Thursday, 10 April 2008

Sorry, and another one of David's stupid comments.

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First off, let me apologise for ignoring you all today.  I’ve just been really down, and I was worried that I’d make a pain of myself by whining and moaning (even more than usual!), if I tried to speak to any of you.  However, I’m getting over the initial shock of all this now, so I’ll try to IM you, Elisabeth, Grace and Sarah tomorrow, and e-mail you, Bonnie.  Did that make any sense?  Hopefully, you could understand me at least a little.
OK, so my father is refusing to even discuss the house, and our options.  Right now, he’s decided to spend his first night here in weeks, and is drooling all over the communal bed again.  Mum and I are distraught about Woodberry, but David is quite happy to exist here with the thugs smashing the shop windows opposite, and none of us even having so much as a bed, except a nasty shared one full of beetles.
In fact, he made an announcement to Mum this morning, with just one of the many reasons NOT to move to Woodberry:
"That area is going down, you know?  Do you know what I’ve found in the garden TWICE this week?"  "No..." Mum replied, her mind filled with thoughts of knives or other unsavoury things being in the "better area" now.  So he told her exactly what he had found...
"McDonalds packets."
Somewhat less important when you’ve been living here all this time...
"But there’s no McDonalds around there!" Mum exclaimed, the only thing she could think to say to David’s stupid remark.  "Well, I don’t know if it was McDonalds - but it was one of those polystyrene burger wrapper things.  As I say, it’s really going down over there!"
"Well, did you pick the wrappers up then?""No, why should I?!"
Er...then couldn’t it have actually been the same wrapper blowing around and around the garden anyway?
"They probably only blew in the garden - it’s not like there’s a wall or anything.  Now that the car’s gone, the garden probably will fill up with rubbish." Mum said, logically.
"Don’t be ridiculous!  People keep throwing the bl**dy things in there!"
And on that thought of David’s weirdness, I’ll leave you.  I’m just too depressed to talk about the house business right now.
*Massive hugs to everyone who has tried to write to me today*  I love you all SO much!
Desiree Skylark  xxx

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