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So what's happened since Iceland?
Well, nothing much.  I've only left the house three times (wonderful life! ), and once was to Tesco tonight.  So let's focus on the first of the other two outings.  I'll write about the other tomorrow when I have more time - the computer packed up today, and we've spent ages on the phone to AOL, so I really have to get some e-mail catching up done before bed.
Friday July 25th ~ Mum and I went by coach to Bournemouth.  I prefer it when the pair of us go out together, without David constantly interfering and causing arguments.  I also adore the seaside, as you all well know - just watching the sea makes me feel calm.  So I'd really been looking forward to this trip.
But there was one problem:  Mum was still suffering from her bad stomach. (As she is now - I'm worried about her, but she won't go to a doctor )  I also had a stomach ache of the other kind, if you get what I mean, ladies, and was horrified to see there was no toilet on the coach.
We had all overslept, and didn't have time for breakfast.  Fortunately, we stopped at a service station on the way, and as well as using the public lavatories (which were totally useless in the sense NONE of them would flush), were able to get some small turkish delight bars.  I ate mine all at once, but Mum saved half of hers for just before we arrived at our destination.
Our coach driver was Mum's favourite, Paul, the one who spends his life making stupid jokes, which actually make her laugh (rare occurence!)
Neither of us took coats (too much to carry), so were horrified when the sky turned grey.  Luckily, by the time we were dumped off in Bournemouth (or Born-ee-Mouth, as Paul pronounced it.  It's actually Born-mooth for those who don't know), it had brightened up a little, although it was still chilly, and my arms felt strange in the shorter sleeved MLP t-shirt I was wearing - great for the weather, huh?!
We discovered there was not much in Bournemouth, seaside amusement-wise.  We went on the pier which cost £1 (It would have been more - but apparently I'm under 16 so it's cheaper...well, we weren't going to argue, were we?!), but there were only three kiddie roundabouts on there, so I didn't photograph many rides for the website I'm hoping to create.  However, I did see one "old friend" at a nearby amusement arcade...

GREY BEAUTY!!!  Yeah, you may think I'm mad to be so excited, but it's really odd to go back and see these old rides that I can remember actually riding when I was small!  Unfortunately, the old photo is not currently scanned, but Mum kindly took a new one for me to put with the old one when I do get my childhood pictures online.

Please excuse the fact I look like an idiot.  I'm not quite sure how I was trying to pose my legs, not to mention the weird fuzzy face and glasses.  I'm in hiding from someone, don't you know?!
We spent the rest of the day walking around the shops, although there weren't really any good shops there.  All the same old chain stores, but smaller branches.  I saw another Sweetie Pup in TKMaxx...where on Earth are they all coming from?  No wonder I'm not getting any offers on the pair I've been trying to sell!
However, I managed to get one of the cute MLP bags that's been available in TKMaxx for a while much cheaper in a small warehouse type shop.  They had other sweet G3 merchandise too, but I couldn't afford anything else.
Throughout the entire shopping trip, we had to keep running back to Debenhams and up the stairs to the fourth floor to get to the toilets, which was pretty crazy.  "I shouldn't have eaten that turkish delight..." Mum moaned.
Of course, she wouldn't eat any chips or ice cream again, even though there was a lovely Harry Ramsden's (brilliant chip shop) there.  She said that I could have some anyway, and even though I felt guilty, I agreed, knowing she'd eat some of my portion anyway.  But Harry Ramsden's restaurant was shut!  Just our luck.  So I got a chip roll from a little seaside-y stall, and sat down by the beach to eat it.  Not on the beach - all the semi-nude people made Mum feel sick.  But just sitting on the promenade with our feet dangling down towards the sand was pretty good.  After finishing the chips, we got on a little land train that ran along the promenade.  We thought we had plenty of time, but instead of that, the people who ran it waited until the entire train was full up, having already charged us when we had first arrived, so we couldn't leave (Again, I was considered under-16...and for once I was trying to look at my best too!  Please take a look at the photo above, and tell me what made them think that again and again.  The t-shirt, the sunglasses...?).
We eventually set off about 50 minutes before we had to catch the coach back to London!  We had thought the train ride was only about ten minutes long, but soon discovered that there was ANOTHER train running back and forth which had confused us!  So we didn't enjoy the ride, and instead really stressed ourselves about making it back in time.  When we reached our destination at the other end of the promenade (after fifteen minutes or so), we were told that the train would not be going back for a further 20 minutes!  And if we wanted to catch the coach, we had to get a BUS (which cost another £3) back to the pick-up point.
So that's what we had to do.  We were the only people on the bus, so the driver had a cigarette before we set off, and took his time about it too!  As it turned out, we were hurtling along about three cars BEHIND the coach we were trying to catch.
Luckily, we just made it, and were able to slip into the queue to get back on board, without anyone noticing we were a little late.
Sorry if that blog seemed rushed - I really must write to Emma before I go to bed.  I've been promising to send her some photos from Iceland for over a week now.
I'll get this up to date tomorrow, with the latest news from Woodberry, and other tales (Ooh, exciting for you all, isn't it?! )
Best wishes,
Desiree Skylark  xxx

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