Tuesday, 29 April 2008

A Ray of Hopeful Sunshine?

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I wrote a huge blog this morning, after long, tiring arguments all night and morning again.  I really wanted someone to talk to - but Myspace ate it.  Oh well, probably for the best anyway, since I've put you all through quite enough of my ranting already, I know.  *Hugs*
All right, so just a quick update on tonight's meeting with our "wonderful" architect, since we might want a record to look back on in future, as Mum still can't write her diary, due to her lack of glasses.
Well, we were supposed to meet Chris at 7pm...David came in from work at 7.05, meaning we were twenty minutes late.  The architect had the cheek to ring us on the way to ask us where we were, after all these weeks of avoiding and ignoring us.
He did seem genuinely guilty though, I'll give him that, and even listened to me when I spoke, which is a shock, considering how David constantly puts Mum and I down.  He wants to do a couple of things with the kitchen that Mum doesn't like, and he still wants to take over the garden-landscaping, but apart from that, things seem to be moving in the right direction now.
He has managed to get the price down to £170,000 now though, but that's still £30,000 more than he mentioned on the phone when David got this appointment.  PLUS Chris openly admits (quite proudly, in fact) that he's "been on the phone all day, in order to get the price down" ~ Hold on!  He was supposed to be meeting us last Thursday, right?  So how come he was only talking to the builders TODAY?!
And finally, he says he can get the final prices to us on Thursday morning, and have the builders in the house within 7-10 days after that.  I'll believe that when it happens, especially since David chimed in, "Oh.  We still have to empty the house yet!"  It's only one cabinet and a bit of furniture, David!  Anyways, why tell him that?  Mum and I both snapped at David, and I almost hit him over the head, but thought better of it...  Chris sat in the corner and grinned, of course.  I hope my father hasn't delayed things even further...
Of course, this will now mean not moving until at least NOVEMBER.  There's no way I'll ever lead a normal life now.  Oh well.  Maybe I'll get a job of some kind in the future, and stay in Ealing.  I don't see an opportunity for the life I wanted coming up for me anytime soon.  Which was kind of what all the arguments were about last night.  David was gleefully telling me how I'll never get into college now, and so we need a loft, so that I can stay there forever.  I'm not going to get too downhearted though.  My voice IS improving.  In fact, I came out with a totally new voice today, that I surprised myself with.  It was a perfect voice for a small pet or woodland creature in a cartoon.  I do believe I have the talent in there somewhere, I just live in the wrong place...
I'm going to try to post this blog now, before Myspace eats the whole thing again.  I can't be bothered typing out all those arguments again, and they're kind of out of date now anyway.
See you all soon!
Desiree Skylark

Monday, 28 April 2008

Annoying Men, Greedy Men, Stupid Men, Lazy Men... Why Not Just Ditch Them All?

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I am really sick of my life.  Yesterday was another wasted Sunday, with David "too tired" after Saturday's excursion to do a thing.  And Mum was the same, so I had to lie in bed next to her, wide awake, not able to come downstairs, because then I would have disturbed David, sleeping on the sofa.  So, having not been able to record "Team Galaxy" on Saturday, due to the TV playing up, I couldn't record "Captain Flamingo" either.  I am desperate to get a recording of Tabitha somehow, but it seems I will miss out on what may be my one and only chance because we haven't moved house while these shows are on.
Why do all the quality Canadian cartoons have to be on at 6am/7am anyway, while we have ENDLESS repeats of the stupid English "Jim Jam and Sunny" puppet show nonsense in the later hours.  For goodness sake, some weekends they show the SAME EPISODE two or three times in a row!  So they think children in this country are really that dumb these days???
OK, enough of that rant.  Being "too tired" to do anything in the morning, David came out of the bathroom, ran down the stairs, dashed into the kitchen, and promptly asked us if it was OK if he ate one of the two chocolate croissants Mum and I had left over from Bruges.  They were supposed to be for our tea (although we probably shouldn't be eating such fattening food anyway), so Mum said "As long as you leave an even number, otherwise we'll be left fighting over the last one."  She thought that was a polite way of telling him not to have one.  His reply?  "OK, I'll eat both!"  And that's exactly what he did, right there and then as we watched...   Oh well.
