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The Icelandic Adventure ~ Part Four

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We had to get up even earlier on Sunday July 20th, as we were being picked up for the coach tour at 8am.  This posed a problem as the official starting time for breakfast at the guesthouse was actually 8am, so we ended up asking for an early breakfast, which highly embarassed me.  Still, it meant we were in the breakfast room on our own, and we were able to sneak out some cheese sandwiches for Mum to take her tablets with later on.  We'd thoroughly learned our lesson re. food the previous day!
Then we set out on the coach.  As we raced along the road, Anna pointed out that there was a great view of Eyjafjallajokull, one of the main glaciers in Iceland.  So they pulled up at the side of the road, and let us all get out to take a photo.  Mum sent David after me to "make sure I crossed the road without getting run over". So she was the only one who stayed on the bus in the end.  I think I actually could have got a better picture from the coach.  My photography skills are awful.

Our first "real" stop was at a small shop where we were supposed to be able to get some food, since they'd dragged us all out of our hotels before breakfast officially started.  Wifey and the Suicide Bombers got some meat from the cafe there, while we got some very expensive Kit Kat bars, and I got a pot of the wonderful Skyr yoghurt, this time banana flavoured.  I told David it was a waste of money as it would go off before I got a chance to eat it, but he wouldn't listen.  No way was I trying to eat it there though, after the chip saga of the previous night.  Mum walked all the way around the souveneir shop, looking for something for Emma and family, but found nothing.  There were some fakie MLPs in Icelandic packets, and I really wish I'd got one now, but David kept ahold of all the money all the time, so I had no independence whatsoever, and I hate asking people to lend me cash.
Our first proper sightseeing stop was at Skogafoss, another famous waterfall.  There's an old tale that a man hid his treasures behind the fall, but nobody has ever been able to recover more than a handle from the supposed "treasure chest".  Mum was more interested in the fulmars that were flying around the huge waterfall.  While she was looking at them, I opened my pot of Skyr, but discovered it had already turned to slop. 
I was so annoyed about my Skyr turning nasty before I'd got the chance to try it, and Mum was so busy watching her fulmars, we didn't notice that David had disappeared around the corner!

"Oh my God, he's fallen in!" Mum cried, distraught.  "Don't be ridiculous!" I replied, still staring at my ruined Skyr.  Suddenly, David popped out from around the corner and walked back towards us.  David told Mum off for being so silly, and she told David off for scaring her.  I also told David off for wasting money on the Skyr, when I had told him it would be ruined.  So he told me off for not eating it at the other place, when I know I wouldn't have got it finished before we had to get back on the coach, and took the pot of slop off of me to try and find a rubbish bin in the middle of a field.  Fun, huh?  Especially when we were being called back to the coach.
I think David took the slop back on board with him, but I'm not sure where he disposed of it in the end.
Next to Myrdalsjokull glacier.  The ice there is black, due to lava from the nearby volcano, so Mum thought it looked more like mud than ice.  "What a letdown!"
To get there we had to travel down a long trail, with massive hills.  The coach groaned, and spooked even me.  "Oh, bloomin' heck!" Mum cried. "I didn't know we were going on a bl**dy rollercoaster!"  Even Wifey had to look up from showing David her map and laugh at that one!
I took loads of pictures of the glacier, but here are just a few choice shots from our hike across Myrdalsjokull:

And just a couple of funny shots of us "on the surface of the moon", as Mum decided it did indeed look once she cheered up a little.
David shows us a piece of ice:

I stand wearing my sunglasses, looking even more of a fool than usual:

And finally, my parents demonstrate moonwalking...

And, with that image, I shall leave you all alone and get off to bed.  I promise to get this report completed tomorrow.  There is so much more still to say!
Thank you for reading the long story so far,
*~♥~*Desirée Skylark*~♥~*

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