 4-Pack 2007)
Twinkle Hope
Windy (G1)
Winter Ice
Wysteria (Princess Promenade Set)
Zipzee (Princess Promenade Set)

International G3 Ponies

Desert Rose (Mexican Babyzilla) (Pink)
Desert Rose (Mexican Minty pose) (Pink)
Desert Rose (Mexican RD pose) (Pink)
Minty (Mexican Babyzilla)
Minty (Mexican RD pose)
Minty (Mexican RD pose) (Symbol-less)
Minty (Mexican Minty pose)
Minty (Mexican Minty pose) (Symbol-less)
Pinkie Pie (Mexican RD pose) (Symbol-less)
Pinkie Pie (Mexican Minty pose) (Symbol-less)
Rainbow Dash (Mexican Babyzilla) (Candide) (Green/Blue)
Rainbow Dash (Mexican Babyzilla) (Candide) (Pink)
Rainbow Dash (Mexican Babyzilla) (Grow) (Green/Blue)
Rainbow Dash (Mexican Babyzilla) (Grow) (Lavender)
Rainbow Dash (Mexican Babyzilla) (Grow) (Pink)
Rainbow Dash (Mexican Babyzilla) (Grow) (Yellow)
Rainbow Dash (Mexican Minty pose) (Symbol-less)
Rainbow Dash (Mexican RD pose) (Symbol-less)
Rarity (Mexican Minty pose Earth Pony)
Rarity (Mexican RD pose Earth Pony)
Rarity (Mexican Tween Earth pony)
Royal Bouquet (Mexican Minty pose) (Flat Symbol)
Royal Bouquet (Mexican RD pose) (Flat Symbol)
Royal Bouquet (Mexican Tween) (Flat Symbol)
Sunny Daze (Mexican Minty Pose) (Symbol-less)
Sunny Daze (Mexican RD pose) (Symbol-less)

Ponyville Ponies
Cheerilee II (Anthro - Cook with Cheerilee)
Cheerilee II (Celebrate Spring)
Cheerilee II (Ponyville Adventure Game)
Cheerilee II (Snacks) (With wigs)
Cheerilee II (Time To Bake)
Minty (Advent Calendar)
Minty (Christmas Tree)
Minty (Very Minty Christmas DVD Pack)
Pinkie Pie (Advent Calendar)
Pinkie Pie (Anthro - Get Pinkie Pie Ready For Bed)
Pinkie Pie (Anthro - Celebrate with Pinkie Pie)
Pinkie Pie (Hot Chocolate Cafe)
Pinkie Pie (Ponyville Adventure Game)
Pinkie Pie (Scootin' Along)
Pinkie Pie (Target 3-pack) (With wigs)
Rainbow Dash (Anthro - Let's Bake!)
Rainbow Dash (Hairstyles in a Snap)
Rainbow Dash (Ponyville Adventure Game)
Rainbow Dash (Tea)
Rainbow Dash (Twirlin' Runway Styles)
Scootaloo (Dressed as a clown)
Scootaloo (Ice Cream Shake Diner)
Scootaloo (Ponyville Adventure Game)
Scootaloo (Snacks) (With wigs)
Scootaloo (Target 3-pack) (With wigs)
Starsong (Anthro - Help Starsong get pretty!)
Starsong (Music)
Starsong (Ponyville Adventure Game)
Starsong (Scootin' Along)
Starsong (Target 3-pack) (With wigs)
Sweetie Belle (Advent Calendar)
Sweetie Belle (Anthro - Read with Sweetie Belle)
Sweetie Belle (Anthro - Serve Snacks with Sweetie Belle)
Sweetie Belle (Ponyville Adventure Game)
Sweetie Belle (Sweet Sundaes Amusement Park)
Toola Roola II (Anthro - Paint with Toola Roola)
Toola Roola II (Celebrate Spring)
Toola Roola II (Hairstyles in a Snap)
Toola Roola II (Ponyville Adventure Game)

Newborn Cuties

Pinkie Pie
Rainbow Dash
Star Song
Sweetie Belle
Toola Roola
Dolly Mix Ponies

Pinkie Pie
Rainbow Dash
Sweetie Belle
Toola Roola
Right, that's it.  The ridiculously long pony lists are written!  Now I'll get off of here, eat some chocolate, and write a report on Amsterdam this evening.  Interesting, eh?  See you all soon!

Friday, 28 March 2008

My Pony Collection

Current mood:  happy

Mum just came in from the dentist, but couldn't find the missing Retro set or Breezies.  However, she did buy me a MLP window painting set which I'd never even heard of before.  So that's an unusual addition to the collection.

Speaking of the collection, here I go with the promised list of all the ponies I own...

(The ones marked in bold and with *'s are from my original childhood, I mean the ponies I had before I started "seriously collecting" age 7 and a half! )


Lancer's Collection


Alphabet (Baby)
Apple Delight (Baby Brother)
Apple Delight (Baby Sister)
Apple Delight (Daddy)
Apple Delight (Daddy) (No Country)
Apple Delight (Mummy)
Apple Delight (Mummy) (No Country)
Applejack (Baby)
Applejack (Collector Pose)
Applejack (Italian Collector Pose)
Applejack (Italian Shy Pose) (Curly Haired)
Applejack (Mexican Shy Pose)
Applejack (Shy Pose) (Curly Haired)
Applejack (Shy Pose) (Straight Haired)
Argentinean Pony (PROTOTYPE!!!! White with red hair)
Baby Pony (Activity Club)
Banana Surprise
*Bangles (Hair-Do Pony)*
("Oranges & Lemons" in my herd)Bangles (SS)
Beach Ball
Beach Ball (Baby)
*Beautiful Bows*
("Ribbons 'n' Bows" in my herd)Beautybloom
Berrytown (Baby)
Berrytown (Mr)
Berrytown (Mrs)
Best Wishes
Big Top
Billie (Baby)
Birthday Pony
Blackberry Pie
Blosscotch (Macau)
Blossom (Baby)
*Blossom (Collector Pose)*Blossom (Italian) (Purple)
Blossom (Original Pony)
Blue Belle (Collector Pony)
Blue Belle (Italian) (Blue)
Blue Belle (Macau)
Blue Belle (Mexican)
Blue Belle (Original Pony)
Blueberry Baskets
Bon Bon
Bonnie Bonnets
Bouncy (First Tooth Baby)
Bouncy (SS)
Bow Tie (Baby)
Bow Tie (Collector Pose)
Bow Tie (Italian Collector Pose)
Bow Tie (Italian Shy Pose) (Curly Haired)
Bow Tie (Italian Shy Pose) (Straight Haired)
Bow Tie (Mexican)
Bow Tie (Shy Pose) (Curly Haired)
Bow Tie (Shy Pose) (Straight Haired)
Braided Beauty
*Bridal Beauty*
Bride PonyBright Bouquet  (Baby Brother)
Bright Bouquet  (Baby Sister)
Bright Bouquet  (Daddy)
Bright Bouquet  (Daddy) (No Country)
Bright Bouquet  (Mummy)
Bright Bouquet  (Mummy) (No Country)
Bright Eyes (Seven Characters)
Bright Eyes (Twinkle Eyed)
Bright Night
*Brightbow (Baby)*Brightglow
Brilliant Blossoms
Bubbles (French)
Bubbles (Italian)
Butter Kiss
Butterfly Pony
Butterscotch (Argentinean) (Gold)
Butterscotch (Brazilian)
*Butterscotch (Collector Pony)*Butterscotch (Mexican)
Butterscotch (Original Pony)
Buttons (Non So Soft - Five buttons)
Buttons (Non So Soft - Three buttons)
Buttons (So Soft)
Buttons (Twice As Fancy)
Candy (Baby)
Candy Pony
Caramel Crunch