They must have given him a surge of energy, because then he decided to take off to "work" for the rest of the afternoon and evening, leaving Mum and I in the awful light again.  I had a nice conversation with Elisabeth, but that was the highlight of my day, since we didn't get out of this dump at all.
When David returned to Grottsville, he was carrying a WHSmith bag.  "Where did you get that?" Mum asked.  "Brent Cross." David replied, cheerfully.  Huh, so much for "WORK".  He went shopping without even asking us if we wanted anything, while we were stuck in this dump.
He went back to the bathroom for a while, until Mum was tired, and had gone to sleep on the floor again, then dashed downstairs, and announced he was going to Woodberry to make use of the mattress again.  I told him that he was to help me wrap up the three parcels he promised to wrap up two weeks ago, since the Arena member who bought the MLP alarm clock and books had sent the second payment on Friday, and the parcels needed to be shipped out today.
So reluctantly, he turned the TV on, and watched the "Vicar Of Dibley" and "Law and Order", while continuously asking me "What did ya say?" whenever I tried to give him the address to write on the package.  Mum, meanwhile, was stuck on the sofa unable to stretch out and go to sleep on the floor.  Eventually, the job was done, and he went off to Woodberry for his nice cosy little snooze, while we listened to random tapping on the lounge window, and wondered what on Earth it was...
I stayed up half the night, watching videos on Youtube.  Somebody has uploaded some episodes of Bucky O'Hare on there sometime ago.  I'm surprised I hadn't seen them before.  I have a very faint memory of how I rescued a Bucky O'Hare toy when I was three or four from the jumble when Mum used to organise sales in aid of animal charities.  He was damaged so was "unsale-able" and I had him in my toy box for years.  The weird thing is, I knew exactly who he was, yet I had no recollection of how I knew.  Now I'm watching the cartoon though, I feel I saw it many years ago.  Although Mum can't remember the show at all.  I had no idea Shane Meier voiced such a main character in the show...maybe that is why his voice always sounded so familiar to me, if I actually did watch this series back in the old days.  Actually, you've got to admit, Willy DuWitt does kind of sound like a younger version of my favourite pony, Lancer...
This is the third part of the first episode, and Shane's got quite a long speaking part from about two minutes into the video.  So my pony/voice obsessed friends, please take a listen too.  I thought it was pretty interesting...
OK, now for today's wonderful news.
David didn't come in until 9.30am.  Mum and I can't get up until he's been in the bathroom, since he goes to "work" and needs to go first, and so I was left in bed, and Mum on the floor in the terrible lounge lighting without even being able to open the curtains.
Eventually, he trotted in, as I already said.  "Had a good rest?"  Mum asked, sarcastically, rubbing her arm from where she had been sleeping on the hard floor.  "Yeah, I overslept." David replied.  "Good for you.  My back aches, and bl**dy Picton [the architect] hasn't rung!"  "Oh, I've spoken to him." David said, as a kind of afterthought.  "Huh, I bet you didn't ring him."  "No, he rang me." Mum looked at David.  "Well?  Did you tell him off then?"  "Nah, Oi was troying to ge' uh meet'n.  We're seeing him tomorrow."  (Yeah, right. )
"So what's his excuse this time?" Mum asked.  "'e doesn't know what 'appened.  'e thought we were meeting at 'is 'ouse, and 'e was there all the time.  We didn't knock on the door."  "Utter Cr*p.  We were at his house within ten minutes of our appointment.  He can't have not heard us.  And anyway, why hasn't he replied to his answer phone message?"  "Oh, there's something wrong with his answer phone." David said, as if he really believes P*ss Sickton.  "Well, what's wrong with his ordinary phone.  Why couldn't he have rung us before without getting a message?"  No reply from my father, who is obviously on the architect's side.  "Well, I'm telling him we want the builders moved in within a week!"  "But ya can't, Jacqay.  We 'aven't clee-ad the 'ouse.  And the bloke 'asn't got back ta may about the loan!"
Well, I'm sorry.  But there's only one cupboard left to empty (probably an hour's work at most), and then it's just furniture, which can be moved within a day or two.  Why the heck wasn't the loan sorted out before?  I'm just infuriated by all of these men who are determined to ruin my life.
