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And another three days go by...

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I just never seem to get around to updating this thing now.  But I’ll try to do a quick catch-up before Mum starts yelling at me that we must go to the communal bed again.
Thursday, March 20th 2008
Finally, Mum has realised the importance of clearing this place up.  So we spent most of the day working together for once in order to clean up the kitchen.  It was so gross!  We filled up four black sacks with rubbish just from about half of the kitchen counters.  We found an entire package of 12 Diet Cokes with Best before August ’06 on them, so they have been put aside for the recycling David never does.  I came across three MLP cake boxes from three seperate birthdays where I’d never found time to clip the jigsaws from the back and recycle the rest of the cardboard...  But worst of all, we found maggots.  Tons of them.  Crawling all over the counters, literally inches from where we prepare our food.  (Hidden by all kinds of papers that David had dumped there). 
They were house moth and carpet beetle larvae, and were really only there, eating some yellow feathers that were attached to some clay ducks I sculpted when I was about six, but it was still nasty sweeping up all they’re yellow-feather-coloured poo right near where we have to get our dinner.
We also finished clearing out the coat cupboard, and found tons of stuff I didn’t really feel we should get rid of, but that we didn’t actually want.  Unfortunately, there are no charity shops in the surrounding area, so we’ve nobody to give the stuff to.  Hence, it’s your lucky day!  I’m going to be putting tons of photos up here of stuff we don’t want, but someone out there might.  (Don’t worry - we’ll be binning most stuff before it even reaches your screen!)  Anyways, if anyone wants something, just pay shipping, and it’s yours.  Look at the "Unwanted Treasures" photos in my album. 
Mum is a little annoyed about how few people sent us Easter cards.  She strained her eyes writing tons, and we only got three back.  Then John and Madeline (who usually send us gifts, and who we sent the £10 garden centre to) sent us a card, and a half empty (must have given the other half to someone else!) bag of chocolate bunnies between us - the kind that you get in 99p Store.
In the evening, we went to Mum’s family history meeting, and despite the fact I smiled politely at some slightly odd man who said "Hello" to us when we walked in, even though I hate smiling with my teeth, David insisted on calling me "A miserable cow".  Sweet.  Anyway, basically it was their AGM and most of the evening was spent electing a new commitee etc.  But there was a surprise talk...from a surprise talker - Jonathon Oates!  Yes, Mum’s idol!  He stammered his way through yet another talk on local murders, before Mum insisted David go up and talk to him again, this time asking him why he always wore a brooch in the shape of a pig on his lapel... 0.0  I’ve forgotten the answer now, but it was pretty short.  I think Jonathon is getting a little sick of his stalkers...
Friday, March 21st 2008
The start of the Easter holidays, so we went to the Ideal Home Show at Earl’s Court.  It was a lot of rubbish this year though to be honest (right when we need ideas for Woodberry!), and Mum couldn’t find any kitchens or bathrooms she liked...or anything else, for that matter.  Actually, I tell a lie.  She saw some china cabinets that cost over £2000 each, and a smoothie maker that cost £130.  Ooh, and some toasted sandwich bags that wouldn’t fit our toaster.  Brilliant, eh?  There was some lovely (and cheap!) jewellery there, but Mum didn’t want to stop to let me look at it, or buy anything.
We did have our first ever Ben & Jerry’s ice creams though, and I must say, they’re as delicious as everyone has told me!  I had chocolate, and Mum had vanilla, but we took a scoop of each other’s ice cream before we started eating too, and we both loved both, if that makes sense.  The only thing that tainted them slightly was the fact that two teenage boys decided to keep kicking a ball towards up and down the hall, and it missed us by about two inches a few times.  We thought we were safe when the security guards came up to them...but instead they joined in with the game, and kicked the ball even harder and higher!  
David offered me a second ice cream too, a delicious Italian one.  So I accepted, and felt really sick.  That’s what I get for being so greedy!  Mum didn’t have the second one, since she was full up with smoothie samples.
I was staggering by the time we left the place.  Dehydrated is an understatement.  Try walking around with no water for six hours without sitting down.  And just then David met up with an old work friend, who looked a really funny my dad, in fact!  Mum and I shot off like rockets, and apparently the other bloke’s wife did the same thing, running in the other direction.   We were stuck there for about half an hour.
We had to stop at Tesco on the way home too, in order to get the Friday night shopping, since all the shops shut early yesterday, of course.  David offered us the car keys so that we could go and sit down while he went through the checkout, but I discovered I couldn’t figure out how to get the doors to unlock!   So we ended up walking twice as far just to get David to tell us how.