Cha Cha (Prom Queen Sweetheart Sister)
Chatterbox (English)
Cherries Jubilee (Baby)
Cherries Jubilee (Earth Pony)
Cherries Jubilee (Italian)
Cherries Jubilee (So Soft)
Cherry Sweet
Cherry Treats
Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Delight
Chuck-E-Cheese Baby
Cloud Dreamer
Cloud Puff
Confetti (Argentinean First Tooth Baby)
Confetti (Italian)
Confetti (Rainbow Pony)
Confetti (Wedding Bells)
Cool Breeze
Cotton Candy (Argentinean Baby)
Cotton Candy (Baby)
Cotton Candy (Collector Pony)
Cotton Candy (Italian) (Pink Hair)
Cotton Candy (Original Pony)
Count-a-Lot (Baby)
Countdown (Baby)
Cranberry Muffins
Crumpet (Baby)
Crunch Berry
Cuddles (BBE Baby)
Cuddles (NBBE Baby)
Cuddles (Surprise Newborn) (Elephant symbol)
Cupcake (So Soft)
Curly Locks
Daffodil (Birthflower Pony)
Daffodil (Flower Pony)
Dainty Dahlia
Daisy Dancer
Daisy Sweet
Dancing Butterflies
Dancing Butterflies (Baby)
Dazzleglow (Blue hearts)
Dazzleglow (Pink hearts)
Diamond Dreams
Dots 'n' Hearts (Baby) (China)
Dots 'n' Hearts (Baby) (Thailand)
Drummer (Baby)
Ember (Blue)
Ember (Ember's Dream)
Ember (Lavender)
Ember (Pink)
Explorer (Baby)
Explorer (Baby) (PROTOTYPE!!!)Fancy Flower
Fifi (Baby)
Fifi (So Soft)
Fifi (Twice As Fancy)
Firefly (Baby)
Firefly (Italian)
Firefly (Movie Pegasus)
Firefly (Pegasus Pony) (Curly Haired)
Firefly (Sparkle Baby)
First Base (Slugger)
Fleecy (Baby)
Flicker (Baby)
Flower Bouquet
Flower Dream
Flutterbye (German)
Frilly Flower
Frosting (Baby)
Garden Glow
Gingerbread (Argentinean Green Haired Unicorn)
Glider (Baby) (China)
Glider (Baby) (Thailand)
Glider (Dream Beauty)
Glory (Baby)
Glory (Unicorn Pony)
Good Weather
Gusty (BBE Baby)
Gusty (NBBE Baby)
Gusty (Non So Soft)
Gusty (So Soft)
Gusty (Sparkle Baby)
Gusty (Unicorn Pony)
Half Note (BBE Baby)
Half Note (NBBE Baby)
Half Note (Rock 'n' Beat Pony)
Happy Hugs
Heart Throb (Argentinean) (Pink with red hair)
Heart Throb (Argentinean) (Purple with green hair)
Heart Throb (BBE Baby)
Heart Throb (Italian)
Heart Throb (NBBE Baby) (Wingless hearts)
Heart Throb (NBBE Baby) (Wingless hearts) (Spanish)
Heart Throb (Pegasus Pony)
Heart Throb (So Soft)
High Flier
Hip Hop
Hippity Hop
Hopping Pocket
Hoppy (Kangaroo)
Hopscotch (Baby)
Honeycomb (Baby)
Hula Hula
Ice Crystal
Jingle Pocket
*Katie (Baby)*Kingsley
Kiss Curl
Kiss Curl (Reverse Symbol)
Lady Flutter
Lavender Lace
Leafy (Calf)
Lemon Drop (2 hooves with writing)
Lemon Drop (4 hooves with writing)
Lemon Drop (Baby)
Lemon Drop (Italian) (Yellow)
Lemon Treats
Lickety Split (BBE Baby)
Lickety Split (Earth Pony)
Lickety Split (First Tooth Baby Pony)
Lickety Split (Italian) (Pink)
Lickety Split (NBBE Baby)
Lickety Split (No Country)
Lickety Split (So Soft)
Licorice (Baby)
Lily Of The Valley
Little Flitter
*Little Giggles*
(My first ever pony.  Aww...)*Little Honey Pie*
*Little Lullabye*
*Little Rattles*

Lofty (BBE Baby)
Lofty (So Soft)
Lollipop (Candy Baby)
Lollipop (TAF) (Sweet Tooth)
Love Letter
Love Melody
Love Melody (Spanish)
Love Petal
Love Pony
Love Story
Love Token
Lovin' Kisses
Lucky (Baby)
Lucky Leaf (Baby)
Magical Breeze (Windy)
Magic Hat
Magic Star (Non So Soft)
Magic Star (So Soft)
Meadowsweet (Baby)
Meadowsweet (Mr)
Meadowsweet (Mrs)
Medley (Straight Haired)
Melody (Rollerskating Pony)
Melody (Seven Characters)
Merry Treat
Milky Way (Silver Stars)
Milky Way (White Stars)
Mint Dreams
Minty (Collector Pony)
Minty (Italian) (Green)
Minty (Macau)
Minty (Mexican)
Minty (Original Pony)
Mirror Mirror
Mischief (Baby)
Mischief (Baby) (No Country)
Moon Jumper
Moondancer (Baby)
Moondancer (Italian)
Moondancer (German Baby)
Moondancer (White Unicorn Pony)
Moondancer (Yellow)
*Moondream (Baby)*Moonshimmer
Moonstone (Italian) (Rainbow Hair) (Walking Pose)
Morning Glory (Birthflower Pony)
Morning Glory (Flutter Pony)
Music-Time (PROTOTYPE!!!)