Nothing else has really happened today.  David ate the last banana so I had no breakfast (although he says he didn't eat it - are you telling me it got up and walked out of the fruit bowl on its own then?!), and forgot to take the parcels with him to work, so we had to post them (even though the money for the shipping is in David's paypal account - I bet I'll never see that now either, since it'll get spent on Mills & Boon!)
Best wishes,
xxx  Desiree Skylark  xxx

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Bruges ~ Another Disaster

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This report will remain photo-less, as I don't believe I took any decent pictures yesterday, and I can't be bothered to upload them anyway.  Sorry!
Well, I went to bed "early" on Friday night (only 1am! ) so I got three and a half hours of sleep before I had to get up and start dashing around again so that we could catch the coach from Greenford.  Even that was considered "oversleeping", and I hardly had a chance to get ready, and so I forgot to grab my sunglasses on the way out.  And it was the hottest, sunniest day I've experienced this year...  Just my luck, eh?
All of us were overtired and in a fowl mood, plus I'm just so depressed over all this not moving house business, so we had a huge argument before we even got to Greenford, so as soon as we parked the car, I jumped out of the car, and stood in the cold, leaning on the fence of the park there, and singing "Part Of Your World".  Meanwhile, a weird old woman with her hair dyed a nasty shade of ginger glared at me like I was mad.  I could have sworn I'd seen her somewhere before...
When my parents finally decided to get out of the car themselves, and walk down to the pick-up point, the weird woman wound down her car window and asked us, "Are you the other people waiting for the coach?  I was told to look out for you."  Apparently, she was sitting with us...still no idea who she was though, but even my mum thought she recognised her.
The coach was late, and then there was a huge confusion over where we were sitting.  Eventually, David and the weird woman sat in front (very front seats of the coach) while Mum and I sat behind them.  We soon discovered that Reynolds Diplomat are nothing like Impact, who we usually travel with, and we had two very nasty, bossy, useless drivers.  Firstly Mohammed, who seemed determined to kill us by continuously driving up on the kerb and swerving all over the road, and then Val, who loved the sound of her own voice and kept making pointless announcements...even when it was her turn to drive!   "All right folks!  We're on our way.  Now we're just driving all the way, and we're not bothering with a toilet stop...."  She continued droning on in her very common West London accent.  Of course, as soon as David heard about the lack of a stop, he shot in the toilet on the coach and stayed in there most of the way.  Well, he occasionally popped back for a little snooze so that he could embarass us with loud snoring noises.
When we reached the Eurotunnel, we were left with a few spare mintues, so everyone was allowed off to use the much-needed services, and buy their first batch of cigarettes of the day.  Mum and I didn't need to get off the coach but then the drivers announced they were getting off too, so we were locked in all on our own.  Meanwhile, the other people started to come back to the coach, and got rather annoyed that we weren't letting them in.   Er...but the door's locked and we can't even get out, much less let you in!
So I had to start walking up and down the coach, making elaborate hand movements to show that I couldn't open the door...  Finally, the nasty woman got back with piles of sandwiches, and Mohammed trotting along behind her.  Then she began stuffing her face, while speaking over her little microphone and almost driving into a sign...
I'd never used the Eurotunnel before, and it was AWFUL.  I was so hot that I almost passed out, and yet I refuse to take my coat off until I'm allowed to wear something a bit better than these nasty baggy t-shirts.  And my ears just kept popping and popping with the air pressure. It felt like my head was going to explode!
Once we got out of there, we drove all the way to Bruges without stopping, finally reaching our destination at noon.  "All right folks," called Val, the woman with the big mouth.  "Back on the coach by quarter to three English time!"  WTH?  A six hour journey, and then less than four hours at the place?!
She dropped us off miles away (but still quite a distance from the coach park they were stopping at), telling us we "ought to head back early, in order to find the coach in the coach park.  Otherwise, I'LL HAVE TO LEAVE YOU BEHIND!"  I thought we were already leaving early enough, thank you. 
We finally made it into the town, and booked ourselves a boat trip on the rather stinky canal which was full of rubbish.  We queued for half an hour, and then our tour guide spoke with such a thick accent we couldn't have understood a word he was saying, even if we could have heard him over all the other people he'd crammed into the boat, who were rudely talking amongst themselves in various languages.  It was a tiny little flimsy boat, which was rocking dangerously, and Mum was terrified.
