Sunday, 29 June 2008

It looks as though I can't get my teeth straightened now

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So you all know I've been a miserable so-and-so the last two weeks, don't you?  Well, now I have finally caught up enough with this blog that I can have a good rant, maybe get it out of my system, and stop taking it out on all of you.  Once again, thanks for being so kind to me throughout everything, despite not even knowing the details.  It's kind of mean of me to expect your sympathy, and then not want to write the story out more than once.
June 20th 2008
I set off for the new hospital appointment, determined to stay cheerful, despite the fact that hospital always depresses me anyway.  I was pleasantly surprised when I was called in after only two or three minutes.  Usually, they leave me waiting an hour or more.
The surgeon was some weird foreign man who had terrible trouble speaking English.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not racist at all, but when the NHS needs to tell you important details about a potentially dangerous procedure, I do think they should have someone on hand who speaks the main language of this country.
I can't remember what happened, word for word.  Both of my parents came in and sat in a corner of the room, and Mum kept making ridiculous faces, which made me start to giggle...and so I was left looking even more ridiculous.
The top orthodontist came in to discuss the matter too.  That's how serious they consider my case to be.
First, they left me feeling flustered, telling me that this was to be "no walk in the park" for us.  But don't worry, they go through this procedure with people every couple of weeks or so, and the surgeon has been working in orthodontics for a whole year!  In that time, of all their patients (I make that about 30 people, right?), everyone is "relatively pleased with the results", apart from "one boy who has...well, no, not pain, no, it's not pain at all..." The surgeon began to wave his hand about, pointing at his upper cheek to show what he was talking about.  "He has experienced some...discomfort up here."
The treatment would apparently include 18 months of wearing a fixed "train track" brace, then surgery to have my jaw broken, and a further six months with the train track.  THEN he said the treatment would take place over two to three years MINIMUM.  Um...get the dates straight in your own mind, will you?!
Then they add on more horrifying details.  One of the main reasons I quit the removable brace and decided to go for the surgery was to avoid having the retainers alternate nights for life thing.  I am now told that with the surgery, I will still have to have retainers...but they're now talking as though it's every night.  He didn't specifically say for life, but he made some unpleasant description of how our teeth move, the same way "our hair turns white, we gain weight and things droop" (ugh, idiot), so I'm guessing he's talking about life, all right.
Mum piped up then, saying her main concern was the anaesthetic, as she knew a woman who had a heart attack as soon as they stuck the needle in her arm.  "Oh, don't worry about that - you drive, don't you?"  "No, since you ask." Mum said.  "Well, your husband drives, yes?"  Mum said he did.  "You have more chance of having a fatal car accident than dying under anaesthetic."  Er...right.  But then I would expect that considering the typical human being makes car journeys on a daily basis, whereas you'll most likely go under general anaesthetic only a handfull of times in your life.
THEN another little thing to add, just as an afterthought to them.  They probably wouldn't have said a thing, had Mum not mentioned her fear of anaesthetics.
"Well, I wouldn't worry yourself anyway - she's got to have two procedures, you know?"
"WHAT?!" Mum and I asked, together.
"Well, she has to have four teeth out for the braces, and we may as well take her wisdom teeth out while we're at it..."
"As for risks, 10% of people lose some feeling to their lower lip.  It's not paralysis though, and usually your brain learns to compensate."
But then they disturbed me further.  "What are you doing?"  For a moment, I wondered what they were on about.  Was I doing something wrong?  Then I realised they meant education/job-wise.  Oh heck, what was I supposed to say?!  I thought on the spot...  "Er, I'm hoping to go to college next year."  "Oh, right.  What are you going to study."  "Um...I'm not really sure.  I have to think about it."  David sniggered in the corner, shattering the last bit of self-confidence I did have.
