Thursday, 29 May 2008

Off to France!

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I'm in a real hurry right now - I don't even have time to upload a song for today's blog!  But I thought I should pop by to say goodbye.
We're off to France for the weekend (we leave at about 5am), so I need to get to bed really early.  David has now gone to the bathroom, and left Mum and I to pack everything by ourselves.  He thought we were leaving at 10am tomorrow, so maybe that explains why he came in so late then!
In other news, my mum is kicking up a fuss about me "wasting my money buying the new 'Call of the Wild' DVD from Amazon", so I asked David to help me get a copy WITHOUT her knowing.  So what does he do?  Walks in the lounge last night (with Mum sitting wide awake on the sofa), and says loudly, "What about this Amazon thing then?"
So I'm sorry that I'm running late with that, Bonnie.  But I promise I will get it sorted out as soon as we get back on Tuesday.  I will just have to e-mail the details to that annoying father of mine.  And make sure I get the post in every day until it arrives...ooh, and make sure I check Mum's e-mails before her all the time too, since the Amazon account is under her address.  AGH!  Why do my family have to be so weird?
I only hope this house is still standing and that all of my ponies are safe when we return.  I don't trust the people who live in this area.  So I'm already taking five ponies and a plushie with me...three "pony of the day" MLPs (Bow Tie, Morning Glory and Starcatcher), my very favourite ponies, Truly and Lofty, and the Pinkie Pie plushie who always sleeps in my bed with me.  *Sighs*  Doesn't make me feel any better about leaving the others.
Oh, and my Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe parcel arrived, along with the 1990 MLP watch, Mail Order Sunspot and Sippin' Soda Strawberry Scoops with soda.  So they're being left to the mercy of the drunkards too.  Meanwhile, Mum's old photos have been taken to the storage depot and are being left in safety with David's Mills & Boon.
Oh well...  All fingers crossed for my ponies, please.
See you on Tuesday!

Desiree Skylark  xxx

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

The "Late Spring" Bank Holiday

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Well, it would appear the May bank holidays are now known as simply "Early Spring" and "Late Spring", as we can't mention any of the Christian holidays they originally celebrated for fear of upsetting people of other religions.   So let me tell you about my personal "Late Spring" holiday...

Saturday May 24th

Went to Uxbridge.  The place was packed with supporters of the Bristol City football team.  It would appear they were going to watch a match at Wembley via Uxbridge Station, but since I know next to nothing about football, I can tell you very little other than that.

Anyhow, these football hooligans were out in force, singing and dressed in red and white wigs...  We could hardly move for them, so it was not a very nice shopping experience at all.

We still managed to get back to the shop where I got these ridiculously short leggings, and (whoop-de-doo) get four more pairs.  Oh well, considering a £5 pair goes into an indecent amount of holes after two weeks, I calculate they'll just about last out and ruin my summer.  Yippee!    (Not.)

Perhaps more interestingly to you pony people, all ponies are on a BOGOF offer in Woolworths, so I got myself two sets I have been desperately wanting to get on the same offer in Argos, but have had no luck in finding both in stock at any one time there...  (Did that make any sense?  I'm tired, and my parents are arguing again. )

May 27th 2010 ~ Ponyville Rainbow Dash's Rainbow House
May 27th 2010 ~ Ponyville Fancy Fashions Boutique
Yes, I have gone mad buying Ponyville Ponies lately, but they're just so cute!  And Caroline was making me jealous of her Rainbow Dash's Rainbow House on Friday night, so it was great to find it for the very first time in this country the very next day.

Apparently, the new range of Core Seven ponies (Star Song and Sweetie Belle) are available on this offer, but Uxbridge didn't have them in stock.

And finally, we went in TKMaxx, where I found a new MLP t-shirt in a beautiful print with Buttons plus hers and Magic Star's symbols all over it.  It's kind of a cream colour.  It's ridiculously cut though, with deep cut sleeveless arms, and a hugely scooped neck.  I doubt I'd ever wear it even if I was ever able to wear more decent clothes than these nasty baggy t-shirts.

