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The Real Lincolnshire and Bathroom Blog... er, not quite!

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Well, I said I'd attempt to write this blog today, so here it is!  And I even have more bathroom stories to add to the mix. (Hmm, that sounded rude...  I promise it isn't! )  Not sure I'll get it all in though.  It's boiling hot in this house, and I'm struggling to write anything...
So, starting where I left off on Wednesday afternoon, we went to "the stump", (St. Botolph's Church in Boston).  There was a massive art exhibition taking place inside, so Mum didn't get any photographs.  We have since found out that we could have taken as many pictures as we liked free of charge, so she's quite annoyed now.  However, it did force her into getting a nice little sketch of the church from the gift shop, which she'll be able to hang on her family history room wall.
We drove out of town to a nearby graveyard, and had a look for any relatives, even though Mum knew of no graves in the area.  David could find nowhere to park, so he stopped in the middle of the country lane outside the graveyard.  I had been listening to a cassette tape in the car, and spent a moment taking my headphones off, and popping the cassette player back under the seat in front of me, so my parents were ahead of me.  As David went to open the gate, he experienced some difficulty...and suddenly the bolt fell on the ground with a loud clang!  Both Mum and David bent over to pick the bolt up over the top of the gate (it doesn't seem to have occured to them to push the gate open for easier access!), and two pairs of glasses joined the bolt.   So along I came to pick up the three objects, and then the graveyard search began.
Ten minutes, convinced there was nobody with one of the right surnames on their grave, David headed back to the car.  Then I found a grave!  David had taken the pen and notepad back to the car, so I had to go back and get him so that he could write down the epitaph.  Meanwhile, Mum and I returned to the car.  I put my headphones back on, and was just listening to one of Janyse's "Magic Of Think" songs, when suddenly I heard something racing up the road!  Yes, something was coming towards us up the deserted country lane.  Perfect timing, eh?
I dropped all of my stuff back on the car seat, and jumped out of the car.  A huge tractor had now come into sight.  Mum and I turned around, and saw that David was no longer at the grave!  So where had he gone?  OH NO.  That wasn't him behind the bushes, was it?
It was.  Yes, David was leaving his mark in yet another graveyard.   I started to run across to him, trying to get his attention without yelling.  I didn't want to be as disrespectful as him!  He stumbled out from behind the bushes, still doing his trousers up, and just then we saw the tractor turning into the farm next door, meaning it wasn't coming to the end of the road where we were parked anyway.  I saw Mum had followed me (couldn't let me run across an empty graveyard on my own, could she? ), leaving all of our valuables in an unlocked, unguarded car.  Fortunately, everything was safe...but no thanks to those idiots, who spent a full ten minutes trying to get the bolt back in place, before they let me balance it (in less than 30 seconds, may I add?)
Finally, we drove 20 miles to Skegness, another seaside resort we visited in the late 90s.  Back then, it was full of kiddie rides, so I wanted to see if any still remained.  Sadly, but not surprisingly, most were gone.  Still, I saw a few of my "old friends", and took some more detailed photographs (without the ugly child that was me sitting atop them! ).  Sorry to bore you with yet more pictures, but I took some photographs of the old pictures, if that makes sense, and hoped you'd be able to get a feeling for the reason these things mean so much to me.  In all cases, the first picture is from 1999, while the second brings us back to the modern day.  Sorry the quality is so poor.  I really need to get a scanner!
I loved seeing this old horse again, and he's obviously been recently re-painted and restored with new reins.  Hopefully, he will remain at the seaside for a few more years, at least.

Image deleted by Tinypic before I had the sense to re-upload all my photos to my Photobucket album and update all the links.  I apologise for any inconvenience caused!

Then the strange case of the astronaut.  David discovered this one still lurking in the back of an arcade...  Then went BACK in the same arcade, and came out proclaiming that this arcade had the same rides as next door.  Um...  I think he's going a little mad.

Image deleted by Tinypic before I had the sense to re-upload all my photos to my Photobucket album and update all the links.  I apologise for any inconvenience caused!

All right, no more silly captions.  Here are a couple more.

Images deleted by Tinypic before I had the sense to re-upload all my photos to my Photobucket album and update all the links.  I apologise for any inconvenience caused!