Then they began the talking over my head.  "For someone with such awful, protruding teeth, her profile doesn't actually look that bad."  "I know, if we do (*Whispers*) she'll have a very flat face, but if we (*Whispers*) she'll end up with a very elongated face."
The surgeon must have seen my disgusted look, and muttered at me, "Lengthened, I mean."  As though it really helps what word her uses.
"OK, your next appointment is with (I forget her name - the horrid woman who keeps telling me I broke the removable brace, which I DIDN'T) where she will decide which teeth she wants to remove, and then we can book you in for the procedure."
Huh.  Who said I was still having the procedure?  I broke down before I even escaped the hospital, although the fact David spent ages in the bathroom there probably didn't help.
And once we got outside, and I was there in tears, David started yelling at me - "What the f*** is wrong with you?  There's absolutely no reason you can't go through with that!"
Maybe I am over-reacting, but those evil creeps have lied to me time and time again.  Who's to say they won't spring another three operations, and retainers all day every day for the rest of my life on me?!
They never say a word about voices, and whenever I bring up the subject, they laugh at me, so I've given up now, but I fear it will change my voice entirely.  After all, it's the shape of your jaw that effects your voice.  And with a numb lip, how do you feel your way through the words in different accents?  I can't even do recordings when I come back from the dentist numbed up after a filling.   So it could completely kill my voice acting talents, or at least set me right back with all my "It's not training, but PWACKTISS!" (as David keeps telling me) sessions.  But then, I'm never going to achieve my goals looking like this anyway.  So it seems I'm doomed either way.
I spent the rest of the day in tears.  "Call Of The Wild" finally arrived, but I didn't watch it that day for obvious reasons.
I know there was a lot more to what was said at the hospital.  But David has the TV turned up ever so loud and is licking traces of tomato ketchup from a plate about two feet away from me, so I'm not really in a situation to remember anything right now.  *Sighs*
Anyhow, I hope people can see my dilemma now.  I really don't know where my life is going.  I feel so, so lost.
I will NEVER smile while I look like this.  But I'd never WANT to smile if I totally spoil my voice and ruin my chances of the life I want anyway.
There is some idiotic woman on the internet right now, making JOKES about the procedure (which she has just had, by the way), saying the numb lip is not so bad - "a lot of kissing seems to stimulate the nerves".  It bothers her slightly that after two years she "can't open her mouth wide enough to eat a banana", but that's all.
(You see the mad people I have to put up with in this country?! )
Ooh, that's another thing.  Following the operation, I have to have all of my food pureed with milk (WTH?  Sounds disgusting - fancy ravioli with milk, anyone?  OK, so how does bread and butter soaked in milk sound?!) for a month, and then I can slowly move on to food like soup and mashed potato over the next couple of months.  I'd be on a drip for two days, not even able to take the puree via my mouth - and the whole thing could be a waste of time anyway, because if my gums reject the metal plates they're going to use to keep my newly placed jaw set, they'll have to remove them (via another operation) and my teeth will go back to their usual sticking out selves.
I just don't know what to do right now, so I'm going to shut up about this whole subject.  I really wish I could just go to sleep and never wake up again.  Sure, we should be moving in another few months, but that SHOULD have happened a year ago, and I shouldn't be wasting yet another summer of my teens under my evil father's thumb, unable to leave the house unless he chooses to take me to a supermarket.  I have been so low this week, and just wanted to walk out in the fresh air...instead of which, I only left the house three times, and every trip turned into a disaster, as the blogs of the following days will prove...
Once again, thank you for being there for me, all of you.  Good luck with the audition, Caroline, and enjoy yourself in Italy, Elisabeth! 
Love you all!