As well as the t-shirt, I found the most adorable porcelain teaset featuring Thistle Whistle!  I very rarely see Thistle Whistle merchandise, so after much debate, I bought it, despite the fact it's had to go to the storage depot to keep out of this unsafe house until we move.

On our way back, we noticed that a house up the road was holding a yard sale-type thing (shocking for this area!) so David and I walked up there after we arrived back.  Unlike the one in Northfields the previous week though, there was nothing of any use to anybody to buy, and instead the two West Indian women who ran the stall burst into terribly out-of-tune song as we walked by, and tried to sell us some illegal cigarettes.

After that, my parents went to Northfields to look in Bathwise for suitable bathroom appliances for the new house, while I stayed at home and made some recordings of a few voices, mainly from Bucky O'Hare.  I'm really enjoying watching the series - it's bringing back so many memories, despite the fact I don't recall having watched the show as a child.  Another of my weird and illogical statements for tonight.

I wish I had been there though - apparently, David got into a tiny bath in the middle of the shop to demonstrate how they need to take six inches of my very first bedroom (at almost 18!) for a bigger tub.  I'd have loved to have got a photo of him!

Sunday May 25th

We drove to Woodberry in order to measure the old bath, and see how much smaller the Bathwise tub actually was.  Mum and I didn't go in though, as we've actually been told not to go in there again, without prior permission from Chris Picton.  Still, David's sneaking didn't do much good anyway - upon entering the bathroom, he found he had left it too late. (Same old David story, eh?)  The whole place was empty, apart from a lone toilet bowl.  The bath, basin unit and toilet cistern had been removed.   As had all the wallpaper and carpets from upstairs.  Those builders are moving fast - if only this had been done a year ago, as it would have been had David not delayed.
Then in the evening, Mum made sure we watched "I'd Do Anything" (that stupid show selecting a member of the general public to play Nancy in the new West End musical, "Oliver!").  I can't bear to see them, since they're so AWFUL, and yet so much better than me.  (Gosh, I sound like Clover from My Little Pony Tales now. )

Anyhow, having expressed my dislike of the lucky 17-year-olds on there, who's parents have supported them in their own dreams, Mum turns to me, and says "You're a bit jealous of them, aren't you?" as though it would surprise me to hear anyone say that.  My goodness, of course I'm going to be jealous of whoever wins that competition!   Is she really telling me she STILL doesn't understand my goal in life?  I swear she does, so why does she lie to me? I think I'll die of old age before I'm free to be me...   My voice is getting stronger, despite what they all say though.  I know my singing isn't great, but my accents  and the characters I play on my own personal cassette tape series are really taking on lives of their own.  At times, I don't even recognise them as myself.  So why do people pretend not to get it?
Monday May 26th

The Epsom Bank Holiday Car Boot Sale was rained off.  Surprise, surprise.  Miserable England.

So instead we went to Osterley Garden Centre and bought a different type of rat poison (having kept seeing different rats in the back garden all over the weekend - I just didn't note down when and where, so I can't tell you the fascinating stories about those little creatures, you'll be pleased to hear. ) and some different weedkiller, hoping to get rid of the undergrowth they're hiding in, and discourage them from living here.  Then to Tesco at Gillette's Corner, where we bought doughnuts and I got some underwear (SO interesting, I know! ) and finally on to Osterley House for a "period masquerade party".

Basically, after reversing the car into a tree stump in the car park (David didn't see it, because Mum was "talk'n as uze-yall") walking through lots of mud to get there, and getting soaking wet - meaning I have the start of a chill today - in the rain, we reached the place, and were accosted by various actors pretending it was still the 18th century.  One woman curtsied to my mum, and another wanted her to dress in a corset, so she got embarassed.

