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Travels in Devon ~ Part One

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So on to the start of our adventures in Devon...

June 13th 2008

We were supposed to leave really early in the morning, but David stayed in the bathroom until about 9am as usual.  Still, early for our standards, I guess.

We wanted to go to Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary first, but ran into an interesting parade of shops before we reached it, so we stopped there for an hour or so.  There were tons of charity shops, and some specialist collector's shops too - no ponies, but some very interesting stuff all the same.  I wish I had an endless amount of cash and space!

I popped in Woolworths on the way back to the car, but although the BOGOF offer is still on, none of the new ponies were there.  They were in a small toy shop there, but no way was I buying them at full price when I knew about that Woolworths offer.

We all sat in the car and ate some deliciously soft rolls which David had bought at a sweet bakery there.  He'd bought us both egg mayonnaise and cheese, but there was no way Mum and I could eat both of our rolls....they were so big, you honestly wouldn't believe!   So I had my egg, and Mum had her cheese one.  It may seem irrelevent, but you will see why I noted this later in the blog.

Then we moved on to the Donkey Sanctuary, but I didn't take any pictures there either.  (It was VERY hot and sunny, and my eyes were killing me, since I still can't find my sunglasses)  It was nice to see all the donkeys I've heard so much about in the sanctuary's newsletters over the years though.  One of the donkeys there was the same age as my mum, and just as blind as her too.

We bought lots in the gift shop, but I guess since the it was free to get in, it was kind of our admission fee.  We got some Christmas cards (a little early, but hey, it's good to be organised, eh?), an eraser for my collection, and some donkey cruets for my mum's collection.  Life would be a lot easier and cheaper if we stopped collecting things, I guess!

Then the "tour of the churches" began.  From one to another, taking photographs of whatever my mother wanted pictured.  In the end, I lost track of how many relatives apparently visited these places in the past.

I fell asleep in the car before we reached the last one, and when I awoke to find David had gone in on his own (without a camera, since he can't understand how to use it, of course) she started ranting at me that I was ruining her trip.  Er...well, why didn't she wake me up?  She eventually admitted she hadn't wanted to go all the way to the church herself, as she had a bad foot.  Luckily, when David returned, he told us that there were no family connections in that church anyways, as it had been completely re-modelled in more recent we didn't all have to limp up there after all.

After that, we went to Sainsburys supermarket, in hopes of finding something to eat.  I can't really remember what we got, but then I doubt that's of much interest to any of you anyway.  We did find Weetaflakes there though, and snapped up two boxes, as we have not seen them anywhere in London for ages.

And another wonderful story about Sainsburys.  David had forgotten to bring any of his wonderful Slim Fast diet drinks (he always calls them "gunge")  with him, so he thought he'd get some of them...but we couldn't find them anywhere.  So he asked someone who worked in the shop - a horribly skinny, short, weedy boy who kept looking me up and down like I was a piece of meat.   Still, David kept stuttering weird things at him, which the idiotic boy was unable to understand.

"I was wondering if you had, diet food in this place?"
"What kind of diet food?"

"Er...the...the...the...the...the...the...GUNGE!  The gunge, you know?"


"Oh, er, know...the...the...the...GUNGE!  Oh...what do you call it, Desiree?"

"Slim Fast."

"OH, SLIM FAST, that's it!!!"

"Ah, Slim Fast.  Come round here."
The idiotic boy took us round to an aisle we'd already been down, giving us weird looks the entire time.  Then he showed us that we had walked right past the Slim Fast, on a low shelf we had missed.

"Ah, there it is!"
"Er, yes...enjoy your, um, gunge!"
The boy muttered, and scarpered off as fast as possible.

Then David embarassed me again over the price of Olivio spread.

"Jesus Christ, look at the prices here!"

A local woman overheard him.  "Yes, very expensive, aren't they?  I thought I was looking at the wrong label for a moment!  It was about three quarters of this price last week!"

"Really?!  I'm from London, and I think these prices are CHEAP!!!  Olivio is twice the price in London!"

The conversation continued for quite some time, before we finally got on our way...

Eventually, we reached the holiday camp site, which I was dreading, thinking it would probably be exactly like the dirty place in Paris, considering we'd got the cheap deal from the same newspaper.

But things were not as bad as I had feared.

No, not bad at all.  Quite homely, in fact.

Probably more homely than anything I've ever known.

I was in love with the place...I know that probably sounds kind of weird, but for the first time in my life I really felt happy.  I was wearing one of my MLP t-shirts, which has got to be better than the nasty baggy things I usually have to wear, so I felt comfortable in myself, there were seats to sit on, a good quality television, I'd brought the tape recorder with me...  Sounds like paradise to my ears.

June 25th 2008 ~ Devon Caravan

June 25th 2008 ~ Devon Caravan


June 25th 2008 ~ First Ever Single Bed

Sure, I still had to share the room with my mum, as she obviously wasn't sleeping with David in the double bed...but to sleep in a single bed of my own for the first night of my life was absolute heaven for me!

Just then, David made an announcement.  He had not cancelled the appointment with the council "Rat Man" on Monday, as he had promised to do.  (He couldn't take more time off "work", where he's still not being paid, of course, to see "Rat Man" on Tuesday instead ), so we were not staying in Devon for the full three nights we had paid for.

Mum and I were devestated, as there was so much we wanted to do there, and couldn't believe he was prepared to waste so much money by not staying there the full time...  His answer?  We were wasting money anyway, as there was "enough room for FOUR people, and there were only THREE of us".  Well, what a stupid thing to say.  There's only three of us anyway, it's not like we left someone behind.  (I suppose Mum was supposed to have had the son he always wanted so much.  But then I'd like to have known where we all would have slept anyway, either here in Grottsville or in Devon.  Would he have had Mum, myself AND my brother in the same bed in this house?  And had either my brother or I in the double bed with him in Devon, since Mum wouldn't sleep in that bed?  Idiot. )  However, there were three nights paid for, and we were only staying for two.  Ah, I see.  We're wasting some money on the number of people, so let's waste more money on the number of nights too!  Great idea, David!

David spent the evening watching TV and in the bathroom (probably with one of the Mills & Boon books he brought along) just like he would in Grottsville.  Mum and I were starving, and waiting for him to take us for chips in Brixham, but we didn't get to go until about 9pm in the end.  In the meantime, Mum kept sneaking over to the fridge, and quite obviously eating something.  I didn't really take much notice of her...then I realised what it was she was eating.  MY CHEESE ROLL, which I had saved for the following morning, as we didn't have anything for breakfast!  She'd already eaten her egg roll, you see? Yes, quite.

Needless to say, she wasn't very hungry by the time she got her chips, even though they were exactly the type she liked.

I can't really think that anything else happened that day, and it looks as though that's as far as I will get with the catch-up blog today.  I'm off to bed now, and I'll continue with this tomorrow.  Maybe I will eventually get up to date..


Desiree Skylark  xxx

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