Friday, 11 July 2008

My song of the day isn't very appropriate...

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Song Of The Day: Oh, For A Rainy Day
Nope, definitely not.  It's pouring with rain all the time here!  So much for summer!  I guess you've all been proved right: it really does rain non-stop in England.

Well, I have been rather busy lately, so have let this blog get a week out of date again.  So that means another long catch-up entry for you to battle through if you want to know my latest news - Sorry!

July 4th 2008

Went to Tesco - fascinating. 

I was contacted by a member on the Arena who wants to buy a few pony accessories of mine.  I was pleasantly surprised that two badges, six hairclips and a plastic key can be valued at $22.  Should get me a bit out of pony debt, at least!

David's mood was worsening over his lack of job, despite the fact he kept arguing he "still has one - the agency (who still haven't paid him) haven't kicked him out yet, you know?  They might find him another job!" (God help us!), and the fact the architect had "messed up his loft". (Never mind the fact poor Mum now has an even smaller bedroom!)

Nothing else really happened.

July 5th 2008

We took Allan and Abigale (my 6-year-old nephew and 3-year-old niece) out for the day, while my sister went to work.  An easy task, you may say.  Think again.

We had planned to take them to the big car boot sale at Denham, thinking it would be somewhere outdoors where they could let off steam, there might be a round-a-bout or two for them to go on, and stalls for them to look round.  Of course, it had to rain the day before, so we knew Denham would be too muddy....especially for Abigale who was wearing canvas shoes.

So we took them to a local park where there was a smaller hard-standing car boot sale.  By smaller, I mean about 15 tables.  Still, the two kids enjoyed walking around and looking at the stuff for sale...then we went in the playground, where Allan wore me out by making me push him on the swing for what seemed like hours...

July 11th 2008 ~ Allan on Swings

(He hated me for taking this photo - apparently "Mummy says I'm going to send it to my boyfriend, to show what a handsome nephew I have, and he doesn't want my boyfriend to see it".  So if you are my non-existant boyfriend, stop staring at the poor child! )

...And Abigale got up on a climbing frame, which we had been asked to not let her do in case she fell, so Mum and I went beserk chasing her around, telling her to get down, while Allan encouraged her to climb higher!

July 11th 2008 ~ Abigale on Climbing Frame

In the end we got tired of chasing them, and had to beg them to leave.  Allan glanced over at a hotdog stand by the boot sale.  "Get me a hotdog - THEN I'll leave."  Allan demanded.  "We're going to McDonalds later - if you have a hotdog, you won't be hungry, will you?"  Mum reasoned.  "Right, if you won't get me a hotdog, I'm going to call the police out to you."  "No, we'll call the police out to you for being greedy."  David laughed.  He got his mobile phone out and pretended to ring the police, at which point Allan got upset, believing that we were REALLY calling them.    It took us a minute or two to reassure him David was just teasing.  Oh well, at least he forgot about the hotdog!

So we walked back to the car, via the boot sale.  Abigale picked up a pink stuffed dolphin toy, and told me how much she liked it.  So I bought it for her for 50p, and the stallholder gave her a little Winnie the Pooh Rabbit toy too.  Of course, Allan, who hadn't been able to see anything he liked before, HAD to find something for himself he started digging through a box of toy tanks.  Digging...and digging...and digging.  Flicking the toys everywhere, while the boy who was selling them got more and more annoyed.

Eventually, he picked out four little tanks for 10p each, but he was still angry that David wouldn't buy him a big grey boat for £10!

Next we drove past Woodberry and showed the kids what the place looked like now.  Allan loved seeing the scaffolding, he got all excited!  Then we went to Bathwise to see the "smallest bath in the world" - the one my parents went to see that day I stayed home and did recordings.  David has a thing about parking the car straight, as near to the kerb as possible, so he has me standing by the car, telling him how far to move either way.  He left the back door open, and started to reverse into a tree!  "Mind!" I yelled, grabbing the door and trying to close it, not wanting the hire car to get smashed up.  Of course, David didn't mind, and kept reversing, crushing my hand between the door and the tree!  "Stop!" I screached.  Fortunately, he heard me and moved forward, just leaving a red indentation on my palm, and not doing any serious damage.  Stupid man.  It upset the kids though, and apparently they've been going on about it since.  Once again, stupid man.  I feel bad for having shouted out and stressed them, but he'd have really crushed my hand if I hadn't done so.

It was good to finally get to see the tiny bath myself.  It is tiny, but I reckon Mum and I could easily use it...and David's having a shower in his loft, isn't he?

After seeing the bath, Allan and Abigale ran all the way around the shop, trying out the taps, spreading mud from the park everywhere, splashing water around from a big bath set up in the window...then he picked up a toothbrush from another display and acted like he was about to use it.  It was so awfully embarassing.

We drove back to the park, having got some bread on the way, and fed the ducks.  At that point, Abigale decided she needed the loo, so we had to rush to find one of those too.  Allan thought the ducks were boring, and he's terrified of pigeons.  Still, the bread was tasty.

Yes, you read that right.  Allan thought the bread was tasty.  How did he know?  Because he kept eating it!  The poor ducks hardly got a look in!  Is that boy ever not hungry?!

He did like the "rat thingies" (squirrels) though.  So I took a photograph for him, although they didn't come out very well.

July 11th 2008 ~ Squirrels

Then we went on the impossible search for a toilet for Abigale.  We eventually found one in the park, but it was locked, and as we walked in, a RAT ran out!  We felt like we were right back in Grottsville.

Luckily, we found an open, slightly cleaner one before we went back to the playground for yet more tiring running about, and finally to the car.

Next to McDonalds, where Allan had a long debate with me on the subject of, "why don't you eat animals?"  He told me a chicken nugget was not an animal, and I informed him that it was once a chicken, and that chickens were my friends. Finally, he came to the cheerful conclusion that he was "eating my friends".  And began to laugh, in an embarassed kind of way.
Finally, to the RAF Museum in Hendon, which Abigale prefers to call the "airplane shop", although none of the vehicles there were for sale.   Allan enjoyed walking around the museum itself, but Abigale said she was scared.  They both enjoyed the interactive room at the end though, where they could "fly" in various mock-up forms of transport and try different scientific experiments etc.

After having a bit of trouble in the gift shop, with Allan wanting to buy everything ("He'd buy it - he just didn't have any money, because Mummy never gives him any!"), we drove back.  We were going to stop for ice cream at McDonalds on the way, but Allan said he only wanted an ice lolly, and Abigale fell asleep anyway, so we ended up just getting an orange lolly from an ice cream van for him, while Abigale missed out.
We got back before Emma, so we had to sit in a nearby car park for about ten minutes, so that the kids didn't start to worry.  Then we could finally return them - phew!

It was good to get to speak to Emma for once, while David was pre-occupied watching Stargate on TV (Er, why do you feel it necessary to point out to me what you're watching every time we're over there, David?!  It's not even like it's the episode in question for what we're both thinking of! ) and Mum was carrying Gabriella around.  Although she embarassed me by asking where I got the necklace I was wearing - the one Sarah gave me for my birthday.  For some reason I started blushing, and answered, "It came from one of my contacts...on Myspace."  What a bloomin' stupid, stuck-up thing to say?  Contacts?  As in the alternative to glasses?!   "Ooh, Desiree has a boyfriend!"  Emma started taunting, and Allan joined in.  Oh my goodness, the phantom invisible man who I'm sending the photos of my handsome nephew to strikes again!  SARAH - I HAD NO IDEA IT WAS YOU!!!

Still, no compliment was to be taken lightly, considering what was to come the following day...

To be continued...later!

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