Friday, 20 June 2008

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I am so miserable right now.  We went to see the orthodontic surgeon idiot today, and got such bad news, I really don't see the point in struggling on.  I don't feel like going to bed, but I have to get up early for yet another awful coach trip with my parents (Yes, David included.  Not nice following the massive row I had with him today.), so I don't know how far I'll get with this.  I need to catch up so that I can rant about today though.
June 7th 2008
My parents went to Kew Archives alone (Yeah, I'm having another fantastic summer locked up in this dump all the time. ), while I spent the day making voice recordings again.   I didn't leave the house, despite the fact it was a saturday - one of the two days I stand a chance of getting out of Grottsville.
June 8th 2008
With the council visit regarding the rats the following day, David spent most of the bright and sunny Sunday morning and afternoon clearing up in the garden, and making trips to the tip with garden waste.
At dinner time, he offered us the chance to go out, so Mum asked him to take us to a cemetery where I could photograph a grave.  (Not even for her, but for her American e-friend!)  He didn't really expect her to agree to go at that time, I don't think.  So throughout the entire journey, he moaned and whined about how we "wouldn't get any dinner from Tesco" (even though we had plenty of food at home).  Basically, he wanted to get to work, and for me to stay in yet another day.  Not that I really count walking around a graveyard in hot weather, wearing a coat because I don't want to show the ugly clothes I have to wear underneath, going out anyway.  We discovered the grave was no longer there, and so I had to take pictures of some long grass (a supposed conservation site with "rare grasses" - the sort we always had in our garden before we stopped going out there.  I call it a good excuse not to clear up the cemetery! ) instead.
Then David went to work, while we listened to the singing drunks, dancing around the street outside.
June 9th 2008
Didn't leave the house again.  David was in all day, waiting for the "rat man" to visit, so Mum and I couldn't get out of bed to go for our walk (he stayed in the bathroom for hours as usual), and then even when "rat man" had been - and charged us £20 for three sachets of ordinary rat poison, that we've already been putting down anyway! - David went off to Tesco in the midday sun, when it was just unbearable to face going out in my coat.
"Rat man" said he would be back the following Monday, for another £20 session.  Two problems with that. 
1. The rats were out in the garden, eating the poison (and looking even healthier for it!) within minutes of "Rat man" leaving, and it was all gone by evening.  What's the point of putting a meal out for the rats once a week, and leaving them to breed in between times?
2. We were supposed to be going for a weekend away to Devon, and returning on Monday night.  So why had David booked "Rat man" to come while we were away?  We asked him outright.  His answer?  "You didn't want to go for that long anyway, Jacqui!!!  You've said it yourself - we can't leave this house for more than two nights!"
So having paid for three, he intended on wasting one night, just because of the rotten area he decided to live in twenty years ago.  AGH!
June 10th 2008
Walked down the road and back in our coats, and almost fainted.
I also have it written in my diary that I placed an order on that day, although I could have sworn we did that before then.  Anyhow, for those who don't know the story, Bonnie pointed out to me that the version of "Call Of The Wild" we have both been wanting to see for many years had been released on DVD.  This was back in April.  I promised I would purchase the DVD first, check that it was the right version, and then get her a copy (if it was indeed the right one, of course!) in return for all her kindness towards me last year.  I waited ages and ages for a chance to get my father to order it though, especially since I didn't want Mum to know I was "wasting more money on my stupid voice cr*p.", as she calls anything to do with  "my voice actors".  Anyways, so I spent the rest of the day (and the next few days actually!) stressing myself about Mum getting a confirmation message to say it had been sent, since the family Amazon account is set up with her e-mail address!   Strangely, one didn't come through...
June 11th 2008
The day of my dreaded appointment with the orthodontic surgeon.  I stressed myself to death all morning, we drove halfway there in the afternoon, then...
*Insert annoying little tune here*
David's mobile phone rang.  It was the hospital to tell us they'd sent us to the wrong ward!  So the appointment had to be re-booked for the 20th. (Today, that is, as I already mentioned in this blog. )  So we drove all the way back to Grottsville, and went to Asda in the evening.  Fascinating stuff, right?
My Paradise Estate accessories arrived - well, by accessories I make it sound like furniture and such.  But it was more stuff for the actual building, that was missing from my PE when I got it, like the columns for the swimming pool canopy, and a couple of doors...and the front gates!  I also got a lantern, despite the fact I already had both, because mine were missing their pink tops.
I am so pleased I did, because I made a very interesting discovery.
What the idiotic author of this blog (aka me!) hadn't realised before was that the "flames" inside the lanterns looked kind of odd.  It was only when I got this new one, I realised they were too large, as though something had been tacked on top of them!
They had - the very rare bottles that go in the Paradise Estate kitchen!  You know, the ones people are selling for $5 each on the Arena?  And I'd got them BOTH in this large lot of accessories for about $2, I think.  They are totally adorable!
I did get a couple of items of furniture from the same seller as well - the two lamps.  I always wanted that standard lamp as a kid after seeing it singing "Remember Those Times" in "The Revolt Of Paradise Estate".  Well, I was a strange child, you know?
I think I will leave it there for now.  At least I'm five days closer to catching up, although I doubt I'll get anything written after the trip tomorrow.  I received a rather special pony on June 12th though, so I'd like to take some pictures of her before I write any more.  I think my pony pals will be interested to see her, although a lot of you probably already saw her on the Arena anyway.
David is currently sleeping on the communal bed, so I guess I'd better kick him out so that Mum and I can get in.  I wish I had my own place to sleep.  And I wish I could feel some kind of hope in my heart for the future right now.  But everything seems to be pushing me into a deeper and deeper depression right now.
Sorry for being a misery.  I just hate what was said to me at the orthodontist today.  I shall get on to that soon enough, I'm sure.  Not that you all want to hear my tales of woe.
Thanks for reading - I love you all!
? Desiree Skylark?

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