I didn’t notice while getting in the back seat, but when David got back from Tesco, it became apparent that the car parked next to us had got SO near to our car that there was no way ANYONE could get in the driver’s seat...but especially my fat father.
So all three of us had to get out of the car and, tired as we were, push is halfway out of the parking space, then jump in and drive away as quickly as possible, so as not to disrupt the traffic around us.  Honestly, don’t people even bother to think of others these days?
Er...I think that’s it for yesterday?  So let’s move on to...
First off, I overslept (slept right through the alarm clock that automatically keeps ringing for half an hour!), and missed a ton of adverts again, which was very annoying, considering our TV aerial is actually working again now.   Then when I went to get a better recording of "Dancing On Ice" than the terribly fuzzy one I got last week, the Ponyville commercial came on FOUR TIMES, hence I have something like two full copies and two half copies on the wrong video now.  AGH!  Oh well, better than not having it at all, I guess. 
I turned the computer on and found I had a message from someone I didn’t think I was going to hear from, which was a nice surprise.  I won’t drop names here, in case they don’t want me to, but I’ll say I went slightly hyper when I saw it in my inbox.  Thank you for driving me mad, Sweet 20...and no, there’s no point trying to figure out what that means, since it’s a code only I would know.
This afternoon, we went shopping.  First to Watford, to buy Emma and Nick their Easter gifts - a bar of Lush soap for Emma, and a bar of Turkish Delight for Nick.  Charming, generous soul my mum is, eh? We also got Nick his birthday present - a £10 HMV voucher.  That’s more on the level of a gift, I think?
Even though Mum got Emma the tiniest bar of soap she could, she made a point of standing in the shop and ranting about how expensive the stuff is AGAIN.  I’ll be too embarassed to ever go in there by the time I’m actually free. 
We went to look for trousers, since Mum has finally acknowledged that I need some, but she took one look at one pair of expensive jeans in Topshop (£45) and went mad.  Primark is more on our level, apparently.  But the trousers they had there were all size 8 (can’t imagine I’m that small! ) and wouldn’t cover your entire legs anyways, which is no good for those of us who aren’t allowed to do simple things in order to be able to bare so much as our ankles.  *Annoyed cough*
Then we had to rush off and go to Uxbridge, in order to get in TKMaxx, where the Retro Ponies are supposed to be sold.  I fell asleep in the car on the way, since I’m so tired, and was awoken in Uxbridge car park by a terrible scraping noise, Mum yelling "Oh, God!" and David moaning between clenched teeth, "Christ Almighty!"  That could only mean one thing - trouble.  Basically, because David’s so busy working for no money, he never gets around to going to see the optician, so his glasses don’t work properly, even though he says they do.  He’s not driving safely though, and keeps cutting corners very tightly.  This time he cut the corner TOO tightly, and scraped the length of the car on a pillar in the car park.  The black hire car now has huge white scratches along the left side doors.  So that’s roughly another £100 worth of debt.  All you can say is thank goodness I wasn’t awake - else, it would have been my fault, as car accidents always seem to be.  Although it was my fault anyway, for wanting to go to Uxbridge.  Er...but couldn’t it have happened wherever we went?
There was nothing in TKMaxx anyway, except for a porcelain teaset which was badly damaged, and I have nowhere to keep safe.  So it was a wasted trip.
And I’m now officially going to Amsterdam wearing my grey prison trousers.  I was hoping I could get myself sorted out before I even saw Emma again on Monday, much less before next weekend.  Oh well...
In some good news (Well, good for me anyway!), Sarah and I were messing around online last night and found a site where we could upload WAV files, so I can finally let you experience the joyous rubbish voices of the "My Little Pony Magic" and "My Little Pony Mystery" fanfics.  You always wanted to know what The Black Pony Of Darkness was supposed to sound like, didn’t you?
Ooh, and I started my first custom pony too.  Can’t believe I’m saying that.   But don’t worry, he’s just one of those blank Hasbro ponies, and I see nothing wrong with customising those, since that’s their purpose.  I can’t really mess up a blank pony, can I?  He’s going to be Lancer, of course.  You can see photos of him in my new album.  Or right here - only his eyes are done so far, and yes, I know details like eyes and symbols are usually painted last, but I’m just messing about, and seeing how things go at the moment.  Knowing me, I’ll probably wipe it all off and start again soon.

Ick.  It’s almost 1am, and Mum’s going beserk, because she wants to go to bed.  Tomorrow’s job is clearing out Bramley.  They say a woman’s work is never done.  When it comes to my life, that definitely seems to be the case!
See you tomorrow, I hope!
Best wishes,
Desiree Skylark   xxx

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