But let us not forget the rides which now rest on the scrap heap.  I was so sorry that some of these older rides no longer remain at Skegness.  Yeah, so they were tatty and old, but that's what made them unique and special.  Some of these dated from the 50s and 60s!  I wish there was someone out there at least making records of these things, even if they're too large to save.  *Sighs*

Images deleted by Tinypic before I had the sense to re-upload all my photos to my Photobucket album and update all the links.  I apologise for any inconvenience caused!

I do look weird in some of those pictures, don't I?!  Oh well, I was only eight at the time...  Is that a good enough excuse?
We walked down a sideroad, and saw some interesting shops.  It was 5.55pm by this point though, so we knew we didn't have time to walk around.  We tried to walk inside one, to see two unfriendly women turning somebody away (she had a whole ton of stuff she wanted to buy too!).  Then they turned to us.  "Sarry, way're cla-osed.", one of the women snapped at us in a bad tempered common voice.  She was still packing stuff up when we had got back in the car and drove past though, so I've no idea why they wanted to lose so many potential customers.
Mum was entranced by this board, picturing so many different flavours of ice cream...

...but at the end of the day, fear of her stomach playing up got the better of her, and we walked back to the car.   It didn't stop her eating chips though!   David and I had to walk up and get them, because Mum was too tired to get out of the car again, and she was convinced we'd "get seperated".  Oh well, unfortunately we didn't (would have lended a little more drama for the story, wouldn't it?), and returned with three portions of lovely chips.
It was then that Mum remembered the cheese sandwiches we had bought earlier that day.  "How am I going to fit those in?" she stressed, totally putting me off of my chips. 
We had to rush to the hotel then, because we didn't really know where it was, and Mum wanted to watch "Who Do You Think You Are?" on TV.  As it was, we made it with only ten minutes to spare.
Since I'm sure you're all terribly worried about those cheese sandwiches, I'll set your mind to rest and let you know that they didn't go to waste, and we had them for supper.  Then Mum and I settled down for another night in one of those nasty hot Travelodge double beds...not that she spent the entire night on the bed.  She went and slept on the floor again, while I had an awful nightmare about the Ponycon, and how I'd had to get rid of some of my duplicate ponies, who were now being sold as custom bait for 50p each.  I had no loose change, and by the time I got Mum and returned half of them had been sold to a particular customiser whom I have had some bad experiences with in the past.  I had another dream too, but I think it was pretty much too silly to write down here.
Well, I was right.  I'm not going to get everything written down tonight.  However, I shall be getting up early tomorrow to make sure I hear Tabitha St.Germain as Captain, I mean record TV commercials, don't I?  Yes, of course I do!  Well, either way I'll be up earlier than my parents, so I should be able to get this blog up to date then.
Desiree Skylark  xxx

Bathrooms and Lincolnshire

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I promise this isn't a blog about the bathrooms OF Lincolnshire!  The two words in the title have no connection at all.  I really must struggle to get this blog back up to date tonight, or else I'll end up in the same situation as before.  Although I'm not sure if I'll make it - I'm trying to load more of the Myscene Goes Hollywood videos on Youtube, and my computer hates me for it!  My two main voice interests in this movie, Ellis and Sutton, haven't spoken since the second part anyway, so this is all rather pointless anyway, isn't it?  Next time, PLEASE let me know, Sarah, OK?
Well, we set a new record on Tuesday, and didn't set off for Lincolnshire until 10.30am!  And even then David decided to stop off at the refuse centre on the way, and spent ages sorting all the different types of waste into the different recycling tubs.
So, to cut a long story short, we didn't stop anywhere at all until just after noon, and that was a service station, so that we could eat our lunch!  We finally made a proper stop at 1.30pm - Burleigh House.  It's another of those stately home places us prim and proper English folk just love to visit.  Well, most of us anyway.   Mum and I hate the places.  Well, not so much the places, but the amount of time David spends at them.   We dread them now.  Sure enough, David stopped and studied each and every painting on the walls, spoke to each and every toffee-nosed old cronie in each room and, of course, visited every toilet we passed on the way out.  (No, I'm not kidding.  He went in three in the space of about ten minutes!)
He decided to be mean to Mum and point out a stag-shaped door knocker from across a courtyard which he KNEW she wouldn't be able to see with her eyes.  Even I couldn't see it!  I think the appalling light in this house has finally killed our eyes.
Then we went in the gift shop, which was full of (ridiculously expensive) beautiful things.  Mum got herself some new salt and pepper pots for her collection in the shape of horse heads, and apparently also got me a birthday card (Um...a little early, isn't it?!).  I fell in love with a little horse pendant, but it cost £7.50, and I was too embarrassed to spend that much on a "stupid piece of jewellery that would break in five minutes" in front of those two.  I'm really regretting it now.
Mum complained that she never gets to walk around in the grounds of these stately homes, so we went to the "garden of surprises".  On the way, Mum almost trod on a very flat, very dried, and very dead mouse, which was in te middle of the path.  She took the opportunity to remind me of a dead rat in a similar condition which I actually did tread on in a car park a few years ago.  Ew...
The "garden of surprises" was quite pretty really, although it was full of very noisy children screaming loudly and bathing in the fountains (before shaking themselves over us like a load of dogs that got soaked in the rain!!!).  I loved the moss garden especially, although Mum was convinced that David and I were going to fall down a well, which was amusing to say the least!
After walking around, we discovered that the only way out was through a large fountain!

