Friday, 25 April 2008

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Nope, we don't want the general public in here!
Emma did actually have a reason for ringing yesterday morning - Mum isn't supposed to have told me, but apparently my sister has been very kindly touring TKMaxx's and had found the second Retro Pony set, the one with Blossom (one of Emma's original ponies actually, who later got handed down to me!), Minty and Snuzzle.  They're going to be my birthday gift.  Sometimes I wish Mum was better at keeping secrets.  It's very hard to put on that "surprised face" when you aren't really surprised...   Still, all very good practise for acting, I'm sure!
Also, one other random comment on Emma's conversation.  Apparently, she had to dash off to take Allan to school, but first she had to "go and put her face on" "Excuse me?" Mum asked, confused.  "My mascara and that." Emma explained.  I don't know specifically what "and that" means, but basically Emma admitted that she does wear make-up.  Which is strange, considering how she spent last time we visited convincing Mum that she didn't.
That might have seemed pretty random, but I thought it was slightly amusing anyway.
Right, now I'm really going.  I hope this computer is working when I get back from Bruges.  I still have so many letters to write!  At least you all know exactly what's going on now though.  I'll try not to let the blog build up so much next time - hopefully, I will return with more photos of Belgium, although my camera batteries have pretty much died again.  David still says it would be more expensive to buy rechargeable batteries.  I think he's crazy, considering how much that camera is used.  And he's supposed to be an estimator!
See you all on Sunday.  I hope...
Best wishes,
Desiree Skylark  xxx

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