Napper (MO)
*Nice 'n' Spicy*
("Blueberry Pie" in my herd)Night Cap
Night Glider
Nightsong (Baby)
North Star (Baby)
North Star (Non So Soft)
North Star (So Soft)
North Star (Sparkle Baby)
Nurse Loveheart
Nurse Sweetheart
Nurse Tenderheart
Palm Tree (Baby)
Paradise (So Soft)
Parasol (Italian) (First Edition Rainbow Pony Hair Colours)
Parasol (Italian) (Second Edition Rainbow Pony Hair Colours)
Party Time
Paws (Baby)
Peach Blossom
Peachy (Brazilian)
*Peachy (Grooming Parlour)*
Peachy (Italian) (Peach)
Peachy (Macau)
Peachy (Mail Order)
Pearly (Baby)
Peppermint Crunch
Pictures (Baby)
Piggy Perla
Pillow Talk
Pineapple (Baby)
Pink Dreams (Flutter Pony)
Pinwheel (Italian)
Pockets (Baby)
Posey (Earth Pony)
Posey (Italian) (Yellow)
Posey (So Soft)
Posey Rose
Pretty Beat (Purple Hair)
Pretty Belle
Pretty Vision
Princess Amber
Princess Amber (Clear Symbol/Yellow Tail)
Princess Amber (Sunbeam symbol/Coral Hair)
Princess Amethyst
Princess Amethyst (Clear Symbol/No tinsel)
*Princess Aquamarine*
Princess Aquamarine (Pink symbol/No tinsel in Tail)
Princess Brilliant Bloom
Princess Dawn
Princess Glittering Gem
Princess Misty
Princess Misty (Red jewel/Coral Tail)
Princess Moondust
Princess Moondust (Gold tinsel in tail/blue-silver medallion with red jewel)
Princess Pearl
Princess Pristina
Princess Pristina (Clear Symbol/Teal Tail)
Princess Pristina (Sunbeam symbol/Teal Tail)
"Princess Royal Pink"
"Princess Royal Purple"
Princess Ruby
Princess Ruby (Clear symbol/Teal Tail)
Princess Ruby (Dawn symbol/White Hair)
Princess Sapphire
Princess Sapphire (Pink symbol)
Princess Sapphire (White symbol/Glow-in-the-dark mane/turquoise tail)
Princess Skylark
Princess Sparkle
Princess Sparkle (Baby)
Princess Star Gleamer
Princess Sunbeam
Princess Taffeta
Princess Taffeta (Red jewel/Thin tail)
Quackers (Baby)
Quackers (Twinkle Eyed Pony)
Rabbit Baby
Rainbow Cloud
Rainbow Magic
Rainbow Rider
Rainbow Storyteller
Rainfeather (Baby)
Rainflower (Baby)
Rainflower (Yellow Argentinean Baby)
Rainribbon (Baby Unicorn)
Raspberry Jam
Rattles (Newborn Twin)
Red Roses
Ribbon (BBE Baby)
Ribbon (NBBE Baby)
Ribbon (So Soft)
Ribbon (Spanish Baby)
Ringlets (Brush 'n' Grow Pony)
Ringlets (Great Hair Pony)
Ripple (UK Version)
Ripple (US Version)
Romper (No tail mechanism)
Rosy Love
Ruby (Baby)
Ruby Lips
Salty (Sea Sparkle Baby Sea Pony)
Sand Digger
Sand Dollar
Sapphire (Baby)
Satin 'n' Lace (Lavender)
School Pony
Schoolbag (Baby)
Score (Quarterback)
Sea Princess (Fancy Mermaid)
Sea Shell
Sea Shell (Italian)
Sea Shimmer (Fancy Mermaid)
Sea Spray (UK Adult Sea Pony)
Sea Star (Baby Sea Pony)
Sea Star (Pretty 'n' Pearly Baby Sea Pony)
Sealight (Year 2 Adult Sea Pony)
Seashimmer (Baby Sea Pony)
Seawinkle (Watercolour Baby Sea Pony)
Seawinkle (Year 2 Adult Sea Pony)
Shady (BBE Baby)
Shady (Non So Soft)
Shady (So Soft)
Shell Pony
Shimmering Secret
Shining Secret
Silky Slipper
Sing-a-Long Pony
Singing Pocket
Skippity Doo (So Soft)
Sky Dancer (Rainbow Pony)
Sky Dancer (Rainbow Pony) (Italian)
Sky Dancer (Summer Winged Pony)
Sky Rocket (MO Sparkle Pony)
Sky Rocket (Sparkle Pony)
Sky Rocket (Twinkle Eyed Pony)
Sky Splasher
Skyflier (Italian)
Sleep Tight
Sleepy Head
Sleepy Pie (Baby)
Sniffles (Newborn Twin)
Sniffles (Teeny Tiny Twin)
*Snookums (Newborn Twin)*
Snookums (Teeny Tiny Twin)
Snowflake (No Country)
Snowflake (Spanish)
Snuzzle (Collector Pony)
Snuzzle (Original Pony)
Softsteps (Baby)
Spangling Secret
Sparkler (Merry-Go-Round Pony)
Sparkler (Unicorn Pony)
Sparkler (Unicorn Pony) (Italian)
Sparkling Secret
Splashes (Baby) (China)
Splashes (Baby) (Thailand)
Spring Song
Squeezer (No mechanism or symbols)
Star Dancer
Star Dancer (MO)
Star Hopper
Starbow (Baby) (Purple streak)
Starburst (Baby) (China)
Starburst (Baby) (Thailand)
Starflower (Sparkle Baby)
Starflower (Rainbow Pony)
Starflower (Rainbow Pony) (Italian)
Stargaze (Baby)
Starlight (Hair-Do Pony)
Starlight (Seven Characters Pony)
Starry Wings
Starshine (German)
Starshine (Italian)
Starshine (Peruvian) (Rainbow Hair)
Stella (Baby) (China)
Stockings (Baby)
Strawberry Fair
Strawberry Scoops
Strawberry Surprise
Stripes (Baby)
Sugar Apple
Sugar Sweet
Summer Heatwave
Sun Glider
Sun Spot
Sun Spot (Mail Order Pony)
Sunbeam (Sundazzle Pony)
Sunbeam (Unicorn)
Sunbright (Baby)
Sunbright (Mr)
Sunbright (Mrs)
Sundance (Argentinean Sparkle Pony)
Sundance (BBE Baby Pony)
Sundance (Earth Pony)
Sundance (Earth Pony) (No Country)
Sundance (So Soft)
Sundance (Twice As Fancy Pony)
Sunlight (Italian)
Sunny Bunch (Fancy Pants Baby)
Sunny Bunch (Merry-Go-Round Pony)
Sunribbon (Baby)
Sunset (Baby)
Sunshower (UK Version)
Sunshower (US Version)
Surf Rider (Baby Sea Pony)
Surf Rider (Pretty 'n' Pearly Baby Sea Pony)
Surfing Days
Surprise (Baby Pony)
Surprise (Pegasus Pony)
Surprise (So Soft)
Surprise Twins Pony
Susie (Baby)
Sweet Blossom
Sweet Celebrations (Baby Brother)
Sweet Celebrations (Baby Sister)
Sweet Celebrations (Daddy)
Sweet Celebrations (Daddy) (No Country)
Sweet Celebrations (Mummy)
Sweet Celebrations (Mummy) (No Country)
Sweet Clover (Pink)
*Sweet Delight*
("Fancy Cakes" in my herd)Sweet Lily
Sweet Notes
Sweet Pop
Sweet Stuff (Peek-a-Boo Baby)
Sweet Suds
Sweet Sundrop
Sweet Tooth (Baby)
Sweetie (Sweet Stuff)
Sweetsteps (Baby)
Talk-a-Lot (English)
Talk-a-Lot (German)
Tall Tales
Tall Tales (Pink hair/No symbol or mechanism)
Tap Dancer
Tattles (Newborn Twin)
Teddi (Cuddles)
Tickle (Italian)
Tic Tac Toe (Baby)
Tic Tac Toe (Twinkle Eyed Pony)
Tiddly-Winks (BBE Baby)
Tiddly-Winks (NBBE Baby)
Tiny Bubbles (Baby Sea Pony)
Tiny Bubbles (Pretty 'n' Pearly Baby Sea Pony)
Tippy Toes
Tippy Toes (Baby)
Toddles (Sticky)
Toe Dancer (Baby)
Tootsie (Earth Pony) (Green)
Tootsie (Earth Pony) (Italian) (White)
Tootsie (Earth Pony) (Peruvian)
Tootsie (Earth Pony) (White)
Tootsie (Teeny Tiny Twin)
Tracks (Steamer)
Tropical Delight
Trucker (4-Speed)
Truly (Argentinean Wedding Pony ~ "Novia")

Truly (So Soft)
Tug (Salty)
Tuggles (Sniffles)
Tunefull (Argentinean)
Tutti Fruitti
Tux 'n' Tails
Twilight (Italian)

