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The weekend

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I am so tired, but I didn't get around to writing one last night, and quite a lot has happened this weekend, so I thought I'd better struggle to cobble something together before I go to the communal bed again.

Well, yesterday we wasted a further hour at Specsavers (at dinner time again -n David wouldn't come out of the bathroom any earlier), while Ola (the one relatively decent man there - a black man, who Mum repetitively calls "Oaty", because she can't remember his real name. )  Anyways, he openly admits he took the wrong frames off of the shelf, but just laughed it off, and said, "Never mind, I'll get it fixed now.  I am 'Mr. Fix-It' in this shop!"  Not exactly what Mum wanted to hear when she's suffering a dreadful headache from wearing the wrong glasses...   They wouldn't test her eyes again, but they've sent off for two new pairs, so fingers crossed these will work.

David then decided he needed to use the facilities, so Mum and I said we'd walk around the charity shops, before meeting in the Halifax, where Mum wanted to ask a couple of questions about her money.  In Cancer Research we saw a beautiful plush turquoise Tesco unicorn for £3.  I don't really know why, but Mum bought her for me as a gift.  I wish I had somewhere that I could display her out of her bag.

On the way back to the car, we looked in TKMaxx, but there were no new ponies there - well, they had two of the Butterscotch/Cotton Candy/Blue Belle Retro set, but none of the Minty/Blossom/Snuzzle one again.

Then David wanted to drive us back to Grottsville.  Mum started ranting at him, and asked what he was playing at, since this was our only chance to get out of the house.   Still, he refused to go to Woodberry, even though I needed the bubble wrap that was over there to pack the parcels I'm supposed to be weighing tomorrow.  "But you said you wanted to go home!" He protested, even though he hadn't asked us.  We managed to get a trip to Uxbridge out of him though.

In TKMaxx, we found yet more of the Butterscotch/Cotton Candy/Blue Belle Retro set.  I wonder if the dealer's are snapping up the other one on account of G1 Minty's rarity?

We were just about to leave when I spotted a box behind the baby toys:

April 13th 2008 - Breezies

Another Mexican Breezies box!

Could it be...


April 13th 2008 - Breezies
Dancing Daffodil, Orange Flower and Pink Petals!   I now have a complete set of the rare second range of Breezies!  How funny that I have found one of each set, when they are so rare!

We went looking for some trousers after that, since even my parents now agree my grey prison trousers are getting beyond a joke.  However, in all the shops we tried, again we found the jeans were bootcut, stupidly wide, or white.  And most had "fashionable" holes in them too.

We were in one shop when a woman came up to us, asking if she could be of assistance.  "Yes, we want to know what size she is, don't we?" David said, turning to me.  No way was I hanging around to be measured up in trousers with huge holes in them!  To be truthful, I probably bolted across half the shop.  The woman had ignored David anyway.  But he still took it out on me, saying I was "Stupid for not using the fitting rooms."  Er, but there were no fitting rooms in said shop...

So David stormed back towards the car park in a huff, while Mum and I chased after him.  Mum spotted some wonderful trousers in a little market-type shop on the way though, and bought four pairs.  I must say they aren't that much better than my grey ones, if not worse, since the waist goes up to my chest, and makes my belly feel enormous.  Better than having nothing to wear though, I suppose.

On the way back to the car, we found David looking in a china shop.  Mum looked in the shop window and fell in love with a range of salt and pepper cruets, known as "Mwah!" She bought herself one there and then, and I bought her one too, since she's been wanting to start a collection of cruets for a long time.  In fact, I just checked out their website, and it seems they are quite collectible, with many available. So I guess that's her sorted out for next birthday then!  

On our way back, David announced, that today he was going to work, so as to listen to the football on the radio.

"Um, but we're supposed to be going to Emma's house."
  Mum said.  David denied knowing anything of this, even though the weekend had been planned in advance, and said that we would just jolly well have to leave by 4pm (having only arrived an hour previously) so that he could listen to the car wireless.  Rude so-and-so.

Anyways, eventually he said he'd drop us at Emma's house and go and listen to the football.  So that's exactly what happened.  Radio always comes before family, you know!

Mum sat with Gabriella the entire time, while I took another two hours of being kept prisoner in the kids' bedroom, playing police cars with Allan, while trying to ride in Abigale's "car-bed", and rescuing Kizzy numerous times from certain death as she kept climbing on top of a chest of drawers.  Not to mention removing every single book off of the bookshelves on instruction of the children,  and then replacing them all again.
Abigale started moaning again that I "wasn't her best friend", first because I had "hit her" , then because I had "licked something off of her"  , and finally because... "Um, nothink."    I feel better knowing this seems to be part of her game though, rather than me actualy upsetting her.

Then when I got downstairs I spent the rest of the afternoon dancing to High School Musical, reading the same book again and again, building and re-building Lego, eating pizza, and rescuing the tablecloth from a rather sticky ice cream, stopping various children from eating small metal balls, and having a pram continuously rammed into my side.  Not to mention the normal chasing and hide-and-seek games.  Oh, and Kizzy's favourite trick of getting on your lap and jumping up and down...

I managed to dodge a brush though, while Mum wasn't so lucky.  Allan came along and twisted a huge bunch of her hair around and around a brush, causing a huge tangle...  Ouch.

Eventually, it was time for the kids to go to bed, and so Mum and I went upstairs for another lot of reading, while Kizzy repeatedly threw her stuffed toys at me, and Abigale started swinging up and down the bed with all the power of Tarzan.  Just as I was settling down on the floor pretending to go to sleep to try and convince the kids to do the same, something landed on my head...a pair of socks.  Suddenly, the whole floor was littered with socks.  Kizzy had stood up in her cot, opened up a drawer, and was lobbing underwear everywhere.  Eventually, we gave up on getting the kids to sleep, kissed them goodnight and went downstairs.

Fortunately, David arrived back soon after, otherwise we might just have started to get on Emma's nerves, as Mum started trying on Nick's new glasses, and telling everyone how they worked better than her own.  Emma kept making jokes about us taking Gabriella home with us - I was more concerned that Mum might try to sneak Nick's glasses into her bag!

There is more to say, but I am so tired.  I'll post another blog tomorrow morning, with a few little snippets of nonsense for you all.  Until then, goodbye to you all! 

Desiree-the-tired  xxx

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