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Three Days...

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Three days news in one blog, because I was too lazy to get on and write anything before!
First off, Sunday:
Nice morning - not.  Got up to record the commercials, and managed to get not one, but TWO copies of the Ponyville advert I missed on Saturday.  However, the TV aerial had really gone funny, so you can hardly see them, and even the sound warped right in the middle of the tune.   Still, nice to have it as a memory of the range for the future.  I don’t think the MLP’s are going to last much longer, considering what Hasbro are doing with this "Core Seven" business.
Then, when I went out into the kitchen to get my breakfast, I heard possibly the most revolting thing I’ve heard in my life.  Now I’m not sure if I’ve told you the story of our weird Irish neighbours?  Basically, about ten years ago, when I (aged about six) used to go out in the garden to play, the woman (Lizz) next door would glare over our fence at me, and shake her head very pointedly.  So I started playing in our private side alley instead.  One night, David was out in the garden when Lizz’s husband, James, spoke to him - VERY RARE OCCURENCE.  Basically James asked if David would sign a form to allow them to build an opening window in their downstairs bathroom (located under the stairs, so very dark)...onto OUR alley!  David signed it, without even talking to us.   Of course, I was heartbroken to lose my one last private space in the garden, and also disgusted at the thought of having their bathroom window looking onto our garden.
It got worse - the window wasn’t even properly frosted, so we could clearly see them showering and sitting on their lavatory FROM OUR KITCHEN WINDOW!!!  They seem to have no shame.  Well, apart from when Mum went out to the rubbish bin...and Liz stood up from the toilet, turned around and said "Excuse me" very clearly through the open window, and slammed her blinds down!  That was enough for all of us.  We constructed a massive garden fence (tallest we were allowed - almost eight feet!) all the way along, to the utter disgust of the neighbours - To quote James, "If we want to look at you, we can still construct a platform to climb on..."  Um, yeah.  Well, why would you want to?  We also constructed a seperate piece of fencing outside their window in the alley...meaning all they can do now is RAM the opening part of it into our fence on our land.  Needless to say, we’ve not spoken to them since.
Anyway, back to the story of last Sunday.  James must have been out drinking from St. Patrick’s I go out into the kitchen to get my breakfast, and hear him vomiting in his bathroom - having opened the window into our alley, even though it’s a cold day.  Absolutely vile.  I really didn’t fancy my breakfast after that!
We were supposed to go out Easter shopping for Allan, who wanted a Lego Indiana Jones motorbike from Woolworths.  However, David decided we were to go to Syon Park and buy a £10 garden centre voucher for Mum’s uncle John, even though he upset Mum by not contacting her for weeks and weeks recently, despite there being a new baby in the family...and we KNOW he’s "off" with us for no reason...  Mum didn’t want to get him anything, but David insisted - and expects Mum to pay for the voucher!  (David likes John, as you can tell...perhaps because he constantly slags off Mum and I!)
Anyways, by the time we’d been to Syon, there was hardly any time for poor little Allan...and we couldn’t find his motorbike in Greenford Woolworths.  So we rushed on to Hounslow before it shut.  No sign of the Lego set he wanted there either.   However, I popped into TKMaxx while we were there, and got three new MLP t-shirts!  Had a huge row with David in the shop, who insisted I needed a bigger size - I’m ashamed to say that I’m a 12 (I’d like to be 10), but David said I should be buying 14!  I’m not THAT fat, idiot!  Such a pity I can’t wear them because of the length of the sleeves and the way Mum is about women shaving.  Anyway, I shall save them for when we move and I have proper freedom.  I did try them on, and they fit perfectly!  So there, David!
I wanted to look at the trousers in TKMaxx, but Mum wanted to look at Easter eggs, so guess who won?!   I’m never going to get any new clothes I can actually wear, am I?
Finally, on the way back, we went in the tiny branch of Woolworths is West Ealing - and found the motorbike set!  Isn’t it strange how it’s always the smallest shops that come up with the goods?
I watched the "Dancing On Ice" finals in the evening (As well as I could with the terrible aerial anyway), and Suzanne won.  Well, good.  She was the best of the finalists.  However, Emma has since told me that before the woman was an actress, she used to pose topless in rude newspapers.  So now I’m wishing Chris had won instead.