For some time, the three of us stood alongside an elderly lady with a walking stick waiting for this thing to stop so that we could pass.  We soon realised it wasn't going to, and thought we'd have to walk through it anyway.  David set foot on the mat that the water spouted from, and suddenly it stopped.  We realised that we had waited for nothing, and that as soon as we had stepped forward the fountain would have stopped anyway.  The old lady didn't realise this though, and wanted to dash through as fast as possible before the water jets started up again.  Oh, if only I could have got a photo of her!  She just hitched up her dress, picked up her walking stick, and skipped over the mat!  Immediately, she went back to hobbling along leaning on her stick...
We tried to go to Grimsthorpe Castle after that, and I fell asleep on the way (we'd got up really early, even if David had left the house really late!), but I woke up just in time to see the woman at the ticket desk telling us we were five minutes too late to get into the castle.  Mum wasn't best pleased as her main interest in going to these places is "getting our membership money back".  Basically, we pay to belong to all these societies (National Trust, English Heritage etc.), which means we get free entry into certain attractions throughout the country.  Mum's aim is to make our membership fee back by going in enough of these houses and whatnot.  And by not going in Grimsthorpe Castle we "lost" £15!  We still had a walk in the grounds which would have cost £9 had we not been members, but that didn't make it up to Mum.
We drove into Boston (where this set of Mum's ancestors came from), and I was told to take some more sneaky photographs of houses in what is now something that can only be described as a very rough council estate.  A teenage thug was sitting on a bicycle smoking some nasty substance right on the corner of the street, so we dashed off as soon as the photo was taken, and drove out to Fishtoft to get a photograph of the memorial there.
We soon discovered this was yet another rough place (is anywhere on this planet free of troublesome people these days?!), and even the board about the memorial had been torn down and broken in half.  A gang of yobs were sitting in their car in the car park, shouting, "I'm gonna do him in, man!" at the tops of their voices.  I dread to think who they were talking about. 
We walked along the trail to the memorial, and saw a huge bird fly away from the fence behind.  It was a beautiful barn owl, and we got some amazing views of it as it flew away from another family who had walked further along the trail.
Photographs taken, we got back in the car (as quickly as possible past the gang who were getting noisier and noisier inside their car) and headed to Little Chef, which was nicely located a couple of miles down the road from our hotel.
It was only then that I found out we were staying at a different hotel each night!  I'm still not sure why David arranged it that way, but all Travelodge's are pretty much the same, so there was no reason to complain really.  Again, Mum ended up sleeping on the floor, too hot under the duvet cover.  A very strange set up indeed.
I was pretty stressed the entire time we were away, and had very odd, very vivid dreams both nights that we were away, both relating to MLPs in one way or another, which worried me about the safety of my collection in this house.  Contrary to popular belief, I do not often dream about My Little Ponies, so if anyone can shed light on why my brain might have been working this way, I would be most pleased.   The one I had that night related to twelve ponies in the car park at Uxbridge being "put to rest" in a nearby river by Mum's (non-existant) native American Indian friend who said a special prayer for them.  I was distraught as a couple of the ponies were very rare (namely, the G3 TAF Pony Project Pony and G1 Scribbles), so I ran along the river trying to catch them in a net, and in so doing got my face plastered all over the main newspapers for being "ungrateful" towards Mum's friend who had so kindly put these ponies to rest in the river.  However, I found a load more ponies that other people had dumped by a nearby bridge (strangely, in beautiful condition, even though they'd been underwater for about twenty years!), so everything was going to be all right.
David spent ages showering the following morning (doesn't he always when we're away, and short of time?), meaning we didn't get out until 10.30am - again!  And even then we had to go to breakfast at Little Chef.  I tried the toasted teacake which was delicious.  It came with the sweetest little pot of strawberry jam, which Mum quickly stole "for Uncle John's Christmas present".  What the...  Are we really that broke now?  Oh, but don't worry.  She also stole David's pot of jam (Mum had cereal and didn't get one)!  So Auntie Madeline has one too, which "makes it fair".
We drove back into Boston, and spent ages finding somewhere to park.  Even so, it was a long way from "the stump" (aka St. Botolph's church, where some of our ancestors got married).  I'm really pleased we had to walk around a bit though, as it meant we got to walk around a few shops, and experience the large Wednesday market there.  The three highlights of stumbling upon these shops (apart from getting to experience Boston's market atmosphere, of course)?
1) We were able to pick up some lunch, which we had worried we wouldn't be able to get (vegetarian food is not easy to find), in the form of cheese sandwiches and apple turnovers.  More about those cheese sandwiches later.  The apple turnovers were just delicious, but rather boring even for the standards of this blog!
2) We got into a few charity shops.  No, don't worry.  There were no ponies so I didn't do my usual trick of bringing home a small herd of duplicates to make the house even messier.  What I did see was a Bucky O'Hare VHS.  As you all know, my DVD didn't work all that well, so I've been looking out for a video.  It only includes two episodes, but it would appear the BBC licensed a whole set of them back in 1992, when the show must have been on TV.  So now I'm looking out for the others.  The best bit was how I didn't want David to see what I was buying, so I whispered to Mum "keep him away!", and dashed up to buy this thing.  Not only did I open my bag to find the plush Pinkie Pie I had brought with me (in case anything happened to the house) popped her head out to look at the volunteer behind the counter, who then looked at me as if I was mad, but said volunteer decides to start READING ALOUD from the video box while I'm scrabbling around for the right change.  How fortunate the price label was right over the title, and she reads out "The Lucky Hare" instead of the real title.  Not that David will have been fooled if he heard her!  Agh!
3) We took a wrong turning, and ended up outside a really rundown cheap shop.  And there, standing right outside, is this late 1980s RG Mitchell coin operated ride.  Now unfortunately, I believe he's been re-painted, but the artwork on the box is original, something I have never seen on this particular model.

