Thursday, 3 July 2008

Just finishing off my diary for June...

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Received yet more bad news today - re. money and house works.  How much more can life throw at us?!  First I must catch up with the last few days here goes with the next blog!
June 28th 2008
Went to Uxbridge.  I refuse to take my coat off while wearing these nasty baggy t-shirts, so I almost fainted in the hot weather.  Of course, Mum had no sympathy for me, as there's "nothing wrong with the designs on the front of my t-shirts", who said there was.  It's the cut of the actual shirts I don't like, not the pictures on the front.
Anyways, I tried my best to stagger around the place, but Mum still told me off, saying I'd "ruined her shopping experience".  And since when has she liked shopping anyway?!
She wanted to look for suitcases for our trip to Iceland, but when I staggered into the shop, she decided there were none she liked anyway (she wants hers to be a "pretty colour - not just black!").
We went in Woolworths, but Star Song and Cheerilee weren't there.  Pinkie Pie and Toola Roola were in stock, but the BOGOF offer is now over (AGH!  Why wouldn't David take me the previous Sunday?) and I refuse to buy "Bore Seven" ponies at full price.
I think that was about it for Saturday...
June 29th 2008
We all went on a guided walk around Brentford, since Mum is almost as fascinated by local history (about the area where she came from, and where we're going to move to, of course - not this area we live in now!) as she is by family history.  It was pretty interesting, actually.  Although I won't go into details here, as I doubt anyone's interested in the history of a place they've never even visited.
Then into Somerfields.  I haven't been in that branch for about seven years, ever since I saw the rare (US) version of Twisty Tail on the "lost and found" shelf, and it upset me (remember, I was only ten!) that someone had owned a pony I wanted so badly and cared so little about her as to lose her and not go back - she was very dusty and had obviously been there quite a while.
Now they don't even have a "lost and found" section, so I wonder what happened to all those toys?  As if we don't know...  Poor things. 
Anyways, they had quite a big clothes section, but all the clothes there were unsuitable again (sleeveless/cap sleeves/short legs etc. like I'm not able to wear), however they did have some very nice underwear.  It was supposed to be for 15-16 year olds, but since I easily fit into the 13-14 year old size from Tesco, I picked a pack up and hoped for the best.
Only to find that somebody had stolen a pair of knickers from the pack!   Thank goodness I noticed before we bought them.  When I went to return the pack, we saw a very slim, tall lady (she looked like a model) walking around with "my" pair of knickers!   Honestly.  Some people.  Of course, I put the pack back on the shelf and she bought the lot.  I wonder where she had been with those knickers though?!
I placed a $30 bid on a Brazilian Up, Up and Away on the Arena, but was outbid by $10 within the hour!  And she was only put up for sale that night!  I had no idea she was worth that much...  And she's not even in particularly good condition.  I don't think I'll ever have a complete Nirvana TAF collection now.
It was the fourth anniversary of my Grandad's death.  I miss him terribly, and it really doesn't feel that long since I've seen him.
June 30th 2008
Didn't leave the house  (Yup, this should be another quick entry, you'll be pleased to know).  Worked some more on my tribute tape for Splodge.  Changed my Myspace profile picture, and messed about with my Myspace profile.  I can't really remember anything else that happened, and that's all I have written down in my offline diary.
Didn't I tell you that entry would be nice and quick, for my standards?
Tomorrow I will tell you all about my July so far (aren't you lucky, people?!) - perhaps I can finally get this blog up to date.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read about my fascinating life!

*~♥~*Desirée Skylark*~♥~*

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