Tuesday, 1 April 2008

[Think of a good title for me, will you? :P]

Current mood:  depressed
Oh, it’s a flare,
And everyone will stare,
At the hole in my knee,
Ooh, Pity me!
(A little poem my mum just made up about my lack of trousers without holes in the knees, and my dislike for the flared trousers which appear to be the only things in fashion over here right now)
Nice, eh?
Anyways, enough on that.  So what happened today?  Nothing really.  I walked down to the launderette with David and his bad back (he had the day off of work, but seemed to spend most of it on the phone to his bosses - the ones who don’t pay him - discussing work anyway, and the rest of it in the bathroom), but that was as far as I went.  I sent a couple of recordings to Elisabeth, Grace and Sarah.  Did you all get them OK?  Oh, and I decided to make a daily music recording for my blog.  So let’s start with my latest recording of me singing the Original 1982 MLP Commercial...
Mum’s new glasses are ready to be collected, but she’s still so tired from Amsterdam that she couldn’t go and get them.  So she’s still struggling to read a holiday brochure through her old glasses.
David finally rang the architect this morning (who hadn’t contacted us since taking the builders in there - and still has our key - even though he said work could be started from this Friday. ) and now says he’s taken FOUR different builders in there - rather than the TWO he told us! - and he’s still waiting for a price to come back.  However, he now tells us it definitely will be at least £30,000 more than he estimated.  We’re going to be broke once we move in there.  So much for all Mum’s holiday plans.  Plus, God knows when he intends on moving the builders in.  It sounds like he’s gone back to his usual slow self... 
The second episode of "Intelligence" Season 2 must have just aired on Hallmark.  I wish I could have recorded it.  I just made a comment to Mum about how I’ll have to buy the DVD next year, and she said I’ll "have heard enough of the bl**dy accent from the first series surely" , so I think I’m in for trouble there too...  *Sighs*
We haven’t heard from Emma for days and days.  I hope that everything is OK.  Allan was going for an eye test today, so I hope that turned out all right too...
Well, I guess that’s about it.  I’ll go to the communal bed now, since Mum decided to sleep on the floor last night for no apparent reason, even though I slept in the uncomfortable "crushed" position I sleep in when she and I have to sleep together.  Bleh.
I have so many e-mails to write!  I’m so sorry to anyone I haven’t written too!
Bye for now,
Desiree  xxx

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