Desirée  xxx

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Stupid loud television!

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Ick.  I'm just feeling really miserable right now, and want to have a good rant about today's mishaps.  But there's still so much to catch up on!  I really must get this up to date now.  I'm talking to Elisabeth over IM right now, but I think I should be able to do two things at once.  So here we go with the extra long b-ore-log!
(Of course, I've probably forgotten a ton of stuff that's happened over the past couple of weeks already.  Still, I can but refer to my diary and write down what I remember...)
June 16th 2008
David stayed in all day for his £20 appointment with the "Rat Man" - it turned out every scrap of the poison from the previous week had been eaten. o_0  So he dished out another six trays of delicious food for the ratties, who don't seem to be affected by the stuff at all.  After "Rat Man" had left (about 2pm), David went in the bathroom, and din't come out until bedtime.   So I didn't leave the house.
June 17th 2008
Mum and I walked halfway down the road for exercise, saw a man lunging towards us in a drunken way (although he looked more like a very hairy monkey... ) and hastily turned back.
When we had got back from Devon, there was a "missed parcel" card in the porch, so David and I went to the Parcel Force depot to pick the package up that afternoon...only to find the parcel wasn't there!  Er...why not?  Because it was at the post office just down the road from us, and we'd just driven for about half an hour for nothing!  That'll teach us not to read things properly in future.
Bonnie wrote to me re. my "Call Of The Wild" DVD purchase from Amazon which still hadn't turned up.  Fortunately, she came to my rescue, and told me to check my order status on Amazon...something I didn't even know I could do!  Thankfully, it had been sent out on June 11th, so I didn't have to worry about Mum getting a confirmation e-mail about a DVD I didn't want her to know I'd bought being sent to us.
So from that day on I had to get up early, and make sure I got the post in first!
June 18th 2008
Despite getting up early, Mum got the post before me.  Fortunately, "Call Of The Wild" was not there anyway.  According to my diary, Mum and I were terribly depressed, but I can't remember for the life of me what was wrong at that point.  Mum apparently thought she was dying, with the pain in her foot, blindness, and tiredness...  Although, you'll be pleased to know, she is still alive and well at this moment in time.
June 19th 2008
Went to Mum's monthly family history meeting.  I wanted to stay behind, but figured it would be dark by the time they got back, and I didn't want to be stuck with the drunkards of Grottsville on my own.  So I went along.  How I wish I had taken my camera....
It was the funny speaker again, a woman who bursts into song every five minutes. BUT, this time, she got all the old folks in the audience to sing along with her...including David!  Oh my, I wish I could have audio-recorded them all for your entertainment.
After that, we went to McDonalds and finally tried the OREO MCFLURRY, which Grace and certain others were telling me to try almost a year ago.  I was instantly in love...yes, you can be in love with an ice cream.  It was delicious.  I have got to get out of here and go and live on the other side of the atlantic.  I'm told in Canada they have Kit Kat McFlurry's, although Sarah hates them.  Any other opinions, please?  And they also sell both king size and regular size McFrurry's?  I wonder which size ours is.  Knowing the different cultures, probably ours is extra small.
STILL no sign of "Call Of The Wild".  At that point, I really started to get annoyed.  And slightly worried too.  Why had Amazon not contacted us to confirm it had been sent.  Very odd.  I just had to keep my fingers crossed for the following day...
Please check back tomorrow, when I will finally write about the horrors of June 20th, and the week that followed.  And thank you for sticking by me all this time, people!  *Hugs*
Loads of love,Desirée Skylark  xxx
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Friday, 27 June 2008

Travels in Devon ~ Last Part

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June 15th 2008

Since David insisted on returning a day early, Mum insisted I have the last day for what I wanted to do.  I felt guilty all the time though, especially as she kept ranting, and sulking, proving just how disappointed she was.  But she wouldn't go anywhere for herself, saying I "deserved something out of the trip", and that she "wanted to get back before David got tired and unsafe to drive anyway"...I guess she thought that then she could blame me for any mishaps on the way back...

I got up really early, hoping to go to a car boot sale which we had seen advertised on the way to Brixham both nights we'd gone for chips.  David had another long shower, of course, and so we didn't check out of the camp site until 10am.   Oh well, at least I finally got a chance to listen to Tabitha St. Germain in Captain Flamingo on ITV1.  (I even figured out how to attach my headphones to their stupid TV in the end.  I honestly wish I could have stayed at that place until Woodberry was ready to move in to!)  What a great voice actress!  I honestly would never guess most of the characters she plays were voiced by the same person if I didn't have a filmography on IMDb to refer to.

Right, on to the boot sale.

It was supposed to start at 10am, so we must have been five minutes late at most.  Hence, I wasn't too mad at David for staying in the bathroom so long that morning.

BUT when we got there we discovered it had quite obviously been open much longer, and in fact, a lot of people were packing up their tables.   I ran the length of an aisle, determined to look through what was left before it got packed away.  "HEY, COME BACK HERE!  WE'RE GOING TO GET SEPERATED!!!" Mum yelled after me.  Would that be such a bad thing?   But still I trotted back to her, obediently.  "David has stopped to look at bl**dy books - and he's got my photos!"
Oh God, not the dreaded photos again?!  So she got ahold of the huge bag, and began to stagger along as fast as she could behind me.  I saw a MLP video for 10p, but since I already have one of those in my own collection, and three that I just can't seem to sell to anyone, I left it there.

Finally turned down the last aisle, feeling quite miserable...then I spotted a family who were STILL SETTING UP their table (Weird boot sale - people must set up over five or six hours. )  As I approached, they emptied a big carrier bag full of coloured toys on the ground on front of me - PONIES!!! 

June 27th 2008 ~ Brixham Ponies

June 27th 2008 ~ Brixham Ponies

Mainly G1s with a few fakies and a G2 included.  I knelt down and started going through them all, checking their hooves, looking for any Nirvanas...  No luck. 