Twilight (So Soft)
Twilight (Unicorn)
Twinkle Dancer
Twist (So Soft)
Twisty Tail (1984)
Twisty Tail (1987)
Up, Up and Away
Up, Up and Away (Baby)
Up, Up And Away (Spanish)
Valentine Twin (Purple)
Valentine Twin (White)
Vanilla Treat
Waddles (Baby)
Water Lily (Baby Sea Pony) (UK Version)
Water Lily (Baby Sea Pony) (US Version)
Water Lily (Birthflower Pony)
Wave Runner
Wavebreaker (Italian)
Wavedancer (Watercolour Baby Sea Pony)
Welliboot (Baby)
Whirly Twirl
Wig Wam
Wild Flower
Wind Drifter
Wind Sweeper
Wind Whistler (Non So Soft)
Wind Whistler (So Soft)
*Windy*Wing Song
Woolly (Lamb)
Woosie (Lavender/Princess Amethyst head/Pink mane/White tail/Pink Symbol/No mechanism)
Wriggle Pocket
Yum Yum (Flutter Pony)
Yum Yum (Twice As Fancy Pony)
Zig Zag


Apple Pie (Changing mane and tail pony)
Autumn (Purse Pony)
Berry Bright (Secret Surprise Pony)
Blue Dream (Prince) (Romantic Couple pony)
Bride (Wednesday afternoon pony)
Bright Bramley (Magic Motion Pony)
Bright Bramley (Secret Surprise Pony)
Bubble (New Hair Feature Pony)
Buttercup (New Hair Feature Pony)
Butterfly (Pony School Pony)
Butterfly Hunter (Wednesday afternoon pony)
Clever Clover (Royal Wedding Pony)
Clever Clover (Secret Surprise Pony)
Copper Glow (Unicorn with magic wings)
Coral (Sailing Boat Baby Pony)
Crystal (Princess) (Princess Pony)
Cupcake (Lady) (Royal Lady Pony)
Cupcake (Secret Surprise Pony)
Curly (New Hair Feature Pony)
Dainty Dove (Playset Pony)
Dancer (Wednesday afternoon pony)
Dart (Twin Baby Pony)
Dash (Twin Baby Pony)
Diamond Glow (Unicorn with wings)
Dizzy Lizzy (Magic Motion Pony)
Dot (Twin Baby Pony)
Dreamer (Twin Baby Pony)
Drifter (Twin Baby Pony)
Eve (Hobby Pony)
Fauna (Prince) (Romantic Couple pony)
Fleur (Baby) (Royal Playset Pony)
Flitter (Baby) (Playset Pony)
Flora (Changing mane and tail pony)
Flora (Princess) (Romantic Couple pony)
Floral (Magic Motion Family Pony)
Fuschia (Princess Pony)
Gardener (Wednesday afternoon pony)
Giggles (Royal Twin Baby Pony)
Golden Dream (Princess) (Romantic Couple pony)
Golden Glow (Unicorn with magic wings)
Golden Light (Changing mane and tail pony)
Golden Light (Princess Pony)
Her Majesty Star (Majesty Pony)
Hip Holly (Secret Surprise Pony)
Honey (Dress up pony)
Honey Berry (Baby) (Magic Motion Family Pony)
Ivy (Basket Surprise Pony)
*Ivy (Magic Motion Pony 1997)*Ivy (Playset Pony)
Ivy (Princess Pony)
Jazzy (Musical Pony)
Jewel (Royal Twin Baby Pony)
Jolly (Secret Surprise Pony)
Junior (Secret Surprise Pony)
Light Heart (Birthday Magic Pony)
Light Heart (Canopy Bed)
Light Heart (Changing mane and tail pony)
Light Heart (Lady) (Royal Lady Pony)
Light Heart (Magic Motion Family Pony)
Light Heart (Wedding Playset)
Lily (Play Area Twin Baby Pony)
Magic Dragonfly (Magician Pony)
Merry Moments (Secret Surprise Pony)
Miss Painter (Fantastic Job Pony)
Miss Teacher (Fantastic Job Pony)
Moondust (Twin Baby Pony)
Moon Shadow (Magic Motion Pony)
Moon Shine (Lady) (Royal Lady Pony)
Morning Glory (Princess) (Princess Pony)
Morning Glory (Princess) (Royal Building)
Morning Glory (Royal Wedding Pony)
*Morning Glory (Secret Surprise Pony)*Muse (Musical Pony)
Night Glow (Fantasy hair pony)
Night Star (Changing mane and tail pony)
Ocean (Sailing Boat Baby Pony)
Petal (Baby) (Magic Motion Family Pony)
Petal Blossom (Magic Motion Pony)
Petal Blossom (Secret Surprise Pony)
Polka (Twin Baby Pony)
Precious (Hobby Pony)
Puff (Dress up pony)
Rose (Play Area Twin Baby Pony)
Rumba (Play Area Twin Baby Pony)
Samba (Play Area Twin Baby Pony)
Sapphire (Princess Pony)
Satin Slipper (Royal Lady Pony)
Satin Splash (Magic Motion Pony)
Sea Breeze (US Mail Order Pony)
Secret Tale (Secret Surprise Pony)
Silver Glow (Unicorn with magic wings)
Silver Rain (Princess Pony)
Silver Swirl (Princess Pony)
Sky Skimmer (Changing mane and tail pony)
Sky Skimmer (Easter Pony)

Sky Skimmer (Lady) (Royal Lady Pony)
Sky Skimmer (Masquerade Ball)
Sky Skimmer (Princess) (Royal Playset)
Sky Skimmer (Secret Surprise Pony)
Snowball (Purse Pony)
Sparkle (Royal Twin Baby Pony)
Spring (Secret Surprise Pony)
Stardust (Twin Baby Pony)
Sugarbelle (Secret Surprise Pony)
Sunbeam (Baby) (Magic Motion Family Pony)
Sundance (Birthday Magic Pony)
Sundance (Magic Motion Pony)
Sunsparkle (Changing mane and tail pony)
Sunsparkle (Magic Motion Family Pony)
Sunsparkle (Queen) (Royal Building)
Sweet Snowflake (Christmas Baby Pony)
Sweetberry (Basket Surprise Pony)
Sweetberry (Changing mane and tail pony)
Sweetberry (Magic Motion Pony)
Sweetberry (Magic Motion Family Pony)
Sweetberry (Masquerade Ball)
Sweetberry (Playset Pony)
Sweetberry (Princess) (Royal Playset)
Teddy (Dress up pony)
Tender Nuzzles (Secret Surprise Pony)
Tenderheart (Secret Surprise Pony)
Tickle Heart (Baby) (Magic Motion Family Pony)
Tipsy Tulip (Magic Motion Pony)
Trixiebelle (Princess) (Princess Pony)
Twinkle Star (Princess) (Princess Pony)
Waterfall (Lady) (Royal Lady pony)
Waterlily (Dress up pony)
White Pearl (Fantasy hair pony)
Wiggles (Royal
Twin Baby Pony)
Wing Song (Secret Surprise Pony 1998)