In one of the rooms, they had a band of musicians (dressed up for the 18th century, of course), and Mum made us stand for ages, listening to the music.  I admit it was lovely music, had Mum not stood waving her hand in the air like a bloomin' conductor the entire time, then added her head and finally her entire body to the mix, swinging and swaying everywhere.  Occasionally she turned to me and said, "That singer has a beautiful voice.  It sounds like an instrument!  What a pity we can't all sing like that..."  I guess that was a mean remark from the woman who doesn't understand my goal in life...  Yeah, right.

Well, that was our weekend, I suppose.  There have been huge arguments throughout, regarding our trip to France next weekend.  Nobody really wants to leave this house to the mercy of the rats, drunks and thugs for a whole weekend, despite the fact Mum says the only things that matter are her family photos, as "everything else is just a matter of money".  I don't really count my ponies as "just a matter of money"!  Each one has a story behind her, and they could never be replaced, even with all the money in the world.  David doesn't want to go anyway, of course, and is determined to spoil it, so he is scaring me to death by vastly exaggerating all the problems with the drunks.  Admittedly, they do appear to have been even worse this weekend, with incidents ranging from noises in our own personal side alley, to men dancing in front of cars in the middle of the night, while pouring milk over the front windows and bonnets of others!  Not to mention the kids' bike (most likely stolen) that two of them were riding before they fell off, and that David has seen dumped around the corner from here...  I just fail to mention incidents I see as daily occurences around here.

*Sighs*  I hope this house will be OK...

And then today.  Even if this blog's title lead you to believe it would just be about the weekend, I may as well catch up, as nothing much has really happened this merry Tuesday.

I overslept, meaning I missed out on the chance to do recordings in privacy while Mum was speaking to her irritating uncle on the phone.  Apparently, John gave her another of his lectures.

"Don't bother with the Eiffel Tower in Paris - what is it?  It's just a lot of steps and a view.  Instead, go and walk along the west bank where all the famous artists and writers have walked before.  Don't bother with the Louvre - the Mona Lisa's ever so small anyway.  No point pushing through the crowds - it's under about 10' of glass.  It's rubbish - you should go to the impressionist gallery instead.  It's much better.  Or best of all, go to a cafe and watch the world go by while you drink coffee."

"I don't like coffee."
  Mum replied.

"It doesn't matter.  Drink coffee anyway!  You haven't been to France unless you sit and drink coffee!"

Yes...quite.  Ever heard the words "Mind your own business" and "Let us do as we please on their weekend away", John?  I think you may have heard them from my mouth had I been the one on the end of the line.

And the rest of the day was wasted away waiting for David to come in and go to the launderette.  He said he'd come home at dinner time, but didn't arrive until 5pm.  By which time, it was OUR dinner time, and then time for David to come home for the night.  I finally got my "Nasty Nightmare" pictures taken for the by-monthly update though.  Only almost a month late!   I'll upload those, along with the pics I took of Woodberry the past few weeks (they'll be in the "Woodberry - Before" album, by the way), before I go to bed.

I see Aikarin is selling off her pony collection.  Interestingly, she has three prototype Schooltime Ponies, but she wants quite a lot of cash for them.  I've e-mailed her, but even if they're not already on hold, I doubt she'll take an offer on all three that I'd be able to afford.  I'd love to own them though, because my Baby Explorer may be the one who was featured on the same pamphlet as those ponies.  Although these are made of plastic, and mine is ceramic.  Hmm...  I wish I knew more about the process of making ponies, and had a limitless amount of cash!  I wish I could go to US MLP fair, if just to get an exclusive pony.  But more importantly, I'd kill to go on that tour of the Hasbro factory, and to meet Bonnie Zacherie too.  I'd do ANYTHING to meet Bonnie, the original creator of the ponies.  There are so many things I'd like to ask.  I guess travelling to Rhode Island would require even more pony money though, so I'm out of luck!

