Monday, 28 April 2008

Annoying Men, Greedy Men, Stupid Men, Lazy Men... Why Not Just Ditch Them All?

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I am really sick of my life.  Yesterday was another wasted Sunday, with David "too tired" after Saturday's excursion to do a thing.  And Mum was the same, so I had to lie in bed next to her, wide awake, not able to come downstairs, because then I would have disturbed David, sleeping on the sofa.  So, having not been able to record "Team Galaxy" on Saturday, due to the TV playing up, I couldn't record "Captain Flamingo" either.  I am desperate to get a recording of Tabitha somehow, but it seems I will miss out on what may be my one and only chance because we haven't moved house while these shows are on.
Why do all the quality Canadian cartoons have to be on at 6am/7am anyway, while we have ENDLESS repeats of the stupid English "Jim Jam and Sunny" puppet show nonsense in the later hours.  For goodness sake, some weekends they show the SAME EPISODE two or three times in a row!  So they think children in this country are really that dumb these days???
OK, enough of that rant.  Being "too tired" to do anything in the morning, David came out of the bathroom, ran down the stairs, dashed into the kitchen, and promptly asked us if it was OK if he ate one of the two chocolate croissants Mum and I had left over from Bruges.  They were supposed to be for our tea (although we probably shouldn't be eating such fattening food anyway), so Mum said "As long as you leave an even number, otherwise we'll be left fighting over the last one."  She thought that was a polite way of telling him not to have one.  His reply?  "OK, I'll eat both!"  And that's exactly what he did, right there and then as we watched...   Oh well.
They must have given him a surge of energy, because then he decided to take off to "work" for the rest of the afternoon and evening, leaving Mum and I in the awful light again.  I had a nice conversation with Elisabeth, but that was the highlight of my day, since we didn't get out of this dump at all.
When David returned to Grottsville, he was carrying a WHSmith bag.  "Where did you get that?" Mum asked.  "Brent Cross." David replied, cheerfully.  Huh, so much for "WORK".  He went shopping without even asking us if we wanted anything, while we were stuck in this dump.
He went back to the bathroom for a while, until Mum was tired, and had gone to sleep on the floor again, then dashed downstairs, and announced he was going to Woodberry to make use of the mattress again.  I told him that he was to help me wrap up the three parcels he promised to wrap up two weeks ago, since the Arena member who bought the MLP alarm clock and books had sent the second payment on Friday, and the parcels needed to be shipped out today.
So reluctantly, he turned the TV on, and watched the "Vicar Of Dibley" and "Law and Order", while continuously asking me "What did ya say?" whenever I tried to give him the address to write on the package.  Mum, meanwhile, was stuck on the sofa unable to stretch out and go to sleep on the floor.  Eventually, the job was done, and he went off to Woodberry for his nice cosy little snooze, while we listened to random tapping on the lounge window, and wondered what on Earth it was...
I stayed up half the night, watching videos on Youtube.  Somebody has uploaded some episodes of Bucky O'Hare on there sometime ago.  I'm surprised I hadn't seen them before.  I have a very faint memory of how I rescued a Bucky O'Hare toy when I was three or four from the jumble when Mum used to organise sales in aid of animal charities.  He was damaged so was "unsale-able" and I had him in my toy box for years.  The weird thing is, I knew exactly who he was, yet I had no recollection of how I knew.  Now I'm watching the cartoon though, I feel I saw it many years ago.  Although Mum can't remember the show at all.  I had no idea Shane Meier voiced such a main character in the show...maybe that is why his voice always sounded so familiar to me, if I actually did watch this series back in the old days.  Actually, you've got to admit, Willy DuWitt does kind of sound like a younger version of my favourite pony, Lancer...
This is the third part of the first episode, and Shane's got quite a long speaking part from about two minutes into the video.  So my pony/voice obsessed friends, please take a listen too.  I thought it was pretty interesting...
OK, now for today's wonderful news.
David didn't come in until 9.30am.  Mum and I can't get up until he's been in the bathroom, since he goes to "work" and needs to go first, and so I was left in bed, and Mum on the floor in the terrible lounge lighting without even being able to open the curtains.
Eventually, he trotted in, as I already said.  "Had a good rest?"  Mum asked, sarcastically, rubbing her arm from where she had been sleeping on the hard floor.  "Yeah, I overslept." David replied.  "Good for you.  My back aches, and bl**dy Picton [the architect] hasn't rung!"  "Oh, I've spoken to him." David said, as a kind of afterthought.  "Huh, I bet you didn't ring him."  "No, he rang me." Mum looked at David.  "Well?  Did you tell him off then?"  "Nah, Oi was troying to ge' uh meet'n.  We're seeing him tomorrow."  (Yeah, right. )
"So what's his excuse this time?" Mum asked.  "'e doesn't know what 'appened.  'e thought we were meeting at 'is 'ouse, and 'e was there all the time.  We didn't knock on the door."  "Utter Cr*p.  We were at his house within ten minutes of our appointment.  He can't have not heard us.  And anyway, why hasn't he replied to his answer phone message?"  "Oh, there's something wrong with his answer phone." David said, as if he really believes P*ss Sickton.  "Well, what's wrong with his ordinary phone.  Why couldn't he have rung us before without getting a message?"  No reply from my father, who is obviously on the architect's side.  "Well, I'm telling him we want the builders moved in within a week!"  "But ya can't, Jacqay.  We 'aven't clee-ad the 'ouse.  And the bloke 'asn't got back ta may about the loan!"
Well, I'm sorry.  But there's only one cupboard left to empty (probably an hour's work at most), and then it's just furniture, which can be moved within a day or two.  Why the heck wasn't the loan sorted out before?  I'm just infuriated by all of these men who are determined to ruin my life.
Nothing else has really happened today.  David ate the last banana so I had no breakfast (although he says he didn't eat it - are you telling me it got up and walked out of the fruit bowl on its own then?!), and forgot to take the parcels with him to work, so we had to post them (even though the money for the shipping is in David's paypal account - I bet I'll never see that now either, since it'll get spent on Mills & Boon!)
Best wishes,
xxx  Desiree Skylark  xxx

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