All My Heart
Aloha Pearl
Always & Forever
Amazing Grace
Amberlocks (Lovely Locks Salon)
Angel Dove
Apple Spice
April Mist
August Breeze
Aurora Mist
Autumn Crisp
Autumn Skye
Azalea Bloom
Banjo Blue
Bashful Bonnet
Beach Comber
Bellaluna (Aloha Pearl's Baby)
Berries 'n' Cherries
Blossom (G1)
Blossom Forth (1st edition/Dance Jamboree)
Blossom Forth (Family Dollar)
Blossom Forth (Sunny Adventures)
Blossom Forth (Wing Wishes)
Blue Belle (G1)
Bon Appetit
Bowtie (Dazzle Bright Pony)
Blue Mist
Boogie Woogie
Brights Brightly
Bumblesweet (1st edition/New Friend)
Bumblesweet (Seaside Celebration)
Bunches-o-Fun (Dress Up Fashions)
Bunches-o-Fun (New Friend)
Butter Drop
Butterdrop (Baby)
Butterscotch (G1)
Butterscotch (Berry Pickin' Fun)
Butterscotch (Easter)
Butterscotch (Seasonal Celebration)
Candy Apple
Candy Cane
Candy Heart
Charm Bracelet
Cheerilee II (Easter 2008)
Cheerilee II (Eyeshadow Pony)
Cheerilee II (Go To School)
Cheerilee II (Name on leg)
Cherry Blossom (1st edition/New Friend)
Cherry Blossom (Balloon Flying)
Cherry Blossom (Seaside Celebration)
Chilly Breezes
Chocolate Chippers
Chocolate Delight
Cinnamon Breeze
Citrus Sweetheart
Cloud Climber
Coconut Cream
Coconut Grove
Comet Tail
Comic Con Pony 2007
Comic Con Pony 2008
Cotton Candy (Cotton Candy Cafe)
Cotton Candy (G1)
Cotton Candy (Toys 'R' Us pack)
Crystal Crown
Crystal Lace
Crystal Lake
Cupcake (1st edition/New Friend)
Cupcake (Scootin' Along)
Cute Curtsey
Dainty Daisy
Daisy Jo (1st edition/New Friend)
Daisy Jo (Easter)
Daisy May
Daisy Paisley
Dance Around
Dance Slippers
Dancing Daffodil
Darling Dahlia
Darling Dayflower
Dazzle Surprise
December Delight
December Poinsetta
Denim Blue
Desert Blossom
Desert Palm
Desert Rose (1st edition/Sparkle Pony)
Desert Rose (Crystal Slipper Princess)
Dibble Dabble
Dream Blue (KB Toy Stores)
Dream Blue (Super Long Hair)
Dream Drifter
Fair Pony 2008 (American)
Fair Pony 2008 (European)
Fair Weather
Fairy Dust
Fancy Flora
Fancy Free
Fantastical February
February Violet
Finger Paints
Fizzy Pop
Flippity Flop
Flitter Flutter
Flower Flash (Petal Blossom's Baby)
Flower Garland
Flower Wishes
Flutter Butter
Fluttershy (1st edition/New Friend)
Fluttershy (Fancy Hair/Purse Pony)
Fluttershy (Wing Wishes) 
Forsythia (Sparkle Pony)
Frilly Frocks
Fun Fairy
Garden Glade
Gardenia Glow (New Friend)
Garden Wishes
Gem Blossom
Giggle Bean
Glitter Glide
Golden Delicious (1st edition/New Friend)
Golden Delicious (Seaside Celebration)
Goodie Goodie
Good Morning Sunshine
Goody Gumdrop (Wing Song's Baby)
Graceful Glimmer
Green Apple
Guava Lava
Heart Bright
Heather Winds
Hidden Treasures
Hokey Pokey
Honey Dew Hum
Hula Lula
Island Delight
Island Rainbow
Jade Garden
January Joy
Jazz Matazz
Jingle Jangle
Jolly Lolly
July Jubilee
July Larkspur
June Blossom
June Rose
Juniper Jade
Keen Bean (Baby)
Kimono (1st edition/Glitter Celebration)
Kimono (Belle)
Kimono (KB Toy stores)
Kiwi Tart
Knick Knack
Lady Slipper
Lavender Cloud
Lavender Lake
Lavender Locket
Lickity Split
Lily Lightly
Love Wishes
Lovely Ladybug
Lovey Dovey
Lullabelle (Lily Lightly Bonus Pony)
Lullabelle (Scootin' Along)
Lullabelle (Spring Basket)
Magic Marigold (New Friend)
March Daffodil
March Mischief
May Belle
Marshmellow Coco
May Lily Of The Valley
Meadow Moon
Merriweather (1st edition/Sparkle Pony)
Merriweather (Balloon Flying)
Midnight Dream
Minty (1st edition/Glitter Celebration)
Minty (Brazilian Sitting) (Green)
Minty (Brazilian Sitting) (Purple)
Minty (Christmas)
Minty (Favourite Friends)
Minty (G1)
Minty (Very Minty Christmas set)
Minty (Wing Wishes)
Misty Blue
Misty Mornings
Mittens (2003)
Mittens (2007)
Morning Dawn Delight
Morning Glory (Sweet Summertime)
Morning Monarch
November Chrysanthemum
November Nights
Ocean Dreamer
October Calendula
October Dreams
Orange Flower
Paradise Island
Paradise Palms
Party Cake
Peach Blossom
Peachie Keen
Peach Surprise
Peachy Pie
Pearly Pie
Penny Candy
Peri Winkle
Petal Blossom (Picnic Playset)
Petal Blossom (Super Long Hair)
Petal Dove
Petite Petunia
Piccolo (New Friend)
Piccolo (Tea Time Fun)
Pineapple Paradise
Pink Petals
Pinkie Pie (1st edition/Glitter Celebration)
Pinkie Pie (2nd edition/ Sweetberry's pose)
Pinkie Pie (25th Anniversary Sing and Dance)
Pinkie Pie (Birthday Party)
Pinkie Pie (Cinderella)
Pinkie Pie (Easter)
Pinkie Pie (Fair Exclusive 2007)
Pinkie Pie (Favourite Friends) (3-D Symbols)
Pinkie Pie (Favourite Friends) (Name on Leg)
Pinkie Pie (Favourite Friends) (With Hat)
Pinkie Pie (Favourite Friends) (With Kite)
Pinkie Pie (Newborn)
Pinkie Pie (Pie Party Fun)
Pinkie Pie (Pony Party Book)
Pinkie Pie (Styling)
Pinkie Pie (Whimsical Winter)
Pinkie Pie (Valentines Day)
Pink Sunsparkle
Pony Project Pony (Black)
Precious Gem
Pretty Parasol
Pretty Pop
Pretty Powder
Princess Peppermint
Pumpkin Tart
Purple Petunia
Puzzle Mint
Rainbow Bubbles
Rainbow Dash (1st edition/Rainbow Celebration)
Rainbow Dash (2nd edition/Kimono's pose)
Rainbow Dash (Dance Time)
Rainbow Dash (Eyeshadow Pony)
Rainbow Dash (Fashion Fun Dressing Room)
Rainbow Dash (Favourite Friends) (Name on Leg)
Rainbow Dash (Favourite Friends) (With Umbrella)
Rainbow Dash (Favourite Friends) (Wysteria I Pose)
Rainbow Dash (So Soft Newborn)
Rainbow Dash (Styling)
Rainbow Dash (Tea Time Fun)
Rainbow Flash
Rainbow Sunrise
Rainbow Swirl (1st edition/Sparkle pony)
Rainbow Swirl (Ice Cream Van)
Rainbow Swirl (Toys 'R' Us Pack)
Rainbow Treat
Rarity (Favourite Friends)
Rarity (Princess Rainbow Castle)
Rarity (So Soft Newborn)
Rarity (Super Long Hair)
Rhapsody Ribbons
Rhythm and Rhyme
Ribbons & Bows
Ribbon Wishes
Romperooni (Rainbow Flash's Baby)
Rose Blossom
Rose Garden
Round 'n' Round
Royal Beauty (SLH Pony)
Royal Bouquet (Crystal Design)
Royal Bouquet (Favourite Friends)
Royal Ribbon
Royal Rose
Royal Twist
Sand Dollar
Sandy Island
Sapphire Shores
Savannah Sage
Scootaloo (Favourite Friends) (Eyeshadow/Symbols on face)
Scootaloo (Favourite Friends) (With Hat)
Scootaloo (Favourite Friends) (With Surfboard)
Scootaloo (Scootin' Along)
Scooter Sprite
Sea Spray
Secret Wish
Serendipity (1st edition/New Friend)
Serendipity (Tea Party Playset)
Sew-and-So (1st edition/New Friend)
Sew-and-So (Seaside Celebration)
Shell Belle
Shenanigans (1st edition/New Friend)
Shenanigans (Study Break)
Shimmer Shine
Silly Lilly
Silly Sunshine
Silver Glow
Silver Lining
Silver Rain
Silver Song
Sky Wishes (1st edition/New Friend)
Sky Wishes (Jewellery Box)
Sky Wishes (Seaside Celebration)
Sky Wishes (So Soft Newborn)
Soaky Dokey
Soapy Smiles
Snippety Snap
Sno Glo (Christmas)
Snow'el (2003)
Snow'el (2007)
Snowdrop Swirl
Snuzzle (G1)
Soda Float
Sparkleberry Swirl (Baby)
Sparkleworks (1st edition/Glitter Celebration)
Sparkleworks (2nd edition/Sunny Daze's pose)
Sparkleworks (Ballet Fun)
Sparkleworks (Friendship Ball Evening Wear)
Sparkleworks (Princess Aurora)
Spring Breeze
Spring Carnival
Spring Fever
Spring Parade
Spring Treat
Star Dasher
Star Flight
Star Flower
Star Surprise
Star Swirl (Rain or Shine Garden Time)
Star Swirl (Seasonal Celebration)
Starbeam (Sparkle Pony)
Starcatcher (Decorating Pony)
Starcatcher (Favourite Friends)
Starcatcher (Pegasus Pony)
Starsong (Eyeshadow Pony)
Star Song (Favourite Friends) (With Pinwheel)
Star Song (Name on leg)