Right, I'm off before it gets any later.  David wants me to put the sheet on the communal bed so that Mum can go before me.  After all, she'll be in a deep sleep by the time I get up there, and will have stopped snoring, so they'll be no problem with me sleeping the next to her.  "For God's sake, the builders are a week into the work now!"  Um...actually they've only worked three days.  And even when we move to that house, it doesn't make up for the 17 and a half years he's made me live without a bed!

Thank you for reading - I'm so pleased I actually managed to get this up to date!

Best wishes,
Desiree Skylark  xxx

Sunday, 25 May 2008

You're a bit jealous of them, aren't you?"

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The title quotes my mum's latest stupid remark.  But I still have to catch up with last week's news before I can get on to today!

Tuesday May 20th
We went to Woodberry in order to see Barry, the man who came to clear the junk furniture - STILL no scaffolding up, despite the fact they said it would be up on Monday.   David was late back from work (we went over there at lunch time), and Barry was already there when we arrived, although we were there on time, just.  I think Barry was in a bad mood about it, and decided he wasn't going to take all of the furniture, so he left us with a ton of rubbish, and still expected the full payment of £250.  David only gave him £200, and demanded Barry came back later in the week for the rest of the furniture, and the rest of the cash.

Mum and I enjoyed our time over at the house though - first, I walked up to the MAPF charity shop (literally four minutes walk from our front door!) alone, which I've been wanting to do for ages, and came back with these two...

May 25th 2008 ~ Razaroo and Crayola Pony
They were 50p each - you're probably wondering what on Earth I wanted them for, especially the one on the right.  Well, the one on the left (for those who don't recognise her) is Razaroo, with bright pink streaks in her hair.  My old Razaroo had faded, frizzy hair, but this one is near mint following a good bath, however awful she looks in the photo.

And the one on the right is a Crayola Style and Decorate Pony.  I wanted to get one of them new from the shop, but they seemed expensive for what they were.  I've enjoyed the challenge of getting the paint off of this one though, although I made my fingers so sore the day I got her!  This is her two hours after that last picture was taken:

May 25th 2008 ~ Crayola Pony
May 25th 2008 ~ Crayola Pony

Sure, her body is stained, but I intend on painting her as a MLP anyway.  I just have to figure out which one, since I'm not sure how dye would take to her hair, and she has pink ribbons stitched into her tail...  So I'm not really sure what pony design would go with that.
After I got back, Mum and I walked through two of the nearby parks, and back again, then came back to Grottsville.  David put some rat poison out in the garden, but it wasn't touched.

Wednesday May 21st

Back to Woodberry to get two men in to clear scrap metal from the sheds.  We also got Chris Picton in to look at a couple of things, like Mum's beloved fireplace (which he now says will most likely get smashed, so they won't be able to move it downstairs), and her family history room (which is apparently going to be a lot smaller, since a quarter of it will be taken up by the toilet under the stairs - the wall is being moved over, as is the hall wall.  Now they'll hardly be room for Mum's desk, let alone a bookcase and family photographs )

Chris got word that the scrap metal men were looking through the shed, and within minutes, no less than SEVEN of his builder friends were round there, getting in the way of the two men we'd got in to clear the metal, and taking tools and stuff for their own use.  Chris also got some stuff for himself - bloomin' cheek, after all he's put us through, with his delaying and so on.

Mum and I walked through the other two parks within walking distance - yes, FOUR PARKS!  I only wish I had lived there throughout my childhood.  It saddened me to see the playgrounds I loved so much but only got to use on the rare occasions I visited my grandparents.

Again, no sign of the rats.  We began to fear they had come into the house...

Thursday May 22nd

Walked up and down the road.  We really noticed a difference, after having walked through those lovely parks.  Given the choice what would you rather walk past while exercising?  Friendly people, soft, green grass, and pretty singing birds, or smelly roadworks and vomiting drunkards?  Not much of a choice, eh?

Unsurprisingly, I was depressed all day after that.