Mum has just gone into a fit of rage, saying she's too tired to stay up any longer, and so I have to go to bed.  ("What are you doing on that bl**dy computer anyway?")  So I'm afraid I have to cut this blog short.  *Sighs*  And you never even got to hear about the bathrooms in the title!
Oh well, look out for "The Real Bathrooms and Lincolnshire Blog" tomorrow, which will combine both topics.  I'll also get all my private messages sorted out too.  I'm going to be sure to keep on top of it all this time, and not let a couple of nights away in Lincolnshire set me right back like the Norfolk trip did.
See you all tomorrow!  xxx

Monday, 25 August 2008

Wells and the Weekend

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I simply have to get this completed and all my letters written tonight, as tomorrow we're going off on yet another family history mission for three days.  But I only just got the computer back from Mum (who "hasn't had enough turns to write all her letters" even now!).  So sorry if this seems rushed.  I just fear that if I don't hurry all of my jobs, I won't get any sleep tonight at all...
On Friday we went on another coach trip, to Wells and Cheddar Gorge.  This time the stupid coach company didn't sit us miles away from David, but they did sit him behind us, rather than next to us, so we couldn't speak to him.  In fact, he was sat next to an old woman who had been chatting to another old woman across the aisle.  In other words, in between them.  The woman next to him began to speak to HIM instead.  And surprisingly, he started to speak back.  And not in his usual monosyllablistic way.  Oh no.  He was chatting away like mad, about all the wonderful places he's been during his lifetime, before he met Mum, even though he always tells her he hasn't been anywhere.
Mum got angrier and angrier all the way there, and very nearly snapped at David.  Fortunately, we reached Wells just in time, and were let off the coach for two and a half hours.  We wandered around the shops for a while, but mostly they were just the same chain stores.  I saw some really nice colours and designs on the clothes in New Look, but the clothes themselves were just not my style.  I've been really worried that I've missed out on some of the Core Seven "beach accessory" ponies, so we had a look in Woolworths. The ponies there were really old pre-bore seven ponies.  Still no Star Song or Cheerilee.  Pinkie Pie with kite and Toola Roola with basket were there, but at full price, so I left them.  No eyeshadow ponies at all.  I felt relieved just to know some beach accessory ponies are still available, and I might still have a chance to fill the gaps in my collection.
Then we started wandering around the charity shops.  There were tons of them!  Not many toys though.  In the very last shop, there were no toys at all...well, at least that's what I thought.  Mum pointed out that the shop continued into another room (I had thought it was the back store room! ), and it was there that all the bric-a-brac and toys were kept.  The room was filled with people.  At first, I wondered what was attracting the crowds, then I realised it was one big family (about seven kids).  A very rude family, may I add.  One of the girls, who must have been nine years old, was sitting on a table of toys, reading a book.  As I climbed the slope up to this room, I saw a gorgeous NSS Shady in the box of toys this girl was leaning against.  I dashed to pick the pony up, and noticed there were more MLPs underneath her.  "Excuse me." I said to the girl.  She didn't budge.  "Can I get to that box for a moment, please?"  Still, she didn't move.  So I just started to reach over the top of her, and heaping these ponies into Mum's arms.  Of course, this attracted attention from the rude family.  "Get out of the way!" One of her younger brothers said, pushing me aside, with the force of somebody much older than himself.  He began roughly turning over the contents of this box, making it impossible for me to get ahold of the ponies.  Suddenly, the silent girl spoke to Mum in a very snooty voice, "Are you getting all of those ponies?"  "Er...I don't know yet." Mum responded, desperately trying to keep her occupied while I rescued the rest of them from the rabble.
Finally, the girl turned around to see if she could pick up any of the ponies, and stop us from buying them, but they were all in the safety of Mum's arms.  "Don't drop them!" I mouthed at her, trying to pick up a few accessories that were still in the box.  Now that the snooty girl had moved, I could see the price on the outside of the box - 10p each!  Well, I thought that was a good deal.  So for £1.10 I got everything in the picture below:

I haven't had a chance to clean them up yet, but believe me, the vast majority of them are pretty good.  The G2s have seen better days.  I am pleased to get Clever Clover's hat though, because the one I had when I was little broke from too much playwear!
Having walked around the shops, we headed to the cathedral.  Mum went there with a friend years and years ago, and remembered the beautiful clock there.  She was really upset when she discovered she couldn't see it clearly anymore.  I wish those blasted opticians would do something for her.   You're not allowed to take photos inside the cathedral, but basically every quarter of an hour four wooden horses gallop around the base of the clock, and one of their riders attacks another with his sword.  The victim falls backwards and then the horses stop for another fifteen minutes.  I know my description is rubbish, but it's the second oldest working clock, and really amazing in real life.
David went to the bathroom after we'd walked around the cathedral, and left us sitting on a bench outside.  By the time he returned, it was too late to do anything else, even though there were several other attractions around, some of which we could have had free entry to because of our National Trust membership.  I'm sick of that man messing up all of our outings!
Then we continued on to Cheddar Gorge.  We went there last year, but didn't get everything done, if you don't remember the story.  Tickets can be used for up to ten years, so we wanted to get back and go in the remaining cave etc.  We only had an hour and a half there though, meaning we still couldn't get everything done.
I took a couple of pictures in the cave, but it doesn't really show the beauty of the place.  Some of the passageways were tiny, and I really thought we were going to get stuck!  We didn't, but still.