Strawberry Reef
Strawberry Sunset
Strawberry Surprise
Strawberry Swirl (1st edition/New Friend)
Strawberry Swirl (Favourite Friends)
Strawberry Swirl ("Let's Go!" edition)
Summer Bloom
Summer Shores
Sunny Daze (1st edition/Rainbow Celebration)
Sunny Daze (2nd edition/Sparkleworks's pose)
Sunny Daze (Brazilian Tween) (Pink)
Sunny Daze (Brazilian Tween) (Yellow)
Sunny Daze (Favourite Friend)
Sunny Daze (Friendship Ball Evening Wear)
Sunny Daze (Let's Go!)
Sunny Salsa
Sunny Sparkles
Sunrise Song
Sunset Sweety
Sunshine Blossom
Sunshine Parade
Surf Star
Sweetberry (1st edition/Rainbow Celebration)
Sweetberry (Birthday Party set)
Sweet Breeze (1st edition/New Friend)
Sweet Breeze (Balloon Flying)
Sweet September
Sweet Song (1st edition/New Friend)
Sweet Song (Bubble Bath Fun)
Sweet Sparkle
Sweet Steps
Sweet Summertime (Seasonal Celebration)
Sweet Summertime (Summer Gift Pack)
Sweetie Belle (Favourite Friends) (Eyeshadow/Symbols on face)
Sweetie-Belle (Favourite Friends) (Name on Leg)
Sweetie Belle (Favourite Friends) (With Basket)
Sweetie-Belle (Slumber Party Dress-Up Pony)

Sweetie Belle (Valentines Day)
Swirly Pop
Tangerine Sunset
Tangerine Twinkle
Tea Leaf
Tea Lily
Thistle Whistle
Tiddley Winks
Tink-a-Tink-a-Too (1st edition/New Friend)
Tink-a-Tink-a-Too (Slumber Party set)
Toola Roola I (1st edition/New Friend)
Toola Roola I (Wing Wishes)
Toola Roola II (Arts and Crafts)
Toola Roola II (Easter)
Toola Roola II (Favourite Friends) (With Basket)
Toola Roola II (Favourite Friends) (With Hat)
Triple Treat (1st edition/ New Friend)
Triple Treat (Favourite Friends)
Triple Treat (Sweet Adventures)
Tripsy Daisy
Tropical Delight (TRU 4-Pack 2004)
Tropical Surprise (Favourite Friends)
Tropical Surprise (Sunny Scent)
Tulip Twinkle
Tumble Top
Twilight Pink
Twilight Twinkle
Twinkle Twirl (Dance Studio)
Twinkle Twirl (Let's Go!)
Twinkle Twirl (Twirling 25th Anniversary edition)
Velvet Bow
Whistle Wishes
Willow Wisp
Wind Drifter
Wind Wisher
Windy Wisp
Wing Song
Winter Snow
Winter Wish
Wysteria (1st edition/Rainbow Celebration)
Wysteria (Crystal Bride)
Wysteria (Favourite Friends)
Wysteria (Seaside Celebration)
Yesterdaisy (Bonus Pony with Lily Lightly)
Yesterdaisy (Easter)
Yours Truly
Zippy Zinnia
Zipzee (Petal Parlour)
Zipzee (Princess Promenade Set)
Ponyville PoniesAlways and Forever
Bay Breeze
Blossom Forth
Breezie Dreams
Cheerilee II (La-Ti-Da Salon)
Cheerilee II (with popcorn machine)
Cherry Blossom
Daisy Jo
Desert Rose
Fantastical February
Flippety Flop
Lavender Lake
Minty (4-pack)
Pinkie Pie (4-pack)
Pinkie Pie (Balloon House)
Pinkie Pie (Rollerskate Party Cake)
Pinkie Pie (Tea Party set)
Rainbow Dash (Birthday Afternoon)
Rainbow Dash (Rainbow House)
Ribbon Wishes
Royal Bouquet
Scootaloo (with Scooter)
Scooter Sprite
Sky Wishes
Sparkleworks (4-Pack)
Sparkleworks (Teapot Palace)
Strawberry Swirl
Sunny Daze
Sunset Sweety
Sweetie Belle (Bumper Cars)
Toola Roola I (Shoe Time)
Toola Roola II (Treat Time)
Triple Treat
Yours Truly
Newborn Cuties
When I first started collecting ponies, I never, EVER thought I'd get this far.  And to think that most of these are lucky car boot sale finds truly is amazing.  Now I'll go and post a seperate blog for my wish list...  I'll be able to keep track of my collection then ~ I hope!

Desiree Skylark  xxx

We are being watched... >.>

Current mood:  hopeful

Time for another "Friends only" blog.  My sister is looking around here again.  I must be careful what I say, and beg all of you to do the same!   Mum tells me that as soon as I left the room at Emma’s house the other day, she started asking all kinds of questions about whether Mum had read my "funny blog about the cold bathroom".  Well, it wasn’t exactly about Emma’s cold bathroom - I just made one random comment based on a joke my sister had made...
Anyways, she wrote to me last night, in reply to an e-mail I sent to thank her for my Easter gifts.  She’s back on the subject of me going over to stay a weekend with her. 
"We really must see about you coming to stay again - then your get a taste of the real kids - maybe we could go shopping and you could show me the kind of things your into? that’s if you’d like to spend some time with your boring old sister! I had Gran and Grandad - so I’d like to think you know you’ve got me!"
I wonder if Mum will let me go this time?  I really think that’s the kind of break from day-to-day life that I need...  The way she mentions our Grandparents right when I’d been talking about missing them in my blog though - I really feel she’s reading this regularly.  Perhaps things could still turn out right for me...  As I said before, WATCH YOUR WORDS, and PLEASE don’t say anything bad about Emma.  Not that you have any reason to, or would do even if you did - I’m just saying...
OK, that’s the private part of my blog written.  Now I’m going to write the promised blog about my pony collection.