However, I did find BABY SUNBRITE and BABY TOE DANCER for my collection.  The rest were mainly very baity common ponies.  I thought I might as well get them all for the Rescue Home though - everything on the table was pretty cheap, so I figured they couldn't cost much.

Just as I was about to ask how much they were, some rude woman swept in, shoved me out of the way, and began to pick up the ponies in a greedy kind of way, like some kind of dealer.  But if she was a dealer, she picked out some weird ponies - she pulled Magic Hat right out of my hands, so I don't think the fact I was holding Baby Sunbrite would have stopped her...  She also took a baity Tassles, Brilliant Blossoms and Lickety Split.  She may have got another too, but she was so quick, I didn't really notice.
The ponies were priced at 20p each...but I think the family felt sorry that they had let this rude woman jump in on top of me, and said I could have all the remaining ponies for £2, so I accepted, of course.  All in all I got 17 MLPs, 2 Keypers, and 5 fakies, 3 of whom are Remco ones from the 80s!  So, all in all, a pretty good day!

Then we went to Paignton, so that I could photograph the coin operated children's rides there.  I'm sure I've mentioned my ride photo collection before, and I really want to start a website for them, before they're all scrapped, so now I'm taking pictures of any that are still left.  Unfortunately, I found that all the rides in Paignton were modern ones, and there were very few of those.  It appears children don't have half as much in the way of seaside amusements as they did when I was small.

David was happy to find a seaside charity shop and spend more money on a load of DVDs which he'll never watch.  Mum stayed in the car, and guarded her photographs.

Next to Torquay, to try to find a small toy shop which Emma has talked about for years.  She found me a few rare European G2 ponies there back in the day, and I've been dying to go there ever since.  Miraculously, despite the fact we didn't know the name of the place or have a clue where it was, we found it!  Of course, there were no G2s there now - just a Desert Rose wall clock and some rather expensive Retro Collector Sets.  Nice to see the Retro Ponies piled up on shop shelves like real G1s though...

Mum stayed in the car again, so I didn't like to go in all the shops I wanted to.  I made a comment about this, and David said it's "a shame I couldn't have walked around alone while they had toured the churchyards one of the other two days".  I didn't even answer him, since this was MUM'S TRIP, and I was there to photograph graves for her. 

He has since told her that I was the one who said that, and really upset her that I "didn't want to help her".  Stupid man.  He hadn't even waited in the car long enough for me to grab my purse, so I had no independence whatsoever in that place.  His reply?  "Of course you have independence - if I buy something, you can pay me back."  Er...  Someone's missing the point somewhere, I think.

I did go in one other shop; Woolworths.  AND found some of the new ponies on the BOGOF offer!  I got the Ponyville Movie Theatre, plus ordinary ponies Sweetie Belle (with picnic basket), Rainbow Dash (with umbrella) and Scootaloo (with surfboard) for £14.98.  Not that bad.  No way am I paying the full prices for Core Seven Ponies.  So BOGOF offers are the only way.  That, or import them from the states.
Finally to Teignmouth, for more ride photographing.  I was really pleased to see that some of my old favourites from Teignmouth Pier (from when we stayed there in 1997!) were still there, so I took detailed pictures of them all.

Just a couple of my real favourites, so as not to bore you.  I reckon these date from the mid-80s:

June 27th 2008 ~ Rides on Teignmouth Pier

June 27th 2008 ~ Rides on Teignmouth Pier

June 27th 2008 ~ Rides on Teignmouth Pier

June 27th 2008 ~ Rides on Teignmouth Pier

The paintwork on their stands is all original too!  Yeah, I know, you all think I'm crazy right now, don't you?!

Mum wanted to go to the local church and see the graves of her aunt and cousin.  The only problem being she didn't know what religion they followed and where they were buried.  Eventually she figured it out, and told David which one it was.  He drove off...and we waited to arrive...
And waited...

...And waited.

"Er, excuse me?"
I said.  "Where are we going?  Are you taking her to her church?"
"WHAT?!" David yelled. "She didn't know which one it bl**dy was!  I'm going 'ome!"
"Um...she told you which one it was.  You were too busy listening to the radio."
"Huh!  No seaside chips or ice cream for me then." Mum pouted.  "We never got an ice cream on this trip - again."
"Right, we're going back!"
David announced.

"No, we're not.  Not after you've tired yourself further with all these extra miles."
"It's not that many miles!"
David argued.

But I notice he didn't go back.  The next thing we knew we were at a service station, parked up alongside a gang of unsavoury men who were all taking their shirts off and drinking.  Not my kind of people at all.  Ugh.