Mum wanted to go on the tourbus, but David wanted to go back to the cheese shop, something we actually did do last year.  Guess who won?  Yep, soon David was greedily asking for hundreds of tasters, and bought two chunks of cheese and a freezer bag to get them back in.  We popped in a cheap shop, where I got some really weird fakie ponies in G3 poses for 99p.  Then we had to dash back to the coach.  Mum decided against an ice cream again, because of her constant stomach ache, so I went without again too.
However, David started whining about how he hadn't had one, and he hadn't had "anythink" to eat all day (nor had we).  I told him to go and get something and shut up, but he said no...  The next thing I know, he's dashing back towards a food stall!  The very food stall where we all had a huge argument last year.  Anyways, it doesn't matter what food stall, he went to get himself some kind of meat sandwich, without telling us where he was going, still holding three bags: my fakie ponies, our drinks, and the cheese (including a piece goat's cheese Mum and I had picked out).  I didn't want his horrible sandwich going anywhere near my stuff, so I went and took the bags back off of him, before Mum and I continued ahead to the coach.
When we reached the coach, I gave her the bags while I put my seatbelt on, then I took my fakie ponies, my bag (camera, binoculars, purse, ponies I bought in Wells etc.), and a newspaper that David had given us earlier back while she put her seatbelt on.  The rest of the bags were on the floor to the best of my knowledge.
When David returned he asked his new "girlfriend" (the one he'd been chattering to the entire journey), if she'd like to sit next to the woman she'd been talking to before we got on the coach.  His "girlfriend" said, "  Not to be rude or anything, but no..."  David was determined he wasn't going to sit next to her again though, for some reason.  Either he was sick of our taunting (unlikely), or he was scared he was going to fall asleep.  Anyways, he went and sat the other side of the aisle, leaving us with all the bags, and not even speaking to us.  All three of us fell asleep on the way back, and I dropped my bags on the floor three times!
When we got back to Greenford (the pick-up point), the driver asked us if we had everything with us and told us to have a safe journey home.  David asked me where my ponies were, not realising I'd put them in my shoulder bag.
It wasn't until we got back to Grottsville that Mum discovered something WAS missing - the cheese!  David started yelling at us for "leaving it there to spite him".  Um...but part of that cheese was ours!  Why would we leave it there to spite him?
Anyways, he sulked and wouldn't speak to us again that night.  Then he spent a lot of Saturday on the phone speaking to the coach company, asking "Excuse me, has anybody handed in a small bag of cheese?"  But nobody had.  We can only guess that Mum dropped the bag on the floor when I handed it over to her because of her eyesight, and it rolled under the seat to the women David enjoyed speaking to so much (who had annoyed me all the way back with her common English accent - now we know why his "girlfriend" hadn't wanted to sit next to the other woman.  She simply would not shut up about herself!), so they decided to keep it.
Er, what else happened on Saturday?  Well, we picked up the next lot of money from the loan to give to the builders.  We drove past Woodberry too - the scaffolding is down now, and the they were working on the front garden!  Surely it can't be too much longer.
Then in the afternoon we went to Ealing Broadway, where I found one of the adult Sweetie Pups I regretted leaving before.  It was my favourite, the cocker spaniel, too, and reduced by £1!  TKMaxx don't give out free carrier bags any more, so I had fun trying to cram it into my own bag...not.
I also got some leggings from a market stall.  They are a general size small-medium, and really seem to be too wide and long for me, but one pair is navy, so at least they look a little better with my shoes, I think.  It's got to be better than wearing the ones with the huge holes in them, at least!
