Wednesday, 14 May 2008

My Last Blog From The World As I Know It...

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Song Of The Day: I'll Go It Alone
(Really worth listening to, in my opinion, for those of you who haven't already heard this recording.  My impersonation of Alice Playten is hilariously awful.)
Maybe my title is a little over the top.  But it's my last blog as a 16-year-old.  It's my 17th birthday tomorrow, so let's hope this one turns out a little better than the last.  (Although, I just remembered I never updated my "Unhappy Birthday Sour Sixteen" blog, so most of you probably never heard the full story of that anyway!)
Well, to quickly rush through things, today we went to Woodberry to get the furniture cleared.  Problem: Allan (the clearance man) only wanted one washing machine and one chest of drawers - the drawers that David wanted in his loft.  But he let them go, just so that he could feel that we'd got rid of something, and to make £15 towards removing the real rubbish furniture.
We also met Emma, Nick and the three girls over there, so that Nick could help us get into the shed and outhouse, with some bolt cutters he borrowed, and so we now know that we have two more buildings full of utter junk to get rid of!  He also broke the bars and plastic off of the french windows (since Uncle Ron always was scared of burglaries, he made sure the entire place was filled with extra security measures. ), and it was great to see just how bright that room is with the windows open.
It was nice to see them all again, although I'm really tired out from running up and down the stairs with Abigale and Kizzy, and making sure neither of them fell off of the various beds they kept bouncing on, or fell into the nettles and brambles they kept trying to pick in the garden...
Mum and I walked back through the parks, and Ealing Broadway on the way back, but I couldn't find any clothes.  I was just too tired to go shopping by that point.
Well, I'm dashing off now.  It's tradition that David and I sing a song together (MLP's "Let The Bell Of Freedom Ring" with slightly different wording at midnight, to celebrate our joint I'd better hurry!)
See you all tomorrow, people!
Desiree Skylark  xxx

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