David came out of the service station with two large platters of chips, which looked as if they had cost a fortune.  AND they were oven chips anyway.   Oh well.

We probably got halfway home when David started to swerve all over the motorway...tired, as usual.  Of course, he had to pull up by the side of the road, and go to sleep for two hours, while Mum and I just sat there, feeling increasingly sick, and unable to even open the windows, as the electrics in the hire car have now gone wrong - no doubt yet another expense coming up.

I think we finally got back to Grottsville at about 8pm - the first time Mum had got out of the car since the boot sale.  The house was perfectly safe, so there was absolutely no reason to carry her photographs around with her anyways.  Ever since then, she has had a really bad hand, and we all know what caused that.

I'm going to leave off there, and finally catch up with some messages and try to update my Myspace a little before bed.  At least most of the main stories are out of the way now.  Perhaps I can finally move on to the whole depressing story of the past week now.  Really looking forward to that, aren't you?

You aren't?  Ah well.  See you here, same time tomorrow then?  I know my blog fascinates you all really.

Much love,

Desiree xxx

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Travels In Devon ~ Part Two

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June 14th 2008

Mum and I got up early, determined to get as much fitted into our limited time as possible.  David, however, had other ideas.  He had a long shower, and spent about an hour and a half in total in the bathroom.  Then we drove back to Brixham, where I had seen some interesting shops the previous day.

Ah, I forgot to mention a little thing before - that's what comes with being so late updating this blog!  Mum was so scared that the house would burn down while we were away, she had brought a bag of her own prized possessions to stand alongside my ponies...and rival them in weight too!  Although it wasn't really much of a competition when it came to inconvenience.  For her prized possessions are...

You guessed it!  Family photos!


June 26th 2008 ~ Family Photos

June 26th 2008 ~ Family Photos

Now try carting that around with you everywhere (Can't leave them in the car or at the campsite - they might get stolen from either of those places!), and maybe you'll begin to understand the real reason why Mum didn't go in that last church.  It was her own family history pictures stopping her visiting the family history sites!

Things were just to get worse too.

David dropped us off at the parade of shops in Brixham, but Mum simply couldn't leave her precious photos in the car - what if David got out, and someone nicked them while he wasn't looking?  So she carried them around with her.

Now, my mum is only 4'10", and she had to really struggle to stop this bag dragging on the ground.  The bag itself must have weighed a good 2st, I should say.

So she stood outside all the shops, while I walked in and out alone, feeling bad that she wasn't enjoying herself, despite the fact it was her own fault for bringing these things. 

The ice cream shop was shut so we couldn't get a "seaside ice cream" opened before we'd even driven away, which was somewhat annoying.

Then photography duty began for the day...

Mum shouted out excitedly, looking at a butcher's shop.  "That's one of my family names!"  (like, her great-great-great-great grandmother's aunt's husband's sister's name or something).  So, of course, I had to take a picture of that, despite the fact everyone around was staring at me.

June 26th 2008 ~ Hannaford Butchers

Then, we set off for the next brilliantly different church (And yes, I am being sarcastic.  Even Mum can't tell one apart from the others in the photographs!)

But before we reached the church, oh joy, oh joy, Mum recognised something!  "That's the house [insert name I can't remember - family history internet friend] took a photo of for me when she was down here.  My Great Grandmother was born there!"

So out of the car I had to jump again, so quickly that we left both Mum's photos and my ponies behind.  After all, we were getting straight back in the car, weren't we?  And David would be there all the time...

  Photo Taken!

June 26th 2008 ~ Mill House

Back in the car - quickly!  Before that old woman pruning her hedges opposite the house asks us what we're doing!

Too late!  Mum is...TALKING TO HER???!!!

"Oh, we're just taking a photo of that house over there.  Is that OK?  You see my Great Grandmother was born there, and..."

"Oh, really?  That's very interesting.  There's a lovely man who lives there now.  You must go and see him.  He loves visitors!  Here, let me introduce you..."

Oh. My. God.  I could have died of embarassment there and then...but I didn't. 

Somehow I struggled up the path and we knocked on the door.

Tap, tap, tap!  Tap, tap, tap! 
"Cooey!  Tony!  Tony, are you there?"
The woman called.  No answer...thank goodness.  "Aww, that's such a shame.  He's 90 years old, so he's not usually out...maybe his friend has taken him to dinner."
"Oh well, tell him we called."
"I will do.  Be sure to come back this way if you get the chance!"

