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Stupid loud television!

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Ick.  I'm just feeling really miserable right now, and want to have a good rant about today's mishaps.  But there's still so much to catch up on!  I really must get this up to date now.  I'm talking to Elisabeth over IM right now, but I think I should be able to do two things at once.  So here we go with the extra long b-ore-log!
(Of course, I've probably forgotten a ton of stuff that's happened over the past couple of weeks already.  Still, I can but refer to my diary and write down what I remember...)
June 16th 2008
David stayed in all day for his £20 appointment with the "Rat Man" - it turned out every scrap of the poison from the previous week had been eaten. o_0  So he dished out another six trays of delicious food for the ratties, who don't seem to be affected by the stuff at all.  After "Rat Man" had left (about 2pm), David went in the bathroom, and din't come out until bedtime.   So I didn't leave the house.
June 17th 2008
Mum and I walked halfway down the road for exercise, saw a man lunging towards us in a drunken way (although he looked more like a very hairy monkey... ) and hastily turned back.
When we had got back from Devon, there was a "missed parcel" card in the porch, so David and I went to the Parcel Force depot to pick the package up that afternoon...only to find the parcel wasn't there!  Er...why not?  Because it was at the post office just down the road from us, and we'd just driven for about half an hour for nothing!  That'll teach us not to read things properly in future.
Bonnie wrote to me re. my "Call Of The Wild" DVD purchase from Amazon which still hadn't turned up.  Fortunately, she came to my rescue, and told me to check my order status on Amazon...something I didn't even know I could do!  Thankfully, it had been sent out on June 11th, so I didn't have to worry about Mum getting a confirmation e-mail about a DVD I didn't want her to know I'd bought being sent to us.
So from that day on I had to get up early, and make sure I got the post in first!
June 18th 2008
Despite getting up early, Mum got the post before me.  Fortunately, "Call Of The Wild" was not there anyway.  According to my diary, Mum and I were terribly depressed, but I can't remember for the life of me what was wrong at that point.  Mum apparently thought she was dying, with the pain in her foot, blindness, and tiredness...  Although, you'll be pleased to know, she is still alive and well at this moment in time.
June 19th 2008
Went to Mum's monthly family history meeting.  I wanted to stay behind, but figured it would be dark by the time they got back, and I didn't want to be stuck with the drunkards of Grottsville on my own.  So I went along.  How I wish I had taken my camera....
It was the funny speaker again, a woman who bursts into song every five minutes. BUT, this time, she got all the old folks in the audience to sing along with her...including David!  Oh my, I wish I could have audio-recorded them all for your entertainment.
After that, we went to McDonalds and finally tried the OREO MCFLURRY, which Grace and certain others were telling me to try almost a year ago.  I was instantly in love...yes, you can be in love with an ice cream.  It was delicious.  I have got to get out of here and go and live on the other side of the atlantic.  I'm told in Canada they have Kit Kat McFlurry's, although Sarah hates them.  Any other opinions, please?  And they also sell both king size and regular size McFrurry's?  I wonder which size ours is.  Knowing the different cultures, probably ours is extra small.
STILL no sign of "Call Of The Wild".  At that point, I really started to get annoyed.  And slightly worried too.  Why had Amazon not contacted us to confirm it had been sent.  Very odd.  I just had to keep my fingers crossed for the following day...
Please check back tomorrow, when I will finally write about the horrors of June 20th, and the week that followed.  And thank you for sticking by me all this time, people!  *Hugs*
Loads of love,Desirée Skylark  xxx
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