Monday, 14 July 2008

It's too late to write a proper blog now...

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(Please listen to this song - I do believe this is one of my better attempts at this one...which doesn't really say much for me, does it?! )
Mum has kept the computer all evening, so I haven't got much time to write this blog now, nor have I written to most of the people to whom I owe messages.
Still, a couple of quick things to say about today.
We went to Hounslow in search of luggage holders and waterproof jackets for our trip to Iceland next weekend.  We had some success.  I got a really pretty, warm jacket - probably the first item of clothing I actually like that I've worn in years!  We also got two cases, which should be enough if push came to shove.  There was a beautiful turquoise one in TKMaxx, but it was dirty, so I didn't get it.  David will be off work tomorrow to see the Rat Man again though, so we should be able to get to another branch of TKMaxx then.
We went to the toy department in TKMaxx, really looking for ponies, and I struck lucky, finding the Royal Bouquet teaset I've been hoping to find since last October when I regretted not buying it from Amane at the UK Con.
But I also bought some non-pony things, due to the pure shock of finding them: two Littlest Pet Shop sets, and two Sweetie Pups, dating from 1992 and 1989 respectively.   I don't really collect LPS any more, but the "Bobbing Fish in Treasure Chest Cove" set I found was the very one I wanted when I was little but couldn't find anywhere.  Good things come to those who wait, eh?  The  "Jogging Gerbils with Gerbiltrail", and the Sweetie Pups (Baby Pups - Toy Poodle and Springer Spaniel) will most likely go up for sale.  I figured somebody might want them over at the Arena if not here, and I couldn't stand to see them go to the rough, sticky fingered children of Hounslow, after staying MIB all these years anyway!
Um...what else?  There were further arguments about Woodberry this morning.  It now looks as though David is going to delay us moving another month or so by getting the staircase moved over, so that Mum can remain in the tiny bedroom and he can have both big rooms to himself.  *Sighs*  Apparently, this is my fault as I came into the room and said "I guess I'll just have to wait even longer to start a normal life." or something along those lines, and that gave David the idea that I would wait for her to get the smaller room, right when she was "winning the battle".
Mum definitely knows of my dreams of becoming a voice actress, despite the fact she must think I'm totally mad.  She actually started a long conversation about the voices in the new G3 MLP episodes on the Hasbro site tonight, and kept asking me about my interest in voice acting.  She obviously wanted me to say something, but I chickened out, and she won't say anything either.  Still, even playing the silly game we are now is better than it was before, I guess.  She even looked at shoes with me today, not that we could find any nice non-leather ones.  Things are improving.  Slowly.  Maybe I'll be allowed to be normal by the time I'm 25.
Anyways, enough from me.  I have to get to the communal bed for another few hours of weird nightmares about red roses and a car crash involving someone I love very, none of you want to know about that.  It's horrible - I just hope it never comes true. 

Desirée Skylark

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