However, I spent some of my birthday money on some ponies from Unicornucopia on the Arena - Mail Order Sunspot, and Strawberry Scoops (complete with her Sippin' Soda!), plus a MIP digital watch from 1991, AND...


I can't wait for the package to arrive.  The Sweet Shoppe is the last G1 playset I really need to complete my collection - well, apart from variations on other sets, such as the lavender Dream Castle and multiple Show Stable-type buildings.  Scoops will be happy to have a home at last, I'm sure.

Friday May 23rd

Back to Woodberry again, to meet Barry, so that he could remove the last remaining sticks of furniture.  Annoyingly, he let slip that the man from the antique store wanted an old mirror he'd told us he didn't want.  So he ended up with it for FREE.   I wonder how much he'll sell that for, while we PAID to have it removed?

Anyways, that aside, we got a shock when we were arrived, since there were people in the house, and we weren't allowed in!  And there was scaffolding up outside. AND, as we looked through the house to see who was in there, we saw a blue sky.  The builders had knocked down most of the old extension in just two days!

So, not being allowd into the house, Mum and I walked through two of the parks again.  I only wish we lived over there, and could exercise there every day.  I'm pretty sure I could get this excess weight off...

We were rather put off of the parks though - we saw a familiar sight - policemen.  I think I sighed aloud.  What could be happening over in Northfields now?  Surely it wasn't sinking to the levels of Grottsville, before we even got there?  I tried to listen to what they were saying to each other, and find out about the crime.

"What's the time?"
"It's almost twenty past.  We'd better be getting back."
"All right, just let me look at this...then we'll go back, OK?"

Yep, it was their LUNCH BREAK!  Mum and I were in fits of giggles.  Even the gangs of teenage boys over there don't spook me the way the Grottsville thugs do.

When we got back to this awful place where we exist for now, I saw the rats in the garden again.  Well, I say "the rats".  But I can't say for sure that they were the same ones...  The tray of poison had been emptied, and one of the babies was obviously sick, and kind of staggered into the bushes.  It was horrible to see such a cute little thing in pain.  It's friend/sibling saw it, and was dashing around in a wild panic.  I wish there was a kinder way to get rid of them.

So David re-filled the poison tray.  It was empty an hour later.  It's official - we have a very serious rat infestation...

Right, I'm off to bed now, since I'm hoping to get to a car boot sale tomorrow, if the weather isn't too bad.  I will write another blog detailing this weekend after we get back, or when I get up, depending on whether we go or not.  Please cross your fingers for me!  I just love the Bank Holiday boot sales at Epsom!

Best wishes,
Desiree Skylark  xxx

Missing Grandma

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I'm really missing my Grandma.  She passed away exactly five years ago today, and I just can't believe it's been that long since we talked about Green Slime, Purple Water, Wolves, Flying Ponies, Brown and White Guinea Pigs (Clones of Bubbles), Parties, Nintendo's Zelda, Pokemon, Tamagotchis...

I hope so hard that you know how much I wish you were still here, Grandma.  I only wish that you could read this and know how I remember all of our telephone chats, and talks at Chestnut Lodge.  I'm so very grateful for those memories.

To continue on from my last blog (although not sure quite how well I'll be able to write - my parents are fighting again.  No, David is still not at "work"!), let's start from last weekend...

Saturday May 17th
Went to Kew Archives, but not to do any actual family history research for Mum's Canadian friend, John, who wants a couple of jobs done because he can't get over here.  Just to go to the gift shop, and buy David a birthday present, because Mum felt guilty that she hadn't got anything for him.

He spent two hours trying to find something he liked, because there was "nothing of interest to him in that stupid shop" (Imagine a big sulking baby), then eventually settled on some random war book - about the most expensive thing in the entire shop.

