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Ooh, an Oreo McFlurry at last!

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I finally got to try the Oreo McFlurry tonight - it was totally delicious!  Even better than the Cadburys Creme Egg one...  I wish it was for sale all year round in this country.
I suppose I'd better move on with my catch-up blog now.  Again, this may seem a bit confusing with rather bad grammar and hardly any punctuation - I'm finally getting around to listening to Idina Menzel on "Elaine Paige On Sunday", before they take it off for the next episode.  (Well, a fan of the music of Wicked like myself was bound to be curious, you know?!)  We haven't actually got to the interview yet, but the rest of the show is very much worth listening to anyway, so if you want to hear it, you can find it here until Sunday:
June 6th 2008
My parents went to the bank, and Mum found out further nasty details about the money she inherited from Grandad.  Not only has she now lost about £8,000 of the money she put away (excluding the interest she would have got elsewhere!), but she's now told the financial adviser she spoke to before was lying when he put her mind at rest, saying that if she died, the money would automatically be the same amount as she put in for her to leave to her family.  I don't know if that made much sense at all, but it basically means she has lost that £8,000 forever unless there's suddenly a flip in the economy, and it starts going up again.  Right now, she's losing more on a daily basis, but if she takes the cash out, she knows she hasn't even got a chance of getting it back.  So it's one big vicious circle really.
(Ooh, they played "Defying Gravity" on Elaine Paige On Sunday!!!  I wish my parents had had the show on in the car - maybe it would have convinced them they actually wanted to go and see "Wicked" after all.  It's about the only musical they really don't want to see. AGH!)
*Coughs*  Sorry for the interruption there.  I just love that song.
Right, back to June 6th.  While my parents were at the bank, I stayed in Grottsville and made more voice recordings from various TV shows.
When they got back, we all went to see Chris, the architect, to discuss what style of windows we wanted.
(AGH!  They played "I'm Not That Girl" too!  Surely this could have convinced my parents - why did we have to miss the show on Sunday?)
Yet another interruption there - sorry!  So we were discussing windows.  There's a beautiful stray cat walking round in that road now - he only has one eye, and nobody knows where he comes from.  He kept following me around though, so who knows?  Maybe I'll adopt a cat when we move.
Chris was all happy and excited, which irritated me slightly, I'm sorry to say.  After all the delays, and messing up our lives, he's happy now he's being paid.  He seems to have a slightly vicious side to him too.  His pleasure is in knocking down walls, and he definitely seems to think he's making  the place more and more open-plan, against our permission.
David had FORGOTTEN THE KEYS TO THE HOUSE though, and the builders had gone home with their set of keys by this time, so we couldn't go inside and see what was going on in there.  We had a peek through the window though, and the place looked so odd!  There was no back wall at all, and we could see straight through to the garden!  And the living room looked so much bigger without that awfully garish patterned wallpaper.
Chris, still jumping around, excitedly, told us they are ahead of schedule and the work could be finished as early as the start of September.  I'm not holding out much hope for that though.  But we'll see soon enough, I guess...
As we were standing out in the street, we began to wonder if the place was going to be any better than Grottsville anyway.  A car full of drunkards roared past us, and two men poked their heads out of the windows, screamed "Big Issue!  Big Issue!" at us, and gave us a thumbs down sign.  I still have no idea what they were on about - David didn't even notice them, of course, despite the fact that he was standing in the actual road, and must have been only a couple of feet from the car they were riding in.  Idiot.
David then went back to work, while I did some more voice recordings upstairs.  I left Mum using the computer...
I came back downstairs to get myself a drink, and found Mum staring at the screen and looking pale.
"What's wrong?" I asked.

"I have a new message on Genes Reunited." she replied, talking about her family history research website.

"So?" I answered, puzzled.

"Only I could get into this sh*t."  She said.

"Huh?" I said.  "What is it?""The last bl**dy person in the world I expected to be on Genes Reunited!" Mum grimaced.
She turned the screen to me so that I could see what it said.  There were only four words:
"are you frome ealing"
"Looks like a Myspace teenager using the site as a dating agency to me." I laughed.
It soon transpired that the message was not from some random teenager, but somebody from Mum's past.
Emma's father.
Let's just say my family went slightly crazy, passing messages between each other all evening.  Mum decided not to write back in the end, despite the fact Emma wants information on that side of her family and their medical history.  Anyhow, from the stupid things he kept writing on his family tree, it became apparent he was too dumb and illiterate to convey anything about the tree to anybody anyway.
Well, I guess that's as far as I'll get tonight.  Only one day, when I have about a million more to go!  And when a day has already passed since my last blog, that means I'm no nearer to catching up at all!  Oh well, I'm still listening to Idina Menzel, so blame her, not me.  Yep, definitely her fault. 
Speak to you all soon!

Best wishes,

~*~Desiree Skylark~*~

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