Yesterday, David felt sick, so spent the day sleeping on the communal bed, meaning I didn't leave the house.  I spent most of the day clearing up, and wasted the few short turns I got online looking up voice acting, rather than getting my messages written!  Sorry, I was just in one of my dreamy moods...
And finally, today!  Yes, maybe I can get up to date after all!
We went to the big Bank Holiday Epsom car boot sale, despite seeing that woman with all the ponies last weekend.  I think she had probably been around this time too, as there were next to no ponies there, but lots of other 80s toys.  I did strike lucky and find a "no country" (Spanish) Baby Mischief though, and bought Starcatcher and Honeyberry who came with her for 50p.  Plus I got a beautifully mint Lollipop, with gorgeous original curls from another table for 50p, and a Princess Promenade towel from a market stall.  I don't think it's actually licensed by Hasbro, but it's very cute.  Also, I bought two t-shirts, which I thought were really cute.  They're brand new, and come from Kohl's.  No idea how they got to this country.  There were boxes of the things there, all priced at £1.50 each.  They're kids t-shirts, but I figured I could fit in to a size large.  David argued and said I was extra large.  So we only got the two, one in each size.  Guess what?  The extra large one comes right down to just above my knees.  My father is an idiot.  One of the t-shirts has a cute guinea pig picture on the front with the words, "I Love My Guinea Pig" written around it.  Oh well, I'll save it until I actually get a guinea pig.  I will have another one some day, you know?
After the boot sale, we came back here so that Mum could have some breakfast (she was too scared to eat before she went out because guessed it!...her funny stomach), and then went straight back out to MFI to make some changes to our kitchen order.  I couldn't stop falling asleep, which was embarrassing...I've just had so little sleep the past few days!  But we have ordered some fake drawers to make the kitchen look a little prettier (they didn't cost that much more actually), and have an agreement with them that if we find a sink we like in the next three weeks, we can cancel the one David chose from them.  Mind you, I don't think we're the best to choose one.  We saw a black tap we liked, the man who worked there said it was discontinued and we could have the one from the display for free...but when he got it down, we discovered it was green!  How crazy is that?  The lighting in MFI is awful, but even I couldn't believe we all made the same mistake.
Finally, we went to Asda.  Just as somebody mentioned on the Arena, they had the eyeshadow ponies in stock!  But they're no longer on the BOGOF offer, as we found out when we scanned Star Song and Cheerilee.  I got them anyway, even though I'm about £40 in "pony debt" now!  Plus beach accessory Toola Roola and Pinkie Pie, who were reduced to £3.73.  Weird price, I know, but a bit better than the usual £5.
Also got a lovely t-shirt with a zebra on the front in the sale.  I'm glad I was finally able to get some clothes over the last couple of days.  I feel so much better for it.  And now that we're on our way to moving house, maybe I can still get my life back on track.
Oh, and a totally random comment here.  Somebody has finally started to upload "Myscene Goes Hollywood" on Youtube!  Hooray!  I've wanted to hear that for so long, but really didn't want to have to waste my money on it (I feel that Myscene totally ruined Barbie for those who don't know), and now I don't have to.   Ellis sounds as cute as ever, of course.  *Giggles*
Aww, I'm almosy at the end of the last part she's uploaded now though.  Oh well, maybe she'll upload another section by the time I get back.
Back from where, you ask?  We're off to Lincolnshire tomorrow morning, and we'll be back on Thursday night.  Most of the trip will be spent in a dark records office, studying other people's earwax under a microfiche machine.  Ew...I hate those machines.  Or at least the dirty people who use them.
I'm going to spend half an hour on private messages now and then get to bed.  See you all Thursday night, and I promise not to let this get so out of date again!
Best wishes,
xxx DesirĂ©e Skylark xxx