Then on to Northfields to a second-hand furniture shop to see if they would take any of the remaining furniture, or at least knew someone we could pay to take it away to the tip.  The man agreed to come around and take a look at it all just an hour or so after we saw him (as soon as he closed up his shop).  So we dashed back to Woodberry (via an English equivalent of a yard sale - there's always something going on in that area, you know? - but no ponies, only Barbie dolls), hid the few remaining mirrors and clocks that we wanted to keep in a cupboard and waited impatiently for the man to arrive.

Eventually he came (about half hour late) and informed us there was nothing he wanted, but that he'd send his friend, Barry, our way, in order to clear it for no less than £250!  Still, with David having left it that late to find someone to clear the place, there was no time to look for a cheaper offer.  So when Barry rang an hour later, we accepted his offer, and made an appointment for him to come in on Tuesday.
That night, David slept on the communal bed for hours before going to Tesco.  As soon as he went out, I shot up to the communal bedroom in order to make some recordings...and spotted a huge puddle on dribble on the bed where I have to sleep.   I said that if David drooled on my bed again, I wouldn't sleep there anymore (quite a reasonable thing to say, I think), but what other choice do I have.  "It's only for six months, for God's sake!" David yelled at me when I complained.

Of course, I scrubbed the mattress with hot water and soap (making it all wet for when Mum and I had to go and share it, but that's not the point), which left very little time for me to make my recording - I desperately want to sing "Defying Gravity" from Wicked better than the girl on "I'd Do Anything", the weekend show on BBC1 where they're picking out a new West End star.

She absolutely murdered "Defying Gravity", and I want to show my mother that I can do it so much better...trouble is, I can't.  And definitely not in the place I'm currently stuck in.  I just got a relatively good recording (for my standards, at least) of the first half of the song, and a whole stack of files of David's junk fell on my feet, and made a huge crashing noise on the recording, even if I had been able to just ignore the files on my feet and keep singing.  The whole time I'm straining to sing into the microphone over a huge stack of newspapers (think chest-height) anyway, so no wonder I'm no good.

To cheer myself up, I finally got around to watching some more of the "Intelligence" DVD, and got totally sucked in.  Why on EARTH did they cancel the show after only two seasons?  Now I'm watching an episode every morning, but there are only four more left.  I'm going to miss it once I'm finished, that's for sure.   I'd like to talk to those CBC guys who decided it wasn't worth renewing for the third season!

Sunday May 18th

Went back to Woodberry and wrapped up the very last of the stuff we wanted to keep (three mirrors and a few clocks).  There wasn't enough packing material for one barometer and one clock (Mum's favourite - a souveneir from Ron and Gwyn's holiday to Fiji), so we brought them back as they were.  Remarkably, we found a place to hang the barometer, but the clock just got dumped down on the kitchen table, so Mum decided it would have to go to the storage depot for safe-keeping as it was until we move house.

We looked at what will be my first ever bedroom at almost eighteen, and David said I was being "absurd" for not letting him move the wall where my bed's going six inches for the bathroom.  "You wouldn't even notice that you were missing six inches!" He protests.  Nah, of course I wouldn't.  Except that it would mean the headboard of my bed would be covering the bedroom window.  "Get a smaller window then!"  Er...sorry, but no.  After all the years of misery without ANY bedroom, I'm taking the full space, thank you.

Monday May 19th

As David went out to work, there was a cracking noise, and an exclamation of "Oh God, I've broken it!"  "Broken what?" Mum and I asked, thinking it must be something of David's so not really paying much attention ().  When David didn't answer, and there was a persistent rustling sound, we got worried, and Mum started to get up to go and look.  But before she was even standing up, David came storming into the room, yelling, "It's not my fault, it's yours!  You don't ever help me, so I'm trying to get out of the door, AND carrying my computer bag, and THIS."  David started waving something wrapped in a few carrier bags around, but I didn't recognise what it was at first.

Then I realised. 

Mum's beautiful Fiji clock.