David had approached us by now, wondering what was going on...

We quickly said goodbye to the woman, and were just about to speed off...when a figure with a walking stick loomed behind the garden fence.  Apparently, this was Tony Boog, the man who lives there now...but no way did he look 90!  He asked us in to his garden, and he showed her around...  "Just three more acres this way!"   He told us that since he had moved in thirty years ago, he had kept buying more and more land around the area...really quite strange.  He did have a nice South African accent though. 

This picture illustrates part of the great meadow...I mean, garden.

June 26th 2008 ~ Mill House Garden

Mum almost died when Tony asked her into the house where her Great Grandmother had been born.  "Nothing much has changed at all!" she observed, looking at the stone walls.

Then came the greatest honour of all - Tony's cleaner (he needs help with a few jobs now, he told us sadly, as though it was unusual at his age!) went upstairs and got three old photos that had come with the house for us to look at...

All illustrating people, who Mum is convinced are her family.  She was about to ask if Tony would mind if I tried to photograph the photographs (just to make things ten times worse for me, you know?!) when he announced that she could KEEP one of the things - a picture of a man on a horse, who she believes is her Great Grandmother's brother (the man, that is, not the horse! )

Mum still moaned the second we had left the house though - "I didn't feel like I could get you to photograph them, after he gave me one.  It would have been like I was asking for the others.  And I think my Great Grandmother was one of the girls in that other picture!  Bl**dy nuisance..."

*Sighs*  Some people are just never satisfied.

She'd spent the entire time walking around the house and garden worrying about her photos being left in the car, even though we were in the middle of nowhere, and I don't believe any cars had even passed by the house while we were in there!  My ponies were also out in the car...  But, don't worry.  David assured us it was safely locked.

As we approached the car, we saw that his door wasn't shut!  "Ah, so that's why the car wouldn't lock!" He thought aloud.  Basically, he had lied to us.  In his haste to be nosy, and find out what we were doing knocking on this strange door, he hadn't closed his door properly and couldn't lock the doors, even though he said he had.  So he had left all of our possessions in danger.  Mum and I were not best pleased, I must say.

The church tour continued, but I can't remember how many we went to.  I know David had to keep stopping to use public services, and wasted all of our time, which meant as Mum reached one of the churches she had really wanted to visit, she had to watch a miserable old woman locking the gates.  However, she had spent hours at the infamous Modbury Graveyard she's been going on about for a couple of years now, and had her photograph taken with her Great Great Great (I believe it's three greats?) Grandparents' Graves...

(Looking as crazed as ever, with Great-Great-Great Grandad)

June 16th 2008 ~ Mum with Josias's Grave

(And with them both...)

June 26th 2008 ~ Mum with Josias and Mary's Graves

(Oh, and life wouldn't be complete without making me look stupid in a family portrait, would it?   I hate this picture - I'm holding my mouth so awkwardly to cover my horrid teeth.)

June 26th 2008 ~ Mum and I at Josias and Mary's Graves

After the church tour, there really wasn't much time left to do anything.  So far, I hadn't even seen the sea, despite being so near the seaside!  So we just took a quick drive through Exmoor to see if we could spot any ponies...  We were in luck!

Unfortunately, my pictures don't really do the poor things justice, but the little foals were just adorable!  One had just been born when we stumbled across the herd. 

These were the best three pictures a useless photographer such as myself managed to take...
June 26th 2008 ~ Exmoor Ponies

June 26th 2008 ~ Exmoor Ponies

June 26th 2008 ~ Exmoor Ponies

Finally, to Asda (we'd already been to Somerfield and got some lovely full cream milk earlier that day - we did a good tour of the Devon supermarkets, I must say! ) where I saw the "Myscene Goes Hollywood" DVD that I've been looking for everywhere (for obvious vocal reasons - *Cough-a-cough*), reduced to just £3 (!!!), but couldn't get it as David was giving me funny looks, and Mum was in the car due to those blasted photographs!!!  AGH!!!  I reckon I'm destined never to get that thing.

And then back to the camp site (following another packet of delicious Brixham chips!), for another night - what would be my last night, thanks to David and his stupid "Rat Man" appointment - in that comfortable single bed...

June 26th 2008 ~ Devon Caravan Bed

I wish I was still there now actually, rather than going off to the communal bed for yet another awful night.  Oh well.

See you tomorrow - maybe I can actually catch up with all my jobs then!

Desiree Skylark  xxx