At the end of the trip, we actually did hear something that the tour guide said - we were all supposed to give him a tip.  Well, tough.  We didn't have any small change, since we couldn't afford to get any more euros this week, and we didn't feel like giving him extra money after he'd overloaded that boat anyway.
David went in the toilet again after that, and then we staggered about, a bit deranged by the heat.  I couldn't even open my eyes.  There were horse-drawn carriages there, but I wouldn't have ridden in one if you'd offered me a $1,000,000.  The horses were quite obviously ill-treated, sweating and stumbling around with their heads held low, carrying huge weights (sometimes eleven or twelve people at a time) and not even being offered water between rides.
There was hardly any time left after that, so we just sat down and ate some chips, while David went back to the public services (!), then staggered back to the coach.  We didn't even have time to try a Belgian ice cream.  However, when we got back to the coach we discovered that ten people hadn't returned. The big-mouthed Val started telling us how she was going to leave them behind.  "I'm just ringing my boss, and she must be obeyed.  So when she says go, I go!"  Ooh, horror!  We're so scared!   Mind you, she did actually carry out her threat, ring her boss (to teach us all a lesson), and get her to agree to leave them.  Luckily, the two women came running up to the coach just in time!   Val was really upset about that though - it was quite obvious she had wanted to leave someone behind.  In fact, every time we stopped at all (In the Eurotunnel both ways, at Bruges, and the toilet stop before the tunnel on the way there) she forced us all to call out our names since we "might have left someone behind (*hopeful look*) although we haven't received a rude phone call..."  She would glance at the three of us and the nasty ginger-haired woman.  "You four are all together, ain't you?  The Alder's?"  David replied, "Well, us three are..."  "Oh yeah!"  Val replied.  "You three and the wifey!"  She also referred to Mum and I as "the young ladies" when we were left on the coach alone, so she must have thought that David was married to the woman with the dyed ginger hair, and Mum and I were their daughters.  So what's she saying?  I look like a 40 or 50 year old, and David and the old woman are our parents?
So what was the big hurry?  We were supposed to be stopping on the way back to buy cheap booze and cigarettes, it would appear.  We didn't have time for that either, as the nasty Val told us.  "We're getting straight on the train now!"  Of course, we weren't bothered since none of us drink or smoke, but the other people on the bus were devestated.  (So you see the kind of people we were travelling with this time! )
It took another six hours to get back, so we reached Grottsville just before it got dark.  Perfect - we could spend yet another evening in the awful light in here.
I had tried to set the timer for "Team Galaxy" this morning, hoping to get a bit more of Tabitha St.Germain's brilliant voice work on tape, but the TV had mysteriously gone wrong.  Unfortunately, it worked perfectly again last night, which meant we were forced to sit in front of the badly acted "Law And Order" again.  I wish there was another room that we could go in when David has his choice of show on TV.
We have more household problems now - the cold water tap has got jammed on in the kitchen.  And since David always has the hot water on to avoid the water pouring on our roof and coming in the back room, so now we have a constant jet of warm-ish water trickling in the sink.  We NEED to get out of here!
I started to write this last night, but was sent to bed, since "poor David" had nowhere to go except the communal bed where I don't want him sleeping and drooling anymore.  So I wasted my blog, and went to bed when I wasn't even tired.  I did manage to get to sleep eventually, but was disturbed all night, while Mum kept using me as a foot-rest.  I'm just so miserable.  Why won't P*ss Sickton get in touch with us?
David went down to the launderette today, and apparently a couple of women were sitting down there, gossiping generally.  One of them said, as though it were the most normal thing in the world, "I was woken up at 3am today, by someone trying to break into my house."  The other woman laughed, "You know, there were SEVENTEEN break-ins down [insert name of nearby road here] just before Christmas."
Really makes you feel confident about leaving this house even for a night away, let alone a proper holiday, huh?  I'm actually dreading Paris and Iceland now.
Right, I'm going to go now.  My parents are hanging up the laundry, and I can hear their voices getting louder and angrier by the second.  I guess I'd better go and help and see if I can calm things down a little...