Mum cried.  "You didn't break my clock?"  David nodded, sheepishly.  "But it's not MY fault!" He said again.  "We don't really care who's fault it was." I said, trying to unwrap the clock carefully so as to survey the damage.  Meanwhile, Mum yelled at David that it was his fault.  After all, "neither of us knew he was going to the bl**dy storage depot - more Mills & Boon to hide away, is it?"  Finally, I got the last carrier bag off, and David tried to snatch the clock away from me.  "Wait!" I yelled.  "Don't break it further." I handed it to Mum.  Instead of numbers on the clock, there had been beautiful shells carved into different shapes.  4 o'clock (Mum's favourite - a seahorse) was smashed in two, its head seperated from its body.   Plus 11 o'clock (a house) had been detached from the wooden clock face.

Mum was really upset.  "I can glue it!" David cried.  "Nothing you've glued has ever been the same again." Mum snapped.  "I'll show you!" David shouted, snatching the seahorse from Mum, running into the kitchen, and hurriedly slapping superglue on to its neck in a rush, as he was "already late for work".  Well, why not wait until you can spend some time on it then?

He came back with a very glue-bubbled creature, and proclaimed it good as new.  It has yet to be affixed back on the clock face though...I hate to think how much more glue will be added to the mix.
I'm not sure if I already mentioned on here about the rats that we've been seeing in our garden the last couple of weeks?  Or have I only told specific people in personal e-mails and such?

Well, basically we've been seeing wild rats in our garden again - maybe disturbed by roadwork that's being done just up the street from here.  We knew there were at least two out there (and assumed there were more), since we'd seen an elderly, blind one, and a little baby.  David refused to bother to put any kind of poison out there though, which was really the only option with so many of them out there (probably breeding and multiplying by the day).

Anyways, on Monday, they got extremely bold for some reason, and Mum and I were trying to look out of the back door over the smelly recycling stuff David insists on leaving there, and saw not one, not two, but THREE baby rats doing what can be described as nothing less than playing tag on the patio.

They were SO bold.  One of the babies (who Mum has officially nicknamed George, after "Curious George" the animated monkey), came right up to the back door, put his feet up on the glass and stared up at us.  He quite obviously wanted to get in.  The sad thing is he seemed like he was such a friendly, harmless little creature.  If only he could have been born a pet rat rather than being a disease-riddled pest.  If he'd been a pet rat, I'd have gladly given him a home.

Anyhow, after he came to our door like that, I took the camera out into the kitchen and actually managed to get photos of the babies - only two at any one time though, unfortunately, and George was the only one I could pick out...I kind of lost track of which of the other two was which.

If you hate rats, look away now.

George sniffing the watering can:

May 25th 2008 - Rats in Back Garden
George talking to a sibling:

May 25th 2008 - Rats in Back Garden
George taking on his curious pose, as he did at the back door:

May 25th 2008 - Rats in Back Garden
And those, folks, were the rats of Grottsville!

We e-mailed the middle photo to David at work, and that finally launched him into action.  Well, launched him into ranting at us anyway.  Why hadn't we got two buses to get rat poison from Ealing Broadway, when he could have quite easily driven to a shop and got rat poison himself.   Mum told him he could get poison at Tesco, so we went that night, and David made out he was right and there wasn't any there, despite walking right past some on a shelf.  He must have seen it, but hoped we wouldn't.  Picking a fight with us is more important to him than getting rid of pests!
We also went to Woodberry that night, according to my offline diary, but I don't remember anything about that visit, what we did there or why we went...

I'm going to go offline and give my eyes a rest now, but I'll be back again later, and I'll see if I can get the rest of the updates done then.

Thanks for reading about my dull, yet amazing life!

Desiree Skylark  xxx
PS.  David STILL hasn't gone to "work".  In fact, he's back in the bathroom again now!

PPS.  Does anyone know if S Club 7's "Reach" is on Myspace anywhere, so that I could use it for my profile?  I couldn't find it under S Club 7 but wondered if someone might have uploaded it under a false/wrongly spelled name to avoid Myspace deleting their account!