Monday, 14 July 2008

Even longer until we move?! And yet more orthodontic stress...

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Song Of The Day: Ugly Isn't Always Nasty(Unlike my voice which is always ugly and nasty!)
Didn't leave the house.  Seems to be a regular occurence these days.
David didn't go to work, and saw the Rat Man - this was his last appointment.  We can't get him back unless we

A) Pay another £60

B) Find a live rat nest/burrow within the next four weeks.
The council are really helpful, aren't they?   Especially as they say there is still a very high chance that the rats could come in to the house.
For the next dose of stress, we received a letter from the orthodontic surgeon, which we are supposed to forward on to my dentist and doctor (although it's addressed to our old, retired doctor - and those are the idiots about to operate on my jaw!)
The letter reads:
"I reviewed this young lady together with (Insert top orthodontist's name here) in the joint facial deformity clinic. (Nice name, huh?  Do I really look deformed?  OK...don't answer that one!)  Her parents were present.  She presents with a severely traumatic bite to the palatal gingivae from the lower incisors.  She fundamentally has a class II malocclusion. She has got booked teeth that are very prominent and the general appearance of her face and front teeth are bothering Desiree.  (Great grammar, eh?)  She is extremely keen to have something done.  I have gone to great lengths to emphasise to both her and her parents that nothing requires to be done here in terms of her general health its just that the treatment would facilitate the way Desiree feels and it would improve the problem of the traumatic bite to the palate.
I explained the treatment in detail to her parents.  I have explained that there will be a minimum of 2-3 years of orthodontics and in between at some point surgery to the mandible to bring it forward.  I have explained that she is going to get swelling.  She will be in elastics and she will have a soft and liquid diet for the first few weeks.  I have explained to them the complications that might arise with damage to the nerve that supplies the upper lip and numbness to the lip.  I have also explained that she will require removal of her lower wisdom teeth and any other additional teeth that Dr (Evil woman who told me I kept breaking the removable brace, when I DIDN'T!feels appropriate."
It goes on, but I'm feeling too queasy to write it all out.  Basically, they are now saying that when I wake up from the operation, I will most likely need to vomit, due to the vast amount of blood I will swallow during the surgery, but I won't be able to open my mouth wide enough to do so very easily, so I could (Very slight risk, but possible if I'm not quite awake) choke.  Also, there's a 20% chance I'll need a blood transfusion, and considering my fear of blood...
AGH!  I'm changing the subject now, as I'm going faint just thinking of it...
Now for the house situation.  David is still sulking over Woodberry.  He's been saying all day that he's "not moving there", and that he'll "go into rented accomodation" - when he knows he couldn't afford it.  Basically, he's trying to force Mum into taking the smallest room in her own house for her bedroom, which he has just made ten inches smaller for the staircase to his loft.
He spent most of the day messing around in the garden, obviously working off his fury.  Then he came inside, took my ruler upstairs with him, and came down shouting "GOT HIM!" triumphantly, at the top of his voice.
It turns out the architect messed up his plans, and HAS put the windows far too high up in the loft.  So they can be moved down, and the upstairs room can be Mum's bedroom...because David is still "moving out" having ruined our house with his loft, don't you know?
I can see what will happen.  Mum will end up in the tiny room, and David will get the loft, as always planned, except Mum's room is so much tinier!  But now, to get those windows changed will take a good few extra weeks, since it means re-doing most of what they've already done.
I'm doomed.  All I want is my own bed and a way to get a life, before I lose all my teens.  But it's no good.  I'll just have to set my heart on my 20's.  *Sighs*
I'd better get going.  I've been talking to Grace on MSN, and I said I'd get this MLP animation petition posted around the pony forums for Janyse before I went to bed.  PLEASE sign it, even if you aren't bothered by the cause.  We need LOTS of people to sign!
Right, now I'm off to the stinking bed where David is currently sleeping and scratching himself.  There are loud, violent drunks outside, but neither of my snoozing parents have noticed, so I'm just hoping they'll go away.  God only knows how much longer we'll be stuck here now.
Desirée Skylark

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