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Travels in Devon ~ Last Part

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June 15th 2008

Since David insisted on returning a day early, Mum insisted I have the last day for what I wanted to do.  I felt guilty all the time though, especially as she kept ranting, and sulking, proving just how disappointed she was.  But she wouldn't go anywhere for herself, saying I "deserved something out of the trip", and that she "wanted to get back before David got tired and unsafe to drive anyway"...I guess she thought that then she could blame me for any mishaps on the way back...

I got up really early, hoping to go to a car boot sale which we had seen advertised on the way to Brixham both nights we'd gone for chips.  David had another long shower, of course, and so we didn't check out of the camp site until 10am.   Oh well, at least I finally got a chance to listen to Tabitha St. Germain in Captain Flamingo on ITV1.  (I even figured out how to attach my headphones to their stupid TV in the end.  I honestly wish I could have stayed at that place until Woodberry was ready to move in to!)  What a great voice actress!  I honestly would never guess most of the characters she plays were voiced by the same person if I didn't have a filmography on IMDb to refer to.

Right, on to the boot sale.

It was supposed to start at 10am, so we must have been five minutes late at most.  Hence, I wasn't too mad at David for staying in the bathroom so long that morning.

BUT when we got there we discovered it had quite obviously been open much longer, and in fact, a lot of people were packing up their tables.   I ran the length of an aisle, determined to look through what was left before it got packed away.  "HEY, COME BACK HERE!  WE'RE GOING TO GET SEPERATED!!!" Mum yelled after me.  Would that be such a bad thing?   But still I trotted back to her, obediently.  "David has stopped to look at bl**dy books - and he's got my photos!"
Oh God, not the dreaded photos again?!  So she got ahold of the huge bag, and began to stagger along as fast as she could behind me.  I saw a MLP video for 10p, but since I already have one of those in my own collection, and three that I just can't seem to sell to anyone, I left it there.

Finally turned down the last aisle, feeling quite miserable...then I spotted a family who were STILL SETTING UP their table (Weird boot sale - people must set up over five or six hours. )  As I approached, they emptied a big carrier bag full of coloured toys on the ground on front of me - PONIES!!! 

June 27th 2008 ~ Brixham Ponies

June 27th 2008 ~ Brixham Ponies

Mainly G1s with a few fakies and a G2 included.  I knelt down and started going through them all, checking their hooves, looking for any Nirvanas...  No luck. 

However, I did find BABY SUNBRITE and BABY TOE DANCER for my collection.  The rest were mainly very baity common ponies.  I thought I might as well get them all for the Rescue Home though - everything on the table was pretty cheap, so I figured they couldn't cost much.

Just as I was about to ask how much they were, some rude woman swept in, shoved me out of the way, and began to pick up the ponies in a greedy kind of way, like some kind of dealer.  But if she was a dealer, she picked out some weird ponies - she pulled Magic Hat right out of my hands, so I don't think the fact I was holding Baby Sunbrite would have stopped her...  She also took a baity Tassles, Brilliant Blossoms and Lickety Split.  She may have got another too, but she was so quick, I didn't really notice.
The ponies were priced at 20p each...but I think the family felt sorry that they had let this rude woman jump in on top of me, and said I could have all the remaining ponies for £2, so I accepted, of course.  All in all I got 17 MLPs, 2 Keypers, and 5 fakies, 3 of whom are Remco ones from the 80s!  So, all in all, a pretty good day!

Then we went to Paignton, so that I could photograph the coin operated children's rides there.  I'm sure I've mentioned my ride photo collection before, and I really want to start a website for them, before they're all scrapped, so now I'm taking pictures of any that are still left.  Unfortunately, I found that all the rides in Paignton were modern ones, and there were very few of those.  It appears children don't have half as much in the way of seaside amusements as they did when I was small.

David was happy to find a seaside charity shop and spend more money on a load of DVDs which he'll never watch.  Mum stayed in the car, and guarded her photographs.