*Massive hugs*
Desiree  xxx

Friday, 25 April 2008

Just a private blog for my friends...

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Nope, we don't want the general public in here!
Emma did actually have a reason for ringing yesterday morning - Mum isn't supposed to have told me, but apparently my sister has been very kindly touring TKMaxx's and had found the second Retro Pony set, the one with Blossom (one of Emma's original ponies actually, who later got handed down to me!), Minty and Snuzzle.  They're going to be my birthday gift.  Sometimes I wish Mum was better at keeping secrets.  It's very hard to put on that "surprised face" when you aren't really surprised...   Still, all very good practise for acting, I'm sure!
Also, one other random comment on Emma's conversation.  Apparently, she had to dash off to take Allan to school, but first she had to "go and put her face on" "Excuse me?" Mum asked, confused.  "My mascara and that." Emma explained.  I don't know specifically what "and that" means, but basically Emma admitted that she does wear make-up.  Which is strange, considering how she spent last time we visited convincing Mum that she didn't.
That might have seemed pretty random, but I thought it was slightly amusing anyway.
Right, now I'm really going.  I hope this computer is working when I get back from Bruges.  I still have so many letters to write!  At least you all know exactly what's going on now though.  I'll try not to let the blog build up so much next time - hopefully, I will return with more photos of Belgium, although my camera batteries have pretty much died again.  David still says it would be more expensive to buy rechargeable batteries.  I think he's crazy, considering how much that camera is used.  And he's supposed to be an estimator!
See you all on Sunday.  I hope...
Best wishes,
Desiree Skylark  xxx

The Incredibly Long Catch-Up Blog Part Two (April 20th-Today)

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Well, we're off on another trip tomorrow (this time to Bruges), so I'd really like to get the sad story of this week written up, but I don't know how far I'll get since I'm only setting aside an hour and that includes a break to eat dinner.  Still, we'll see...
April 20th 2008
Randomly, the elastic in my pajama trousers must have got loose, and they fell down during the night.  Thank goodness the blanket stayed wrapped around me.  But if that's going to keep happening, that makes yet another reason that I CAN'T keep sleeping next to my mum!
David was "too tired" after Ostend to go to Woodberry and do clearing out as planned, so instead he spent the day sleeping and drooling on the communal bed.
He had to come down in the evening though, and drive us to Woodberry, despite it being too late to do any clearing out.  The light in  this house was just too awful to bear, so Mum wanted to fetch a lamp stand.  However, upon arriving back in Grottsville, and clearing a space in the lounge, Mum decided the "light was shining in her eyes" from the other side of the room, so we would have to stay in darkness for the time being (AKA as long as we're stuck here which is likely to be a lot longer than I said in the "Doomed" blog now. )
I was terribly depressed about the architect not contacting us.  All I could do was hope that something would show up later in the week...
April 21st 2008
Joy, oh joy!!!   The architect rang David early this morning!!!   Finally we could get the show back on the road.  Apparently, his brother had a stroke, so he had to rush off to Scotland, then while he was up there his "wife" (who we don't even believe he's married to) got news that her father had been taken ill, and he has since died.  I don't know whether I really believe him, but I guess I'd better give him the benefit of the doubt, especially when people keep telling me I'm "not being compassionate" towards the evil so-and-so.  Even if he has had all that stress, there's absolutely no reason he couldn't have rung us and told us yet more of our lives were to be wasted.
Still, no point crying over spilt milk.  What's done is done, what's gone is gone.  Apparently, he'd got the price down to £140,000 on his own (still £20,000 more than he originally said, but £60,000 less than his last figure), and wanted to meet us on Thursday!  Hooray!
So finally David agreed to take action and we dashed off to Woodberry to do some clearing out.  To speed up the process, Mum even allowed me to pack up all of her precious drinking glasses by myself.  Well, that gives her someone to blame, should they get broken on their way to the storage depot, I guess!
April 22nd 2008
Mum decided to do some clearing out in the bathroom of this house, so as to make room for some vases that are currently at Woodberry.  Yep, this house is so cluttered that the only place left for the vases is by the bathroom sink!
