Friday, 28 March 2008

Sore hands

Current mood:  excited

Ouch!  I’ve really set my eczema off again by washing too many MLP’s.  Still, *most* of the Kiss Curl’s have been washed now - only three more to go!
I’m not going to Ealing Broadway with Mum now. It’s pouring with rain, and I guess I’d rather put up with having to wear miserable grey prison trousers to Amsterdam than go running to Argos and back in this weather.  Mum has promised to look for the other Retro set and Breezies in TKMaxx for me too, so I’ve given her the money in advance.  Keep your fingers crossed for me that she finds them, please!
While she’s at the dentist, I’m going to make some more recordings off of the internet.  Not more of my dreadful singing, thank goodness!  No, I mean I’m going to make some recordings of favourite music so that I can practise singing it before uploading it here.  I think I might delete those pony tunes I uploaded.  I don’t want anyone else laughing at me.  I’ll try to upload better recordings if I’m ever able to make them...
Nothing much else to say really.  Mum’s on her way out now, so I’ll get off of Myspace and see about doing something with the next couple of hours.  I think I might upload that list of ponies that I was talking about on my blog while I wait for this music to upload on my slow dial-up connection.
Right, I’m off to listen to pretty tunes, and start singing! 
Bye for now!

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