Sore hands

Current mood:  excited

Ouch!  I’ve really set my eczema off again by washing too many MLP’s.  Still, *most* of the Kiss Curl’s have been washed now - only three more to go!
I’m not going to Ealing Broadway with Mum now. It’s pouring with rain, and I guess I’d rather put up with having to wear miserable grey prison trousers to Amsterdam than go running to Argos and back in this weather.  Mum has promised to look for the other Retro set and Breezies in TKMaxx for me too, so I’ve given her the money in advance.  Keep your fingers crossed for me that she finds them, please!
While she’s at the dentist, I’m going to make some more recordings off of the internet.  Not more of my dreadful singing, thank goodness!  No, I mean I’m going to make some recordings of favourite music so that I can practise singing it before uploading it here.  I think I might delete those pony tunes I uploaded.  I don’t want anyone else laughing at me.  I’ll try to upload better recordings if I’m ever able to make them...
Nothing much else to say really.  Mum’s on her way out now, so I’ll get off of Myspace and see about doing something with the next couple of hours.  I think I might upload that list of ponies that I was talking about on my blog while I wait for this music to upload on my slow dial-up connection.
Right, I’m off to listen to pretty tunes, and start singing! 
Bye for now!

Sick of life.

Current mood:  depressed

I don’t know what’s going on inside my head.  I’ve just gone into a deep, deep depression again.  I realise I haven’t written to a lot of you, but I was scared I’d just start taking my anger out on you all, and make things worse if I did answer anyone.
Things just aren’t working out for me over here.  I think I really looked forward to the Easter weekend, and all too soon it was over, and things went back to their normal boring selves.
I put my knee through yet another pair of trousers last night, leaving me with just two very tatty pairs that are wearable, one of which is already in the wash, and the other I’m saving for wearing to Amsterdam (we leave 1am on Saturday), so I’m totally housebound until then.
I don’t want to be 17...and May is creeping up all too fast.  My 16-year-old life has been wasted now, just like the last five or six years.  How long until I’m 18, and still stuck here?
David won’t chase up the architect, even though we’ve not heard from him for a week again.  Apparently, he won’t talk to him "until Mum chooses a kitchen".  But he won’t take us to look at kitches either!
I’ve spent the entire day practising voices and singing.  I do believe my singing voice is getting stronger, and I’m definitely perfecting my Vancouver accent now.  Dodge (Splodge’s Canadian brother in my cassette stories) is almost believable at last, now that’s he’s dead.  Sounds just about right, eh?
I keep trying to get across to Mum with everything, but she just keeps telling me to shut up.  I tried to talk to her earlier, asked her a question, received no answer, then was told to "Go on."  Um...what’s the point of "going on" when you aren’t listening?  So she accused me of trying to stop her reading her magazine.  I went upstairs to sing again.
I need to buy some trousers, but I can’t bear flairs or wide legged things.  If I have to wear trousers, as opposed to skirts, I want something like well-fitting skinny jeans.  But now those are out of fashion in the UK.
I have some black leggings that come down to just below the knee, which Emma pointed out to us some time ago - I think in Peacocks?  But, of course, I can hardly wear those when I’m forced to have, er, "natural" legs, can I?  I tried to get that point across to Mum too, but she just started asking me embarassing questions about "how you remove hair".  Um...excuse me?  You lived as a teenager through the 70s, age of mini-skirts.
I keep breaking down in tears, and can’t stop myself.  I just don’t know what to do.  Mum says I’m "selfish for ranting all the time", and that I’m "going to kill her".  But I think I’ve waited quite long enough for her to understand my dreams.
"Dreams are private things." She protests.  Er...not when you have no freedom whatsoever.  I have no chance of becoming a voice actress without some kind of training, and there’s no way I’ll ever afford it without a job, and there’s no way I’ll ever get a job without education.  Plus I wouldn’t be allowed out of sight long enough to get  job or go to drama/vocal coaching/singing classes.  I’m done for.
She’s going to the dentist for 30 minutes tomorrow, and I intend on walking around Ealing Broadway again.  Perhaps I’ll at least be able to wear my black leggings and a MLP t-shirt to Amsterdam then.  Depends if I have the chance to go in Superdrug and Argos, and get back to our meeting place in TKMaxx in time...  We’ll see.
That’s if David doesn’t drive her there.  If he does, she’ll expect us all to walk around together.  I don’t think he will take her there though, since he has to work for the bosses who aren’t paying him, doesn’t he?  After all, "if he didn’t work, they’d have an excuse not to pay him."  WTH?
I was sorting out my pony list yesterday, and asked David where he got the three ponies I got for Easter (I write down all their details such as where/when they were bought and how much they cost on my list) and found out that he got the three of them in Woolworths on a BOGOF offer.  Yes, buy ONE get ONE free.  And he bought three?  Um...
Yeah, he could have had a fourth pony totally FREE!  But there wasn’t one there that I hadn’t got apparently, so he didn’t get one.  Well, that doesn’t really matter, does it?  I’d rather have sent another Pinkie Pie to someone who wanted her, than leave her on the shelf!  Idiot.
Oh well, enough of that.  The exciting news is I discovered that I now have a total of AT LEAST 1252 different ponies!!!  There may be more that were left off of the list too.   I only have a record of there being about 880 more that I haven’t got!!!  It’s really odd to think I’m over halfway there, although most of the ones I still need are really expensive, rare or foreign models...  I think I’m going to have to make a pony section on my profile, listing all the ponies I own now!
Um...I guess that’s it.  I don’t know if I’ll get online tomorrow, between Mum’s appointment and getting ready for Amsterdam.  It’s only a long day trip though, so I’ll be back on early Sunday morning, whatever happens.   Thank you for being so patient with me, everyone.  I really don’t know what’s caused me to go all depressed like this.  Mum says I’m "as mad as a hatter", "have been a manic depressive since the day I was born" and "should be on medication".  She can’t get that there’s more to it than that. 
Oh well, sorry for moaning.  I just really needed to get it all off my chest.
Be back soon,
Desiree   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

I'm Just Singing In The Sun...