She threw out a broken kids' bracelet, which was always kept with my childhood MLPs as a necklace for them, and which I had been intending on fixing sometime so that it could be displayed along with them when we moved, but since she'd worked so hard, I didn't mention that to her...  It's not like it was official MLP merchandise or anything, so it doesn't really matter.
We walked down the road after that for exercise, and Mum was absolutely exhausted, sleeping on the sofa for the rest of the afternoon.  Meanwhile, I turned the computer on and messed around, trying to get more points towards the Greek Pony competition on the Trading Post.  Mum had a turn answering her e-mails when she woke up, and then I took it back again.  Suddenly, the computer got REALLY slow, and I realised MSN had totally disappeared from my toolbar...
Then the whole toolbar disappeared!
I tried to switch the internet off, hoping if I re-started it, I might actually be able to write my long catch-up blog.  But when I switched AOL off, I found there were no icons on my desktop whatsoever.  I was pretty upset, since I hadn't saved some photos from my hard drive which I'd really wanted to keep, but at least I'd had some prior warning and saved all the photos and films of Splodge.  Obviously, the computer was going to have to go off to be fixed, so all my attempts to win the Greek Pony were in vain anyway.
Since I had no idea how to remove a computer battery pack at the time (Yes, I am stupid ), we just had to wait for the battery go dead before the computer would even switch off.  So I got to bed at about 3am, I think...
April 23rd 2008
The last package of ponies that I was expecting arrived: Prom Queen Sweetheart Sister Cha Cha (Set completer!!!) and the 2008 Valentines Day Ponies, Sweetie Belle and Pinkie Pie!  I got all three of them for just over £10 (including shipping) from Nachtlicht at the Arena.
Mum rang David, and asked him to send messages around to her main three contacts (family history friends, Jill and John, and my sister, Emma), telling them she might be offline for a while.  Apparently, John replied and said "thank you for letting him know" in a confused kind of way, Jill said nothing...and Emma, well, we'll get on to her later.  However, it's pretty obvious why the other two were so confused by David's messages.
We went to Woodberry to see a man from Kitchens Direct.  It was David's idea to get him in, despite the fact Mum hates all the designs from Kitchens Direct...
Before the man arrived, David rang his "friend", Richard (the man he got this computer from, who is also "friends" with the bosses who aren't paying my father), and asked him what we should do about the computer not switching off.  David seemed to have totally missed the fact that the computer wouldn't even turn ON now!  And I was upstairs in the bathroom at the time he chose to ring Richard, so couldn't even add that little problem in.  Anyways, the solution?  "Hold the power button down for five seconds."  Not really a long-term solution though, is it?  No doubt he just hoped it would get him past the warranty, since we don't really know how he manages to get cheap computers...  He wouldn't want any trouble, would he?
OK, so then the poor Kitchens Direct man, who introduced himself as Ovie, tried desperately to sell us a kitchen, and David totally wasted his time by calling him out to the house.
Worse still is the fact that Mum and I really got the giggles, for no apparent reason.  I think it started when he got out a huge file and started going over the entire history of the company.  Then Mum knocked all of her glasses cases on the floor and, in her rush to pick them up, kicked over a box full of stuff ready to go into the storage depot, which all toppled on top of my feet.
Then Ovie told us that the drawers in Kitchen Direct kitchens were "strong enough for an 8-year-old boy to stand in".  Mum and I looked at each other, obviously with the same thought in mind, and burst out laughing.  I can just imagine my nephew, Allan, standing in the kitchen drawers in a couple of years time...if we're moved by then, that is.
Ovie then drew us a plan of the kitchen (it was a beautiful drawing too - I wish I could just sketch out a room like that!), which Mum pretty openly said she hated, since there was "no full-height cupboard for an ironing board, and no space for shelves for her cruet and egg cup collections".
I was desperately trying to figure out Ovie's accent, and could have sworn it was French, so Mum embarassed me by asking him outright.  "See, we like accents around here!" she said, pointedly nudging me.   Oh well, at least we found out the answer; he was Romanian.
Mum fell asleep on the sofa again in the evening, and David slept on the communal bed.  Mum got down on the floor to sleep at 9.50pm...and then the phone rang.  By ringing "1471" to get the last caller's number, we found out it was Emma.  I was a bit worried as to why she was ringing that late, but Mum was just "too tired".
