Tuesday, 12 August 2008

And my head is still spinning...

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I feel thoroughly sick.  My head is genuinely spinning, to the point I'm almost too dizzy to stand.
I want to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have been so supportive to me the last few days, especially the ones I haven't had a chance to write back to yet, who must think I'm really selfish and ungrateful.
We went to see the architect and builder at Woodberry yesterday to discuss some of our problems.  David didn't want Mum and I to go because he thought we would shout and swear, but we were good and polite to the ones who have messed up our beautiful house.
However, THEY were rude to US"Oh, what now?" went the cry as we walked into my bedroom and pointed out that they have moved all the electric points to the wall where they know my bed is going.  It was while we were there we noticed that the window is too low for my desk to go there without covering part of it.  David helpfully suggested that I put my wardrobe along a different wall to the one where I want it, so that my desk could go in the corner.  So now they are talking about putting my shelves (for my pony collection), above my desk (in the corner where I don't want it), so that I can have a load of scruffy files on display.  Stuff that.  However, I fear David has now put the idea into their heads, so I am doomed.  Even though I've waited patiently for almost 18 years to get my own bedroom and bed, they are still going to mess it up.  AGH!  I'd rather have the desk slightly overlap the window, thank you very much.
Re: the fireplace.  It was impossible to remove, Chris said.  What about the expert who was coming to remove it?  He wasn't mentioned.  Oh, and how about the fact we asked that if it couldn't be moved downstairs it was kept in the bedroom?  "Oh.  I must have missed that...  A bit of a misunderstanding there."  Chris said.
We were shown into the extension, and were pleasantly surprised that the dimensions are what we asked for.  BUT they've messed up the back door, giving us a tiny door right in the centre of the wall, and no window by the side of it, meaning it's going to be incredibly dark on one side of the room, and we can hardly see the garden from the kitchen.
Why were the original ceilings removed, when Chris specifically said we could keep them?  "We thought it would look neater if we reproduced them to look the same".  Er, but then they are not the "original features" which were not just what we loved, but what added value to the house.  They may well look neater, but that's not the point.
They claim the wall and stairs can not be moved back now, even if we waited the extra time, so Mum's room is too tiny for anybody to sleep in now.  So she'll have to go up in the loft, away from the bathroom she wants to use and her wardrobe which will still be going in the front bedroom; the only place it will fit.
As for the spotlights which hurt her eyes, but have been put in the room where she will now have to sleep?  "Oh, it's easier to leave them there." Chris yawned.  "We can move them if you want, but it will take a lot longer.  We can put dimmer switches on them.  And remember, you hardly ever use these things.  I know I only ever use my bedside lamp."  Well, that may all be very well for you, Chris, but we would like to spend time relaxing in our rooms after so many years deprived of them.  Mum and I both said we wanted them changed, and turned to David to support.  "He says he's leaving these things here, and putting dimmer switches on them." Mum called to David, who was talking to Mr. Williams on the landing.  "Is that right?"  "Yes, I think so." David said.  He now claims he never heard Mum.  Then why did he answer her?!
I don't know what's going to happen now, really I don't.  We designed the kitchen while we were there, with Chris pushing us all the way and telling us where to put things.  We're relatively happy with it though.  At least I am.  My parents haven't actually discussed it yet.  David just keeps going back to the office, even though he's lost his job.
Chris's parting shot to us?  "We're going really well, you know?  The builders are about a month ahead of schedule!"  Er, but according to you, your wrong figures and the contract we're moving on September 28th!  So you mean the whole thing will be done in just over a fortnight, on August 28th?  Idiot.  Even figuring out the dates ourselves we should be moving on October 12th.  So honestly, he says we're moving on September 12th?  I think not.  I fear he has quite a different date in mind.  God help us.
After the meeting with them, we went to Ealing Broadway to try and get Mum's new glasses sorted out (this pair didn't work either).  She saw the man who helped her get some glasses that actually worked two years ago.  He told her immediately that the fools there had given us frames that were too small for both prescriptions in the bifocal lenses, just as we thought!  So no wonder she couldn't see!  She's got some bigger frames now, and they should be in within 10-14 days.  We'll see how that goes.
We also tried to sort out a new bank account for her, but nobody (including the people who worked in the place) could figure out how to do it.  So Mum has lost £100 interest she could have had there.