Next to Torquay, to try to find a small toy shop which Emma has talked about for years.  She found me a few rare European G2 ponies there back in the day, and I've been dying to go there ever since.  Miraculously, despite the fact we didn't know the name of the place or have a clue where it was, we found it!  Of course, there were no G2s there now - just a Desert Rose wall clock and some rather expensive Retro Collector Sets.  Nice to see the Retro Ponies piled up on shop shelves like real G1s though...

Mum stayed in the car again, so I didn't like to go in all the shops I wanted to.  I made a comment about this, and David said it's "a shame I couldn't have walked around alone while they had toured the churchyards one of the other two days".  I didn't even answer him, since this was MUM'S TRIP, and I was there to photograph graves for her. 

He has since told her that I was the one who said that, and really upset her that I "didn't want to help her".  Stupid man.  He hadn't even waited in the car long enough for me to grab my purse, so I had no independence whatsoever in that place.  His reply?  "Of course you have independence - if I buy something, you can pay me back."  Er...  Someone's missing the point somewhere, I think.

I did go in one other shop; Woolworths.  AND found some of the new ponies on the BOGOF offer!  I got the Ponyville Movie Theatre, plus ordinary ponies Sweetie Belle (with picnic basket), Rainbow Dash (with umbrella) and Scootaloo (with surfboard) for £14.98.  Not that bad.  No way am I paying the full prices for Core Seven Ponies.  So BOGOF offers are the only way.  That, or import them from the states.
Finally to Teignmouth, for more ride photographing.  I was really pleased to see that some of my old favourites from Teignmouth Pier (from when we stayed there in 1997!) were still there, so I took detailed pictures of them all.

Just a couple of my real favourites, so as not to bore you.  I reckon these date from the mid-80s:

June 27th 2008 ~ Rides on Teignmouth Pier

June 27th 2008 ~ Rides on Teignmouth Pier

June 27th 2008 ~ Rides on Teignmouth Pier

June 27th 2008 ~ Rides on Teignmouth Pier

The paintwork on their stands is all original too!  Yeah, I know, you all think I'm crazy right now, don't you?!

Mum wanted to go to the local church and see the graves of her aunt and cousin.  The only problem being she didn't know what religion they followed and where they were buried.  Eventually she figured it out, and told David which one it was.  He drove off...and we waited to arrive...
And waited...

...And waited.

"Er, excuse me?"
I said.  "Where are we going?  Are you taking her to her church?"
"WHAT?!" David yelled. "She didn't know which one it bl**dy was!  I'm going 'ome!"
"Um...she told you which one it was.  You were too busy listening to the radio."
"Huh!  No seaside chips or ice cream for me then." Mum pouted.  "We never got an ice cream on this trip - again."
"Right, we're going back!"
David announced.

"No, we're not.  Not after you've tired yourself further with all these extra miles."
"It's not that many miles!"
David argued.

But I notice he didn't go back.  The next thing we knew we were at a service station, parked up alongside a gang of unsavoury men who were all taking their shirts off and drinking.  Not my kind of people at all.  Ugh.

David came out of the service station with two large platters of chips, which looked as if they had cost a fortune.  AND they were oven chips anyway.   Oh well.

We probably got halfway home when David started to swerve all over the motorway...tired, as usual.  Of course, he had to pull up by the side of the road, and go to sleep for two hours, while Mum and I just sat there, feeling increasingly sick, and unable to even open the windows, as the electrics in the hire car have now gone wrong - no doubt yet another expense coming up.

I think we finally got back to Grottsville at about 8pm - the first time Mum had got out of the car since the boot sale.  The house was perfectly safe, so there was absolutely no reason to carry her photographs around with her anyways.  Ever since then, she has had a really bad hand, and we all know what caused that.

I'm going to leave off there, and finally catch up with some messages and try to update my Myspace a little before bed.  At least most of the main stories are out of the way now.  Perhaps I can finally move on to the whole depressing story of the past week now.  Really looking forward to that, aren't you?

You aren't?  Ah well.  See you here, same time tomorrow then?  I know my blog fascinates you all really.

Much love,

Desiree xxx

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