Sunday, 24 August 2008

So who wants to hear more of the story?

Current mood:  tired

Are you all sitting comfortably?  Good.  Lets' see how far I can get with this tale.  I really wanted to catch up, so I apologise in advance if this seems rushed.  I'm determined to have any chance I get tomorrow free to get my personal messages up to date!
When we got back from Norfolk, we found two brilliant e-mails, one in Mum's inbox, and one in my own.
First mine.  It came from the buyer of my Sweetie Pup...yes, the one who hadn't got back to me.  Apparently, she had sent payment the previous Monday!  But I didn't know because obviously it goes to David's account.  Who sends payment without writing an e-mail anyway?  Especially when she knew the payment didn't come directly to me?  Oh well, she said she was moving the following Friday, but if I sent the pup via first class mail on Monday everything would be fine.  But we were out on another coach trip on Monday.  So I was in a right situation.
And Mum's e-mail?  She had a message from, asking us if we wanted to pre-order the next "Call Of The Wild" DVD.  Of course, I ordered through her e-mail account before, so she was the one to get the message, along with a nice big photograph of the DVD case, and some DVD reviews that had been entered into Amazon, including a REALLY embarrassing one by myself (Now deleted, so no, you won't find it! ).  Oh, it was awful!  I'm so glad I logged into her account that night before handing the computer up to her, and was able to delete it before she saw it.  I guess we'll get one every time they release another DVD now.  *Sighs*  And I really want to get them all too.  But $15 every two episodes is rather expensive for my standards.  Why can't they just sell a box set!
Mum insisted that we go to Epsom boot sale last Sunday, because of David "letting me down" the day before.  We got up early, and were ready to go by 7.30, but David stayed in the bathroom for his usual two hours, reading his latest Mills & Boon book, and we didn't leave until 9am.
Before we even got into the boot sale, I saw a woman standing outside chatting to her friends with a huge bag of G1 ponies in her hand.  It was hardly worth paying to get in, but we did anyway.  David had to get his duty out of the way, don't you know?  There were loads of G3s there, but all the G1s had obviously been snapped up by this annoying woman.  I was very good, and resisted the G3s.  I really need to cut down on the duplicates I buy, as I've said a million times before.
On Monday, we went on a coach trip.  It was organised really badly, with three coaches of people having to be condensed into two halfway there.  David and Mum and I were sat seperately.  The main reason for this being that we were going to seperate places!  Mum and I were going to Monkey World, but David said that was "boring" so he went to a nearby tank museum instead!
I haven't been to Monkey World since I was two or three years old, and didn't really remember much about it (except that I was sick in the car on the way back! ), so I've been wanting to get back there for a long time.  It's a brilliant place, because it's like a zoo, except just for primates...and all of them have been rescued from bad situations, such as laboratories and those despicable people who use them as photo props in certain countries.  All the animals seem extremely happy there too.  I could talk about the sanctuary for a very long time, but instead I'll show you two of my favourite photos from the place.