We popped in TKMaxx and HMV on the way back to the car.  The Sweetie Pups were gone, but there was another vintage Littlest Pet Shop set there.  I didn't get it though, as I still can't find anyone who wants the other sets!  I wish I'd got those pups now - it seems the woman who wanted the Baby Toy Poodle has backed out, so I could have had a little collection of them.   Oh well.  The Wicked soundtrack is still there and on the half price offer.  Bleh.  If only I could get a shopping trip now.
While I'm on the subject of music, I think I may have asked before, but does anyone know if Susan Egan's "I Can't Believe My Heart" is anywhere on Myspace under a mis-spelling etc.?  I would love to have it on my profile, but can't find it.  *Sighs*
We dashed back to Grottsville then, hoping I hadn't missed Caroline's parcel which we were having delivered that afternoon, before the architect sprung the meeting on us.
Fortunately, the parcel came late (4pm, I think), so I did get it.  I want to thank Caroline once again for organising the raffle.  I am in love with Wysteria.  I really need to get a photograph of her and I together, and another of her and her pony friends.  Newborn Rainbow Dash is adorable!  Even Mum is in love with her.  Oh my, I can't go into details about all of them - Barnacle is in beautiful condition too.  His hair is so soft for Big Brother Pony standards!
I will get some photos sorted out ASAP.
Ooh, Caroline also sent along a DVD of Inu Yasha (you know, one of those "stupid anime programmes" Mum hates so much! ) so I will finally be able to see - and hear (!) - the show if ever I have enough time with the computer to actually watch it.  I've wanted to see it for so long, and I don't know how I can ever thank Caroline enough for giving me this opportunity.  Now if only my blasted parents would both leave the room and give me a chance to put it in the disk drive...
Last night we went to Tesco, and I see that regular ponies have been "discontinued".  Heh, I wonder what caused that.   Bore Seven, anybody?
On the other side of the toy aisle, inside a box on a heap of rubbish (they're re-organising the store), I saw a little figure lying face down, and recognised the shape of a very small pony figure.  Not just any pony figure, but a MLP tiny tin Sweetberry!  Tiny Tin ponies were not sold in this country to the best of my knowledge, and most certainly not in Tesco, so I can only presume some kid had her from e-Bay, was carrying her around Tesco, and dropped her.  The poor thing had obviously been run over by a shopping trolley and tossed on this trash heap.
All right, I'll admit it.  She's sitting on the chair next to me now, having sneaked into my pocket for the journey to her new home.  I know you're all going to say I did the wrong thing, but that branch of Tesco doesn't even HAVE a "lost & found" section now, so she would have been thrown away.  And I don't think anyone would have wanted her back in her current state anyway.  I intend on sanding down the scraped areas, and re-painting when I get the chance.  Of course, if you DO happen to be the person who dropped her at Tesco, I will be more than happy to return her to you.  Until then, she's quite safe and happy here at the Rescue Home.
Now today we were supposed to be going on a coach trip to Swanage, where my grandparents went on their honeymoon.  I set the alarm for 6am, got Mum up, but she decided she didn't want to go, because she's so stressed and depressed, not to mention it was pouring with rain.  We were only going on this trip because there had been a "3 for 2" offer when we booked another couple of trips, so she couldn't be bothered, since we "weren't wasting any money".
Not much has happened today, to be honest.  Mum has picked up some real crank through one of her family history sites.  He is currently trying to track her down online in any way that he can, getting more and more frustrated, and asking her for more "clues" like her maiden name (he thinks her maiden name is her married name, so we're keeping it that way, as a semi-safeguard!), age, husband's first name...  Oh dear.
One of my friends has also been going through a lot of misery and stress.  I want to send her a huge hug, but not a lot I can do with the Atlantic in between us.  Please don't listen to those creeps, or make yourself ill over them though.  People shouldn't make assumptions and start mouthing off without knowing the full story first.  It seems people as whole have turned really nasty over the past few weeks, and I just wish everyone would learn to act in a civilised way.  That's all I'll say on the matter.
Well, I really must go.  My orthodontist appointment is 3pm tomorrow, and I am dreading it.  I still haven't made up my mind what to do, and I can't even discuss it with my parents, one telling me I'm a wimp to even consider not having it done, and the other "not saying a word" while making her fear of anaesthetics quite clear.  I just wish there was somebody at the hospital who spoke good enough English that you could ask a few questions.  But you just have to guess, and guessing is no fun when they're about to put YOU under the knife.
Right, enough of my moaning.  See you all tomorrow, if I don't pass out at the hospital.  Then we're off to Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth from Thursday to Saturday, so if I get depressed and don't get a chance to write to you before we leave, please don't be mad at me!  Thank you so much, everyone!
Desirée Skylark   xxx

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