Tuesday, 29 April 2008

A Ray of Hopeful Sunshine?

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I wrote a huge blog this morning, after long, tiring arguments all night and morning again.  I really wanted someone to talk to - but Myspace ate it.  Oh well, probably for the best anyway, since I've put you all through quite enough of my ranting already, I know.  *Hugs*
All right, so just a quick update on tonight's meeting with our "wonderful" architect, since we might want a record to look back on in future, as Mum still can't write her diary, due to her lack of glasses.
Well, we were supposed to meet Chris at 7pm...David came in from work at 7.05, meaning we were twenty minutes late.  The architect had the cheek to ring us on the way to ask us where we were, after all these weeks of avoiding and ignoring us.
He did seem genuinely guilty though, I'll give him that, and even listened to me when I spoke, which is a shock, considering how David constantly puts Mum and I down.  He wants to do a couple of things with the kitchen that Mum doesn't like, and he still wants to take over the garden-landscaping, but apart from that, things seem to be moving in the right direction now.
He has managed to get the price down to £170,000 now though, but that's still £30,000 more than he mentioned on the phone when David got this appointment.  PLUS Chris openly admits (quite proudly, in fact) that he's "been on the phone all day, in order to get the price down" ~ Hold on!  He was supposed to be meeting us last Thursday, right?  So how come he was only talking to the builders TODAY?!
And finally, he says he can get the final prices to us on Thursday morning, and have the builders in the house within 7-10 days after that.  I'll believe that when it happens, especially since David chimed in, "Oh.  We still have to empty the house yet!"  It's only one cabinet and a bit of furniture, David!  Anyways, why tell him that?  Mum and I both snapped at David, and I almost hit him over the head, but thought better of it...  Chris sat in the corner and grinned, of course.  I hope my father hasn't delayed things even further...
Of course, this will now mean not moving until at least NOVEMBER.  There's no way I'll ever lead a normal life now.  Oh well.  Maybe I'll get a job of some kind in the future, and stay in Ealing.  I don't see an opportunity for the life I wanted coming up for me anytime soon.  Which was kind of what all the arguments were about last night.  David was gleefully telling me how I'll never get into college now, and so we need a loft, so that I can stay there forever.  I'm not going to get too downhearted though.  My voice IS improving.  In fact, I came out with a totally new voice today, that I surprised myself with.  It was a perfect voice for a small pet or woodland creature in a cartoon.  I do believe I have the talent in there somewhere, I just live in the wrong place...
I'm going to try to post this blog now, before Myspace eats the whole thing again.  I can't be bothered typing out all those arguments again, and they're kind of out of date now anyway.
See you all soon!
Desiree Skylark

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