Monday, 7 July 2008

Get me out of here - PLEASE! ;'(

Current mood:  rejected

I'm really miserable.  I wish David would just go and rot in Hell - I'm sure he'd find good company there.  If there was a way out of this country right now, I'd take it, even if it meant going somewhere worse.  Honestly, I just want a way to get away from him.  It would really hurt to lose touch with Mum or Emma and the kids, but even then I'd consider it.  I hate my father so much, I'd just about take any route right now.  Why, oh why, can't my grandparents still be around?  I just want someone to talk to, and visit, to stop me from going totally insane in here.
OK, so I have even more to moan about, as you probably figured out by now, so I guess it's best to just press on with the catch-up blog.  Sorry if this seems whine-y.  I just needed somewhere to have a rant, where someone might possibly read it all.
July 2nd 2008
Having told Sebby and I to rush back to the station to meet her at 1pm the previous day for her "optician appointment", Mum announced to me that her appointment at Dollond and Aitchinson wasn't until the following morning!   There was "no other way to meet me at the right time without a mobile phone to make arrangements."  So why not just tell me to get back at a certain time - doesn't she trust me to do so unless she has an actual appointment to make?!
I was annoyed, to say the least.
Oh well, never mind.  Lies aside, Mum attended her eye test the following morning, and they say that her long distance prescription hasn't changed...  Mum is all happy to have been seen by someone else for a second opinion, but I can't really see why myself.  She's still stuck with the glasses that don't work properly.  As for her reading glasses, they say that Specsavers got them totally wrong, so she's now getting a new pair with some mid-distance vision mixed in.  Fingers crossed these will work better than the Specsavers ones!
I also spoke to Grace over MSN, who told me she's just got a new Live Journal account - I tried to sign up, only to find my chosen username (desiree_skylark) had ALREADY BEEN TAKEN!  How many Desirée Skylark's are there in the world then?
I had a sudden thought, and tried signing in with the username and a password I often use, and hey presto!  An account obviously started by yours truly!  I sign up for too many of these things, don't I?!  I think it's time to stop when you don't even remember what sites you are signed up on!  Anyhow, if you want to find me over there, I'm desiree_skylark, as already mentioned.  I'm only x-posting my Myspace blogs though, so there's not really anything different over there.
Heh, I got a long way with that, didn't I?  I just don't feel like writing right now.  I'll try to update a bit more later on.  Everything that's happened since then has been a little depressing though.  *Sighs*
Talk to you all soon,

xxx Desirée Skylark xxx

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