Then yesterday...not really much to say about it, I guess.  David went to the post office in the morning, and picked up a parcel we missed a few days ago - yet more Mills & Boon books for himself, costing £8.24 just to post!  He wouldn’t have even told us, but I spotted them in the back of the car when we went to Tesco.  Of course, he was taking them to Woodberry with him when he went over there to sleep last night.
I had another huge row with him in the shop, saying he wasn’t serious about clearing the place out etc.  He just told me, "The place will be clear by the time the builders want to move in".  Yeah, right.  I had a feeling something might happen sooner rather than later...  He thinks he can wait forever.  I also had a moan at him for not telling me how much the "Intelligence" DVD cost, since I hate having unpaid debts.  So in the end he told me to pay him £27 and call it quits.  I know it’s around that price with shipping.  Hopefully he’ll let me use his account to buy Janyse’s CD now...  Fingers crossed.
On the way out of the shop, he almost smashed into another car coming up the street, and blamed me for "putting him off with my ranting", but that was IN Tesco, David, not in the car!  Basically, I’m not supposed to say anything about moving, am I?
There were terrible drunkards outside the house again last night, after David went to Woodberry  (Again, I think from St. Patrick’s Day parties), so I had to bring the phone into the living room and turn the computer off early again in case an emergency call was needed - sorry if you thought I was being rude, Sarah and Grace!  I see both of you tried to IM me after I turned the computer off.
Anyway, I went to bed, and it seems there was no more trouble outside since Mum never woke up downstairs again.  This morning, she got the shock of her life though - since the telephone rang at 8am...earlier than it ever rings!  She assumed it was David, who was already at work (not being paid), but when she picked the phone up, she heard Chris, the architect!
"Good news!" he announced.  "I have two builders definitely up for taking on the work, and maybe a third too...the last one wants to go in and see the loft tomorrow.  Can you drop the keys off by 5pm?  I’ll probably move the builders in within the next fortnight."
Apparently (I overslept again! ), Mum was on the phone to Chris for over an hour, and has told him just how terribly lazy my father is.  And so Chris says he’s going to push David to get on.  Of course, when Mum told David what the architect had said to her, my father went mad!  "We’ll have to tell him he can’t go round there tomorrow - what a thing to do to someone anyway!  He should give us far more time!"  Oh, and it’s OUR fault that the place hasn’t been cleared out - Mum and I never want to go over there.  Er...
I didn’t leave the house today.  Instead, David went over to Woodberry tonight for THREE HOURS in order to clear out some of the hundreds of  books, newspapers and magazines that he’s taken over there, and he’s in a foul mood, so I’m guessing a lot of it is still over there...and Mum and I are really embarassed.  We don’t want the people over there to know about David’s bad habits.  We want a whole new start!
And my other wonderful news for today - I put on a new pair of trousers.  Well, not a NEW new pair of trousers, just a freshly cleaned pair of grey prison trousers which I have to wear for three or four days usually to make them last between launderette visits.  Anyway, these were my best, most comfortable pair, with only a few holes in un-noticeable places along the seams...and still relatively tight when I first put them on.  So I was just feeling really happy and comfortable, went up to the communal bedroom to sing, saw that some of the Easter presents had fallen out of a bag and on to the bed, got up on the bed, turned around on my knees...and heard a rip.  I’d gone straight down on that spring that’s poking out of the mattress, and tore a HUGE hole in the knee of my best trousers.  
I honestly sobbed for hours this afternoon.  Now I have no relatively comfortable pair of trousers at all.  I’ve had to put on a pair of trousers I’ve already worn four days since the last launderette session now.  I don’t know what I’m going to do.  This leaves me with three pairs, two per laundrette-wash, and one to wear while the laundry gets washed.  Still, Mum can’t understand my need for new clothes.
Well, that’s it, I guess.  I can’t think of anything else to say.  I know there was more to write, but I’ve totally forgotten what, so I’ll just have to add it at a later date should I remember.
Thanks for reading, and best wishes,
Desiree Skylark  xxx

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