Current mood:  nostalgic

Well, not much has happened today at all.  The sun is out again, after yesterday’s snow flurries.  Strange weather.  However, David went to the shop on his way back from work, so I didn’t even get to Tesco.  He got the Radio Times and Season Two of "Intelligence" is on every day from next Monday.  Ugh.  I’ll have to wait about a year to pay a load of money for a DVD, no doubt.  That’s if they even release it. 
I’ve been all depressed and nostalgic again today, thinking of old days.  I wish I could go back to being little and go and see my grandparents again.  I miss them so much.  And I started crying over Splodge again.  I can’t believe I’ve been without a guinea pig for a month and a half.  Guinea pigs are my life. 
Anyways, enough of that.  I’ve been trying to cheer myself up by working on my singing all day.   But I can’t do a thing - I’m awful.  I DO believe my voices are improving though.  For the first time in my life, I tried to sing "I’ll Go It Alone" as Baby Lickety Split, and actually sounded just a little like Alice Playten.   Anyways, now that I know how to upload WAV files, you can all have a listen and laugh at me, if you like.  I’m going to get all the MLP songs I try to sing uploaded, then go back to working on my My Little Pony Magic Series, and the sequel My Little Pony Mystery Series...then work on some random songs I’ve been trying to sing.  I was testing myself on "Part Of Your World" today, and I really think I might sound OK-ish.  So now I need to get a recording, but Mum can’t stand the voices in Disney films (although personally I love Jodi Benson’s work in "The Little Mermaid"), so I don’t want to disturb her by cassette recording from Youtube, so I can’t make a recording upstairs, because I need the music for background.  Oh well, I’ll do it as soon as I can anyway.  I’m busily re-writing lyrics too, and making it Desiree Skylark-ish, if you know what I mean.
Ah, you want a link, don’t you?  No?  Tough, you’re getting one anyway!
Just click through the media links at the bottom, and you should find the *wondeful* recordings.  Um...enjoy, I guess! 
Ah, and congrats to Sarah finding a new job at last!  Although I suppose we’ll have less chance to chat now.  Oh well...all good things have a downside.  I hope you have a better boss this time.  All fingers crossed for you!
Best wishes, and remember to put your earplugs in before listening to the songs...YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! 
Desiree Skylark  xxx

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

I'm Dreaming Of A White Easter...

Woke up at 7am, and the sun was shining brightly.  So I got dressed and ready to go out to Epsom car boot sale, as originally planned.  My parents weren't best pleased, being awoken so "early", but I managed to get to the place for 9.15am (only 75 minutes late - amazing for my father's standards!)
Upon arrival though, we discovered the sun was NOT shining in Epsom.  In fact, it was snowing...HEAVILY.  The car park assistants decided to direct us as far from the car boot as they could, even though there were tons of spaces nearer the field.   All three of us were soaked by the time we got there, and found there were hardly any tables there anyway.  Plus, someone had obviously been around looking for MLP's before we got there anyway.  The one dealer who always has ponies just had a stack of fakies surrounded by a huge empty space...
Absolutely nothing there, of course.  Actually, I tell a lie.  There was a very soggy 1988 "Quest Of The Princess Ponies" video, but since I already have seven copies of it, and nobody seems to want to buy them from me, I passed on that one!
On the way back, the snow got even heavier, and the ground was really turning white all around us.  Totally ridiculous weather for British Spring, if you ask me!
David decided he had to stop at Hounslow to use the public services, so I asked to go in TKMaxx, in order to look for the Retro MLP sets.
We walked around a couple of times without seeing anything - that place is so messy!  But then I spotted the same porcelain teaset I saw in Uxbridge, only this one wasn't smashed.  I still decided it cost too much, and left it there though.  However, I then stumbled across four more pony boxes - one being Royal Bouquet, who I already have, annoyingly reduced to half price, and another being an American Cotton Candy Cafe.  It was so odd to randomly see one of those after all these years!  However, the other two boxes were a little more interesting.  Firstly, one of the Retro sets!  The Blue Belle, Butterscotch and Cotton Candy one.  They were reduced to £10, so I bought them...and the other box was...three of the rare second set of Breezies!  Needless to say, Zippy Zinia, Purple Petunia and Darling Dayflower came home with me too, priced at £5.  Strangely, both sets are in weird US boxes, with stickers over a lot of the English text, modified so that they're suitable for MEXICAN markets.  Um...these are a little far from home, aren't they?
The Retro Ponies are ADORABLE!  They really smell like G1 Ponies, that beautiful plastic-y smell when you first take them out the boxes.  And the combs are actually made in the old molds.  I'm genuinely worried they're going to get mixed up with my real G1 combs!
Finally, we went to Tesco, looking for cheap Easter eggs.  Who were we kidding?  They don't do cheap eggs anymore.  At. All.  Well, apart from the real smashed boxes and half-eaten chocolate that the weird people around here have enjoyed testing in the shop...
Then we came in, and David went back in the bathroom, and Mum curled up on the sofa with a hot water bottle, and went to sleep.  And I spent ages trying desperately to make myself look slightly presentable, before we went over to Emma's house.  So we were all late AGAIN
I had a great time though - it was brilliant to see them all again so soon after last time.  Emma re-enforced that we're welcome any time, but I know Mum's right, saying that we won't get back there until Kizzy's birthday in September.
Emma totally spoilt me for Easter - she got me a MLP DVD (featuring some of the 80s MLP episodes...including "The Revolt Of Paradise Estate", the episode David messed up recording back in 1997, by recording it with the volume down...  Only waited eleven years to have the soundtrack back! ), two MLP colouring books (including the "Princess Party Paint Book" - the one I saw in Borders YEARS ago [2004?], but couldn't buy because it was missing it's paint pallet, and have wanted ever since), and a MLP Easter egg from Woolworths, complete with the "Target exclusive" Easter Toola Roola!!!
We had pizza, and Cadbury's Creme Egg Ice Creams...absolutely delicious!  I wish we had a freezer and could have those ice creams.  They're even better than the McFlurry version!
I kind of got abducted by Abigale again, and locked up in the kids' bedroom, watching Cinderella, dancing and singing "A Dream Is A Wish"...anyone remember when that was my profile song?  I surprised myself by singing it pretty well, I thought.  Abigale liked it anyway, she made me sing it again and again.   Aww, I have a fan?  My first, and probably my last.  I'll never be a voice actress now...  I wish someone would at least understand my dreams...
Emma made a random comment about how I'm coming up for 17, and how she thinks of me at Abigale's age, and I've got all depressed again now.    I can't bear how quickly everyone's lives are going.  One moment I'm a toddler, and my big sister is the teenager I adore.  Next thing I know, the years have flown, I'm almost as old as Emma was at the time I'm remembering, and her kids are the age I was then!  The mother I remember being in her late 30s is suddenly gone 50.  David always seemed old to me anyway, but 61.  My God.  What's become of our lives?    I'm really getting tight pangs of panic in my stomach now.  No way I'll get to sleep.
I don't WANT to be 17...I don't feel I've had a childhood, and my teens are just whizzing by me, while David delays moving house even further.  I just want one person in my real life who can understand my main goals in life:  I got Mum to understand that I wanted my teeth straightened, and to agree to supporting me in the treatment.  Now I need to get her to understand the simple little things, like wanting to wear make-up and nice clothes, and changing my hairstyle.  Just let me live my youth, please!  Plus my bigger dreams, of course!  I want to at least be supported in my dream of becoming a voice artist/musical theatre actress.  I probably couldn't make it, but at least acknowledge my desperation, people!  Blast everyone.  I'm off to Vancouver.  I'll get there somehow, right?  Yeah, right.    What's the point of going if I can't become a VA anyway?
OK, that's a quick-ish round-up of today, because I have to get off to bed.  One last thing:  This panic attack really got bad when I started listening to The Little Mermaid's  "Part of That World" on Youtube.  I know it sounds slightly odd, but it's just something about how a film I remember Emma lending me as a small child now looks a hundred years old!  Anyway, anybody know how I can get the song on my profile?  It's not on Myspace music, but it's on Youtube hundreds of times over.  How do I embed a video without showing the actual video?  As in just get the audio?  The lyrics really fit pretty well to my life at the moment...I have so many beautiful posessions, but "I want more" in the sense of a life, "Wandering free" in "THAT world", doing as I long to do.  Yeah, you know what I'm getting at, people... 
Right, now I'm really off to bed.   Love you all!