All right, so my pictures are not the best.  The weather wasn't all that good though, and the camera doesn't seem to like working in those conditions!
Back on my kiddie ride obsession, one of the three old rides I remember being there fourteen years ago was actually still there.  Once again, I have a photo of me riding this truck somewhere (wearing a really funny pair of dungarees, I believe! )  I wish I had a scanner so that I could put them together.

When we got back on the coach, David didn't even speak to us.  He still hasn't told us the first thing about the tank museum he visited.  He just isn't normal, is he?
According to my offline diary, nothing much happened on Tuesday.  I didn't leave the house, but David finally posted out the Sweetie Pup.  I crossed my fingers and hoped the buyer wouldn't get mad at me for posting out a day late.
Fortunately, she got it on Wednesday, and seemed happy enough.  I'm glad I was able to successfully re-home the puppy anyway.
I personally spent most of Wednesday afternoon watching Caroline's Inu Yasha DVD.  I am hooked, although of course I wouldn't admit that to any of my family, and their weird opinions on anime.  Janyse is brilliant as Kagura.  I saw the trailer for Maison Ikkoku at the start of the DVD too, and now I want to see that show.  Well, once we move I will be secretly spending quite a bit of money in HMV, I think.
On Thursday, my parents went to sort out a further loan for the work on Woodberry.  This house is going to put us in awful debt, but we simply couldn't have stayed here, whatever David thinks.  I spent the time while they were out of the way trying to train my voice.  It's no good though.  I need proper training, which I'm never going to get now.  *Sighs*
In the afternoon, we went to have another look at Woodberry along with Chris Picton.  Mum and I far prefer it this time, and are getting quite excited about moving now.  David still "hates the house" and says "he always told us it was the wrong one" though.  All because Mum refuses to go back into the small room (the one that is now much smaller because of the stairs up to the loft), and he can't have both loft rooms to himself.   The back door opening has been widened enough for a small window now, and I was able to climb through the extension (despite it being kind of like walking the plank - see below!) to see for myself how big the garden is now.  And it seems quite big enough to me.

The windows in what will now be Mum's bedroom in the loft have been lowered, meaning she can now see out of them.

And what remains of the fireplace has been salvaged in one piece and can be moved downstairs and restored.  Now WHY couldn't they have done that before dropping all that rubble on top of it?

There are doors on all the bedrooms now (the nearest you can get these days to the ones they threw out), and railings on the stairs up to the loft - perfect replicas of the ones on the staircase between the ground floor and first floor.  I think that's what brought the house back to life.
The bathroom is still the wrong way around though.  And Picton says we can't change it now.  Mum got annoyed, because he won't tell her why he can't change it.  But apart from that, everything seems to be going well now.  And he says they should be finished in SEVEN WEEKS! (Well, six and a half weeks now! )
We drove straight to Mum's "family history" meeting after the house visit, although I don't see what the lecture had to do with family history really.  This month it was some retired hospital nurse going on and on about how wonderful her job was.  She went over the history of medicine, and spent an hour and a half to do so, when the talk should have lasted a maximum of 45 minutes!  Even the organisers who are usually very good with over-enthusiastic speakers were getting angry, glancing at the clock almost constantly.  The woman eventually got the message and shut up, leaving everyone with half an hour to pack up and get out of the hall!
When we got back, I switched the computer on and discovered that Brad Swaile will be at London Expo at the end of October.  I figured we'd have moved house by then, and maybe I could actually go there and get an autograph.  I'd love to actually meet one of the voice actors from My Little Pony Tales!  Even if it would cost me £9 to get in, and about £20 for the signature, I was getting so excited about it...  And then I looked at the calendar and saw that we will be in BLACKPOOL that weekend.  I am still upset now.  What awful timing!  Well, I guess it just wasn't meant to be.  Maybe some day I will get another chance...
Anyways, I have been offered another chance to go to Epsom boot sale tomorrow, so I think I ought to get to bed and try to get there early and beat the pony napper!
I will write to you all tomorrow, I promise.  I need to write an extra long message to you, Elisabeth.  So much to say, and so little time to say it!
Best wishes,
Desiree Skylark  xxx