Wednesday, 18 June 2008

AGH! They're driving me insane!!!

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My parents are really getting on my nerves.  I've had a huge argument with my mum today - she's all depressed, and says she "wishes she was dead".  *Sighs* 
Anyhow, this blog isn't supposed to be about today.  I want to start catching up from where I left off before. (AKA over two weeks ago after Paris!) Oh dear, so much to say, and so little time to say it!
June 3rd 2008
Having picked up that note from the council regarding the rat infestation and somebody reporting us for attracting them, David stayed up all night moving newspapers and Mills & Boon books round and round the house.  Not to mention random "dancing" around the house, scraping his foot on the carpet to try to pick up all the dust and filth.   He even took two trips to the tip with his precious newspapers (*GASP*)!!!
Despite all of this, the place looks just as messy as it did before.  However, I was able to get into Emma's old room and start clearing up my own stuff, so it must be a little better.
I got all my sales stuff out and started re-photographing it, while David slept on my bed and drooled all over it again.   Honestly, all I want is my own bedroom and somewhere to sleep.  Is that too much to ask?!
I didn't leave the house, of course.  David was too tired to go anywhere.  So we had nothing to eat, as everything had gone off over the weekend.
I had a terrible build-up of online messages, and didn't know how I would ever respond to them all.  Fortunately, I caught up in the end, by the way.  I was very pleased to discover a woman I'd been purchasing ponies from had held them over the weekend for me, and also that another Arena member I'd lost touch with several weeks before still had some Paradise Estate accessories I'd been wanting to buy, but had lost her computer access for a while.  Of course, buying two lots of pony stuff left me totally broke again, but hey, who cares?   I'm never going to escape this stupid place anyways.
June 4th 2008
Spent most of the day clearing up.  Then went to Tesco and got some food (AT LAST!!!) in the evening.  Not very interesting really, eh?!
June 5th 2008
Did more clearing up, while David went in the garden and cut down some of the overgrown weeds - maybe he finally figured out what he should be clearing up in order to get the council in the following Monday. 
As soon  as he came in though, the whole garden went mad, with rats literally running everywhere like in a horror movie, obviously disturbed by David.  You've never seen anything like it - up on the fence, down to the wall, up on the dustbin, back down to the patio....
It was horrendous.
Well, I guess I'll leave it there.  I was talking to Caroline on MSN all this time, so I guess I was only half-heartedly writing this. I'll never catch up, will I? 
Well, please pop in for the next installment of Desiree's catch-up blog tomorrow!
Best wishes,

Desiree  xxx

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