April 24th 2008
Emma rang again at 8am.  No real reason, she just wanted to say hello, since she couldn't e-mail us, it would appear.  However, she did tell us about the message she got from David:
Desiree computer broken so no more email
Um...  Can't he even compose a letter?!  No wonder Jill and John didn't know what to make of him!
We went to Woodberry to see the architect at 10.30am as planned - we only just got there with about five minutes to spare!  (Stupid David and his Mills & Boon obsession in the bathroom).  Both Mum and I saw Chris's door open when we arrived in the road, and figured he must just be leaving in order to get to our house in time!  Phew!  We really had only just made it!
So we dashed inside the house, and waited...
And waited...
...And waited.
The architect (Chris Picton, now officially nicknamed P*ss Sickton) didn't show up!     I'm fuming, I mean REALLY fuming.  I KNOW his door was open when we arrived, so I guess he was just avoiding us.
We walked down to his house, in case there was some misunderstanding and we were supposed to meet there.  But he didn't answer the door.   I just went back into Woodberry and sobbed and sobbed up in what SHOULD now be my bedroom.  It's horrendous.  I mean, are we ever going to get out of here?!
We got back to Grottsville, and tried the computer, thinking we would ring Richard the computer man while the machine was semi-switched on, and we could ask him questions as we went...
But the computer worked perfectly, and has been working ever since.   So maybe I COULD have entered the Greek pony competition, but since I stopped washing and photographing ponies, there's no time now.  Of course, had we been happily moved, my ponies would have been all clean and nice, up on their shelves, plus probably photographed with their pictures online by now, so they could have been uploaded straight to the Trading Post.  Yet another way P*ss Sickton has messed me up.
Mum had to go to the dentist, so David and I sat in the car, getting hotter and hotter.  In the end, I had to start walking around the car park.  Considering the time she was in there, I could have walked around the shops, but of course, nothing ever works out in life.  She was only supposed to be in there fifteen minutes anyway, but apparently spent the time having an argument about her mysterious new tooth.
The dentist claimed it must have been there a long time, and Mum just "didn't know about it".  What on Earth...  How could she not know about something in her own mouth?!  Eventually, the woman admitted it was a wisdom tooth, and that Mum is the oldest person at that surgery to have ever had one come through...   "Hopefully it won't move again...there may well be complications if it does." the dentist told her cheerfully.  That dentist seems to have a habit of being really sweet to my mum, doesn't she?!
A new charity shop had opened in Ealing Broadway, so we went in there, while David bought himself more Mills & Boon in WHSmith.  I tried to walk inside, only to have a piece of cardboard fly up into my face, and the door swing away from me.  It would appear the door was broken, and the cardboard was to hold it shut somehow.  The woman who was volunteering in there came running forward, grinning at us, telling us not to worry about it, and closing the door for us.  "Gosh, I'm going to have to find something to buy in here after that embarassment." I muttered to Mum.  Fortunately, this was not a problem.  I found a beautiful condition STARCATCHER (the original one with the fragile wings) for 40p!
The mad grinning woman asked me if I wanted a bag, and, without thinking, I replied, "Oh, no thanks.  I can put HER in my pocket."  She kind of smiled at me, as though I was mad myself.  Oops...
On the way back we went to MFI to look at the kitchen Mum actually does like.  They were taking photographs for the new catalogue, but fortunately they weren't using the kitchen in question...
Mum now doesn't like the kitchen - "It isn't at all as she remembered.  She thought it was grey, not 'pale-sick-colour'!" But she says she'll accept it anyway.
However, we have to order it before next Thursday, in order to get a discount...  And we need to talk to the evil architect before we can order anything. 
And SURPRISE SURPRISE!!!  He hasn't been in touch today either.  He CONSTANTLY has his answer phone on.  Nothing has really happened today.  I've just been so depressed, I haven't really felt like doing anything.  I sang a few songs, and recorded them to upload over the coming days...  David has just come in now, while Mum is (guess what?) sleeping again - on the floor this time. 
Well, I guess I'd better get off of here now.  I've spent a grand total of THREE HOURS writing this blog - so much for an hour including dinner!  I need to get ready for Bruges.
There are still so many people I haven't written to, so I hope the computer will be OK when we get back.
Lots of love,
Desiree  xxx